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James ;Bucks’ Burnett R.I.P…

I am so very sad to hear the news of the sudden passing of James ‘Bucks’ Burnett aged 64…
A wonderfully eccentric larger than life character – a man of great standing in the Zep and Who communities and so much more
I’ve been in touch with Bucks for many a year – I met him when he came over the Led Zeppelin 02 reunion show 2007. On that occasion he wore a stunning suit adorned with Houses Of The Holy album over images.
There was just so much to love and admire about Bucks – his deep interest in Tiny Tim way back, his affinity for the Stereo Eight Track cartridge format – he had hundreds, his amazing 14 record shop, his associations with both Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend of which he was rightly proud and his memorabilia collection.
Like all great collectors, Bucks collected memories with everything he acquired. This was clearly mirrored in a fabulous feature he wrote for the TBL magazine issue 39 in 2015. He relayed the story of how he came to own an original complete counter stand for the Physical Graffiti album.
Bucks was also a massive support to me – forever sending quirky emails and info –sharing in this deep love and passions for all aspects of collecting music. Be it the latest news from the Pete Townshend camp or a new Zep pressing or memorabilia item – it maybe not widely known but he did tell me the last Who album plainly titled ‘Who’ came from a suggestion he made to Pete.
Above pics – Bucks with the TBL crew of Greg Purling, Richard Grubb and myself before the John Paul jones /ThurstonMoore gig at the 100 Club March 30 2019.
It was always such a joy to share in his world. He was a true kindred spirit to me. We last met when he came over for the John Paul Jones & Thurston Moore gig at the 100 Club in March 2019 – and what a great night we shared.
The last email I received from Bucks came on September 9. He had seen my posting of the rare Physical Graffiti pressing I had acquired with the gatefold sleeve – here’s what he wrote regarding a Led Zep I pressing he had found:
Hi Dave,
Loved your obscure Graffiti pressing news the other day
What a cool gatefold!
I scored this yesterday for $1. I believe it to be Korean.
Love the different back cover!
The LP is extremely warped and covered with a strange sticky substance I can’t identify. Who cares it’s still cool!
Zep On,
How I will so miss those inspiring exchanges which always brightened up the day…
Bucks Burnett brightened up many a day for many people…
My thoughts and condolences go out to Barley and all family and friends
He will be so sorely missed – but for all who knew him his memory will be forever in the light..
R.I.P. Bucks you amazing man…
Dave Lewis – October 10, 2023
More on Buck’s passing here:
Facebook tribute page here:


Mr. Jimmy Film UK Premiere Screenings – TBL Meet… 
Following the screening of the Mr. Jimmy film at Olympic Studios on Wednesday October 18, I’ll be conducting a Q and A with the director of the film Peter Michael Dowd about the making of the film – I look forward to seeing all that can make it along…

The acclaimed Mr. Jimmy film has two UK premiere screenings lined up at the Olympic Studios London Cinema as follows…

Saturday October 14 at 4pm

Wednesday October 18 at 8pm

I am aiming to be at both showings – the TBL crew will be meeting up in the nearby Red Lion pub beforehand and will also be checking out the nearby Olympic Studios Records record shop (of course!)

Look forward to seeing all that can make it along.

Here’s the pub link:

Here’s the film info…

Akio Sakurai has dedicated his life to honoring Jimmy Page. For 30 years he recreated vintage Zeppelin concerts note-for-note in small Tokyo clubs. Moving to L.A. to pursue his tribute dream, cultures clash and Akio’s idyllic vision meets reality.

Starring: Akio Sakurai, Rie Nakahara, Toshio Suzuki, Kiyomi Osawa, Junko Sakurai, Shinji Kishimoto

Director: Peter Michael Dowd

Writer: Peter Michael Dowd

Running Time: 117 minutes

Ticket ordering link here:


TBL Archive:

On the 53rd anniversary of Led Zeppelin III here’s my thoughts on the original album and the 2014 reissue:

Led Zeppelin III: Solid gas then… Solid gold now…


Led Zeppelin III was my first experience of the anticipation and waiting that would often be required leading up to the release of a new Zep album.


The waiting began in early 1970 and would last a period of ten months.

This anticipation was played out via the pages of the NME music paper as that was my prime source of Zep info. We had the NME delivered to our house and each week I would devour it religiously to seek out any info out on the band. I also looked in the newsagents to keep up with the other weekly music papers namely Melody Maker, Disc and Music Echo and Record Mirror. If there was a good story in any of those, again I’d snap that up.

As 1970 unfolded there was a fair bit of activity to track with reports of the Royal Albert Hall show, that Goldrush Record Mirror colour cover as they flew out to the US, the early reports of them turning down TV offers and then accepting the opportunity to top the Bath Festival, the subsequent Bath Festival rave reviews and then the news stories building up to the release of the third album.

All of this was against a backdrop of many other events that year that had a huge impression on this particular then 13 year old – on March 21st I attended one of my first ever big league football match watching Chelsea beat Man Utd 2-1, there was the breakup of The Beatles, the World Cup in Mexico which saw England lose to West Germany and the magnificent Brazil side triumph, nearer to home Deep Purple and Chicken Shack topped a one day festival at Bedford Town football club ground – I had to be content with hearing it from my bedroom as back then the 25 shilling asking price was way out of my league.

Then there was the voting in of the Edward Heath’s Conservative government – on that Election day (June 18th) I went to see The Beatles Let It Be film.In the autumn the deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin occurred within weeks of each other and the Sounds music paper was launched (I still have the first issues). Just before the release of Zep III, I watched with some awe Ernie Hunt’s donkey kick free kick goal for Coventry v Everton on Match of The day (you tube it – its amazing!).

All of these events added to a very memorable year and acted as a rites of passage to my maturing as a teenager – oh and I also began developing an interest in the female form – the singer Julie Driscoll ( who had a big hit with Wheels On Fire) being an early pin up fave.

Back to the initiation of this third Zep album. It was down to Radio One DJ Alan Freeman to supply the initial thrills – on two Sunday afternoons in late September during his Pick of The Pops top 40 chart run down, he aired previews from Zep III namely Immigrant Song and Out On the Tiles. I taped these on my reel to reel tape recorder, so even before the album was issued in the UK I had some fresh Led Zeppelin music to play… And boy did I love that album – oh did I ever.

Finally in early October came the day when I clapped eyes on the incredible sleeve. I can still quite verbatim from the NME review of the album by Nick Logan which stated in the headline ‘’Zeppelin Solid Gas, Solid Gold.’’

Suffice to say, Led Zeppelin III was top of my playlist for the next six months – along with the subsequent Zep 1 and II acquisitions – eventually they were slightly edged out by my reel to reel recording of the BBC In Concert broadest of April 1971.

There is one other anecdote surrounding the arrival of Led Zep III –I distinctly remember being amongst some friends attending a Luton Town match in the autumn of 1970 – when we were discussing our favourite music outside the ground before the match, I enthusiastically talked up the new Zep album only for an acquaintance amongst us to retort ‘’Led Zeppelin? They’re a bit pathetic aren’t they?’’


I was quite stunned by this as it was the first time I’d had experience of the musical snobbery that surrounded my affection for liking rock music. It was not to be the last as the Slade/T. Rex v Zep wars raged on into 1972 and beyond.

Oh and back in 1970 through 1971 there was another challenge. In November 1970 I saw a review of US singles in Record Mirror that revealed that the B side of the US single of Immigrant Song had a track titled Hey Hey What Can I Do as it’s B side. A non-album B side at that – so began the quest to acquire that particular single. I eventually sourced it from the guy who sold me the Whole Lotta Love single for another £1.25 new pence. It arrived in the spring of 1972, ironically just as Hey Hey What Can I Do was issued as a track on the New Age Of Atlantic compilation.

So the fact is, I have massive affinity for the time that Led Zeppelin III arrived in my life.

Along with Physical Graffiti and Presence, it’s my favourite and most played Zep album. I’ve also enjoyed some very memorable live renditions by the principal players of the songs from Led Zeppelin III – that fist blast in my schoolboy ears of Immigrant Song at the Electric Magic Wembley show in 1971, Celebration Day at Knebworth in ‘79 and Robert Plant with Strange Sensation at Hammersmith Odeon 2002 , Gallows Pole, Friends and That’s The Way at the Page & Plant Unledded filming in 1994, a killer P & P delivery of Since I’ve Been Loving You at Sheffield Arena in 1995, Tangerine (‘’This is for our families and friends..’’) and Bron Yr Aur Stomp at Earls Court.

I also love the live renditions of Zep III numbers (Immigrant Song,Out On the Tiles,Since I’ve Been Loving You, That’s The Way,) to be heard on the Live On Blueberry Hill and Going To California TMQ label bootleg albums.

As for the collecting of Led Zeppelin III, I have a fair few pressings including the UK original plum and orange Polydor pressing , a Spanish pressing with the titles on the back and a recently acquired New Zealand pressing which omits the wheel and just has blank spaces on the sleeve. I also have a bootleg pressing said to be a mono mix put out in Uruguay.

Over the years I’ve written extensively about the album, notably for a feature in TBL issue 10 and a major Record Collector piece that appeared in the Christmas edition of 2010 marking the album’s 40th anniversary.

Put simply, Led Zeppelin III is an integral part of my Zep DNA.


So to the newly remastered edition via the super deluxe box set. A very faithful reproduction of the cover and then to the vinyl…as with Zep 1 and 2 the quality is just exceptional – far sprightlier than previous versions.

And it’s the finer detail that really delights : John Paul Jones’ bass runs all through Immigrant Song , the clarity of Robert’s opening vocal on Celebration Day, the crispness of John Bonham’s drumming on Since I’ve Been Living You, the ‘’Keep a coolin’ ‘’ line thrown in at the end of Gallows Pole, the rush of acoustic guitar beauty on the opening of That’s the Way, the maracas on Bbron yr Aur Stomp.. All these unique nuances are heard to greater effect that ever before.

Creatively, well we all know it was a watershed album as they emphatically demonstrated that Led Zeppelin was not going to be just about plugging into Marshall and Orange amplifiers. There is a depth and subtly in these performances that is forever awe inspiring.

As for the companion disc well this is a joy from start to finish –there’s so many enlightening moments – the vocal tracking on the line ‘’In spite of all your losing’’ on The Immigrant Song, the hypnotic quality of the instrumental Friends, the looseness of the Celebration Day mix, the Bonham drum assault in Bathroom Sound which is a masterclass of percussive brilliance. The incredible group synergy revealed by the early take of Gallows Pole, the lushness of the dulcimer led That’s The Way, the delightful early attempt at the Page guitar army approach on Jennings Farm Blues backed by some class Bonzo drumming. The sheer pure bluesness of the Key To the Highway/Trouble In Mind performance.

Best of all and worth the price of admission alone, is the take of Since I’ve Been Loving – a quite brilliant snapshot of the sheer creativity of Led Zeppelin that summer of 1970. Again it’s the group synergy at its best. Robert offers up an astounding vocal performance, Jimmy is out of this world and John and JPJ carry it all with effortless aplomb.

To paraphrase my own words in TBL 27: Folks, this version of is what the phrase ‘tight but loose’ was invented for as this take of Since I’ve Been Loving You is fucking incredible. And I use the adjective quite purposely and forcefully. Absolutely fucking incredible.

Led Zeppelin III summary:

This is my favourite album of the first three reissues – it holds so many memories from an enlightening period for me as a teenage Zep fan but at the same time, it sounds so contemporary and fresh. It’s just brimming with creativity and set the seal on the path ahead. Falling in love with it all over again this past month has been an absolute joy.

DL – July 2nd, 2014


LedZep News

Here’s the latest Led ZepNews Update:

Robert Plant to perform at private UK charity show on October 21

Robert Plant will perform at a charity event in aid of Cancer Platform at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire on October 21. Other performers at the event will include Duran Duran member Andy Taylor and Wham! member Andrew Ridgeley.

Upcoming events:

·     2023 – The second Band Of Joy album titled “Band Of Joy Volume 2” will be released and an expanded edition of the Honeydrippers album “The Honeydrippers: Volume One” will be released.

·     October 21 – Robert Plant will perform at a charity event in Oxfordshire, UK.

·     October 27 – Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will be reissued on clear vinyl

·     November 1 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Brighton, UK.

·     November 2 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Guildford, UK.

·     November 4 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Bert Jansch 80th birthday tribute concert in London, UK.

·     November 5 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Birmingham, UK.

·     November 7 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bournemouth, UK.

·     November 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Cardiff, UK.

·     November 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Salford, UK.

·     November 13 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Oxford, UK.

·     November 16 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Basingstoke, UK.

·     November 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Cambridge, UK.

·     November 19 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Grimsby, UK.

·     November 20 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Gateshead, UK.

·     November 22 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bradford, UK.

·     November 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

·     November 25 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Wolverhampton, UK.

·     2024 – Robert Plant will tour with Alison Krauss.


Many thanks to James Cook 

The complete Led ZepNews email goes out periodically. To receive it sign up here:

Led ZepNews Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at

TBL Archive – Jimmy Page October 2014…
Nine years ago it was an amazing time for Jimmy Page activity as can be seen below – what a time it was and what fun we had….

guard 8

The Guardian Live presents:

 A Life In Music – jimmy Page

Cadogan Hall London – October 15th, 2014.

When I interviewed Jimmy Page recently he was keen to point out that the reissue programme was for the fans – as he explained ‘’its about the people who have listened, not just heard, but listened to Led Zeppelin’’

That thought process has also been applied to the compiling of his book Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page. This is a volume that will thrill countless fans across the globe In the confines of the very plush Cadogan Hall on Wednesday, it was a joy to be amongst such fans at the question and answer event staged by the Guardian Live in conjunction with Genesis Publications.

Jimmy took to the stage to extended rapturous applause. This set the tone for the whole evening, warm and lucid and often humorous – this was a relaxed and informal conversation with the easy style of Guardian music editor Michael Hann allowing Jimmy to speak eloquently and informatively throughout.

The format was simple – over a series of power point images on a large screen backdrop Michael prompted questions linked to the varying images. This allowed for a complete summary of his 50 plus career.

Jimmy of course has become very seasoned in taking the conversation where he wants to lead it during interviews, while there was never going to be any scurrilous revelations (who needs ‘em anyway) – the free flowing style lent itself to the warm atmosphere within the hall.

Guard 7

Talking about his early years, he noted how the photo of him on dropped knees performing with Neil Christian and the Crusaders was akin to later images on the 77 Zep tour. His affinity with Jackie De Shannon during his session years and with Jeff Beck in The Yardbirds was a reminder how he has constantly surrounded himself with key players. None more so than Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham – it was interesting to hear him state how he had the clear blueprint for what he wanted to achieve with the group from the off. There was a touching reference of how important Peter Grant had been in the scheme of things and then on into the post Zep years. The shortcomings of the Live Aid reunion was duly dealt with (‘’it was appalling’’) and there was a humorous moment when he explained the meet with Robert in Boston in late 1993 that sparked their Unledded collaboration ‘’they had four guitarists and I thought I can do that with one guitar!). Jason Bonham’s role in the Outrider era and the later 02 reunion was also acknowledged, as was his enjoyment of linking up with the Black Crowes.

The questions from the floor formed an intelligent mix – it was good to hear Andy Adams question on Jimmy’s ideal amp set up relayed. Jimmy talked with enthusiasm about the various mash-up versions of Whole Lotta Love. Michael also highlighted Jimmy’s key role as a producer. (‘’the sonic perspectives’’). Jimmy informed Michael that he had no intention of revealing the meaning of Zoso with a curt tongue in cheek ‘’No!’’.

‘’Ladies and gentlemen the great Jimmy Page’’


Guard 3

Jimmy left the stage to more rapturous applause. The warm afterglow throughout the audience was tangible. This one was for the fans – a unique opportunity to hear the story of the book Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page as told by Jimmy Page…it was an absolute privilege to be in attendance.


In addition to all that, this event was the calling card for the best UK fan gathering in years – with fans travelling in from far and wide…proof again that as well as being the best band, Led Zeppelin also have the best fans. That was clearly apparent on the night in every way – making for a fantastic atmosphere both in the hall and pub afterwards… thanks to everyone who took time to say hi – for me personally it was a real TBL comes alive occasion and hugely inspiring.

In short – what a night…what a man…

Dave Lewis – October 17th, 2014. (pics by DL, Richard Grubb top and Andreas Stocker left)


Jimmy Page Event:

guard 10


Very good measured piece here on the Jimmy Page event by ex Melody Maker scribe and Omnibus editor in chief Chris Charlesworth who I have had the pleasure of working on a fair few projects with over the years

…………pic by jeremy Attwood


As mentioned above, Wednesday’s A Life In Music Jimmy Page event prompted the best UK gathering of Zep fans for many a year. The atmosphere in the hall and in the pub afterwards was just incredible.

I’ve mentioned before how working from home for me can be an isolating existence. It was therefore an absolute tonic to be amongst like-minded fans young and older during the evening. This is what the Tight But Loose remit has always been about – linking like-minded enthusiasts by way of the written and tangible word via the magazine, books and meets. On Wednesday, I talked long into the night to various lovely people about this thing we know is not just a band and of course the toast was Jimmy Page …the man who made it all happen and continues to enthral – as he did earlier that evening.

guard mark

At the risk of missing off some names who said hi (apologies if I’ve missed you out!) it was great to see and speak to Paul Harper, Juliann Walker, Byron Lewis, Tom Cory, Richard Grubb, Andy Adams, Simon Pallet, Eddie Edwards, Dave Fox, Dave Linwood (the class of ’92 and 94!) , Andreas Stocker, Peter Chow, Kam Assi, Mick Bulow, Mike Lewis, Jonathan Taylor, Mark Harrison (pictured with me left), Cliff (the ticket man) Hilliard ,Michael Finegan, Anne Marsden, Jeremy Attwood,Catherine, Freda Hyatt, Annie, Robin Wealleans, Mark Winslade, John Gunne, Lee Simpson, the Italian contingent and Dimitrise Kazantzis from Athens and the TBL crew of course Gary, Tom and Dec.

It was also great to catch up with BBC producer Amanda Bruckshaw (who made the Jimmy talks about Stairway film) and Catherine Roylance and Bruce from Genesis Publications.

Another life affirming experience.

In London on Wednesday there was heart-warming tangible proof of the groundswell of goodwill towards what I and the TBL crew attempt to achieve in assisting the enjoyment of being a Led Zeppelin fan.

Thanks again to all who made it such a wonderful night.

DL – Oct 17th, 2014.  

Jimmy Page in Japan: 

Here’s an on the spot report from Jimmy’s Tokyo promotional appearances via TBL Japanese correspondent Takemi:

I was lucky enough to be able to attend three of Jimmy Page events held in Tokyo: the “meet & greet” event held on 9 October at Kinokuniya Book Store in Shinjuku (for the 200 limited buyers of his photo book that were able to get tickets for the event on a “first come, first served” basis), and the afternoon session (for the press) and the evening session (for the 200 members of the general public selected by Warner Japan) of “Led Zeppelin Listening Party ” held at the EX Theatre in Roppongi on 10 October.

At the “meet & greet” event, each of the 200 buyers of his photo book, including myself, was given a chance to say hello to Jimmy and shake hands with him for about 30 seconds. The event which started at 18:30 continued slightly more than for two hours.

First, a short video promoting the photo book and including a recent interview with Jimmy, was shown on the screen. Then, Jimmy showed up with a guy of Genesis Publication and a Japanese female interpreter.   The Genesis guy made a brief speech celebrating the publication of the photo book, and then Jimmy also made a brief statement, thanking the publisher for having closely worked with him to create the photo book.   Then, the “meet & greet” sessions started.

Since my ticket number was close to #200, I had to wait for nearly two hours, watching other buyers personally meet and greet with him.   However, I was not bored at all but was rather spending the waiting time in an enjoyable manner, especially because Jimmy kindly allowed us to take photos of him from our seats throughout the first one hour.   He was surprisingly generous at the event.


At last, my turn came to personally meet and greet with him. My heart was beating!  My conversations with him were as follows:

Takemi (T): Hello, Jimmy! Welcome back to Tokyo!  [Firmly shaking hands with him.]   I met you before.

Jimmy (J): Yeah, I KNOW YOU.

T: This is the photo I took with you then.

J: Yeah, I look a bit younger.

T: Yes, a little bit. It was several years ago…  I have brought a small present for you.  This is a (large-size) photo I took at O2.  My best shot!

J: Oh, thank you. [Carefully affixing the original “Zoso” symbol mark stamp to the photo book to be given to me.]

T: [Showing the back of the photo,] Here’s my message for you: “I have been loving you for 40 years!”  And here’s my name, too.

J: Okay. [Still working to affix the stamp to the photo book.]

T: You are the most beautiful guitarist in the world and my ultimate idol.

J: Okay, thank you so much.

T: I’m pleased to see you again. Thank YOU!

I was deeply impressed by the fact that Jimmy remembered my face! It showed that he truly has a great ability to memorize things. Despite his hard schedules preceding for that day, he continued to be friendly and smiley throughout the event.  I am sure that all the lucky attendees, including myself, spent one of the best days of their lives (and, certainly, mine)!

On the following day, Warner Japan held the “Led Zeppelin Listening Party” promoting the release of the remastered IV and V.

In the afternoon session held for the press, I took a seat in the middle of the front row. Introduced by a Japanese TV talent, Chris Peppler, Jimmy came up on stage briefly before the promotional presentation started.  Then, a sampler from the two companion discs was played loudly from the speakers for about 30 minutes while a visual slide presentation was shown on a large screen put up on stage.  I was especially impressed by the intro version of “The Song Remains The Same,” which included Jimmy’s guitar solos different from those in the final studio version.

Then, Jimmy showed up on stage again with Chris and a Japanese female interpreter. Thanks to the great seating, I was able to take a great number of close-up shots of Jimmy while he talked about the remastered versions, followed by a Q&A session with members of the audience.   It was a marvelous time for me, which continued about half an hour.

In the evening session held for the general public, Jimmy did not come up before the promotional presentation started. Only after the presentation finished, being introduced by Chris Peppler again, Jimmy first showed up by himself. He then allowed us to take photos of him with our smart phones, et al.  It was just for a few minutes this time. However, the attendees still got excited and pleased since they did not expect that they would be able to take any photos.  All of us invitees were required by the event organizer to put our smart phones and any other recording devices in an envelope kept by them, numbered for each of us, when we checked in at the venue.  Those devices were returned to us immediately before Jimmy showed up.  Accordingly, the purpose of the requirement turned out to strictly prohibit any recording of the promotional presentation.

Then, the same Japanese female interpreter appeared and a talk show started. This time, Jimmy did not take any question from the floor but rather answered several questions selected in advance out of those posed by the attending audience when they applied for the entry to the event.  Most interestingly,  Jimmy expressly declared that some time next year, he would return to Japan to play live with his new band!  I very much hope that he will be able to keep his words.

Many thanks Takemi for that report and photo (DL)


My thoughts on the Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page book…

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page: 50 years of visual magnificence…

It commences with a photo of the young Jimmy Page as a choir boy with the caption ‘’It might get loud’’ and ends some 500 pages and 50 years later with a shot of the elder wistful guitarist with the caption ‘’It might get louder…’’

In between there’s what can only be described as a simply remarkable pictorial autobiography or as Jimmy modestly puts it ‘’A visual documentary to reflect my contribution to music’’. And what a contribution it has been. The book successfully chronicles every step of Jimmy’s remarkable journey with artful intelligence throughout..

Previously available as a super deluxe high value edition that sold out on pre orders alone, Genesis Publications have now published a much welcomed considerably less budget breaking ‘Open Edition’. Back in 2010, the intensely private Page opened his own archives and with help from consultant editor renowned rock photographer Ross Halfin, searched out countless images, many of them unseen and then oversaw the development process of the book from beginning to end.

Rather than go down the rock star autobiography route of Ronnie Wood, Clapton and Keith Richard , Jimmy has let the photos do the talking. It’s a wise move as thereis little to add to the already overwrought sex drugs and groupies tales that have graced a fair few unauthorized Zep books.

The early pre Zep years yield some astonishing period photos from his early days beginning with Red E Lewis & The Redcaps. As Jimmy explains early on in the book, when the Page family moved to Epsom in Surrey a guitar had been left in the house by a previous owner. ‘’One day a guy at school called Rod Wyatt was playing and singing a Lonnie Donegan song. ‘’I have a guitar at home’’ I told him and he said ‘’Well bring it to school and Ill show you how to tune it and play a few chords’’

Genesis second book

The adventure had begun. Jimmy began playing in local bands such as The Paramounts. It was while supporting Red E Lewis and The Redcaps in Epsom that Jimmy was spotted by their manager Chris Tidmarsh. Fronted by Billy Stubbs who called himself Red E. Lewis, they were a semi professional rock’n’roll outfit from North London. Tidmarsh asked Jimmy to join the band when their guitarist Johnny Oates quit. He had to get the permission of Page’s parents as he was still at school and initially could only work with the band at weekends. Later Tidmarsh decided to try his hand at singing and changed his name to Neil Christian and Jimmy would go on to join his back band The Crusaders.

Alongside his spell with Neil Christian & the Crusaders, Jimmy also did some work backing beat poet Royston Ellis. He also enrolled at Sutton art collage but kept up his guitar interest jamming in the London area clubs. While jamming at London’s Marquee club Page and invited to play on sessions. One of the first records he contributed to was Diamonds by Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. Coincidentally their backing band featured John Baldwin, a young bassist who Page would become more associated with when he changed his name to John Paul Jones. Very quickly Page established a reputation as one of the most sought after session guitarists and he appeared on countless records of the era. The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Lulu, Donovan, Petula Clark, Kathy Kirby, Dusty Springfield, Joe Cocker, Dave Berry, The pretty Things, Them Tom Jones, Everly Brothers, Al Stewart, and David Bowie being just a handful of his many clients.

There are some remarkable photos in the book from that period including Jimmy using the violin bow on a 1966 session working with Brian Jones on the A Degree of Murder soundtrack, and playing the Danelectro guitar on a Decca session for arranger Mike Leander. Eventually he found the session scene stifling and in June 1966 Page joined The Yardbirds, initially replacing Paul Samwell Smith on bass. There was a short lived spell as dual guitarist with Jeff Beck but after Beck quit, Page became the driving force of the band. Though The Yardbirds hits dried up, as a live act they broke onto the US psychedelic scene that would later embrace Zeppelin.

This era is documented by amongst others some striking colour shots from an August 1966 appearance in Santa Barbara, rare photos with Jeff Beck and Any Warhol and an impressive backstage and rehearsal sequence from their last TV appearance in Paris.

From then of course, it’s full on Led Zeppelin. The 289 pages devoted to a band that as he comments was ‘’A mix of acoustic, electric, rock, blues, avant-garde and experimental music performed with vision, improvisation, attitude and a bullet proof blueprint’’ has all bases covered. Highlights and there are just so many, include the historic Jorgen Angel black and white images of their first gig together in Denmark and some rare images from their initial Marquee club appearances taken in December 1968.

The entire 1969 coverage is just plain awe inspiring. From early dates at the Fillmore East and West and Three Images club Miami, Olympic Studio shots recording Led Zeppelin II , Newport Jazz Festival and Amsterdam Concertgebouw appearances through to superb photos of their Carnegie hall shows, this is a true visual record of a band conquering every audience they encountered – as it happened.

Then it’s on to the glory years: Colour fish eye lens photos from the Bron-Yr -Aur cottage, quite stunning behind the band shots of them on stage at Bath, plenty of shots from the Back to the clubs ’71 tour and the nights of Electric Magic, Eddie Kramer’s out in the garden Headley Grange shoot, and then the audiences get bigger. Kooyong Staduim Melbourne, Kezar Stadium San Francisco etc, guesting with Bad Company in 1974. Then we are into the madness and mania of being the biggest band on the planet. The 1975 US tour, bigger stages and bigger light shows, plenty of Earls Court images and then 1977 with Page at his most enigmatic -there’s a lovely shot of Page with Bonzo who has picked up Jonesy’s Alembic bass on stage at the Silverdome Pontiac. Finally to the last hurrah of Knebworth 1979 and Over Europe 1980 – it’s all here.

From this latter era a fair proportion of photos have appeared elsewhere though generally not in this quality or size. However Page has searched out plenty of rarely or previously unseen material –including a remarkable shot from1975 that will stop readers in their tracks. (Clue: It’s a group shot taken in the fall)

Beyond Zeppelin, the book does an admirable job in bringing some pictorial cohesion to the twists and turns Jimmy experienced in trying to carve a life after Zep. There are some great shots from the Arms tour (including one literally on the plane in LA), a lovely Cambridge Festival with Roy Harper spread, and a good sprinkling of Firm and Outrider era shots. Then it moves on through Coverdale Page to the Page & Plant Unledded and Clarksdale tours. Page’s brief liaison with The Black Crowes in 1999 makes way for the finale where the Led Zeppelin 02 Reunion provides the suitable happy ending alongside some fantastic images of Page and Leona Lewis bringing the Beijing Olympic Games to a close in 2008.

Some additional neat touches: There’s a complete ongoing detailed tour itinerary running from the Yardbirds era through Zeppelin and post Zep chronicling every Page performance from 1966 to the present. Various programmes and posters from the Zep era are also reproduced alongside passport photos and visa stamps documenting the many on the road journeys made. Page’s own annotations and comments are overall illuminating, particularly in the early days though they are spasmodically spread and sometimes short on description.

The new edition also brings things up to date with photos from the Kennedy Honours award ceremony in December 2012 and Jimmy’s Honorary Doctorate from Berkeley Collage earlier this year.

The final photo in the book depicting a recent shot of the wistful looking Page is accompanied by the caption ‘’It Might Get louder’’. Indication that this story is far from over – given the recent comments Jimmy has made in declaring his desire to be seen to be playing again .

Summary: This is no mere coffee table volume quickly scanned to be forgotten and left to languish on the bookshelf.

Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page is a living breathing testament to the man’s greatness – to be viewed time and time again against the appropriate soundtrack. I for one will have great fun selecting a Page packed playlist from all quarters of his catalogue to play as I read and re-read the book’s historical content.

This welcome now widely available edition, offers the opportunity for every self-respecting Jimmy Page fan to be enthralled by the contents and presentation. It captures the visual magnificence of a guitar legend who continues to command a loyalty and respect unrivalled amongst his peers . Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page vividly illustrates how he has earned that status – and as such it’s an indispensable work.

Dave Lewis –  October 13th, 2014.



Welcome to the TBL Market Place – this is a forum I’ll be using to offer one off items from the DL Led Zep and related collection.

The latest offers: Just added…











All of the above issues are £16 plus £6 postage and packing – Total Price £22  

If you are interested in buying any of the above items please send an email headlined TBL Market Place to with the details of what issue you would like to buy.

I can then advise if you have been successful as it’s first come first served

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The Who Who’s Next – Life House Super Deluxe Edition listening experience update…

I feel like I’ve been let loose in the Track Records tape library circa 1972…
This is really is an embarrassment of riches with so much to enjoy
CD 1 Who’s Next remaster is magnificent. This was always an album of precise economy. Nothing out of place and nothing overdone.
How they came to achieve that economy is now fully revealed. CD 2 and 3 present the Pete Townshend Who’s Next Life House demos from 1970 -1971.
This the genesis of the story – the material Pete considered for the band to record. The purity of these recordings is startling. The big reveal for me here is how Teenage Wasteland eventually morphed into Baba O’ Riley – the 16 minute instrumental demo has distinct elements that went in to the finished recording and so much more.
I’ve been getting shivers down the spine hearing that revolving synth intro to this song for the past 50 years. Nothing’s changed… the demo is extraordinary…
The Who’s Next Life House listening experience is proving to be an amazing journey- and there’s another seven CD’s to go…phew!

Dave Lewis – October 11 2023


DL Diary Blog Update:

Thursday October 5:

It was 61 years ago today…
On October 5 1962 The Beatles first single Love Me Do/PS I Love You was released – from small acorns…
You can of course never have too many Beatles singles and EPs and here’s few from the DL collection…

Thursday October 5:

Friday October 6:

Very pleased to receive the new Sex Pistols reissue limited edition red vinyl pressing of Pretty Vacant/No Fun – an electrifying record when I first bought it in the summer of 1977 – and pretty electrifying still now…

Friday October 6:

DL charity shop acquisition…
Well pleased to find a CD copy of the excellent 1987 solo album by the late great Robbie Robertson earlier today…
£1.29?…I’ll take it!
Saturday October 7:
Saturday is platterday – on the player the excellent 1978 double album compilation The Best Of and the Rest Of Be Bop Deluxe – I’m looking forward to the November re issue of their brilliant Hot Valves EP on a remastered ten inch pressing…
Saturday October 7:
Now this does not happen often…Spurs are top of the league…(for now!)
Monday October 9:
Celebrating John Lennon’s Birthday today and loading up the brilliant 2020 compilation 3 CD set Gimme Some Truth -The Ultimate Mixes and they certainly are…
We all shine on….
Monday October 9:
Recent DL LP record acquisition…
At the Bedford Flea market event yesterday I was well pleased to find this one…
Neil Young Two Originals Of – this one a French pressing issued in 1975.
This combines his two albums Neil Young originally released in 1968 and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere with Crazy Horse originally released in 1969.
These double sets featuring two albums re packaged in unique and rather garish gatefold sleeves, were produced by the Warner/Atlantic labels in the mid 70s and issued in various European territories.
I am a big collector of these 2 Originals Of sets and added this to the others I have including the rare withdrawn Led Zeppelin 2 Originals Of set issued briefly in Germany and Yugoslavia…
Monday October 9:
Recent DL 45 RPM single acquisition…
Another one from the Bedford Flea Market event yesterday…
T. Rex – Children Of The Revolution /Jitterbug Love/Sunken Rags
I was well pleased to find this copy of the 1972 T. Rex number one.
This one in the original T Rex singles bag. I was drawn to the fact that the previous owner had even hand written some of the lyrics on the front and listed the price of 25p. The sort of thing that appeals to collectors like me!
I showed this to my fellow T Rex connoisseur and record collecting comrade Pete Burridge and he informed me this is a second pressing of the single as the first copies erroneously stated that the B side tracks Jitterbug Love and Sunken rags were ‘’From the motion picture Born To Boogie’ when in fact they were not.
Cheers Pete!
You gotta love the finer detail of collecting 45RPM singles…
Wednesday October 11:
Excellent new issue of Record Collector – the Marquee feature is superb…
Update here…
I’m still reeling from the awful news of the sudden passing of dear Bucks – so very sad…
There’s been more work here on the DL memoirs and it’s now nigh on 40,000 words of text and I’m only in 1974 – I think there may have to be a first volume that covers up to the 1970s as there is a long way to go and a lot to tell… and my five nights saga of Zep at Earls Court might cover a few pages…
Thanks for listening 

Until next time…

Dave  Lewis – October 11  2023

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