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1977: It Was 30 Years Ago

18 March 2007 3,019 views No Comment

30 years ago this month, Led Zeppelin were about to embark on their most ambitious tour of America. 49 concerts spanning five months with a total projected audience of over one million. Three decades later, perhaps more than any other – that 1977 tour holds a deep fascination for fans old and new. Over the coming months I’ll be marking the 30th anniversary of what would be their final American jaunt with various Tight But Loose activity. Over the last week here there’s been regular trips to the loft to unearth the many files and cuttings I have from that period – which will form the backdrop to a major retro feature in the next Tight But Loose. Before that of course there’s the planned Return Of The Destroyer London fan gathering which again will act as a celebration of this most remarkable period in their history. You can get further involved in the 1977 retro frenzy by taking part in the Tight But Loose 1977 USA Tour Survey which is up on the home page.

Aside from all that, there’s been the not inconsiderable task of signing off the final proofs of Tight But Loose issue 17 before it goes to print in the next few weeks. It’s a great feeling to be looking at the near completed fruits of many hours labour and to be finally close to getting the magazine back on the streets. Musical inspiration to all this has come via an appropriate ”77 fix namely The Destroyer CD set on Cobla Standard plus The Style Council Our Favourite Shop re-issue (a nostalgic Paul Weller ’80’s remant and always good for spring listening) and ELO’s now recognised guilty pleasue Out Of The Blue CD re issue which was originally released in… you guessed it 1977. There’s no getting away from that year right now.

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