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17 June 2022 1,325 views 3 Comments
Deborah Bonham Band New Album News and Touring
“There’s Wimborne every minute, and the Devon’s in New Orleans”
hope you’re enjoying the new album and can get to see us on tour soon. Some great Sold Out shows, reviews, radio plays and interviews.
Looking forward to tonight’s (15 June) show at the beautiful Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne followed by Friday 17 June at the Wharf in Tavistock Devon (YES played a warm up show there last night celebrating 50 years since Close to the Edge)
Seeya x
The New BONHAM-BULLICK Album Out Now
Deborah Bonham and Peter Bullick, along with their band and special guests, release an inspiring blend of Blues, Rock and Soul with their new 13-track album Bonham-Bullick on Quarto Valley Records.
“In the tradition of the great Blues-Rock of the 1970s while also being deeply entrenched in classic Blues and Soul.” JJ French Connection (Twisted Sister)
The album, produced by Bonham and mixed by Tim Oliver at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, comprises some classic and obscure interpretations spanning seven decades and features some very deep cuts, with songs from the greats such as O.V. Wright, Johnnie Taylor, Albert King, Sam Cooke and Ann Peebles together with more modern-day luminaries such as Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) and Chris Wilson (Australia’s ‘Crown of Thorns’).
“Killer guitar tone from Bullick & soulful power from Deborah Bonham. Blues aficionados will love the new Bonham-Bullick record.” 
Mac & Jackson UAWIL / Pantheon 
The album features guest musicians who have performed with Robert Plant, Portishead, Massive Attack, Waterboys, Heart, Magpie Salute, Bobby Rush, Ann Peebles and the members of Deborah’s live band who along with Bullick, back Paul Rodgers’ as his Free Spirit band culminating in the Billboard Chart #2 album Free Spirit Live at the Royal Albert Hall.
“There are only a select few guitar players who can achieve the Paul Kossoff tone and it’s apparent from the first note of the new Bonham-Bullick album, Peter Bullick summons Kossoff’s spellbinding style…”
Richard Purden, The Irish News 
“Bonham-Bullick skillfully generate a brand of caustic blues that is equally authentic and addictive”  5 Stars RnR magazine

“It’s impossible to count the ways in which this record must be devoured and savored: Bonham-Bullick is the best hour one can spend with the blues in 2022… or any other year for that matter.”
  5 Stars. Let It Rock!
Tour Dates, News and Reviews:
Radio Show Features
Johnnie Walker’s Rock Show BBC Radio 2: Deborah Bonham Rock God feature
“Wow is all I got to say after that, and boy can Deborah Bonham sing”
Cerys Matthews’ Blues Show BBC Radio 2
“If David Bowie played the Blues, it might sound something like this… ACE!”
(‘It Ain’t Easy’ by Bonham-Bullick)Carol Miller Q104.3 – ‘Get the Led Out’ New York Radio Show
“Deborah Bonham -The best female vocalist and tightest band we should have been hearing for the last 20 years. An arena worthy show in a New York club!”
Contact Email:
Deborah Bonham Band
Bonham-Bullick Tour Dates 2022/3
UK, France, Belgium, Holland (USA Winter Tour TBA)
Wed 15 Jun WIMBORNE UK Tivoli Theatre 17 Jun TAVISTOCK UK Wharf
Sat 25 Jun FRANCE Le Trait (76) Les Estivales Saint Jean
Fri 1 Jul SURREY UK Alfold Rock & Blues Festival 8 Jul BEWDLEY UK St George’s Hall 14 Jul MILTON KEYNES UK The Stables 15 Jul NEWPORT UK The Patriot Crumlin 21 Aug KENT UK A New Day Festival, Hernhill 16 Sep WORCESTER UK Huntingdon Hall
Sun 18 Sep BARNOLDSWICK UK Music & Arts Centre


Sun 25 Sep FRANCE Festival Printemps de Pérouges

Thu 29 Sep KINROSS UK Green Hotel
Fri 30 Sep NEWCASTLE UK Trillians
Sat 1 Oct HULL UK Wrecking Ball Arts Centre
Fri 14 Oct FRANCE Torcy (71) Le C2
Sat 15 Oct FRANCE Riom (63) La Puce a L’Oreille
Sun 20 Nov FRANCE Cléon (76) – La traverse
  Tour Dates 2023
  Fri 14 Apr SEDGEFIELD UK Blues Club TBC
Sat 15 Apr LOWDHAM UK Village Hall
More Dates To Be Confirmed

Howard Mylett Remembered : 11  Years Gone…

hm 1

Sunday June 19th, marks the 11th anniversary of the passing of Howard Mylett, the legendary Led Zeppelin collector and original author.

He wrote the first ever biography of Led Zeppelin published in 1976 and went on to write a series of superbly researched Zep books. .

Howard Mylett had an engaging dry wit, incredible enthusiasm for collecting all things Zep, and above all, was always so generous in sharing his passion. He could be a cantankerous old bugger at times but that was all part of Howard’s make up.

It was way back in 1973 when I first began corresponding with Howard after seeing a ‘’Zep Photos wanted/for sale’’ ad in the NME. My collection of photos and cuttings improved manifold thanks to Howard’s generosity. For a mere few pence he would send me batches of cuttings. I can still recall the thrill of seeing a package postmarked from Brighton landing on my doormat.

I knew it would bring forth more unseen Zep images and foreign and overseas cuttings from the likes of the US Circus and Creem magazines and French magazines such as Rock And Folk. Howard also had unimpeachable Japanese contacts and it was through him that I first obtained the series of rare Japanese photo books.

It was always a pleasure to visit him and his lovely wife Anita in Brighton.

in 2010 Howard and Anita attended the Jimmy Page Genesis book launch in London and Jimmy personality acknowledged Howard’s work – it was a wonderful to witness that. 

I will never forget the final time I saw him early in 2011. Gary Foy and I travelled down to see him and I conducted an interview with him for the TBL mag. Despite his failing health, Howard’s passion for the world of Zep was burning bright as ever. It was an incredibly emotional afternoon as I think deep down, Howard knew we would not get many more opportunities to discuss our favourite subject again – and sadly that was to be the case…

Howard’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was a massive influence on my desire to put words into print about Led Zeppelin.

Since his passing, it has become even more evident how important Howard’s pioneering work was to me as a young impressionable fan.

Howard-Mylett 3

Howard would have course loved all the ongoing Led Zeppelin reissues and book activity – and there have been plenty of moments when I dearly wish Howard was still around to see it all…

Howard Mylett will always be a much missed part of the Zep fan fraternity.. but never forgotten and there will be countless fans across the world who will be thinking of him on the 11th anniversary of his passing… rest in peace Howard – you shared it with us all …

Dave Lewis – June  17 2022

LZ News:

Here’s the latest round up from LZ News:

Upcoming events:

June 16 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Atlanta, Georgia.
June 17 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at the Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee.
June 24 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England on the Pyramid Stage from 6.15pm to 7.30pm UK time.
June 26 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at BST Hyde Park in London, England.
June 29 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark.
July 1 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Hamar, Norway.
July 2 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Bergen, Norway.
July 5 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Rättvik, Sweden.
July 8 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at Cactusfestival in Bruges, Belgium.
July 10 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at the Royal Park Live festival in Baarn, Netherlands.
July 13 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland.
July 14 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at the Lucca Summer Festival in Lucca, Italy.
July 16 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform at JazzOpen Stuttgart 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.
July 18 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Sopot, Poland.
July 20 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Berlin, Germany.
August 15 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in San Diego, California.
August 17 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Santa Barbara, California.
August 18 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Los Angeles, California.
August 20 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Stateline, Nevada.
August 21 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Berkeley, California.
August 23 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Napa, California.
August 25 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Bend, Oregon.
August 27 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Troutdale, Oregon.
August 28 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Redmond, Washington.
August 30 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Salt Lake City, Utah.
September 1 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Denver, Colorado.
September 3 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Grand Prairie, Texas.
September 4 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Austin, Texas and the Black Country Beats exhibition at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which is set to include Robert Plant’s career, will close.
September 14 – The winners of the 2022 Americana Honors & Awards will be announced. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are nominated in two categories.
October – The expanded edition of “Led Zeppelin – Five Glorious Nights” by Dave Lewis will be published.
October 19 – The French translation of “Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin” will be published.
December 22 – The paperback edition of “Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin” by C.M Kushins will be published.
Early 2023 – “A Whole Lotta Music: Life To My Ears,” the memoirs of Tight But Loose editor Dave Lewis, will be published.
2023 – The remastered and expanded 30th anniversary edition of “Coverdale–Page” will be released.

Many thanks to James Cook 

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TBL Archive Special: Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 – 42 years gone…

This week marks the 42nd anniversary of the first dates of the final Led Zeppelin tour – a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. I was lucky enough to attend five of those gigs. This is all chronicled in my Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind Over Europe 1980 book

Here’s is an extract of chapter three, my on the road account written at the time and first featured in TBL issue 5.

 Extract – Chapter Three: Rejuvenation Over Europe 1980 – Up close and personal: Cologne, June 18, 1980.

Raymondo straps on Jimmy’s Gibson. The audience are already in near frenzy as he steps on the wah-wah pedal and tunes up. Robert, straight to the right of the stage with both arms held aloft, is holding the microphone lead in that usual outstretched pose. Jimmy Page continues tuning up and eventually this becomes the chords for the opening bars of Train Kept A Rollin’, an old Yardbirds number and a track that was used as the set opener on the first Zeppelin US tours all those years ago.

As Jonesy and Bonzo crash in on cue, Robert, at once, is alive and totally immersed in the song. Let me tell you, it was a moment that crystallised the essence of rejuvenation this band has obviously undergone. The power, even for them, is awesome.   Train Kept A Rollin’ stops and Nobody’s Fault But Mine starts. Minus the sonic intro but including some marvellous Plant phrasing (“Nobody’s fault but maahyyne….”) and harmonica wailings and with the now expected cry of “Oh Jimmy….Oh Jimmy…”, before a shuffling, twirling, twanging solo from James Patrick.

Two songs in and a further shock. Jimmy Page speaks! Yes folks, it’s true. For the first time I can recall, Jimmy greets an audience. A bit muffled, but it’s there alright – “Good Evening! Gonna do an old one, it’s called Black Dog.”

Yes Jimmy, an oldie but goodie. Robert is outstanding on this one. All the old poses – my it’s loud. It’s obscene, it’s beautiful. But Jimmy too, more than I’ve seen, wants to share the spotlight. No longer content to confine himself to the left of Bonzo’s kit – no – he’s everywhere.

I’ve never seen him move so much. Playing up to the crowd, cringing, grinning – you know the stuff. I mean, we’ve already got one amazing front man, but this time around Jimmy is almost playing off him. The spectacle of the two is something else. Hey, John Paul Jones too, seems to be more upfront these days. No longer slipping into the shadows next to Bonzo. No, he’s more prominent, nearer the front of the stage, not moving too much of course, but jigging a merry dance up there with those amazing fluid bass runs that undercut Jimmy’s slippery guitar work.

“Since we came here last, many things have happened, one of the most important being the album called In Through The Out Door.”

In The Evening is played next, with exceptional intensity. The drama of the intro itself is masterful. Spotlight on Bonzo as he rolls on the tympani, Jimmy crouched over his blue Strat clawing at the tremolo arm to achieve that drone and Robert, arms upheld, slowly walking up to the microphone and holding the opening line for several bars until the moment all four crash down collectively on that cascading riff. Taken at a slightly slower tempo than last year’s gigs, it still rates as a classic in the Zep stakes and as a testament to the power of the new Zeppelin sound. Another magic moment is, of course, the point where the song slips into the slower passage, guided by Robert’s outstretched arm in the direction of John Paul Jones, who plays a beautiful keyboard passage (not featured on the studio version) over Jimmy’s jangling out-stretched tremolo chording.

“This is one from the Houses Of The Holy period” Robert tells the audience and a blue spotlight picks out Jimmy playing the opening chords to The Rain Song – a song that has some of Robert’s best lyrics (“you are the sunlight in my growing”) and also features some controlled tympani from Bonzo.

“That was a song about a love that went right, this is one about a love that went wrong.”

Cue for the hillbilly cat workout of Hot Dog for which Jimmy switches to red Telecaster. Funny old track this. As much as I find it undistinguished on record, on stage it always delights as a fun clapalong. It also gives Robert the opportunity to hoedown with some delightful foot stepping.

The next song is also from the last album. Unannounced, it still gets one of the best receptions of the night, the moment Jonesy plays the opening string symphony notes of All My Love. As on record, this is beautiful. Jimmy plays some memorable chords on the Telecaster and Robert’s singing is full of sincerity. When John Paul Jones gets the middle classical solo off to a tee, Robert looks over and gives him a knowing smile. It was just perfect, and the outro too, with Robert extending the “ I get a bit lonely, just a little bit, oh just a little bit lonely” lines to maximum effect.

“That song featured J.P. Jones on keyboards, so does this track, Trampled Underfoot.”

Complete with side stage revolving beacons, this remains a definitive high energy Zeppelin improvisation number. On that extended solo Jimmy seems to reap forth the most incredible guitar lines and Robert does a delightful two step strut across the stage shaking his head back and forth until he swings round and screams “Push!”, “Push”, “Push yeah.” Vibrant stuff indeed. (“Eye Thank Yew”).

They slow the pace with the next track, Since I’ve Been Loving You, where naturally Jimmy leads the way with some amazing smooth lead guitar. Robert’s vocals too, soar out this painful tale, holding and bending the notes in all the right places. John Paul Jones aids the mix on electric piano.   Towards the finish Robert really excels, “Ah I get down on my knees for you, fill my heart with pain, don’t make me lose, don’t make me lose…..” We got the booze, they got the blues remember?

From there it’s another high-spot. White light and smoke (one of the few effects employed) greet the intro of the epic Achilles Last Stand. Jimmy uses feedback to great effect, throwing his arm out in tune with the sound. Robert, meanwhile, is at his preening best unleashing the tale of where it all meets. “Where the mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth.” For the “Ah-ah ah ah” repeat refrain, Robert and Jimmy cluster together in classic rock ‘n’ roll pose, swinging their heads back and forth showering in each others sweat.

Raymondo brings on a chair for Jimmy’s White Summer/Black Mountain Side segment, where he sits down with the Dan Electro. He gets so carried away that at one point he even drops his pick. On cue, the last refrain of Black Mountain Side is the moment when the band collectively leap back into action via a couple of flash explosions stage front and we are into Kashmir.

This is glorious. Robert does some incredible spontaneous choreography with Jimmy who is crouched menacingly over the Dan Electro guitar. Towards the end Bonzo leads the way out with a series of unbelievable drum fills, each one just a little more frenzied that the last, beating up to an incredible climax.

Just about the only song that could follow that is our anthem. Unannounced the opening chords of Stairway to Heaven get the expected response. Robert’s phrasing is, as ever, spot on and the tempo of the song is just slightly more speeded up than usual. He sings “Do you remember laughter, laughter,” and takes up a classic tambourine pose for Jimmy to weave the way out with a soaring double neck solo.

“Goodnight – It’s nice to be back on the road again.”

With that they’re gone. Ten minutes later they’re back with a rousing encore. “Good Evening! Never fails does it?” smiles Robert, adding the statement – “So this is what it’s like to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band! Then Bonzo thrashes the intro of Rock And Roll, which has Robert doing his pogo bit, and Jimmy leaping around the stage firing the Gibson at the audience.

After that, there is more than enough response to require a second encore, which they get. A compact, no nonsense Communication Breakdown remains faithful to the version on the debut LP, clocking in at no more than three minutes of energetic action.

“Not bad for a bunch of dinosaurs!… Goodnight Cologne… ”

That’s Robert’s final statement. That’s the second night of the tour. That was hot.

So how do you sum that one up? Folks – I’d say Led Zeppelin have gone full circle. Tonight in every aspect of their performance it was almost a ‘back to the roots’ approach. From the use of an old Yardbirds number to open with, right through to the choice of a twelve year old cut that still sounds good, to close with. In between was what I would consider to be just about the best set I’ve ever witnessed Zeppelin play.

There was a definite lack of self indulgence. A lack of excessiveness too. Five years ago it was exciting and relevant to include marathon numbers, the bow episode, the lasers, the effects, etc, but really they took that trip as far as it could go. The pendulum has swing in the other direction now. The throwback of the compact set Zeppelin performed tonight still had enough spice and vitality to satisfy and I applaud their conviction to do it that way.

It’s also a much needed return to feeling audiences again. By reducing the scale of the whole operation, Zeppelin have once again regained contact with the people. With the stage only six feet away from the nearest punter, it was a true platform of communication.

Another point – Knebworth was a magic event last year, there is no doubting that, but the size, grandeur and emotional experience of them appearing on a stage again, maybe glossed over the true spirit of their musical presence a little. Judging by the smiles on the faces of Robert, Jimmy, Jonesy and Bonzo all through the Cologne gig, that spirit is well in evidence on this tour and that’s an important aspect. The fact that they’re really enjoying playing together again. I mean, I’ve never seen Robert sweat so much on stage! They really want to please and it’s a great feeling to witness that.

Led Zeppelin have impressed me in many different ways over the years. As musicians, as performers, as writers, as people. Tonight they impressed me as a working rock ‘n’ roll band – above everything. That’s important.

Tight but loose? – you ain’t joking… And this is only the second night of the tour…

Extract from the book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 by Dave Lewis.




Far left Jimmy ,Peter and Phil Carlo arriving at the Inter Continual Hotel Cologne June 18 1980 – me by the gig posters late afternoon June 18 -Robert checking his messages at the hotel – me just in front of John Bonham who is checking in.












To be continued…

My thoughts on The Rolling Stones new live album release…

When the Stones said yes to the El Mocambo club and Led Zep said no to The Marquee…

I’ve been listening to Rolling Stones live albums for over 50 years going right back to the seminal Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out. In my early years of buying bootleg LP’s age 16 to 18,I purchased many a live Stones set – Hyde Park ‘69, Burning at The Hollywood Palladium ‘72, All Meat Music Winter Tour 1973,Wembley ’73, The Stars In The Sky and Garden State ’78 among them.

In September 1977 I purchased the Love You Live double album on the day of release. Aside from live recordings from their 1975 and 1976 dates including If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud from the May 27 1975 Earls Court gig that I was lucky enough to be at, the big attraction of that particular live set was the side of four performances from the celebrated El Macombo club gigs in Toronto staged on March 4  and 5 1977.

These Toronto club appearances were set up to be recorded for a potential live album and it remained a bit of a mystery as to why only four tracks were officially released.

The recent arrival of the two CD set El Mocambo 1977 puts the record firmly straight. What we have here is the full March 5 performance plus three bonus tracks from the previous night’s show.

The circumstances leading up to these club gigs is well documented – not least via  Dave Sexton’s  insightful sleeve notes included in the CD booklet. Keith’s serious drug bust had put the whole future of the band in some doubt. They were under considerable pressure when they  to the stage in the confines of the tiny El Macombo Tavern club. That they were able to turn adversity into triumph says much about the collective musical alchemy of Mick, Keith, Bill, Charlie and Ronnie  plus Billy Preston on keyboards and Ollie Brown on percussion. Quick aside – Bill Wyman is notably absent for the pics of the gig in the accompanying booklet which is a shame.

It’s worth mentioning here I have a bit of stigma about Rolling Stones live albums. I happen to think they made their best live recordings when they were making that run of classic albums that began with Let It Bleed in 1969 and ran through the next decade with the release of Some Girls in 1978.

That for me was when they were really gelling on stage as a unit. As the stage presentation became more theatrical Jagger’s vocals suffered somewhat in my view –after all it’s not easy to maintain vocal clarity when riding an inflatable penis.

By 1981’s Still Life release my interest in live Stones albums was on the wane. In recent years Stones fans have been well served with live recordings notably in the From The Vaults series – and I did indulge in the Marquee 1971 set and the excellent Brussels Affair form 1973.

Of course, the live Stones show remains a fantastic spectacle and I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasions I’ve seen them perform live – the last of which was Twickenham in 2018.

Back in 1977 they were riding off the back of a two year period of touring –first in 1975 in the US then an extensive tour of Europe. The Black And Blue album had appeared in the spring of 1976 and eclectic affair which introduced Ronnie Wood on record notably on the excellent Hey Nagrita.

Ronnie was of course a perfect fit for the band. By the time they got to Toronto he was well bedded in. These El Macombo dates were the Stones first live outings since their Knebworth appearance the previous August. On that occasion they delved back into performing some long lost classics such as Little Red Rooster.

That sense of experimentation is all present and correct at the El Macombo  from the moment they kick in to a swaggering Honky Tonk Women and switch straight into a blistering All Down The Line. Jagger’s vocals are superb –clear and crafted with that captivating leer and Charlie is good tonight inneee but then again he was good every night.

Hand Of Fate is the first of the Black And Blue extracts and it’s evident they are enjoying airing this newer material Crazy Mama, Fool To Cry and Hot Stuff are played with similar aplomb. The Chuck Berry stomper Around And Around is a total joy as is the perennial Route 66. Cracking Up and Mannish Boy are all here as they were on the Love You Live album but now mixed in purer form sans overdubs.

Dace Little Sister always a fave of mine from the Its Only Rock’n’ Roll album is suitably down and dirty, Tumbling Dice as soulful as ever and that closing repeated refrain of ‘Got to roll it’  is a killer every time. The hits and highlights just keep on coming – Star Star, Lets Spend the Night Together, Little Red Rooster,It’s Only Rock’n’ Roll and then a home straight barrage of Rip This Joint,Brown Sugar and Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Phew that’s what I call prime time live Stones…

As a final bonus there’s three performances from the previous night’s gig and very interesting selections they are too. The smooth low key jazz work out Melody with Billy Preston, the reggae guitar strut of Luxury and Worried About You – a then work in progress slow burner that would eventually see the light of day on the 1981 Tattoo you set.


For me, these El Macombo recordings captured on this 2 CD set can take their place in the upper pantheon of Stones live albums. Right up close to the stage and full of vitality and spark, they are ample proof that away from the big venue spectacle, in 1977 The Rolling Stones were still a mighty force as a bar room club band, just as they had been back at the Crawdaddy in Richmond some 15 years previous….

One final footnote:  During this era, The Rolling Stones were not the only band considering a club gig. Around the time of the release of their Presence album in the spring of 1976 the mighty Led Zeppelin were rumoured to be considering performing a club gig or two in the UK. The previous December when they were in tax exile in Jersey, they had turned up unannounced at Behan’s west Nightclub to play a  rock’n’roll set with resident pianist Norman Hale.

In May 1976 it was heavily rumoured  Zep were booked for an appearance at London’s Marquee club. The date set was May 27. The advert in the Marquee’s weekly advert in the music press read as follows:

 Thurs May 27 Another marquee Mystery band! Seeing is believing. Please come early!

These rumours were further confounded by a news story that appeared in The Sun newspaper on the day of the supposed gig. Reporting on an inflight spat between Zep members and the actor Telly Savalas the story added ‘’The Zeppelin group are in London to make a promotional film and paly at the Marquee Club’’

This presented a major dilemma for me. Tension was mounting and the Pye Records representative who called on the WH Smith record department I worked at told me he had been invited to this secret Zep appearance.

As a mad keen Zep fan I of course wanted to be there…but there was one big problem -I already had tickets that night to see The Rolling Stones at Earls Court.

I had secured these for myself and then girlfriend by being lucky enough to get in quick when the dates were announced. My hands were tied really and I had to hope that this was a rumour and nothing else. I did make a phone call to their Swan Song office who denied the gig was happening.  So the Stones won our affection that night and I am very glad it did.

As it turned out Zep did not play the Marquee but there was a  connection as the so called ‘’mystery band’’ were Swan Song records label mates The Pretty Things playing a showcase gig. The in attendant John Paul Jones did indeed jam with them on the encore. The fact that Atlantic supremo Ahmet Ertegun was in attendance maybe hinted that something bigger might have been planned. Unsurprisingly the rumour did prompt a hundred or so fans turning up hoping for a sighting of the band.

Had they have relented, playing a club gig or two I am sure would benefitted Led Zeppelin in much the way it did The Rolling Stones who as can now be heard, underwent something of a rejuvenation by playing that club venue in Toronto.

Ultimately there was to be no Marquee 1976 release for Zep fans but 47 years on there is El Macombo 1977 – and if you are a Stones fan, I would recommend you invest in this essential live album at the earliest opportunity.

Dave Lewis – June 6 2022

Zep related gits and T shirts:

I recently heard from Simon of the Gifticuffs outlet.

He produces various Zep related gifts and T shirts – the full catalogue can be seen at

New record shops in Bedford:

Two new retail shops selling a variety of LPs, singles CDs, DVDs, books, memorabilia and musical instruments have just opened in Bedford

The Sound Garage is situated in the St Cuthbert’s Arcade – it has a variety of LPs,7 inch Singles,12 inch singles, CDs, DVDs, music related books, memorabilia ,instruments and more



Thirsty Records is at 75 Harpur Street on the right hand side of the far end and has LPs, 7 inch singles, 12 inch singles, CDs, music related  books, cassettes, 8 track cartridges plus coffee and cake refreshments

Both are well worth checking out and I wish them every success…

DL Diary Blog Update:

Friday June 10:

Some newly acquired record bags via my very good friend and record collecting comrade John Parkin …
Wall of Sound in Leeds, Back To Mono in Lincoln, Bug Vinyl in Beverly , Discovery Records in Accrington and Sifters Records in Manchester –the latter is mentioned in the lyrics of the Oasis song Shakermaker (‘’Mister Sifter sold me songs’’).
The Bowie 75 bag is one I got from the Bowie shop in Heddon Street in London – you gotta love record bags…




Saturday June 11:

Saturday is platterday – after watching the excellent Roberta Flack documentary on BBC 4 last night – on the player here this morning the superb First Take album…

Saturday June 11:

Saturday is platterday – The Faces A Nod’s as Good as a Wink album sounding mighty fine

Sunday June 12:

It’s a Happy Birthday to the great Roy Harper…
I was lucky enough to meet Roy at the Classic Rock Awards in 2011 and interview him for the TBL mag – what an inspiring moment that was…





Sunday June 12:

Sunday treats at the Bedford Flea Market…
At the Bedford Flea Market today I was well pleased to find a copy of The Who’s Who’s Next album..
This copy the reissue via Universal – the big attraction being the inner sleeve which is a reproduction of the generic Head Hunters Get a Head inner sleeve advertising a host of albums on Polydor related labels of which they were the distributors up to the end of 1971.
This included Track Records Who releases and significantly Atlantic Records – thus this inner sleeve is a composite of images from Polydor distributed releases of the time – including the images of the four members of Led Zeppelin depicted on the back cover of Led Zeppelin III…
LP record collecting – it’s all in the detail – oh and £8? I’ll take it…



Tuesday June 14:

Remembering the late great Julie Felix on the occasion of her Birthday today.
I was lucky enough to see her perform in concert notably at a gig with John Paul Jones at Borders books shop in 1999 – the pic here is at the aftershow signing with JPJ holding up a copy of TBL issue 14.
I also interviewed her a couple of times for the TBL mag –the other pic is at the Icons of the Hall event at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2017 with us recalling that Borders gig – such a lovely talented much missed lady…


Tuesday June 14:

DL recent Vinyl Record LP acquisition – got this beauty from the always excellent Slide Record Shop in Bedford …
The Two Sides of John Leyton – the 1961 album from the’’ Johnny Remember Me’’ hit maker – lovely inner sleeve and His Masters Voice label plus sleeve notes from Robert Stigwood who would go on to manage Cream and The Bee Gees and the recording is a Joe Meek production. It’s in excellent condition – all in all a very nice early 60s LP record timepiece…


Wednesday June 15:

It’s a Happy Birthday to our very good friend Mr Gary Davies – long-time Led Zep fan and TBL contributor, co organiser with Graeme Hutchinson of the Zeppelin Express UK Led Zeppelin Convention in 2005, expert on the video and cine film footage side of Zep, compiler of the Led Zeppelin Digital Audio Media Online Archive and all round top man…
Happy 60th Birthday from Janet and I Gary – have a great day!

Thursday June 16:

It was 50 years ago today…
The iconic David Bowie album Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars was released on this day Friday June 16 1972 – I remember the window display appearing in the local Harlequin Record shop. I had just started work at British Home Stores and my £11.50 did not stretch to buying two albums a week – checking my 1972 diary I see I had purchased Frank Zappa/ Mothers Live at the Fillmore East the day before for £2.15. I did get it later that year.
It’s a shame the only 50th anniversary release is a picture disc as there is big scope for an official box set – however this excellent three CD and 1 DVD bootleg set The Alternative Ziggy Stardust does the job nicely with an alternate album line up, a CD of alternate mixes and isolated tracks ,a CD of live Ziggy versions plus a DVD of the 2012 Story Of Ziggy Stardust BBC 2 documentary – you can of course never get too much Ziggy Stardust and 50 years on it all sounds just as amazing as it did all of 50 years ago.
As the RCA advertising slogan once put it – ‘’There’s new wave and old wave – and there’s David Bowie’’ – he remains for me the single most important solo artist of all time…

Update here:

There’s been some more work on the DL memoirs project this week and to that end I met with my cousin on Wednesday to fill in some early years gaps. Elsewhere, we have been enjoying the sunny weather and Janet attended her first post op physio session which went well.

There will be plenty of Paul McCartney on the player this weekend as Saturday marks his 80th birthday  – as can be seen in the pic below there’s a few to choose from in the DL collection. For my Macca playlist I’ve lined up some of my McCartney fave albums as follows:

Ram (1971)

Band On The Run (1973)

London Town (1978)

Venus And Mars (1985)

McCartney (1970)

Revolver (1966)

Beatles White Album (1968)

McCartney III (2020)

Wings  Over America (1976)

Wings At The Speed Of Sound (1976)

Red Rose Speedway (1973)

The Art Of McCartney – Various Artists

Thanks for listening – stay safe and well you very lovely people…

Dave  Lewis – June 17 2022

Until next time…

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  • Bob Flux said:

    Norman Hale! Yes! Oh me, I wonder what has happened to him. If only he could get together for a collaboration with Jimmy Page. Wow, the mind boggles. What a wonderful return that would be to the glory days of the legendary “Jersey Jam”! We can but wish…

  • Raymond Mitchell said:

    Hi Dave,

    Besides the 50th Anniversary Ziggy Stardust Picture Disc. There is a new Vinyl Half Speed mastered release. I got my copy on Friday, played it a few time over the weekend and it is excellent


    Amazon link below

  • Steve Hall said:

    Hi, Dave,

    I got the Bonham-Bullick album on the day it came out and it is an excellent addition to her collection. I must be a bit of a nerd, ‘cos I’ve get every album, plus the DVD from Malta and a handful of bootlegs – must be the Zepp connection, because I don’t think I’ve got everything by any other artist apart from Zeppelin!!

    I might take a listen to the new Stones album on the strength of your review – I’ve never been a massive fan, but the playlist on it contains some of my favourite tracks of theirs.

    Glad to hear Janet is still moving forward, mate. Your posts about her are much more positive these days, so I’m guessing things are much better than they were a few months ago.

    Take care, both of you!



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