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Bit of a Set Back / Thoughts on the UK Hall Of Fame

19 November 2006 1,952 views No Comment

Just when we riding on a wave of new optimism, I’ve encountered something of a set back.
One minute I was having a Tight But Loose planning meeting with Martyn and the bruv, when next thing I know, I’m on my way to hospital, brought on by a nasty virus that had me detained overnight for observation. This has since been diagnosed as Viral Labrinthitis, a vertigo related illness that has left me with dizziness, nausea and generally feeling pretty wiped out and having to be off work. Hopefully as the medication kicks in, I’ll be back on my rather unsteady feet before too long. They said this 50 lark wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Through my rather dizzy state, I did manage to sit through the Channel 4 Hall Of Fame TV coverage. The Zep segment featured some wonderful accolades the best for me being Jack Whites “I don’t tend to trust anyone who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin” and Tony Iommi’s “Can you imagine music without Led Zeppelin? … I cant”. With only Jimmy in attendance for whatever reason, and for me Wolfmother doing little justice to Communication Breakdown (that wont get me any points at work where my younger colleagues think they rock), I have to say I was more than impressed with the band of brothers spirit displayed by Bon Jovi in collecting their award coupled with an equally gracious performance. Great delivery of Son Of A Preacher Man by Joss Stone to mark the much deserved Dusty induction (I’ll be digging out Dusty In Memphis over the next few days for sure) and also good to see Rod Stewart being given due credit for a remarkable five decades career. Sir George Martin also gave a suitably reverent speech and Corrine Bailey Rae and Johnny Borrell just about pulled off the ambitious Abbey Road finale to what was an enjoyable and well-edited show.

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