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Knebworth (what else?) / Spotify / Lost LP Gems

11 June 2009 4,705 views 2 Comments

Dave Lewis

Another intensive week spent pouring over matters of the Knebworth variety. This thing seems to have taken on a life of its own.

An exhaustive Knebworth bootleg appendix from Graeme H, a detailed discography on the In Through the Out Door releases by Nick Anderson , some last minute memorabilia stuff from Brian Knapp, all this has taken the word count of the book up to near 80,000. Not bad for an idea that came to me cycling back from town less than six weeks ago! I was also to be heard waxing lyrical on said subject on the Manchester based Rock Radio station last Friday at

Shortly I’ll have full details of how to reserve the book which is due out on August 4 (now there’s a familiar date). This week it’s full on with the final text checking (thank you Lorraine and Gary D for your invaluable assistance), photo collation etc then it’s to Martyn next week to begin the design.

The Knebworth Celebration Day set for August 8 is also moving along – if you can make it be sure to check out the full details on the site, or email me direct at (note new email use this one now!) For all the gen.

With Sam back in Norwich for a few days, it’s also been full on with clearing out my former work station which we have made big progress on. I’m now ensconced in a nice little corner of the dining room where the sun (when it’s shining and that hasn’t been much this week) beams through. After years of being tucked away upstairs it’s quite a novelty to be in something of an open space – and conveniently placed to peer through to the living room to see who is on Loose Women, what subject Jeremy Kyle is tackling or what’s being served up on Come Dine With Me. I jest of course… there’s no time for that here mate – not when I’ve got washing to put out!

Our new broadband service has also opened up the delights of Spotify.

For those that haven’t sampled it, Spotify ( is an online music streaming service that once downloaded, offers a free facility to click on and play tracks as you wish from a selection of hundreds, nay thousands of albums. You do get an advert or two every ten or so tracks but otherwise, well what’s not to like. Scrolling down the home page is like thumbing through the best stocked vinyl racks of yore. My playlist has therefore been strictly Spotified this last week.

As I write I’m listening to the ten minute version of America by Yes which I have on LP on the New Age of Atlantic sampler that has Zep’s Hey Hey What Can I Do. Haven’t heard it for years and it sounds bloody progtastic.

Not everything’s covered of course – there’ no Led Zep apart from a few bizarre cover versions and karaoke delights. No Family albums as yet either. But boy is there a lot to discover. So far I’ve checked out the new Crosby Stills And Nash Demos album, the recent Clapton/ Winwood live set, Dylan’s Together Through Life and lots of stuff I have on vinyl such as Steve Still’s 1975 Live album ,Thunderclap Newman’s rare Hollywood Dream, lots of early Frampton, Wings Venus And Mars, Poco’s Rose Of Cimarron ,Roxy Music Siren, tons of classic Sinatra and Elvis – I even found the wonderful Good Morning Starshine single by Oliver I’ve been looking for ages –that turns up on a compilation titled This is 1969. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It really is great for searching out my old lost vinyl gems that are stuck at the back of the loft. Suffice to say if you haven’t checked it out –it’s pretty addictive, and hey it’s free.

In between all that we had a nice meal to celebrate Sam’s nineteenth birthday and I caught up with Terry Boud to watch England’s fine 4-0 win over Kazakhstan last Saturday. A trend that continued with the 6-0 stroll against Andorra last night.

Right, that will do for now, there’s Kneworth text to be checked and Sam’s new room to paint . Our friendly painter man Pete will be doing the latter as that’s not ever been my forte, and he doesn’t know much about Knebworth other that it’s down the road on the A1M …so guess we’ll both stick to what we are good at.

Wonder if Spotify has any Commander Cody or Chas & Dave album’s to get me in a suitable 1979 Knebworth festival mood?

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  • David Whyte said:


    Why hasn’t there been a professional release of the Knebworth concerts? The whole thing was filmed with multiple cameras. Also, is the O2 concert slated for DVD release?

    Just wondering.

    dave w

  • Tim Davies said:

    Hi Dave
    Good to read your blog.
    Re Knebworth book.
    Did you turn up any info as to which songs were selected by Led Zeppelin to play at Knebworth in 1979 and were maybe rehearsed and yet not played at the concerts ?? Would be interesting to know.
    all the best,

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