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22 November 2013 26,725 views 16 Comments

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Knebworth book launch at the VIP  Musicmania Fair November 16th/17th 2013 Report:

The above photo Knebworth book Launch/VIP Musicmania Fair Saturday November 16th:  With Jimmy Page – photo taken by Ross Halfin – Jimmy was at the fair doing his record shopping  with Ross and it was a great thrill he came over to chat and look at the book.

The Knebworth book launch at the VIP  Musicmania Fair was a hugely enjoyable two days.

My fellow stall holder Jerry Bloom and I set up early on Saturday morning  – it was great to see faces old and new over the two days – Marc Roberty long time Eric Clapton authority and author was the first to buy the book.  There were a fair few key contributors to the book in attendance including Graeme Hutchinson who compiled the bootleg discography, Phil Tatterhsall who provided the cover photo and more plus Ian Avey,Phil Harris  and Ian Coleman who provided their respective I Was There memories. It was also good to see Classic Rock news editor Dave Ling ,and amongst others Krys Jantzen Julian Walker ,Michael Stendahl from Sweden, Mark Taylor, Gary Steagles, Dennis McDonnell, Lausen Blair and Mark Windslade – Mark showed me a custom made Tight But Loose badge he had made to attend the Reading Festival in 1980 –classic!

It was of course a great thrill to have Jimmy Page drop by at the TBL stall in between his record shopping at the fair with Ross Halfin …he was very complementary about the book which really was a fantastic accolade to say the least.

He also asked me to sign a book for him – for which in return he signed one for me (now that’s what I call a fair deal!)….. when he asked what number I’d like Jimmy took the initiative…as can be seen…

page sign

Jimmy also briefly talked to me about the re issue programme’. ‘’Each of the companion discs will be like looking through a portal and seeing where we were at during that particular stage.

‘’ The version of Since I’ve Been Loving You is so dramatic” he added very enthusiastically.

 Below is a pic With Mark Arevalo from California of –one of the many dealers at the fair – in one of the great stories of the weekend, Mark told me he had been at the Knebworth August 4th show with the late Howard Mylett. Sure enough in Howard’s Knebworth memories in the book, Mark is mentioned as follows by Howard: ‘’On the night the music thumped and thundered across the fields, my American visitor Mark Arevalo’s copy of the tape of the show he’d made was to be my souvenir of the event long after the day’’…what a lovely coincidence…Mark had some fantastic vinyl on his stall and I could not resist a near mint US copy of the Easy Rider soundtrack. Thanks Mark!

Musicmania 6

There was time for a couple of beers at the Cumberland before heading back to Bedford around 10.30

We were back for  day 2 early on Sunday. – another fantastic day – after Saturday’s hectic pace it was a nice relaxing Sunday vibe with time to have a good look around. Great to see more faces old and new and fair few overseas visitors. Jimmy Page and Ross Halfin were again in attendance spending plenty of time investigating the array of stalls at the fair. The TBL stall became the holding point for Jimmy and Ross’s purchasers -just another TBL service!

Jimmy again had some very encouraging words to say about the book – In a conversation with one of the dealers at the TBL stall talking about the book he said ‘’I think it’s a really good job done and some of the pictures I have never seen before.’’ Jimmy pointed out to me the photo taken at the Copenhagen July 24 1979 warm up show by Christer Fahlstrom with him and Robert all facing Bonzo as his favourite in the book…

I have to say this really has been one of the best and most interesting fairs I’ve been to – a great job done by Rob and his team at VIP Fairs.

Here’s another  lovely story from the weekend – on the stall next to the TBL stall, on Sunday morning I heard the plaintive sounds of a single on Fontana by the legendary psych rockers The Misunderstood titled Never Had a Girl (Like You Before). I’ve loved this since hearing it on the complete John Peel show from June 29 1969 that featured Led Zeppelin in session. I enquired how much it was and at £60 it was well steep and a bit out of my league …however unbeknown to me, Gary Foy did a trade with the guy for some LP’s he had and acquired the single on my behalf and duly handed it over – have to say I had a lump in my throat… what a lovely gesture …now that’s what I call TBL friendship….thanks mate…

Musicmania 5

I did get a bit of time Sunday to invest in a few vinyl pieces including Fleetwood Mac Then Play On, Delaney & Bonnie On Tour, Humble Pie Thunderbox, Led Zeppelin One More Night Live in Southampton, Joni Mitchell For The Roses and the first James Taylor album on Apple.

On Sunday afternoon Jerry and I with help from fellow Bedford based dealer Nick Carruthers, packed everything up and the party was over. Many thanks to VIP’s Rob Lythall for providing this opportunity to launch the book and spread the TBL word – and  to Jerry and Nick C for all their support and assistance with transport etc and Gary for all his support.

It was an exhilarating two days for sure…


Knebworth Book Launch/VIP Musicmania Fair Pics:

musicmania 9

With Gary, Graeme Hutchinson (who provided the superb bootleg discography in the book)and Phil Tattershall (who’s excellent crowd photo adorns the cover)

Musicmania 7

With Underground Uprising web master and long time TBL  supporter Julian Walker.

music mania jumper

With TBL subscriber Joe Andrew in a rather fetching jumper – Electric Magic revisited!

music mania 2

With Classic Rock editor and all round rock writing legend DaveLing


Knebworth book distribution and TBL 36:

The next stage is of course the distribution of orders for the book –this has begun in earnest this week –I did have the unforeseen production problems to deal with (see below) which has delayed things slightly but the aim is to get all books on their way over the next ten days.  I will then turn my attention to distributing TBL 36. Many thanks in advance for all your patience. Let me know what you think when the book comes your way…

Early reaction to the book has been incredibly positive – here’s some initial feedback:

Indispensable, and not just for Led Zeppelin fans.

Being a 70s Knebworth veteran, I enjoyed the first edition of ‘Then As It Was’ immensely and when Dave Lewis announced that an expanded second edition was on the way, I wondered if his writing skills wouldn’t be better employed elsewhere. After all, he’d already told the story of Led Zeppelin at Knebworth and he’d done it rather well.

How wrong can one be?

The new edition is so much better; more colour pictures (including some of mine!), more text and revamped design make it an essential purchase not only for those of us who were there in 1979, but for anyone with more than a passing interest in rock music.

The book is a real insight into an event that became a pivotal point in the lives of so many of us, but more than that, it captures the culture and spirit of the era perfectly.

Congratulations Dave – another great publication.

Phil Tattershall

….and if it’s good enough for Jimmy Page  what are you waiting for!

Don’t miss out – order now here -this is of course the perfect Zep Christmas present!

IMPORTANT: Given the production issues I’ve experienced, there may be a shortfall of stock ahead – To ensure delivery before Christmas I would strongly advise you order as soon as possible.  

Here’s the link –


Jimmy Page mash up Ramblize:

This one has been doing the rounds:

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s website feature a random Zeppelin-related news flash every day. On Friday last week (November 15), Page’s official Twitter wrote “On this day Biggie Smalls” with a link to a mash-up of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” and Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.”

Called “Ramblize,” the mash-up has basically put B.I.G.’s rap over Page’s acoustic “Ramble On” riff, backed by a drum beat. The resulting track features the rap fitting in perfectly with the music that was created more than two decades before “Hypnotize.”

Here’s a link to hear it:


Robert Plant bids at fundraising dinner to play in Wolves testimonial match:

Another one that was picked up by a lot of news agencies/websites:

Rocker Robert Plant has paid more than $1,350 (£900) to play in a testimonial match for a longrunning player at his beloved British soccer team.

The Led Zeppelin legend attended a fundraising dinner in honour of recently retired Wolves soccer star Jody Craddock earlier this week (begs11Nov13), and couldn’t help but bid in the event’s auction.

Plant handed over the highest price for the chance to play in Craddock’s testimonial match next May (14), which will mark the sportsman’s long service to the side, based in Wolverhampton, England.

The $12,000 (£8,000) raised at the auction will go to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Craddock’s son Toby was treated for leukaemia.


Second part of Robert Plant’s Zirka film:

The second episode captures live music performance of Malian females


This one via the Mojo website:


Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones Joins Susanna

Exclusive performance of new track featuring a liberal sprinkling of Zeppelin mandolin.

He may have formed part of one of the biggest rock bands of all time, but John Paul Jones has never let go of his session musician roots.

Susanna and Ensemble neoN’s The ForesterSusanna And Ensemble neoN’s The Forester. Out November 25.

This latest collaboration sees JPJ supplying twinkling mandolin to Oslo ingénue Susanna’s (formerly of Susanna & The Magical Orchestra) We Offer – a blissfully baroque track indebted to Court and Spark-era Joni Mitchell and performed here for Norwegian Streaming Service WiMP.

Recorded in August at Norway’s Øya Festival, this clip also features Helge Sten – head honcho of experimental jazz collective Supersilent – on guitar (JPJ was at the festival to perform with the group).

John Paul Jones’ appearance follows his recent work with Them Crooked Vultures, Minibus Pimps, Robyn Hitchcock and Seasick Steve.


John Paul Jones with Dave Rawlings:

John Paul Jones has again linked up with Dave Rawlings for a series of US dates.

Americana guitarist Dave Rawlings posted on his official website that the Fall 2013 Machine Tour would include members of Gillian Welch, Punch Brothers, Led Zeppelin, and a former member of Old Crow Medicine Show.

The dates are:

Wed 20/11 – Knoxville, TN – Bijou Theatre

Thu 21/11 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse

Fri 22/11 – Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle

Sun 24/11 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle

Mon 25/11 – Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theatre

Tue 26/11 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre

Wed 27/11 – Birmingham, AL – Soundstage @ Workplay

Thanks Jeff Strawman at

See YouTube clip below: (Thanks James Cook)


Dave Lewis Diary Update:

It’s been a clear case of Good Times Bad Times here – after the euphoria of the weekend activities, it was back to reality Monday with a bang.

When I launched the last TBL Publishing title Feather In the Wind, I had the fall out of the abrupt cancellation of the US Zep Fest to deal with –which left a bitter taste and a financial loss.

This time around I was hoping for a clear run with the Knebworth books and was very positive and upbeat as we completed the book…however…in recent weeks dealing with what I was led to believe to be a very reputable printing firm I was getting edgy. My fears were confirmed with the delivery of books – there was a major lack of quality control. This has cost me many man hours and worry as I tried to assess the problem and seek a resolve. After all the many months of hard work this has been incredibly frustrating.

This issue has inevitably and disappointingly delayed the distribution but (thanks to a few very early morning rises) I am on top of things. There is a plan of action ahead to put things right by the printers with a second print run planned. As mentioned above – to ensure delivery before Christmas I would strongly advise you order as soon as possible.

All orders received are now being fulfilled and you can order with confidence that the turn around of your order will be delt with as speedily and efficiently as possible.

I am more than happy with the book content which with an all colour lay out looks superb – of course it’s for others to judge as they receive the book – so let me know what you think.

Many thanks as ever for your patience and support.

Meanwhile on the playlist, the brilliantly sublime Misunderstood single Never Had A Girl Like You Before (thank you GF – and I’ll always associate this great track with the memorable Knebworth book Launch/VIP Musicmania fair) plus a whole lot of  Joni Mitchell and Zep wise, it’s been the Empire Strikes Back Empire Pool box set rekindling memories of that first live Zep experience for me all of 42 years ago and The Beatles At The BBC Volume 2 recalling memories of 1963 – see below….

As I am sure you know there are a couple of big anniversaries this weekend…

The Kennedy Assassination:

Long time TBL associate and all round top man Mark Harrison has been holidaying in the US visiting  renowned Zep collector Brian Knapp – and is now in Dallas to attend  the Kennedy tributes in Dealey Plaza.


 A recent photo of Mark over in Arlington and there’s more Knebworth book links here – with Brian Knapp ,the renowned Zep collector who supplied his Knebworth memorabilia for the book appendix, Larry M Bergmann who wrote the extensive US view of the Knebworth saga in the book  – and Mark who contributed his own Knebworth memories. 

Mark has a deep fascination with the Kennedy assassination saga as I and countless others do. I collect LP’s and books on the subject. I can remember the events as a seven old back in 1963 – at school there was a definite sense that something majorly wrong had occurred and of course there had. I’ll be clocking in on the many 50th anniversary TV and radio programmes this weekend as the conspiracy theories gather yet more momentum. What always amazes me is the sheer speed at which the turn of events unfolded from the cavalcade riding into Dealey Plaza to Lyndon B Johnson being sworn in as the new President hours later. An astonishing turn of events…I’m looking forward to Mark’s photos and thoughts on it all as he is right there where the story unfolded 50 years ago.

Doctor Who:    

The very next day Saturday November 23rd 1963, I settled down to watch the first episode of a new BBC series titled somewhat mysteriously Dr Who. Again like many others, I was instantly captivated from the off about this unsettling and unlikely saga of a police box that concealed a space ship capable of time travel – ending up in the first series in stone age Britain.

From the iconic theme tune through the introduction of the genuinely frightening Daleks and beyond, for the next few years, Doctor Who was simply essential viewing. I also soaked up the two feature films that were made as a spin off – (Doctor Who And The Daleks and Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD) one of which used the nearby Elstow area a filming location. I cannot say I am a fan of the revived show – though It’s very slickly made and I am glad it’s still enthralling viewers today as it did 50 years ago.

Last night I watched the excellent BBC2 drama An Adventure In Time And Space. This re- told the tale of how the series was commissioned and the often angst performances of the first actor to play the Doctor – the brilliant William Hartnell. It captured the spirit of the time really well –and that’s the whole thing about the Kennedy and Doctor Who anniversaries. They occurred during a ground breaking 12 months that also saw the emergence of Beatlemania, The Profumo political scandal here and the Great Train Robbery.

Back in 1963 it was a vastly different world to today’s social media led world of instant communication. These events however seeped into our consciousness and remain ever talked about and discussed.

They were simpler times and in a period where I’ve spent a lot of my waking hours relaying the events of an English summer of 34 years ago, the timing of these 50th anniversaries seem entirely appropriate. A further case of then as it was ….to coin a phrase….


And finally some YouTube Clips:

Highlights from Jody Craddock’s Testimonial Dinner at Molineux and interviews with Mick McCarthy , Robert Plant. Robert interview is at 7 min 25:

Susanna feat. Helge Sten & John Paul Jones – We Offer:

“Going to California” ~ Dave Rawlings Machine, featuring John Paul Jones:

And absolutely finally…the brilliant Misunderstood – Never Had A Girl (Like You Before) : 


Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great weekend

Dave Lewis/Gary FoyNovember 22nd, 2013.

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  • Buford T Justice said:

    Great stuff Dave.

    Did you ask Jimmy about a future TBL interview, perhaps to discuss the album releases starting 2014?


  • Norm said:

    Great to see you and jimmy looking so well hope u are all ok still love all the old dr who episodes spot on

  • SWIN said:

    Dave,got the new book yesterday , it looks AWESOME.I had the original but this is really something else . To everybody who reads this get and buy it.Everonward Dave , SWIN.

  • Glen said:

    Got the book Wednesday but it has been confiscated by my family until Christmas. …sob!

  • Byron Lewis said:

    Just got the book – hat’s off to you, knocked out by just how comprehensive it is. I’ll certainly enjoy.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks Ed and everyone for great comments

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    On the Kennedy mention– I visited Dealey Plaza some years back now, early nineties, and was immediately struck by how little the setting has changed.

    Of course, the Texas School Book Depository is now a museum, and the six floor is as eerily preserved in its warehouse format as it was on that fateful day, with boxes arranged to conceal the sniper’s position.

    And outside, Dealey Plaze itself is as it was then because it is an urban park. The only discernible difference was the height and thickness of the trees and shrubbery. And perhaps the newer glass towers of the Dallas skyline.

    The stockade fence still sits atop the grassy knoll, and the entire arrangement has a surreal quality to it, as traffic and pedestrians stride along on their daily business.

    Anyone with a modicum of understanding of the various conspiracy theories, or even a passing appreciation for history and certainly out of respect for JFK himself, should visit the site if you find yourself in north Texas on a sunny afternoon.

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    Well Dave needless to say that to meet up with Jimmy Page must make this entire enterprise all the more worth it. I hope he understands the degree of service to Zeppelin Nation for which you have dedicated these many years. I certainly do.

  • Ian Coleman said:

    I made the trip to Olympia specifically for the book launch and to meet up with Dave, and was pleased to do so, I got to say hello very briefly to Jimmy, and must confess that I never bought a single record, I never found anything to tickle my fancy LOL,I did however take my book away and TBL 36, I am reading the book, and it’s great, so get one soon people. 🙂 Ian

  • Andrew R said:

    Don’t normally post twice but must say that single worth every penny of £60 to these ears. A new one to me and a definite Buffalo springfield / jefferson airplane vibe going on. Good taste as always Dave.Cheers

  • Wools said:

    Your smile along side James Patrick Page is priceless! WOW! That’s one to be framed and placed over the mantle. I am thrilled for you Dave, respect paid back to you for your outstanding dedication towards keeping our community alive. I will toast one for you today. Looking forward to my book, maybe some day you can sign my copy!


  • Hiroshi said:

    I share the thought about the assassination of JFK with you. A wee kid as I was back then, I vividly remember the moment the news was transmitted to Japan on TV via satellite broadcasting that had just been introduced, and gave me a lasting impact that is still felt to this day. I can relate to it all.

    As a side note that may interest you, JFK’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy (AKA “Sweet Caroline” as sung in Neal Diamond song), has been put on the post of the new American ambassador in Japan. She arrived in Tokyo on 15th of this month, and was seen enjoying Pau MaCcartney concert at the Tokyo Dome on 21st (with a little help of the heavy security around her!). Ms Kennedy and Sir Paul had known each other, and she was reportedly invited to Macca’s dressing room and had a conversation with him before the show.

    Although I’m no more than a casual fan of Dr Who, I enjoy the current new series from time to time (the original episodes from the Sixties were never aired in Japan). It’s certainly part of the British culture. When I went down to London to see The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park on 13 July, I was also lucky enough to attend the prestigious Dr Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall the following morning — those two made my weekend!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Steve that one is on my list!

  • Steve Harrison said:

    Hi Dave
    you mentioned you got Humble pie Thunderbox, well,you should throw your money out for the Performance 4cd box set thats just been released,its the bestest thing in the whole wide world.Now if Mr.Page could throw something together like this of their performances at the Filmores…….

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks Andrew it certainly does!

  • Andrew R said:

    Dave what an inspiring thing to happen! the man himself coming to your stall.Days like that must make the hard work all worthwhile.Good on you fella.Looking forward to the book.

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