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’Hey Ahmet, we did it… ‘’ The Led Zeppelin 02 reunion for Ahmet Ertugen ten years gone…

Dave Lewis looks back to that night of nights of Monday December 10, 2007 -plus what the papers said and what they said

The Bombay Sessions – 45 Years Gone

Paul Sheppard focuses on the recordings Jimmy Page and Robert Plant made in Bombay in 1972

The 1977 US Tour – The Tape Analysis  

Andy Crofts has an intensive listen to the 1977 tour tapes to offer a clear perspective on one of the most controversial periods of Led Zeppelin’s live legacy

Dave Lewis, I Was there in 1977:

Heathrow Airport May 17,1977

John Meacham, I Was There in 1977:

Jefferson County Civic Center, Birmingham Alabama, Wednesday May 18, 1977.

Celebration Days Led Zeppelin UK Convention – 25 years gone:

The story of the first ever UK Led Zeppelin Convention organised by Dave Lewis and Andy Adams in May 1992

Robert Plant: Carry Fire

Dave Lewis reflects on the 35 year solo career of Robert Plant and assesses the merits of his new album Carry Fire…

First Hand Report 1: Kashmir and Kennedy makes for a heady mix at Albert’s place…

Robert Plant, guest appearance with Nigel Kennedy Gala Celebration concert at the Royal Albert Hall: March 14 2017

First Hand Report 2: ’What fun we are having’’

Paul Rodgers Free Spirit tour with guests Deborah Bonham & Doug Boyle (and two unexpected ones)

Oxford New Theatre, Sunday May 14, 2017

First Hand Report 3: No safety new required…

John Paul Jones with Tres Coyotes , Savoy Theater Helsinki Finland, April 5, 2017

Icons of The Hall Event:

Royal Albert Hall footage screened, Led Zeppelin at Bath 1970 film discussed and Julie Felix captivates…

The TBL Interview with Chris Farlowe:

‘’We are like brothers really, we totally respect each other. He thinks I’m a great singer and I think he’s a great guitarist.’’

Chris Farlowe on the beginnings of the London rhythm and blues scene and working with Jimmy Page and more

Deborah Bonham: Forever a Free Spirit:

Deborah talks about the re-release of her early catalogue, the Paul Rodgers tour, Robert Plant and maintaining the Led Zep & John Bonham association with dignity…

The Return of Black Country Communion:

‘’There’s a lot of commitment from everybody – we have never had so much fun working on a BCC record ‘’

As Black Country Communion re- group for a fourth chapter, Dave Lewis catches up with Glenn Hughes

TBL Collector Focus – Nick Anderson’s Collectors Column:

Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies – An Illustrated Discography

Led Zeppelin eBay o meter:

Nick’s regular report on the highest value recent eBay results for Led Zeppelin

From the Underground Reviewed and Rated:

Scott Heck reviews the Ally Pally Hard Rock Daze box set.

Deus Ex Machina – The Seattle March 21 1975 soundboard release:

You need it in your life…

Berkeley Daze the 2nd Night: Yet Another Stoney 1971 evening:

Dave Lewis welcomes a vinyl reissue of an old bootleg favourite

Record Store Day Product Review:

Jimmy Page The Black Crowes – Live At Jones Beach – RSD Exclusive ten inch on marbled black and white vinyl reviewed.

Plus Cliff Hilliard Collection Latest/Led Zeppelin and John Bonham honoured with Blue Plaques/Yardbirds ’68 release due/A vintage clipping of a Jimmy Page news story from 1965 surfaces, latest news and more.

No such much a magazine ..more a mini book

50,000 word text


So there it is – 32 packed pages – another outpouring from the TBL hub…


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