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August Update

25 August 2006 2,022 views No Comment

Bit of an unsettling last few weeks what with Jimmy’s decision to pull out of the Clapham Festival – and the very sad news about Paul Kelvie, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett.
The Lewis clan have had a bit of a break though no holiday away this year – matters such a new kitchen to be installed in the autumn etc have taken precedent. Work on Tight But Loose 17 has been somewhat restricted due to a heavy day job schedule/hols etc and there’s a way to go there which I’ll update fully on in the next few weeks.
Did have a good day out in not so sunny Brighton. Visited the excellent Wax Factor shop in Trafalgar Street – a real vinyl haven. I counted 23 differing copies of Led Zep 2 on the rack – now that’s what I call a collectors shop.
Also had a lovely day over at Mark Harrison’s house. Despite his health problems,his resolve and spirit are a real tonic.(Incidentally Mark has a new email address
We had a great time wading though various videos/DVD’s. We watched Knebworth August 4 from around Achilles to the encores – stunning! We stumbled across some Led Zep 1992 London Convention footage. It was really amazing seeing so many old faces amongst the crowd – poignantly there’s a sequence where Eddie Edwards and Paul Kelvie can be seen gazing at the Zep memorabilia exhibition. Looking at it again made me realise how special that weekend was.
Also on the tape was a Convention ’92 news item from MTV where your truly can be seen on camera with far more hair than I’m taking into my 50th year.

Talking of which (you knew it wouldn’t be long before that came up!) – Just a few days to go to the big day Tuesday September 5. I have a few Birthday related events lined up over the preceeding weekend and in to the actual week including a reunion of my old soccer team The Wallbangers. I’m very much look forward to being surrounded by family and old friends. I must say right now I have a mixture of feelings that range from nervous,excited and daunted at the whole prospect of this milestone coming of age. I was 13 when I first heard the music of Led Zeppelin – and here I am near to clocking up a half century and they still loom so large in the scheme of things.
Being a man of lists and at this time of vast reflection, I’ve also compiled a few 50 at 50 playlists including my top 50 gigs – one of which is Debbie Bonham’s emotional Sunday afternoon set at the aforementioned Zep 1992 Convention. Those that were there will know why.

One aspect of reaching this milestone has been my desire to reconcile myself with some key items from my past – This has ranged from original boxes of Airfix ho/oo scale model soldier figures, various Subbuteo table soccer teams, key fave movies on DVD (Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush a quaint 1967 Brit comedy set in Stevenage not far from that field being the latest addition), to a very welcomed recent ebay purchase of the programme from the very first live gig I ever attended in 1964.
Such activity I guess you can view as either sad old nostalgia or the genuine pleasure to be had at being surrounded again by the things that have defined ones self over the years. I’ll go with the latter ethic.

Recent inspirations from the last few weeks: Watching the Knebworth footage 27 years to the day – particularly August 4 still so full of emotion… pleasing texts/emails re Knebworth from Gary F,Gary D and Mark H…. playing tennis with young Adam (better than his Dad already!)… Sam’s very pleasing exam results (she doesn’t get that from her Dad!)…a meal out with the Lewis clan at the Red Lion Elstow… yet more episodes of Budgie on DVD…. while on the player/ i-pod it’s been Zep’s In Through The Out Door recalling the hazy days of ’79, The Grateful Dead Winterland ’78 CD, Dusty In Memphis, Bob Dylan Biograph (looking forward to his new album), Miles Kind Of Blue,and Page & Plant Unledded (12 years ago tonight as I write this) amongst others that have brightened a decidedly wet August.
To mark the big 50 Martyn will be putting up the DL 50 at 50 lists which cover my 50 favourite albums,50 favourite songs,50 favourite gigs and 50 most memorable soccer matches.
That’s about the state of play as the half century rolls ever nearer.

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