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John Paul Jones on the occasion of his 78th Birthday:

John Paul Jones  is 78 on Wednesday January 3…

To celebrate his Birthday here is the John Paul Jones 78 at 78 TBL Playlist as follows:

John Paul Jones 78 at 78 – The TBL Playlist:

1    Foggy Day In Vietnam – Available on: Your Time is Gonna Come –The Roots Of Led Zeppelin (1964)

2    Baja – Available on: Your Time is Gonna Come –The Roots Of Led Zeppelin (1964)

3    Little Games (The Yardbirds)  –  Available on: The Yardbirds Little Games (1967)

4    She’s A Rainbow (The Rolling Stones) Available on The Rolling Stones Satanic Majesties Request (1967)

5     Bus Stop (Graham Gouldman)   Available on the Graham Gouldman Thing (1968)

6     Baby Come On Home (Led Zeppelin) – Available on Boxed Set 2 (1968)

7     You Shook Me  – Available on: Led Zeppelin I (1969)

8     Dazed And Confused  – Available on: Led Zeppelin I (1969)

9      Your Time Is Gonna Come –  Available on: Led Zeppelin I (1969)

10    How Many More Times – Available on: Led Zeppelin I (1969)

11     What Is And What Should Never Be –  Available on: Led Zeppelin II (1969)

12     The Lemon Song –  Available on: Led Zeppelin II (1969)

13     Thank You  –  Available on: Led Zeppelin II (1969)

14     Ramble On –  Available on: Led Zeppelin II (1969)

15     Immigrant Song –  Available on: Led Zeppelin III (1970)

16     Since I’ve Been Loving You –   Available on: Led Zeppelin III (1970)

17      That’s The Way  – Available on: Led Zeppelin III (1970)

18      St Tristens Sword – Available on Coda Companion Disc (1970)

19      Black Dog –  Available on: Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

20     Rock And Roll – Available on: Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

21      The Battle Of Evermore   –  Available on: Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

22      Stairway to Heaven –  Available on: Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

23      When The Levee Breaks Alternate UK Mix In Progress   Available on: Led Zeppelin IV Deluxe Edition (1971)

2        The Rain Song – Available on: Houses Of The Holy (1973)

25      The Crunge –  Available on: Houses Of The Holy (1973)

26      No Quarter –   Available on: Houses Of The Holy (1973)

27     No Quarter (Live Madison Square Garden) –  Available on: The Song Remains The Same (1973)

28      Comin Atcha (Madeline Bell) – Available on Madeline Bell  Comin’ Atcha (1973)

29      In My Time Of Dying   – Available on: Physical Graffiti (1975)

30      Trampled Underfoot –  Available on: Physical Graffiti (1975)

31     Kashmir –   Available on: Physical Graffiti (1975)

32      In The Light – Available on: Physical Graffiti (1975)

33     Going To California (Live Earls Court May 1975) –  Available on: Led Zeppelin DVD (1975)

34     Trampled Underfoot (Live Earls Court May 1975) –  Available on: Led Zeppelin DVD (1976)

35    Achilles Last Stand –  Available on: Presence (1976)

36    Royal Orleans –  Available on: Presence (1976)

37    Pod – Available on: Presence Companion Disc (1976)

38   Rockestra Theme  –   Available on: Wings Back To The Egg (1979)

39   South Bound Suarez –   Available on: In Through The Out Door (1979)

40    Carouselambra – Available on: In Through The Out Door (1979)

41   All My Love  –  Available on: In Through The Out Door (1979)

42   Kashmir (Knebworth)  –  Available on: Led Zeppelin DVD (1979)

43:  In The Evening (Knebworth) –  Available on: Led Zeppelin DVD (1979)

44    Spaghetti Junction – Available on Scream For Help soundtrack (1985)

45    Crackback – Available on: Scream For Help soundtrack  (1985)

46    Are You Gonna Go My Way with Lenny Kravitz (1993)  –  Available on: You Tube

47     Do You Take This Man (with Diamanda Galas) –  Available on: The Sporting Life (1994)

48     Skotoseme  (with Diamanda Galas)  –  Available on: The Sporting Life (1994)

49     Zooma – Available on: Zooma (1999)

50     Smile Of Your Shadow –  Available on: Zooma (1999)

51      Bass ‘n’ Drums –  Available on :Zooma (1999)

52      Snake Eyes –   Available on: Zooma (1999)

53      Leafy Meadows –  Available on: The Thunderthief (2001)

54      Hoediddle –  Available on: The Thunderthief (2001)

55      Ice Fishing At Night –  Available on: The Thunderthief (2001)

56     Down To The River To Pray   –   Available on: The Thunderthief (2001)

57     Dazed And Confused (with Ben Harper and Questlove – Bonaroo 2007) – Available on: You Tube

58     In My Time Of Dying (Live O2 2007) –  Available on: Celebration Day (2007)

59     No Quarter (Live O2 2007) – Available on: Celebration Day (2007)

60      For Your Life (Live O2 2007)  – Available on: Celebration Day (2007)

61      Trampled Underfoot (Live O2 2007)  Available on: Celebration Day (2007)

62    The Pretender (Foo Fighters – 50th Grammy Awards 2008) Orchestration –  Available on: You Tube

63    No One Loves Me & Neither Do I – Available on: Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

64     New Fang –   Available on: Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

65     Walkin’ Man (with Seasick Steve iTunes Festival 2011) –  Available on YouTube

66     Over You (with Seasick Steve) – Available on: Hubcap Music (2013)

67     Improvisation (Supersilent)  Live in Oslo 2013 – Available on YouTube (2013)

68:   Going To California (with Dave Rawlings Machine live at Georgia Theatre 2013) – Available on YouTube (2013)

69    Superbolt (Minibus Pimps) –  Available on: Cloud To Ground (2014)

70     When The Levee Breaks (with Mike Mills and friends  Ice Station Vadsø,  Norway) – Available on YouTube (2015)

71:    I’m With Her (with Sara Watkins Union Chapel 2016) – Available on YouTube

72:   Présences éléctroniques  –  Minibus Pimps  Paris, 2017 – Available on YouTube

73: Improvisations – Elle-Marja Eira and John Paul Jones @Vårbrudd, Vadsø, Norway 2018 – Available on YouTube

  • 75: The Tudor Pull  – The London International Festival of Early Music stream November 5,2020 – Available on YouTube
  • 76:The Playing For Change YouTube livestream featuring John Paul Jones:A superb version of When The Levee Breaks…Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Buffalo Nichols, Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Mihirangi, and others joined JPJ for When The Levee Breaks… around 25 minutes into the livestream on this clip:

77: Long Slow Goodbye – Them Crooked Vultures -Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert September 2022 – available on YouTube

78: No Quarter – Led Zeppelin live at Fort Worth March 1975 from the recent bootleg release  Open Your Heart To Fort Worth -Live in Fort Worth TX Tarrant County Convention Center March 3rd 1975. 4LPbootleg

Compiled by Richard Grubb and Dave Lewis

Photos – Dave Lewis

Happy Birthday John from all of us to you…

Dave Lewis – January 3 2023


The Ten Greatest John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin Performances with Led Zeppelin for Classic Rock Website:

Here’s a top ten listing of some of John Paul Jones’ greatest Led Zeppelin performances I’ve just written and compiled for the Classic Rock website.

It’s of course impossible to choose just ten and I am sure you will have your own faves but these are right up there in showcasing his amazing talent…

Here’s the intro:

John Paul Jones Top Ten Led Zeppelin Performances:

By Dave Lewis

Not quite the quiet one – 10 songs that demonstrate the pivotal role John Paul Jones played in creating the Led Zeppelin legacy…

With a pedigree in studio sessions and arranging – working with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield plus influences ranging from Miles Davis to Motown, John Paul Jones was always going to bring something special to the role of bassist and keyboards when he teamed up with Messrs Page, Plant and Bonham to form Led Zeppelin. Such was his multi instrumental talent, he was able to bring a unique musicality to the group adding synths, mellotron, mandolin and much more to their sound. He may have been the quiet unassuming one, but his vast contributions echo loudly across their ten album legacy. Here are ten of John Paul Jones’ greatest Led Zep moments…

Read on at this link:

From my Facebook page Sunday January 2:

Remembering the late legendary Led Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole on the occasion of his Birthday today.
To mark his birthday, here’s a rarely seen photo of Richard. It was taken on the afternoon of May 17 1977 at Heathrow Airport. –John Bonham is facing him. The group were meeting at Heathrow to fly out for the second leg of Led Zeppelin’s US tour.
The next night they would be onstage in Birmingham Alabama.
The photo was taken by Peter Jones who was with Russ Rees a fellow fan from Swansea – one of a mere handful who were they to see them fly off. Thanks to Swan Song press officer Unity McLean providing me with the details, I was also lucky enough to be there on that memorable afternoon.
During my time there I had already got Robert Plant and John Paul Jones to sign a 10 x 8 pic of them on board the airplane flying them out for the first leg – I also politely asked Richard Cole to autograph this photo.
‘’I’m not in the effin group you know’’ was his curt reply. ‘’I know that’’ I replied ‘’You are the tour manager ‘’
‘’That’s right’’ he replied mellowing a little as he signed.
After that I met him on a fair few occasions in the Swan Song office. The first time was when he came marching up the stairs, took one look at me sitting in the office and proclaimed ‘’Who’s that ‘effin ice cream (abbreviated cockney rhyming slang =ice cream feezer (geezer)
I rather shakily introduced myself as a fan and writer of my own Zep magazine. Thankfully he soon warmed to my presence. Years later we often laughed about that rather frightening (for me) indignant first crossing of paths.
Looking back to when I was a mere 20 year old meeting them all at Heathrow, if I had known then that many years hence, I would forge a strong friendship with Richard (‘’a dear friend ‘’as he described me when signing his book on my last visit.) and that he would often ring to enquire of my health and that of my wife Janet – well such a notion would have seemed beyond the realms of possibility.
But that is how it worked out and I am so very thankful that it did
On my last visit to see him at his flat on October 18 2021, I showed Richard this photo taken at Heathrow in 1977 and we laughed about him informing me he was not in the group. ‘’I was a very busy man’’ he said ‘’and rarely got asked for my autograph –I must have been a bit surprised’’ noting his colourful language at the time.
Since his sad passing a year ago how I now miss that colourful language coming down the phone to me on those regular phone calls we had.
He was always full of humorous anecdotes such as ‘’I can’t remember the ‘effin generator cutting out before the Copenhagen warm up gig!’ or other such detail of the Zep touring days that he was so proud of.
In all of my many Zep related dealings over many years, forging a friendship with dear Richard Cole is one of my most cherished experiences. I will never forget his kindness and thoughtfulness and all his assistance including the amazing Foreword he wrote for the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book.
Our many conversations took me closer to the world of Led Zeppelin than I could have ever imagined – certainly back when I was a mere 20 years old on that memorable day at Heathrow Airport when this photo was taken.
RIP Richard…and thanks for everything..
Dave Lewis – January 2, 2024

LZ News:

Here’s the latest Led ZepNews Update

Led Zeppelin

Pontiac 1977 footage finally emerges (no, not the pro-shot footage)


A still from the newly released 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing in Pontiac, Michigan on April 30, 1977 (YouTube/Speedy)

Earlier today, previously unseen 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan on April 30, 1977 was posted to YouTube.

The footage is worth checking out and gives us the best look yet at this historic Led Zeppelin show:

The release of the footage, which includes shots of cameramen on stage and glimpses of their footage being shown on the venue’s screens, is likely to reignite the long-running discussion about the existence of the pro-shot footage from that night.

The newly emerged footage was shot by Jim Kelly, known as Speedy, a photographer who filmed many bands. Versions of Kelly’s footage have been privately circulating among some Led Zeppelin fans for years.

Back in September, a snippet of other footage from this show was released by the news station FOX 2 Detroit.

The Pontiac Silverdome was a remarkable venue, once considered one of the world’s most innovative sports venues. The venue was demolished in 2017, but you can read about its history in this Guardian article.

Dortmund 1980 photos were released online

Previously unseen photographs taken by Herbert Fittinghoff of Led Zeppelin performing in Dortmund, Germany on June 17, 1980 were published online on the official Led Zeppelin forum this week. That date was the first show of the band’s final tour.

Dave Lewis projects update

Tight But Loose editor Dave Lewis published an end of year post earlier this week, giving an update on the progress of projects including the writing of his memoirs.

“The task in hand is to keep wading on with these memoirs and I am hoping to be much more pro active with this project in 2024. More on all this as it unfolds… I do have one or two other projects in the offing but are all at an early stage,” Lewis wrote in the post.

Robert Plant

A new book about Robert Plant’s solo career is on the way

A cropped image of the cover for the upcoming book “Pictures At Eleven: Robert Plant Album By Album” by Martin Popoff (Wymer Publishing)

A new book titled “Pictures At Eleven: Robert Plant Album By Album” by Martin Popoff will be published on February 16. Another new book by Popoff, “Led Zeppelin: A Visual Biography”, will be published on April 5.

We didn’t get a ‘year in review’ email from Robert Plant this year

Last year on December 22, Robert Plant’s official mailing list sent out an interesting email that recapped his year and hinted at upcoming projects. The email wasn’t repeated this year, leaving us in the dark about Plant’s plans beyond a US tour with Alison Krauss in the Summer. Back in August, we analysed all of Plant’s current solo projects in this article. And earlier this month we published this comprehensive preview of what’s likely on the way in the world of Led Zeppelin in 2024.

Upcoming events:

  • 2024 – Robert Plant will tour with Alison Krauss.
  • January 1 – ABC will broadcast highlights of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony at 8pm EST.
  • February 16 – “Pictures At Eleven: Robert Plant Album By Album” by Martin Popoff will be published.
  • March 22 – John Paul Jones will perform at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • March 23 – John Paul Jones will perform at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee as part of Sons Of Chipotle.
  • April 5 – “Led Zeppelin: A Visual Biography” by Martin Popoff will be published.
  • April 6 – The exhibition “The Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex” featuring the original photograph from the cover of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will open at Wiltshire Museum.
  • Summer 2024 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Vienna, Virginia.
  • September 15 – The exhibition “The Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex” featuring the original photograph from the cover of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will close at Wiltshire Museum.

Many thanks to James Cook 

The complete Led ZepNews email goes out periodically. To receive it sign up here:

Led ZepNews Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


David Bowie – Eight Years Gone:

Wednesday January 10 marks the eighth seventh anniversary of the passing of David Bowie. Of all of the many recent sad passing’s, it’s David Bowie that has resonated most with me – profoundly so. That sad day of six years ago was one of the most monumental I have ever known – with so much shock, grief and outpouring of love for the man.

The subsequent visit with the good lady Janet to Brixton and Hedden Street on Saturday January 14, 2016 was incredibly moving.

He really is still missed so much – his music has never sounded better and playing through the likes of Hunky Dory, Young Americans, Low etc continues to bring great listening joy and comfort.

He was incredible, he is incredible and while so much has gone – so much remains…

Ian Hunter’s tribute Dandy has also been on the player here – such beautiful heartfelt words from one of his true contemporaries.

Dandy – you’re the prettiest star

There ain’t no life on Mars

But we always thought there might be

Dandy – you opened up the door

You left us wanting more

And then we took the last bus home

Dandy – the world was black ‘n’ white

You showed us what it’s like

To live inside a rainbow

Dandy – you thrilled us to the core

You left us wanting more

And then we took the last bus home

David Bowie – Eight years gone…he indeed left us wanting more – still so loved and still so missed…

Dave Lewis –  January 3 2024


The first real test of my Buy Less – Play more policy arrives on Saturday with the VIP Record Fair kickstarting their 2024 campaign in Bedford – here’s all the info…

Harpur Suite, Harpur St, Bedford MK40 1LE

All trader tables sold out – full selection of regulars with new stock through to sellers you have not seen before.

Open 9am to 3.30pm

Full info –


DL Diary Blog Update:

Saturday December 30:

It’s a Happy Birthday 60th today to Mr Pete Burridge…
Bedford’s number one musicologist, local music legend, DJ and presenter of so much great music over many years at the esteemed Esquires club in Bedford, pop quiz compiler, record club host, fellow record collecting comrade and all round top man.
Happy 60th Birthday from Janet and I Pete – have a great one mate!

Saturday December 30:

Saturday is platterday – on the player the brilliant Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds – this edition the rather splendid picture disc… my album of the year…

Sunday December 31:

If anyone involved in the local Bedford music scene deserves their name in lights it’s Pete Burridge – and his 60th Birthday party last night at Esquires was a fantastic night.
I got there in time to see Vinyl Frontier and Vintage Stuff both perform superb sets.
Vinyl Frontier who I had not seen before, totally nailed every song and everyone a winner with the likes of Blondie, Big Country, XTC, The Police, Squeeze, Buzzcocks,The Jam, The Clash, The Smiths, Big Country The Cure, Madness, The Specials all authentically covered. They were as good a covers band I’ve seen in a very long time.
Vintage Stuff also packed in some bangers of their own including stomping versions of Free’s Alright Now, Bad Company’s Can’t get Enough and The Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Women
All in all, it was great to see so many people out celebrating Pete’s big night and what a truly great night it as…
December 31 2023:
I have a new record collecting mantra for 2024…
Buy less – Play more…
Yes I know that might come as a shock statement as my ”You can never have too many” guideline has been my mantra for a good while.
Circumstances dictate that I need to take stock here.
The fact is, I have a lot of stuff and not a lot of room. So my intention in 2024 is to buy less and play more.
Like a lot of collectors, I have a backlog of CDs, LPs and singles to play and investigate that I haven’t got around to doing so and that will be high on the agenda.
So it will be a case of buying less to play more and I’m looking forward to that policy.
It won’t be easy of course and there’s already a few things on my wants list (the forthcoming Paul McCartney and Wings Band On The Run 50th anniversary release being one) but for now I’ll be pausing to breath a bit more here.
That’s not to say I won’t be buying but it will be somewhat more strategically applied and I of course will still be attending record fairs and visiting record shops…
I also have a plan ahead to downsize the collection and sell some LPs and CDs on to make some much needed room here.
These are of course bold intentions -I’m sure there will be a few important additions to be had although perhaps more selectively…
Here’s the first of my catch up ”Play More” selections so on the player I’m catching up with:
Little Feat – Electrif Lycanthrope Live at Ultra Sonic Studios 1974 – great double album on the Rhino label –this was a recent VIP Victoria Fair purchase…
I’ll be posting more ‘’Play More’’ items that will be on the player here as I get to them in the coming weeks…
December 31 2023:
Janet and I (and Ollie! ) wish you all a hopeful, healthy and safe new year…
Monday January 1 2024:
Time to turn my 2024 Led Zeppelin European Tour ’73 Calandar to January.
This has previously unpublished photos by Magnus Landqvist – thanks to Ian Saikia for suppling this one …
Monday January 1 2024:
Kicking off 2024 with a blast of this gem – Led Zeppelin I which was released all of 55 years ago this month in the US…this copy is a South African pressing with red Atlantic labels and brown front cover lettering…
Happy New Year to one and all…
Tuesday January 2 2024:
Great to meet up with our very good friend James Eaton with his son Toby – they are over from Australia for the first time in over eight years. We all met up yesterday afternoon in the Bedford Blues rugby club bar – in the pics with Jason, Cookie, Janet, Dave, Eileen, Phil and James and Toby…. so great to see everyone…

Wednesday  January 3 2024 : 

Celebrating his Birthday – on the player here the brilliant John Paul Jones solo album CD The Thunderthief – this copy personally signed to me by John when I interviewed him about the album when it was released in June 2001…

Monday January 3 2022:

John Paul Jones – on the occasion of his Birthday:
John Paul Jones remains the consummate musician – his work within Led Zeppelin and without, has constantly produced moments of sheer genius.
I have been very lucky to have been in his company on a fair few occasions. He has always been very supportive of my TBL /Zep work giving freely of his time for numerous TBL interviews, he also contributed the Foreword to my book Led Zeppelin Celebration II/The Tight But Loose Files.
I have been thrilled to see him perform live many times going right back to 1971.
Here’s a couple of pics – the first taken at the Melody Maker Poll Awards in November 1979 and then something of a reconstruction some 33 years later at the Bass Guitar Show in London in March 2012.
I have a lot to thank him for – Happy Birthday John…

Tuesday January 3

Winterlude Playlist:

Here’s what I always describe as my Winterlude playlist – albums with songs for comfort on cold uncertain days and long nights and we need some comfort and inspiration right now……here’s the current playlist of such gems…

Bob Dylan Desire -this is always my winter period go to album – such vivid memories of accompanying bleak January days when it released in 1976…all of 48 years ago…

David Bowie – Station To Station LP

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV LP

The Who – Who’s Next Deluxe box set

Joni Mitchell – Blue LP

Van Morrison – Moondance 2CD

Nick Drake – An Exploration of Nick Drake – Heaven in a Wildflower LP

Update here…

It’s good to get the year up and running and there’s plenty going on – January is always a catch up and planning month after all the frenzy of Christmas and New year arrangements. Today’s marking of John Paul Jones’ Birthday is a great way to start the year and next week there’s a certain guitarist’s Birthday and I’m sure we all be celebrating Jimmy Page’s landmark coming of age next Tuesday…

Thanks for listening 

Until next time…

Dave  Lewis –  January 3 2024

TBL website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

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