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To mark  the 40th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s final tour over Europe in 1980 I am making available a strictly limited edition repackage of the Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980

This 40th anniversary limited edition has a glossy newly designed book jacket with exclusives on stage photos from the Over Europe 1980 tour.

Each book includes an additional separate four page insert. This features a new 2,000 word interview with author Dave Lewis conducted with Mike Trmaglio in which he discusses the making of the book and the impact of the events of that final Led Zeppelin in the summer of 1980. Each insert is individually numbered and signed by the author.

Please note the actual book content is the version published in 2011.  There is no additional content to the actual book. The repackage consists of a brand new cover and the limited edition four page interview insert.

It all adds up to another exclusive strictly limited TBL collectors item. If you have yet to invest in the book previously this is an opportunity to do so.

This repackage of the book is being made available in a strictly limited edition of just 65 copies – each book is individually numbered and signed by the author. Distribution will begin in mid November – I am taking pre orders now. Lead times for the delivery of the book will be longer than usual due to the current situation.

These are the last 65 copies of the books print run – once they are gone –they are gone and the book will be out of print.

This is therefore an opportunity to invest in a unique limited edition package of this highly acclaimed book.

Here is what the book is all about:


40 years ago in the summer of 1980, Led Zeppelin undertook what would be their final tour –a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. With a radically streamlined stage presentation and set list, the aim was to get back to being a working band after all the lay offs of recent years and grand scale of their 1979 Knebworth appearances.

This air of rejuvenation would inspire plans for a full scale tour of America in the autumn that would be sadly curtailed with the untimely death of John Bonham. Vastly under reported at the time, the Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 tour has taken on something of mythical status over the years. It found the band anxious to stamp their authority on a changing musical landscape as their reputation tethered like a feather in the wind.

Dave Lewis brings a fresh perspective in chronicling this final era, setting the scene with the build up to the tour, combining on the spot reports of the gigs from the time and retrospective views from those that were there both out front and backstage. The book includes an in depth gig by gig analysis of the 14 shows full bootleg, memorabilia and statistic appendix section and is illustrated throughout with many rarely seen photos and images.

The book also offers a unique up close and personal fans eye view of the era as re-told through Dave Lewis’ diaries of the time and his experiences of being in close proximity to the action during the tour. It all adds up to an illuminating volume that offers clear light on the final days of Led Zeppelin as they attempted to rejuvenate their career by doing what they did best – performing live on stage.

This is the Led Zeppelin tour that time forgot…until now – remembered and re-assessed in greater detail than any other single rock tour.

If you weren’t there then…you can be now…

Here’s some feedback from satisfied readers:

‘’This book is incredible . Not only is it a road journal of the final Led Zeppelin tour in 1980  but it’s also a sentimental thesis of the beginning of an era that was never realized. It took five hours of my life last evening alone! I can’t wait to dive back into June of 1980 again tonight! Thanks again for doing what you do.’’ Daniel Neal/ France

‘’Dave Lewis is an incredible archivist and chronicler, and is an asset to rock journalism. He is a fan above all else, but a shrewd and passionate one at that. Feather In The Wind is a hefty tome and a worthy addition to any rock library.’’ Neil Daniels Fireworks rock magazine

‘’A brilliant dissection of the tour that time forgot. What emerges is an intriguing chronicle of the biggest band in the world contemplating their own vastness and legacy. But this is no obituary; instead Dave Lewis has skilfully woven a passionate celebration of a group who may well have been on the verge of an altogether different kind of greatness.’’ Terry Staunton Record Collector

* Full colour design throughout with over 250 rarely seen photos and memorabilia images.

Important Note: Signing of  books:  I will dedicate and sign each book to the name of the book purchaser as listed -unless infomed otherwise.

If you would like a specific personal dedication please state what you require via my email –


Full pricing details as follows:

UK: £25.00 plus £6.00 postage and packing – total price £31.00

Europe: £25.00 plus £15.00 postage and packing – total price £40.00

USA/Canada/Japan/: £25.00 plus £24.00 postage and packing – total price £49.00

Australia/New Zealand – £25.00 plus £27.00 postage and packing – total price £52.00


Payment: Via Pay Pal  or  UK  by cheque for £31.00

Cheques payable D. Lewis  – send to

TBL Book Offer 14 Totnes Close, Bedford MK40 3AX.

Or order here  by pay pal – use the ordering box menu below

IMPORTANT: US/Overseas and Europe purchasers please remember to drop down the relevant menu box for your location –  i.e. US price £49.00

Note all payments need to be in UK sterling not euros or dollars.

If you need further advice on ordering – email or call 01234 267515 /0794 126 0997


I am aiming to have the books ready for distribution from mid November for UK delivery expect two weeks delivery time – Europe three weeks and America/Canada/ Australia four to five weeks.




  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks John

  • John L Herbst said:

    I can’t understand the sheer power of seeing Zeppelin live.I was 7 when the disbanded.Mr.Lewis makes the reader seem like you are right there as the lights go down and the show starts.All the great photos and just a superb job.Seeing Page and Plant many times and various solo tours it was always the closest I felt I’d ever see,this book comes close for me and brings tears to my eyes how great this band truly was.Ever Onward.

  • Stuart Wareham said:

    WOW – Dave this is an exceptional read and so comprehensive. They may have peaked in ’75 with Physical Graffiti but this book makes you realise what could have been if they had made it to the US ’80 tour that autumn. This era is fascinating because of the ‘what ifs’. We’ll never know, I look forward to reading your Knebworth book. Thanks, Stuart

  • Brian Smolik said:

    Hi Dave

    Just ordered the FITW and a subscription! Looking forward to great reads as always

    All The Best

  • Colin Rowe said:

    The postman delivered this today at work today, and all I can say is ‘what a brilliant, quality book’, as a ex printer, typesetter and some DTP I know what looks right, this book looks and reads just perfect, the layout, colours and pictures are just amazing, thank you Dave and all who was concerned is this book, and as for the extra gift, top stuff. I can recommend this book 100%, pity more book are not thought out as good as this one. did I say thanks…thanks TBL

  • Emiliano said:

    If you are a Led Zeppelin fan you have to buy this book…it’s really a journey with the band in their last tour.
    I have spent all the night reading the details, looking at the pictures, the memorabilia and all the crazy information you can find inside it…all the bootlegs, the magazines, the posters…everything about that last tour, it’s here.
    It’s not only a collection of informations about the tour, it’s also a nice book to read, full of anecdotes, funny moments and unpublished details about the band before and after that last tour.
    I’m not a maniac collector of the band, just a big fan…i wasn’t there in 1980 because i was too young, but thanks to this book for some hours i have breathed those concerts…thanks!

  • Karen Barlow said:

    So excited Feather In the Wind arrived in my mailbox today. First flick through looks amazing, great photos, lots of information. These books, and Dave’s magazines are always a thrill to own, they are so different from all the other books, and magazines about the band. Pictures I have never seen before, and of course, the fact that the author was there, and has had some personal photos, and connections with them is special for me. Thank you Dave for you hard work, it’s very much appreciated. I Love personal touches and extras too!!

  • Mark Redman said:

    Wow! What a book!…literally hundreds of photographs I have never seen before…DL has shown remarkable dedication, love and a fastidious attention to detail in putting together this beautiful document of what would be the mighty Zeppelin’s last tour…love Zeppelin? …you need this book in your collection!

  • Luca T. said:

    Ciao Dave, beautiful book, should come out in Italy, it would be really great!! Hello to the next!!! Grazie per il CD …

  • Emerson Langie said:

    Undoubtedly, one of the best Zepp books ever written. For me, it was even more magical to feel it, because I was reading it by the time I went to see Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters and, luckily, I was able to meet and greet Sir Robert Plant in person in late October, 2012. Call I tell you more?! I was totally immersed in the Zepp 1980 european tour environment, and out of a sudden, all of that was happening in the real world. I caught myself in the role of the fan having a drink with Robert Plant in a given hotel. OMG! It has just matched, regarding to the proper proportions, of course.
    To sum up, this book is the ultimate 1980 lost forgotten tour testimonial, with lots of amazing never before seen pictures, terrific tour bootleg commented discography w/covers, as well as any detailed info you might want to know about the 1980 euro tour, from plantations transcriptions, tour posters and shirts, DL phone calls to Swan Song office to venues detailed profiles.
    What a great and outstanding effort by Dave Lewis!
    The ultimate memory of the last Led Zeppelin tour. A must have item, not only for the die hard Zepp maniacs but for any RNR fan.

  • Anthony M. Fischer said:

    Mr. Lewis,

    Having caught the Zep bug in August of ’79, it was a big thrill to see the tour dates for Germany announced in the Stars and Stripes (the US Armed Forces newspaper) one day in late May of 1980. It was an even bigger thrill to get tickets for the June 30 show in Frankfurt.

    It goes without saying that that show is my fondest concert memory of all…when there is a bit of extra cash about, I’ll be ordering this book. It will be a great accompaniment to my bootleg copy of the concert.



  • Shayne Smith said:

    Dave- can I still get TBL issue 29?? Really love the late period of the bands career. Read your Over Europe book twice!! Also bought the Knebworth book. Great stories of a great concert.
    Cant wait for the unreleased material to come out next year!!

    p.s. was hoping to hear your response to my last email a few days ago. Hope it didnt rub you the wrong way. Its only out of love.

  • Steve Livesley said:

    Hi Dave, absolutely amazing service mate, the book arrived today. Im sure my mate will be thrilled with this as a 50th Birthday present. Just had a quick peek at the book, looks brilliant. As usual above and beyond the call of excellence. Will be in touch. Thanks. Steve.

  • Lif Strand said:

    Just posted a book review at

    Dave – this is an extraordinary work – thank you!

  • Sean Smith said:

    Loved the book! It accompanied me on two recent long flights, and this fascinating read ensured the hours just disappeared. Thanks Dave!

  • Chris S said:

    Mr. Lewis has outdone himself with this one. Wow! A pure unadulterated masterpiece. Only he could have done this so well. Folks, there is no one who can write about this band, understand this band, and communicate the feeling of listening to and being a true Zephead like Dave Lewis. Nuf’ said.

  • rockgirl971 said:

    If you enjoyed this book, you might want to check out this website; they have the actual tickets from Led Zeppelin’s cancelled 1980 Chicago Stadium shows, each framed with a certificate of authenticity.

    Ramble on!

  • Kelly Patterson said:

    just got mine today and just paging thru it (no pun intended) it’s a gorgeous book … and the list of jimmy’s gear used on the tour and for what songs is way cool (i’m a guitarist so that’s the one i read first lol) … great spread of the bootlegs as well … this was a tour that was readily available to collect off download sites when i first started collecting and so is a favorite of mine since it was the tour i had the most of in the ‘high-heady-early’ bootleg days of mine 🙂 so it’s a special one for me for that reason …

    thanks for your work on this dave and the lil extras that come with the book are way cool too 🙂 indeed a forgotten tour for many americans since there was little exposure of it way back then when i was in high school … gonna hunker down and read now 🙂

    thanks again and for the very quick delivery to the colonies 😉

    kelly (better known as cormac 😉

  • mike rhodes said:

    hi dave
    your book is amazing thanks for your efforts and info with this classic issue

  • johan said:

    Wonderfull book with a lot of great stories, pictures, facts and figures. Dave Lewis had done a great job, thanks for that and i can’t hardly wait for the Knebworth book. I also went for a search for some audio material from the europe tour, i found it and it sounds really good.

  • Shayne said:

    Dave- thank you so much for your continuing enthusiasm for my favorite band of all time. I burned through Feather In the Wind in a few days. Just as I did with Then As it Was. The inside stories really make it special. The behind the scenes stuff all Zep fans crave. Never before seen pictures of Zeppelin in 1980. Looking back now, it seemed at once, the end and the new beginning.
    I discovered Zep at age 11 in 1979 with In Through the Out Door. There has never been a group that has touched and moved me more since the first day I heard that album in my friend’s room on the turntable. There will never be anything like them again. Absolutely unique.
    I’m going to go listen to In Through the Out Door now with a touch of green 🙂

  • Jason Menendez said:

    Just received my copy today and I’m completely blown away. The photos alone are worth the price of admission. Many thanks to Dave for opening the doors to an almost forgotten era of the band. It brings a tear to the eye seeing Bonzo and wondering what could have been. This is a MUST have for any Zep fan.

  • Mimo Antabi said:

    Love it! Apart from the topic of course, what makes this book a unique addition to any Zep-library is the variety; You’ve got both the youthful enthusiasm of being there and witnessing it all in the flesh (conveyed in Dave Lewis’ and others’ eye witness reports)as well as the critical retrospective analysis (by Larry Bergmann Jr.’s and Dave Lewis) . And of course the pictures… Highly addictive and simply a must have!

  • Coolest Book Ever: Led Zeppelin: Feather In The Wind - Over Europe 1980 | Youdopia said:

    […] recently received a package from the UK. It was Dave Lewis’ Led Zeppelin – Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980. I’m listening to Bluecongo’s excellent matrix mix of Led Zeppelin’s 6/29/80 show […]

  • phil o'brien said:

    Received the book a couple of days ago. Outstanding read, so much great information about last and relatively unknown tour. Highly recommended!

    Definitely a labour of love. Well done Dave!

  • David Stewart said:

    Just a quick note of thanks for your prompt delivery of LED ZEPPELIN FEATHER IN THE WIND (with personalized hand written note, lovely touch)and TBL29. After a quick flick through of both, I’m positively salivating at the thought of reading them…… will keep me zepped up all summer, and thats a very pleasant thought indeed!!

  • Dominique Dreneau said:

    I received my book yesterday…. and since then I feel 31 years younger.
    Reading these pages means a true revival of that day in Brussels… the one and only one time I saw Led Zeppelin in concert !!!

    Great job Dave. Superb. Congratulations.


  • Marcel Gootjes said:

    Found it in my mailbox on…Bonzo’s birthday…unbelievable!
    Thank you Dave for all the hard work, now and in the future…

    One happy little 40 year old fellow Zep fan!


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