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Howard Mylett Remembered : 13  Years Gone…

hm 1

June 19th, marks the 13th anniversary of the passing of Howard Mylett, the legendary Led Zeppelin collector and original author.

He wrote the first ever biography of Led Zeppelin published in 1976 and went on to write a series of superbly researched Zep books. .

Howard Mylett had an engaging dry wit, incredible enthusiasm for collecting all things Zep, and above all, was always so generous in sharing his passion. He could be a cantankerous old bugger at times but that was all part of Howard’s make up.

It was some 50 years ago way back in 1973 when I first began corresponding with Howard after seeing a ‘’Zep Photos wanted/for sale’’ ad in the NME. My collection of photos and cuttings improved manifold thanks to Howard’s generosity. For a mere few pence he would send me batches of cuttings. I can still recall the thrill of seeing a package postmarked from Brighton landing on my doormat.

I knew it would bring forth more unseen Zep images and foreign and overseas cuttings from the likes of the US Circus and Creem magazines and French magazines such as Rock And Folk. Howard also had unimpeachable Japanese contacts and it was through him that I first obtained the series of rare Japanese photo books.

It was always a pleasure to visit him and his lovely wife Anita in Brighton.

in 2010 Howard and Anita attended the Jimmy Page Genesis book launch in London and Jimmy personality acknowledged Howard’s work – it was a wonderful to witness that. 

I will never forget the final time I saw him early in 2011. Gary Foy and I travelled down to see him and I conducted an interview with him for the TBL mag. Despite his failing health, Howard’s passion for the world of Zep was burning bright as ever. It was an incredibly emotional afternoon as I think deep down, Howard knew we would not get many more opportunities to discuss our favourite subject again – and sadly that was to be the case…

Howard’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was a massive influence on my desire to put words into print about Led Zeppelin.

Since his passing, it has become even more evident how important Howard’s pioneering work was to me as a young impressionable fan.

Howard-Mylett 3

Howard would have course loved all the Led Zeppelin reissues and book releases and Jimmy, Robert and John Paul Jones activities– and there have been plenty of moments when I dearly wish Howard was still around to see it all…

Howard Mylett will always be a much missed part of the Zep fan fraternity.. but never forgotten and there will be countless fans across the world who will be thinking of him on the 13th anniversary of his passing… rest in peace Howard – you shared it with us all …

Dave Lewis – June 2024

LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:

Here’s the latest round up from LZ News

Led Zeppelin

‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ sold to international distributors

The filmmakers behind “Becoming Led Zeppelin” have signed further distribution deals for the film, it was announced this week.

The new agreements will see the film released in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Czechia, Slovakia and Former-Yugoslavia.

This news follows last month’s announcement that distribution deals have been signed for the US, Latin America, Southeast Asia (except for Japan), the Middle East and Benelux.

Eage-eyed readers will spot that no UK deal has been announced so far. There is also no announcement of a release date for the film yet.

Considering we’re almost halfway through 2024 and no marketing campaign has launched so far, LedZepNews is assuming the film will be released in 2025.

An Andie Airfix exhibition is currently open in the UK

An exhibition of designs by Andie Airfix, including his work for Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant, is currently open in Warrington in the UK.

Thanks to LedZepNews reader Shaun Ryan for flagging this (and for kindly offering to post us a copy of the exhibit guide!)

The exhibit is free and is open at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery until July 7. It includes the original designs for Led Zeppelin’s DVD along with BBC Sessions and Plant’s solo compilation Sixty Six To Timbuktu.

The exhibition guide is available online and includes some interesting details on the early titles for Led Zeppelin’s DVD, including Elemental, Soundstorm, Resident, Provenance, Elements, Continuum and Discovery. LedZepNews has also heard that “Providence” was mooted at one point.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant is on tour with Alison Krauss

Robert Plant is currently on tour with Alison Krauss, with the pair performing in Des Moines, Iowa on June 11, in Highland Park, Illinois on June 12, in Toledo, Ohio on June 14 and in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on June 15.

Plant and Krauss are sticking to the below setlist for almost all of the dates on their current tour:

  • Rich Woman
  • Fortune Teller
  • Can’t Let Go
  • The Price of Love
  • Rock and Roll
  • Please Read the Letter
  • High and Lonesome
  • Last Kind Words Blues
  • You Led Me to the Wrong
  • Trouble With My Lover
  • In the Mood / Matty Groves
  • Gallows Pole
  • The Battle of Evermore
  • When the Levee Breaks
  • — Encore break —
  • Stick With Me Baby
  • Gone Gone Gone

A video of the full June 7 performance in Prior Lake, Minnesota is available below:

Next week, Plant and Krauss will join Willie Nelson’s touring Outlaw Music Festival where they’ll share a bill with Nelson and Bob Dylan. Plant and Krauss discussed that tour in a new interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published this week.

On June 10, Plant visited B-Side Records, a record shop in Madison, Wisconsin, following his June 8 performance in the city. After browsing for 20 minutes, he asked shop employees what was playing over the speakers and then bought a copy of it. The album that caught his interest was The Window, a 2023 album by The Ratboys.

A post shared by @bside.records

Plant posed for a photo with his new purchase and then signed a copy of his 2017 solo album Carry Fire, according to WPR.

“He said, ‘This is great. Great record. Why don’t you put it on?’ So I did,” store owner Steve Manley said. “And he said, ‘Turn it up.’ So I did,” he added.

Two new Saving Grace shows were announced

Two new shows for Saving Grace were announced this week: October 27 in Antwerp, Belgium and October 29 in Paris, France.

The shows haven’t yet been added to Plant’s tour schedule on his official website.

Upcoming events:

  • June – Genesis Publications will release its deluxe poster set that includes a poster advertising Jimmy Page’s photographic autobiography.
  • June 18 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vienna, Virginia.
  • June 19 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vienna, Virginia.
  • June 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Alpharetta, Georgia.
  • June 22 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • June 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • June 26 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • June 28 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Syracuse, New York.
  • June 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Wantagh, New York.
  • June 30 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Holmdel, New Jersey.
  • July 2 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts.
  • July 4 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic in Camden, New Jersey.
  • July 6 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Bethel, New York.
  • July 7 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania and the Andie Airfix exhibition at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery will close.
  • July 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Southend, UK.
  • July 24 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Woking, UK.
  • July 25-28 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Cambridge Folk Festival in Cambridge, UK.
  • The end of July – “Portraits Of Robert Plant,” a new coffee table book, will be published.
  • August 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Missoula, Montana.
  • August 9 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Missoula, Montana.
  • August 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • August 13 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • August 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • August 16 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Seattle, Washington State.
  • August 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Seattle, Washington State.
  • August 19 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Eugene, Oregon.
  • August 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Murphy’s, California.
  • August 22 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Stanford, California.
  • August 24 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Paso Robles, California.
  • August 25 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Highland, California.
  • August 26 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • August 28 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • August 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • August 31 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • September 1 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vail, Colorado.
  • September 15 – The exhibition “The Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex” featuring the original photograph from the cover of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will close at Wiltshire Museum.
  • October 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bari, Italy.
  • October 9 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Naples, Italy.
  • October 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Rome, Italy.
  • October 12 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Florence, Italy.
  • October 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bologna, Italy.
  • October 15 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Turin, Italy.
  • October 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Como, Italy.
  • October 18 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bolzano, Italy.
  • October 20 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Padua, Italy.
  • October 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Trieste, Italy.
  • October 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Brescia, Italy.
  • October 27 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • October 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Paris, France.
  • November 5 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Harrogate, UK.
  • November 6 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Stockton, UK.
  • 2025 – An expanded version of Live at the Greek, the live album featuring Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes, is due to be released.That was our 345th email. Have any questions or feedback? Reply to this email and we’ll get back to you.Follow Led Zeppelin News on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on news as it happens, and check for the latest news.

Many thanks to James Cook

For all the latest Zep and related news check out the Led Zeppelin news website at:

TBL Archive Special: Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 – 44 years gone…

This week marks the 44th anniversary of the first dates of the final Led Zeppelin tour – a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. I was lucky enough to attend five of those gigs. This is all chronicled in my Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind Over Europe 1980 book

Here’s is an extract of chapter three, my on the road account written at the time and first featured in TBL issue 5.

 Extract – Chapter Three: Rejuvenation Over Europe 1980 – Up close and personal: Cologne, June 18, 1980.

Raymondo straps on Jimmy’s Gibson. The audience are already in near frenzy as he steps on the wah-wah pedal and tunes up. Robert, straight to the right of the stage with both arms held aloft, is holding the microphone lead in that usual outstretched pose. Jimmy Page continues tuning up and eventually this becomes the chords for the opening bars of Train Kept A Rollin’, an old Yardbirds number and a track that was used as the set opener on the first Zeppelin US tours all those years ago.

As Jonesy and Bonzo crash in on cue, Robert, at once, is alive and totally immersed in the song. Let me tell you, it was a moment that crystallised the essence of rejuvenation this band has obviously undergone. The power, even for them, is awesome.   Train Kept A Rollin’ stops and Nobody’s Fault But Mine starts. Minus the sonic intro but including some marvellous Plant phrasing (“Nobody’s fault but maahyyne….”) and harmonica wailings and with the now expected cry of “Oh Jimmy….Oh Jimmy…”, before a shuffling, twirling, twanging solo from James Patrick.

Two songs in and a further shock. Jimmy Page speaks! Yes folks, it’s true. For the first time I can recall, Jimmy greets an audience. A bit muffled, but it’s there alright – “Good Evening! Gonna do an old one, it’s called Black Dog.”

Yes Jimmy, an oldie but goodie. Robert is outstanding on this one. All the old poses – my it’s loud. It’s obscene, it’s beautiful. But Jimmy too, more than I’ve seen, wants to share the spotlight. No longer content to confine himself to the left of Bonzo’s kit – no – he’s everywhere.

I’ve never seen him move so much. Playing up to the crowd, cringing, grinning – you know the stuff. I mean, we’ve already got one amazing front man, but this time around Jimmy is almost playing off him. The spectacle of the two is something else. Hey, John Paul Jones too, seems to be more upfront these days. No longer slipping into the shadows next to Bonzo. No, he’s more prominent, nearer the front of the stage, not moving too much of course, but jigging a merry dance up there with those amazing fluid bass runs that undercut Jimmy’s slippery guitar work.

“Since we came here last, many things have happened, one of the most important being the album called In Through The Out Door.”

In The Evening is played next, with exceptional intensity. The drama of the intro itself is masterful. Spotlight on Bonzo as he rolls on the tympani, Jimmy crouched over his blue Strat clawing at the tremolo arm to achieve that drone and Robert, arms upheld, slowly walking up to the microphone and holding the opening line for several bars until the moment all four crash down collectively on that cascading riff. Taken at a slightly slower tempo than last year’s gigs, it still rates as a classic in the Zep stakes and as a testament to the power of the new Zeppelin sound. Another magic moment is, of course, the point where the song slips into the slower passage, guided by Robert’s outstretched arm in the direction of John Paul Jones, who plays a beautiful keyboard passage (not featured on the studio version) over Jimmy’s jangling out-stretched tremolo chording.

“This is one from the Houses Of The Holy period” Robert tells the audience and a blue spotlight picks out Jimmy playing the opening chords to The Rain Song – a song that has some of Robert’s best lyrics (“you are the sunlight in my growing”) and also features some controlled tympani from Bonzo.

“That was a song about a love that went right, this is one about a love that went wrong.”

Cue for the hillbilly cat workout of Hot Dog for which Jimmy switches to red Telecaster. Funny old track this. As much as I find it undistinguished on record, on stage it always delights as a fun clapalong. It also gives Robert the opportunity to hoedown with some delightful foot stepping.

The next song is also from the last album. Unannounced, it still gets one of the best receptions of the night, the moment Jonesy plays the opening string symphony notes of All My Love. As on record, this is beautiful. Jimmy plays some memorable chords on the Telecaster and Robert’s singing is full of sincerity. When John Paul Jones gets the middle classical solo off to a tee, Robert looks over and gives him a knowing smile. It was just perfect, and the outro too, with Robert extending the “ I get a bit lonely, just a little bit, oh just a little bit lonely” lines to maximum effect.

“That song featured J.P. Jones on keyboards, so does this track, Trampled Underfoot.”

Complete with side stage revolving beacons, this remains a definitive high energy Zeppelin improvisation number. On that extended solo Jimmy seems to reap forth the most incredible guitar lines and Robert does a delightful two step strut across the stage shaking his head back and forth until he swings round and screams “Push!”, “Push”, “Push yeah.” Vibrant stuff indeed. (“Eye Thank Yew”).

They slow the pace with the next track, Since I’ve Been Loving You, where naturally Jimmy leads the way with some amazing smooth lead guitar. Robert’s vocals too, soar out this painful tale, holding and bending the notes in all the right places. John Paul Jones aids the mix on electric piano.   Towards the finish Robert really excels, “Ah I get down on my knees for you, fill my heart with pain, don’t make me lose, don’t make me lose…..” We got the booze, they got the blues remember?

From there it’s another high-spot. White light and smoke (one of the few effects employed) greet the intro of the epic Achilles Last Stand. Jimmy uses feedback to great effect, throwing his arm out in tune with the sound. Robert, meanwhile, is at his preening best unleashing the tale of where it all meets. “Where the mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth.” For the “Ah-ah ah ah” repeat refrain, Robert and Jimmy cluster together in classic rock ‘n’ roll pose, swinging their heads back and forth showering in each others sweat.

Raymondo brings on a chair for Jimmy’s White Summer/Black Mountain Side segment, where he sits down with the Dan Electro. He gets so carried away that at one point he even drops his pick. On cue, the last refrain of Black Mountain Side is the moment when the band collectively leap back into action via a couple of flash explosions stage front and we are into Kashmir.

This is glorious. Robert does some incredible spontaneous choreography with Jimmy who is crouched menacingly over the Dan Electro guitar. Towards the end Bonzo leads the way out with a series of unbelievable drum fills, each one just a little more frenzied that the last, beating up to an incredible climax.

Just about the only song that could follow that is our anthem. Unannounced the opening chords of Stairway to Heaven get the expected response. Robert’s phrasing is, as ever, spot on and the tempo of the song is just slightly more speeded up than usual. He sings “Do you remember laughter, laughter,” and takes up a classic tambourine pose for Jimmy to weave the way out with a soaring double neck solo.

“Goodnight – It’s nice to be back on the road again.”

With that they’re gone. Ten minutes later they’re back with a rousing encore. “Good Evening! Never fails does it?” smiles Robert, adding the statement – “So this is what it’s like to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band! Then Bonzo thrashes the intro of Rock And Roll, which has Robert doing his pogo bit, and Jimmy leaping around the stage firing the Gibson at the audience.

After that, there is more than enough response to require a second encore, which they get. A compact, no nonsense Communication Breakdown remains faithful to the version on the debut LP, clocking in at no more than three minutes of energetic action.

“Not bad for a bunch of dinosaurs!… Goodnight Cologne… ”

That’s Robert’s final statement. That’s the second night of the tour. That was hot.

So how do you sum that one up? Folks – I’d say Led Zeppelin have gone full circle. Tonight in every aspect of their performance it was almost a ‘back to the roots’ approach. From the use of an old Yardbirds number to open with, right through to the choice of a twelve year old cut that still sounds good, to close with. In between was what I would consider to be just about the best set I’ve ever witnessed Zeppelin play.

There was a definite lack of self indulgence. A lack of excessiveness too. Five years ago it was exciting and relevant to include marathon numbers, the bow episode, the lasers, the effects, etc, but really they took that trip as far as it could go. The pendulum has swing in the other direction now. The throwback of the compact set Zeppelin performed tonight still had enough spice and vitality to satisfy and I applaud their conviction to do it that way.

It’s also a much needed return to feeling audiences again. By reducing the scale of the whole operation, Zeppelin have once again regained contact with the people. With the stage only six feet away from the nearest punter, it was a true platform of communication.

Another point – Knebworth was a magic event last year, there is no doubting that, but the size, grandeur and emotional experience of them appearing on a stage again, maybe glossed over the true spirit of their musical presence a little. Judging by the smiles on the faces of Robert, Jimmy, Jonesy and Bonzo all through the Cologne gig, that spirit is well in evidence on this tour and that’s an important aspect. The fact that they’re really enjoying playing together again. I mean, I’ve never seen Robert sweat so much on stage! They really want to please and it’s a great feeling to witness that.

Led Zeppelin have impressed me in many different ways over the years. As musicians, as performers, as writers, as people. Tonight they impressed me as a working rock ‘n’ roll band – above everything. That’s important.

Tight but loose? – you ain’t joking… And this is only the second night of the tour…

Extract from the book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 by Dave Lewis.

It was nine years ago today:
Nine years ago today on June 18 2015, I was lucky enough to interview Jimmy Page at Olympic Studios in Barnes (where Led Zep I was recorded and more) to discuss the final three Led Zeppelin reissues for a feature in TBL issue 39.
Jimmy was on great form – he talked me though the contents of the the final three reissues including the Coda companion audio disc.
Less structured and informal, our conversation turned into something of a mutual Led Zep love- in, as we both praised the likes of Two Ones Are Won (Achilles Last Stand), For You Life, Pod, If It Keeps On Raining, the Bombay tracks friends and Four Hands , Bonzo’s Montreux and Sugar Mama etc.
Here’s a couple of excerpts from the interview: Discussing the reference mix of For Your Life Jimmy told me:
”For Your Life really goes into something of a different vein. If people go ‘oh Led Zeppelin is heavy metal’’ well quite clearly it isn’t. The whole time signature of it, the whole layering of guitars. The way that the riff changes, the overlays of it, the textures. I mean, no one’s got anywhere near things like that”
On the Bombay sessions:
”I didn’t know what we were going to do really. it was entirely experimental. Because of the percussion – they had the tabla drums and everything, I realised we could approach Four Sticks and it would work.”
I asked Jimmy if he had a message for the fans at the end of this monumental reissue project – he replied as follows:
”Happy listening …you in for some amazing surprises! (laughs). They are what they intended to be – a companion to the master audio of the original catalogue. Here’s the bottom line – it has doubled the output of what the studio situation was in the first place. From the beginning, I knew that was possible and that it what it has been all about”
”Keep flying the flag” commented Jimmy to me at the end of the interview..
That is an absolute given…and still is of course…
Coincidentally, the interview took place on June 18 – 35 years on from the night I saw Jimmy performing on stage in Cologne on the second night of the Led Zeppelin Over Europe tour. I took in an A3 print of the photo of Jimmy on stage in Cologne from page 93 of the Feather In The Wind book. Jimmy and I are holding it up in the photo here.
This photo was taken in the interview room at Olympic which is adorned by a large framed Led Zep I cover – a turquoise one at that. The cover is signed by Jimmy, it’s a permanent reminder of the band’s presence in this famous building from 1968 to 1975.
Whilst there I asked Jimmy to sign the print which he was more than happy to do. He wrote ‘’Thirty five years to the day and we’re still speaking – Rock On!! Jimmy Page’’
The framed photo has pride of place here – a reminder of a very memorable day in the company of Jimmy Page…
Dave Lewis – June 2024

It was 52 years ago today …

Loading up the 3 CD bootleg Led Zeppelin Sizzles In Seattle on the Lemon Song label – as recorded 52 years ago today on June 19 1972 at the Seattle Center Coliseum…
A distant audience tape but an absolutely stellar performance and one of my all time favourites – a very lengthy set list previewing material from their then in progress fifth album that would emerge as Houses of The Holy the next spring.
There’s The Ocean, Over The Hills And Far Away ,Dancing Days (played twice!) and a rare outing for Black Country Woman (the only known complete live airing the studio version of which would finally see the light of day on Physical Graffiti some three years later
All in all an amazing performance both in content and masterful playing…
Here’s some info via Mike Tremaglio as researched for the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book:
Setlist: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Out On The Tiles (Intro)/ Black Dog, The Ocean, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Stairway To Heaven, Going To California, Black Country Woman, That’s The Way, Tangerine, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Dazed And Confused (inc. Walter’s Walk, The Crunge), What Is And What Should Never Be, Dancing Days, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love Medley (inc. Sing A Simple Song, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Boogie Chillun’, (Let’s Have A) Party, Hello Mary Lou, Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel), Heartbreak Hotel, Going Down Slow), Rock And Roll, Organ Solo (inc. Amazing Grace, Everyday People, Louie Louie, Let’s Dance), Thank You, Money (That’s What I Want), Over The Hills And Far Away, Dancing Days
The second consecutive show in Seattle, and the band turned in one of their all-time greatest performances, loaded with rarities and new additions to the setlist. Having just recorded the Houses of the Holy LP over the prior two months, for the first time the band debuted a track from it – The Ocean. Robert Plant’s introduction: “Well, we’d like to do something off ah, something we’ve never ever done before in fact, in front of people, and it’s not one of ah, one of the fables either. This is a thing called The Ocean.”
The biggest surprise of the evening may have been the performance of Black Country Woman. The Houses of the Holy outtake would not be released until Physical Graffiti (1975), and it would not be performed again until the 1977 tour. This rendition is actually the only time the full song was performed, as opposed to the truncated version performed during the 1977 acoustic set.
The next surprise was the debut performance of another track from their unreleased fifth album – Dancing Days. Plant’s introduction: “We got another new one we want to do, off the next album. Freshly rehearsed ah, about thirty minutes before you came here.
This is a song about summer. It’s called, it’s called Dancing Days.” After the song, Plant commented: “Well, that’s the first time. That’s the first time that we’ve ever done that. All being well, we’ve got to get this album out before the summer goes, otherwise it’s like the past tense. That was Dancing Days.”
The Whole Lotta Love medley also featured a surprise – the only recording of Roy Orbison’s ‘Only the Lonely (Know the Way If Feel)’. The band then played several encores, with one of the highlights being an extended John Paul Jones organ improvisation solo which included ‘Amazing Grace’ and Sly & the Family Stone’s ‘Everyday People’. The band then joined Jones to perform covers of The Kingmen’s ‘Louie Louie’, and Chris Montez’s ‘Let’s Dance’. ‘Louie Louie’ would also be played again in Denver and the Inglewood Forum, while this is the only recording of ‘Let’s Dance’.
After playing the Thank You encore, they pulled out another surprise, performing ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ for just the second of four times (with the other recordings being from Toronto, February 2, 1969, Denver, June 21, 1972, and Frankfurt, Germany, June 30, 1980). Still not finished, the band came back and debuted another new track from Houses of the Holy – Over the Hills and Far Away (unfortunately, the first half of the song is cut on the bootleg recording).
Finally, the band played the last track of the evening – Dancing Days – for the second time of the night! Here’s Plant’s explanation prior to playing it again: “Because we were only contracted to do fifty minutes in the first place, and it’s now three hours twenty minutes since we’ve started, and because we only come here once every twelve months cause the rest of the time we’re stuck in the mountains, we’d like to do this song off the new album. This is one that you might have heard about two hours ago. This is called Dancing Days. We like it so much, we’re gonna do it again.”
Mike Tremaglio/Dave Lewis
Recent DL CD box set bootleg acquisition…
Led Zeppelin Thulemann Box
The Complete Album Collection 1969 – 1982
12 CD box set.
What we have here is the complete Led Zeppelin studio album catalogue from Led Zeppelin I through to Coda – 10 albums digitally remastered at Platin Mastering Hamburg Germany in 2005.
Discs 11 and 12 offers reconstructed version of The Soundtrack To The Film The Song Remains The Same.
An unofficial bootleg release in a limited edition of 200. The artwork deploys The Object image from the Presence album. There’s an informative 14 page booklet with album recording info plus notes to how the remastering was undertaken and how The Song Remains The Same Soundtrack was reconstructed via various sources.
It also explains the digital remastering work was done by Mr. Thülemann, a German engineer in Hamburg, Germany, who specializes in high-end mastering. This set originally came out on Japanese release.
I’m not really an audiophile but I know what I like and what I’ve heard so far sounds very sprightly indeed.
I’m a sucker for box sets and this one was a very good price. I often play through the whole Led Zeppelin catalogue one after the other and I have various formats and versions to do that. This box set is another and of course, you can never have too many…


Beth Gibbons, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, June 11
Firsthand account by Hiroshi
Tonight I caught Beth Gibbons live at the Usher Hall in the post-Taylor Swift Edinburgh (the American songstress’ three Murrayfield Stadium appearances last weekend saw a record-breaking total attendance of whoppin’ 219,000 spectators).
Gibbons has released her debut solo album, Lives Outgrown, on May 17th, and this is the last night of the short UK/Euro tour to promote it. I attended the evening without spinning the CD. And what strikes me is that the music presented onstage had an uncanny resemblance to the music Robert Plant has orientated himself to for the last 10-15 years.
Middle Eastern music meets trip-hop, among other musical ingredients, so to speak. This is no surprise as Gibbons is the singer of Portishead, the pioneering trip-hop outfit from Bristol, and Plant mentioned the city’s name from time to time on the Sensational Space Shifters’ gigs, in particular, when he introduced band member John Baggott who has playing experiences with Portishead and Massive Attack, another seminal unit and important name in the Bristol trip-hop scene. I need to give a listen to Lives Outgrown to make sure if the impression I got from Gibbons’ live outing hits the mark.
Many thanks Hiroshi – I think I need to check Beth’s album out too…


Dave Lewis Diary Blog Update:

Friday June 14:

Just arrived today…
Paul McCartney & Wings One Hand Clapping…
The 1974 filming sessions at Abbey Road. I’ve had this on various bootlegs for a good few years.
This is the 2 x 180 gram vinyl plus limited edition seven inch single package via Paul McCartney’s official site
Very much look forward wading through this long awaited official release…

Saturday June 15

It’s a Happy Birthday to our very good friend Mr Gary Davies…

Long-time Led Zep fan and TBL contributor, co organiser with Graeme Hutchinson of the Zeppelin Express UK Led Zeppelin Convention in 2005, expert on the video footage side of Zep, compiler of the Led Zeppelin Digital Audio Media Online Archive and all round top man – Happy Birthday from Janet and I Gary – have a great day!

Saturday June 15:

Saturday is platterday..on the player marking its release this month all of 49 years ago – the excellent Wings Venus And Mars album.
The second track Rock Show has that brilliant line that goes ‘’What’s that man movin’ ‘cross the stage? It’ looks like the one used by Jimmy Page’’

Sunday June 16:

Love These photos of my much missed Dad Trevor in our garden in Dents Road – one with a very young me and one tendering his beloved garden – such lovely memories on Father’s Day…

Sunday June 16:

Feeling very blessed on Fathers Day with Adam and little Ollie…

Sunday June 16:

Feeling even more blessed on Fathers Day with Sam and Adam -oh and come on England!

Sunday June 16:

England 1 Serbia on…

Phew…that will do….

Monday June 17:

Just received this rather splendid mini poster used for the recent Italian Marzo cinema screening of The Song Remains The Same film
Many thanks to my good friend Melvyn Billingham who was at the screening and sent this on to me – thanks mate!

Tuesday June 18:

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney…I quite like him…

Tuesday June 18:

It was 44 years ago today…
On the player the 3 LP bootleg Led Zeppelin Cologne 80 –as recorded 44 years ago on June 18 1980 –a gig I was lucky enough to be at – my they were brilliant that night…more below…

Tuesday June 18:

It was 44 years ago today…
44 years ago today on June 18 1980, myself and the late Tom Locke who sadly passed away last year, travelled to Cologne to attend the second concert of Led Zeppelins Over Europe tour.
Thanks to some invaluable help from Swan Song’s Unity McClean we hooked up with the promotor during the afternoon and were given access passes. This pass enabled us to watch the action unfold in the photographers pit. We really could not have been any closer.
The moment Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham kicked into Train Kept a Rollin’ just yards from me remains one of the most exciting moments of my entire life.
Led Zeppelin were truly stupendous that night. Here’s a few pics taken on the day and at the gig. We would return to Germany a week later for further gigs in Frankfurt, Mannheim (two nights) and Munich.
Such Incredible times shared with Tom all of 44 years ago today…
Dave Lewis – June 18, 2024

Wednesday June 19:

Great turn out at the always excellent Pete Burridge Record Club at The Castle last night.
Amongst the playlist, albums by John Lee Hooker Rory Gallagher, Where Rivers Meet (an album titled Saving Grace!) Stephen Stills, Paul McCartney & Wings, The Libertines, Kiki Dee and Françoise Hardy all had an airing.
Here’s Pete, Phil Broder, Lee Abrahams and myself holding a few precious vinyl albums …thanks Pete for another great night discussing our fave subject!

Wednesday June 19:

Marking Nick Drake’s 76 Birthday today with an array of Nick inspired listening and reading that will be ongoing here in the next few days…
Last years  Richard Morton Jack biography Nick Drake The Life which is just out in paperback   exceeded all expectations – knowing of Richard’s past work I knew it would be good but his attention to every detail is opening up a whole new level of understanding about Nick’s complex personality and of course his wonderful music…

Update here…

After another week of book text checking and re -checking – and I must thank Mike Tremaglio for all his help, I am very pleased to report that Portraits Of Robert Plant – Through The Eighties has gone to the printers.  Late summer publication is planned with the launch at the London Victoria VIP Record Fair on September 7. More on this as it all unfolds…

England got off to a winning start against Serbia last Sunday. It was a bit of a nervy second half but they got there. Denmark await tomorrow at 5pm and then it’s Slovenia next Tuesday. Here’s hoping they can rise to both occasions and and in doing so, demonstrate the undoubted potential the team has. Jude Bellingham Phil Foden, and Harry Kane are of course key to that -come on England…

Thanks for listening…   

Until next time…

Dave  Lewis –  June 19 2024

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