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Jimmy Page

So just what is it that attracts us to this soft-spoken modest man who has brought such craftsmanship and grace to the fine art of fretboarding? Well a few glances at the footage on the Led Zeppelin DVD tells us he was, and still is a prince of cool. (The Ocean? now that’s what I call cool!).

His work showcases every aspect of playing and compositional brilliance.
From monolithic riffing to bombastic solos. From simple acoustic beauty to vast instrumental orchestration It’s all here Jazz, classical and eastern influences. Blues, 50’s rock’n’roll and psychedelia – Page has turned his hand to all these varying styles over the years.

At times his playing may seem sloppy and seemingly undisciplined but that’s all part of the charm. Always inventive and with a deft ear for production values and the knack of anticipation, Jimmy Page is the epitome of the phrase ‘Tight But Loose’ that he coined to describe the band’s music.

“Less solos?” he once replied when quizzed over the lack of such on the Walking Into Clarksdale album. “I guess it depends whether you think of a song as an excuse to play a solo at some point or as a journey which you just travel on the guitar”.

As that flag out in the field near Stevenage once proclaimed, Jimmy remains the true Lord of the strings.
Long may he reign.
Dave Lewis 2005


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