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This is the standard issue with the Robert Plant photo at the Royal Albert Hall June 29 1969 – photo taken by Robert Ellis.

Also available – Jimmy Page Collectors Limited Edition cover – 300 only – collect the set!

TBL issue 42 – what’s in store…

News round up:

Jimmy at Classic Rock Awards/Stairway Court case wrap/JPJ latest/ Detective Reissues

Robert Plant at Bill Wyman’s 80th Birthday gig:

On the spot report by Kryz Jantzen

Robert Plant Lampedusa Tour – Boston Show:

Report by Stephen Humphries

TBL Photo Special: Lost & Found – Led Zeppelin Sound checking at the Subiaco Oval, Perth 1972:

Nick Shaw recounts the story of how he came to shoot some remarkable photos of Led Zeppelin sound checking for their appearance at the Subiaco oval Perth

Call & Response: The writing of  The Complete BBC Session Liner Notes:

From a small café in west London, to the grand launch south of the river at Olympic Studios, Dave Lewis chronicles another remarkable journey

Reeling In the year – Capturing the sounds of Led Zeppelin on a Sunday night in April 1971:

Recording the 1971 broadcast – one fans story.

The Complete BBC Sessions – An Audio Appreciation:

TBL’s resident audio expert Richard Grubb dissects the remastered Complete BBC Sessions

Under the bedclothes illict blues orientated power rock:

The views on The Complete BBC Sessions set from Ian Dixon, a fairly recent convert to the Zep catalogue

TBL History 1: The comeback:

Dave Lewis recounts the story of the comeback of the TBL magazine in 1992

TBL History 2: TBL goes into cyberspace:

Dave Linwood looks back at the pioneering days of the TBL website he created in 1995 – this is the story of the TBL website  the first ten years 1995 – 2005

TBL Collector Focus on collecting Jimmy Page Session singles:

Cliff Hilliard rounds up 10 examples of the artistry to be found on collecting Jimmy Pages 1960s session work

The Top 100 Most Valuable Led Zeppelin Albums Listing:

A fascinating list of the rarest 100 pressings compiled by Nick Anderson

Nick Andersons Collectors Column:

The Soundtrack From the Film The Song Remains the same 40th Anniversary Special – The rare and interesting pressings

Led Zeppelin eBay o meter:

Nick’s regular report on the highest value recent eBay results for Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin & The Trarantura Bootleg CD Label by Paul Sheppard – Part 2 Glorious Daze:

Paul Sheppard sheds further light on the rare bootleg CD releases from the Tarantura label.

Book Update 1 – No Quarter, No Scandal, Plenty of Reverence:

Dave Lewis wades through the expansive new Jimmy Page biography plus…

An Interview with the author Martin Power

Book Update 2 – On the Road and in the studio – Led Zeppelin Day By Day:

The latest addition to the Zep book shelf plus…

An Interview with the author Marc Roberty

From The Underground Reviewed & Rated:

Scott Heck focuses on new releases from the Empress Valley and Trarantura labels


So there it is – 32 packed pages – another outpouring from the TBL hub…


The cost (by Cheque or PayPal) including postage is as follows

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Europe: £5.25 plus £4.50 postage and packing – total price £9.75

USA/Canada/Japan/Rest of World : £5.25 plus £5.74 postage and packing – total price £10.99

Australia/New Zealand – £5.25 plus £6.00 postage and packing – total price £11.25

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