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London Gibson Garage visit..
My thoughts on the London Gibson Garage…
On Tuesday I paid a visit to the recently opened London Gibson Garage. This is a an exclusive instrument shop specializing in all forms of Gibson guitars. This is the second Gibson Garage – there’s a a similar flagship store in Nashville.
The London location is just off Oxford Street at 61-62 Eastcastle St W1W 8NQ
It was launched in grand style on February 22 with Jimmy Page, Brian May and Tony Iommi in attendance. Jimmy cut the tape to officially open the store.
Jimmy has also entered into a partnership with Gibson which will commence soon with a signature model being made available of his iconic 1971 Gibson EDS-1275 double neck.
The Gibson site has been there a good while and I did attend an event there back in 2015. This was a launch of the Bad Company album reissues with a Mick Ralphs Q and A session. This was conducted in basement stage area. However, this newly revamped extended unit is much larger and stock full of Gibson guitars -they line the walls at every turn.
I was given a tour of the shop by Gibson Pro Benji Ryder. He was incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the store offer. The ground floor features a range of classic Gibson models both electric and acoustic.
Suspended above the counter area are two very impressive revolving hanging plinths presenting an array of Gibson guitars of all shapes and colours. There are over 300 guitars on show throughout the shop.
There’s a special single wall display of the legendary guitars namely the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, Gibson Flying V and the Gibson ES-335. Each display was accompanied by an information plaque explaining the history of each model.
Benji also took me to the custom made area -this is where they can provide potential buyers with their own specs and made to measure tops.
Leading to the basement floor is the Gibson Gallery – the walls here are adorned with framed phots by the renowned photographer Gered Mankowitz -among them classic shots of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds ,Eric Clapton, Oasis, The Jam and Kate Bush.
The basement is a showcase for the Gibson Epiphone and Kramer ranges. The highlight here was the new arrival of a signature model of Dave Grohl’s classic phantom blue Epiphone DG 335. A variety of Gibson bass guitars are also on display. There are other brands represented such MESA/ Boogie and Maestro plus a range of guitar effects and amplifiers
The shop is of course a commercial enterprise aimed at selling guitars – to that end there were plenty of customers trying out the various guitars with staff on hand to offer advice. With a background playlist of classic rock tracks, it all made for a great atmosphere. As Jimmy Page remarked at the launch event ”there’s a real spirit about this place’.
That spirit will be upheld in many ways with live music events, artist showcases and panel discussions on the stage located on the lower level.
There’s also plenty of Gibson related merchandise with racks of classy T-shirts plus miniature replica guitars etc.
I also chatted with Assistant General Manger Sam Gammon who told me the shop had been extremely busy since the launch. It’s taken over two years to bring the London Gibson Garage to fruition and all the hard work has paid off.
It’s evident that musicians will be travelling from far and wide to see this amazing guitar extravaganza. While I was there I overheard a couple say they had flown over from Germany.
It’s also sure to attract some high profile players – Benji told me he had seen Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong inspecting the basement area a few days previous.
I wasn’t able to have access to the VIP area as their were meetings going on but Sam and Benji did arrange a photo of me with the fabled Les Paul guitar that was being showcased. A great thrill.
There’s no doubt the London Gibson Guitar shop is going to be a go-to essential destination for musicians and music fans alike. It’s a fabulous setting for visitors to revel in the heritage of the iconic Gibson guitar brand.
If you are in London be sure to check it out…
Dave Lewis – March 6 2024


53 years ago this month on March 5 1971, Jimmy Page strapped on a newly acquired Gibson double neck guitar and played the first chords of a new lengthy composition in front of an audience for the first time.

The occasion was Led Zeppelin’s opening date on their UK tour at the Ulster Hall Belfast.

The song was Stairway To Heaven…

So here’s a celebration of this 53rd anniversary of a special song.

TBL Archive Special Part 1:

Belfast and Stairway To Heaven -it was 52 years ago…

March 5 marked the 53rd anniversary of the milestone Led Zeppelin performance at the Ulster Hall Belfast

Here’s a review from TBL 15 of the then newly surfaced Belfast March 5th 1971 tape:

March 5th tape ensures this historic night will never be forgotten

Led Zeppelin on stage at the Ulster Hall Belfast, March 5th 1971. Photo G. Irwin.

Led Zeppelin’s decision to visit Belfast as part of their spring 1971 UK tour was heralded as a very brave move back in 1971. Few rock artists included it on their intinery due to the escalating political situation and threat of rioting. Earlier in the year T.Rex had pulled out of a planned appearance in Belfast. The Zeppelin concert itself was played out to the background of far off Friday night disturbances in the troubled parts of the city.

Until recently the only recorded remnant of that Irish visit was their March 6th date at Dublin’s Boxing Stadium. Now in a perfect piece of timing, a very rare recording has emerged of the Belfast Ulster Hall show. It was captured by one Norman Hanna – 20 years old at the time. He smuggled-in a newly purchased Phillips cassette recorder and taped the show some two thirds of the way back with the cassette machine positioned on the floor.

Unsurprisingly this newly discovered tape has been negotiated into the hands of the ever enterprising Japanese label Empress Valley and will probably have emerged by the time you are reading this as a deluxe four CD set containing the Belfast and Dublin shows.

The set will include a fourteen page booklet with photos and press cuttings from their Irish shows. This includes reproduction extracts from the review of the show featured in the Northern Ireland newspaper City Week.

Of the fifteen UK dates that comprised the Spring ’71 Back to the clubs tour only the aforementioned Dublin show and the officially released April 1 BBC In Concert recordings have emerged until now. This Belfast recording is therefore most welcome.

The tape recording quality is fair to good for the time – a little distorted and with occasional interference but mostly very listenable.

The most striking aspect of hearing it is the sheer force and determination in their playing. This opening night of their ’71 campaign was their first gig in over five months -the longest lay off so far in their career. It followed an eight week period of intensive recording sessions for their fourth album conducted at Island Studios and on location at Headley Grange.

It’s evident they were itching to air the newly recorded material in a live setting. Before those historic premieres we hear them storm through the then customary Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker opening.

Witnessing this in the Ulster Hall must have been extraordinary. Plant extends the vocal shrieks and the Page solo is just completely out there. Off mic you can occasionally hear the excited babble of Irish accents from the crowd. Then it’s a relaxed run through of Since I’ve Been Loving You. Plant on absolute peak form attaining the high pitched notes with ease. Black Dog is the first of the new songs employing the opening riff of Out On The Tiles. It’s back to the greatest hits for a no-nonsense, compact, Dazed And Confused.


More history making follows: Stairway To Heaven live performance number one. A straight rendering slightly tentative with Page playing the unfamiliar, but soon to become more than familiar, tune on the newly acquired Gibson double neck guitar. It suffers slightly here due to cuts and a high pitched sound from the original recording.


Evidence that the softer side of their playing as deployed on Zep 3 would still be present on their forthcoming album was duly demonstrated by the performance of the new Page/ Plant composition Going To California.

The more familiar Zep 2 standards What Is And What Should Never Be and a powerful Moby Dick take us into the finale – the now expected Whole Lotta Love medley including Let That Boy Boogie, Honey Bee and The Lemon Song.

The encores are just plain shattering. A thrashing Communication Breakdown followed by the debut live performance of Rock And Roll – then known as It’s Been A Long Time. A final welcomed bonus brings this historic recording to an end. There’s quite a delay before they get around to performing and it’s evident they are trying to work out what to play. They opt for a rarely played post 1970 version of Bring It On Home performed in a unique delivery sans vocals and harp in the final section.

“If everybody was like this to each other every day there would be no problems,” Plant can be heard to inform the audience just before the second encore. A nostalgic and relevant comment of the times.

Which is exactly what this Belfast discovery represents. It’s a true document of the band at a crucial moment.

Flushed with the massive success of the past, fresh from a welcomed lay off and enthused by the studio sessions that provided yet more new on stage impetus, this is prime 1971 Led Zeppelin.

In short, this tape is a brilliant reminder of how good they were at that stage of their career. Freeze-framing a period when they were receiving deserved mass popularity and acclaim at a time when they were also producing some of their most powerful and vital work.

Incredibly it all happened 30 years ago. The Belfast people haven’t forgotten. Thankfully, the emergence of this tape will make sure they never do.

Remembering Led Zeppelin at  the Ulster Hall 1971: Recalled by those that were there…

“The concert was absolutely unbelievable, I was 15 years old and so close to my idols. I was in the seats behind the stage. It is just a moment of great posterity for me in terms of the age I was and seeing the band I loved. I also saw Zeppelin at Earl’s Court but it could never match the intimacy of that night in the Ulster Hall.” Noel Thompson, now a BBC Newsnight reporter.

“It was brilliant. In those days nobody played Belfast unless they were Irish like Taste or Thin Lizzy. To see Led Zeppelin was so enjoyable. It put Belfast-on the map. Stairway To Heaven did not stand out on the night, but I later saw them perform it to 100,000 fans at Knebworth. A lot different to the 1,500 who saw it in 1971.” Mervyn Jones, now a Belfast Councillor.

“When I heard Stairway performed that night I knew it was something special. We were in the front row of the balcony. Whenever I hear that song the memories of that night in Belfast come flooding back to me.” Trevor Haslett, Killinchy


The way we were…March 1971

Here are some of the events that were happening 53 years ago as Led Zeppelin toured around the UK….













Back in 2011 I conducted a poll amongst TBL readers to determine the favourite live version version of Stairway To Heaven…here’s the results:


Today we celebrate what is arguably their greatest song by announcing the results of the TBL Stairway To Heaven 40th Anniversary Poll

And the winner is….

Many thanks for the great response to the Stairway To Heaven At 40 Poll.

We can reveal that the fans choice for the greatest version live version of their greatest song is……..

Earls Court May 25th, 1975 – the DVD version

This is the version that was produced by Jimmy Page and can be seen and heard on the 2003 official Led Zeppelin DVD

In second place…

Madison Square Garden July, 1973 – the Song Remains The Same soundtrack version

Fans have displayed great loyalty for the official original live version as produced by Jimmy Page for The Song Remains The Same soundtrack album.

In third place…

Knebworth August 4th, 1979

More lasting affection for one of the most celebrated of Zep appearances.

In fourth place…

Long Beach June 27th 1972 – as produced by Jimmy Page for the How The West Was Won live album released in 2003.

In fifth place…

BBC Paris Theatre In Concert April 1st 1971 – officially released on the BBC Sessions album in 1997

Here is the complete Top 20 listing of the favourite live versions of Stairway To Heaven as voted by readers of the TBL website

1: Stairway To Heaven – Earls Court May 1975 DVD version

2: Stairway To Heaven – Madison Square Garden July 1973 –

From The Song Remains The Same soundtrack album

3: Stairway To Heaven – Knebworth August 4th 1979

4: Stairway To Heaven – Long Beach June 27th 1972 as released officially on

How The West Was Won

5: Stairway To Heaven – BBC In Concert April 1st, 1971 – as released officially on the BBC Sessions set in 1997.

6: Stairway To Heaven – Earls Court May 24th, 1975

7: Stairway To Heaven – 02 Arena December 10th 2007

8: Stairway To Heaven – Berkeley September 14th 1971 – from the Going To California bootleg.

9: Stairway To Heaven – LA Forum June 23rd 1977 – from the For BadgeHolders Only bootleg

10: Stairway To Heaven – Berlin July 7th 1980

11: Stairway To Heaven – Knebworth August 11th 1979

12: Stairway To Heaven –Madison Square Garden February 12th 1975

13: Stairway To Heaven – Vienna March 16th 1973

14: Stairway To Heaven – Jimmy Page ARMS Royal Albert Hall September 1983

15: Sairway To Heaven – Seattle Kingdome July 17th 1977

16: Stairway To Heaven – Belfast Ulster Hall March 5th 1971

17: Stairway To Heaven – LA Forum June 3rd 1973 from the Three Days After bootleg

18: Stairway To Heaven – LA Forum June 21st 1977 from the Listen To This Eddie bootleg

19: Stairway To Heaven – Zurich June 29th 1980

20: Stairway To Heaven – Budokan Japan, September 23rd 1971

And here is the winning choice: Stairway To Heaven as performed by Led Zeppelin at Earls Court – May 25th 1975

I recommend you take 10 minutes and 27 seconds of your time to marvel in the glory of this astonishing performance on YouTube:

View it at:

Clock the genius at:

00.36: The camera pans on to Jonesy as he plays the plaintive keyboard opening.

At 3 minutes 18 – and Robert’s ‘’Baby baby’’ pleading.

At 4. 06 – Robert’s spontaneous ‘’Priceless’’ after the ‘’Do you remember laughter’’ line.

4.30 – Bonzo’s timely entry.

5.23 – the line ‘’You head is humming and it won’t go –in case you don’t know’’ accented by Bozo’s bass drum.

5.31 – Robert’s moving ‘’Dear PEOPLE can you hear the wind blow and did you know – OUR stairway lies on the whispering wind’.

5.48 – the first crescendo as Jimmy hoists the Gibson double neck high

and then on into what must be one of the finest pieces of live performance in their history.

6.14 – as Plant clusters around Jimmy as he switches necks for the scintillating solo.

7.22 – as the pictures crossfades to Robert banging the tambourine totally lost in the world of Led Zeppelin.

7.51 through to 8.59 as Page delivers a sublimely lyrical solo that again has Plant lost in the music and John Bonham…dear John, behind it all totally on the groove – this sequence brings a lump to my throat every time.

9.00 – the final glorious run in.

9.38 ‘’Never roll people …please don’t make me roll’’.

9.49 – the camera captures Jonesy in that Spanish jacket…

10.02 –   Robert’s sings the final line we all know so well and it echoes across the eerie wastes of Earls Court…and into eternity…

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to To Heaven  Earls Court

…And that is the greatest live performance  of a song that has been now been enthralling us for 40 years – as voted by TBL web readers.

Postscript 2024:

Stairway To Heaven  – still the pure essence of Led Zeppelin

Long may it reign…

Dave Lewis –  

TBL Archive 2:


This TBL Archive feature looks back to the events that took place on the 30th anniversary of that first airing of Stairway To Heaven.

23 years ago popular tribute band Simply Led came up with a very clever idea – they decided to book the Ulster Hall in Belfast to perform a special anniversary concert 30 years ago to the very day Led Zeppelin had staged that opening night of their UK tour when Stairway To Heaven was first played – and in the very hall that first echoed to the sounds of what would become such an iconic composition.

I was invited to go over to cover the event for TBL – it was a fantastic success. There was a genuine sense of history in being in the vicinity where Led Zeppelin had performed all those years ago. Simply Led played superbly and the people of the city were incredibly friendly and receptive. The comment from one fan afterwards  ‘’Thanks for bringing Led Zeppelin’s music back to Belfast’’ said it all.

There’s always a poignancy about reflecting on this occasion as sadly, Simply Led’s drummer Paul Kelvie passed away in 2006 and last year Andy Adams also sadly passed away.

So this piece is dedicated to the much missed Paul who 22 years ago along with Eddie Edwards, Keith Lambert and Phil Eldridge reunited the Led Zeppelin fans of Belfast in fitting style –all in the very place where Stairway To Heaven was first performed live. It was a unique occasion and I feel so privileged to have been in attendance…and this is also dedicated to the late equally much missed Andy Adams…

Remembering Led Zeppelin at the Ulster Hall

Belfast Re-unites Under Simply Led

March 5th 2001: Another cold Monday. Another journey. Today I’m bound for Belfast to celebrate a very special Zeppelin related anniversary. For 30 years ago on this very day Led Zeppelin took a Trident Hovercraft across the Irish sea to perform what would be their only concerts in the Emerald Isle. On the evening of Friday March 5TH 1971 they performed their opening show of the so called “Back to the clubs tour” at the Ulster Hall, Belfast. During their set that night they unveiled a new composition due to appear on their forthcoming fourth album. It was called Stairway To Heaven. Five million radio plays later…


30 years on the London-based tribute band Simply Led have hit upon a very novel and ambitious idea. Tonight they will perform a special anniversary tribute concert at the Ulster Hall – scene of that history making evening for Led Zeppelin back in 1971. Particularly ambitious when you consider this is only their second gig together.

Tribute bands of course are now an accepted part of the live gig scene. Any half renowned or much missed ex-mega group has anything up to half dozen would be copyists trouping up and down the pub circuit. Zeppelin are well served and I have immense respect for the likes of Fred Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Led, Boot Led Zeppelin  Let’s Zep who pack ’em in week in week out.

Simply Led’s Belfast plan, as I said, is massively ambitious, and they have done their homework. Singer Keith Lambert had come over a month back to launch the idea at a press conference which garnered much local coverage. Ticket sales have been brisk with already 600 sold. Bass and keyboardist Eddie Edwards assures me they have rehearsed intensely to do the real thing justice on the night. For my part it’s an opportunity to support Eddie, a long-term TBL associate (notably his Song Remains dissection in TBL 13) and spread the TBL word in a new territory. Despite the foot and mouth scare and the freezing weather, the flight out of Luton goes to plan and I meet up with the band around mid day. It’s great to see Andy Adams  (pictured here with Eddie) is in tow to lend them a hand and we walk down with Eddie to view the Ulster Hall in the afternoon. Morale is well high by this time – ticket sales have exceeded all expectations with a good chance of over 1,000 likely to witness the show.


As we walk around the balcony of the grand hall it begins to get exciting. There is a genuine sense of history about the place which is smaller than I expected and one of the most impressive venues I’ve ever seen. The vantage point over the stage up on the balcony is superb and you can’t help thinking how incredible it must have been to have viewed the original 1971 show from up here.





Eddie and his boys are understandably more than nervous as they arrive for the soundcheck and run down extremely competent versions of Heartbreaker and The Wanton Song amongst others. Paul let me get behind the drum kit and it was a big thrill to look out at the view John Bonham himself would have had on that night of 30 years ago.

Andy and I set up a display and stall in the foyer and head over to the pub for some pre -gig banter with the local Irish contingent already in. Everyone is really friendly and so keen to witness tonight’s celebration. Over at the Ulster Hall a couple of hundred fans are snaking their way around the hall eager for the doors to open.



There’s already  a great sense of occasion in the air. Original 1971 promoter Jim Aiken comes over to view the scene. “This is so special to be witnessing this again,” he tells me. “I can remember how excited we all were to get them here at the time. Nobody apart from Rory of course and a few others bothered to play Belfast. We still talk about the night Zeppelin came…”





It’s a wonderful cross section of fans who mill around the foyer. The elders who remember that momentous night 30 years ago, some bringing their off-spring’s to hear the songs that made such a troubled place at one with itself all those years back. There’s also lots of younger fans in attendance not even born when Zeppelin played their final gig in 1980. It makes for a very boisterous atmosphere and from the moment Simply Led take the stage and chug into the Immigrant Song/ Heartbreaker double whammy that was a staple part of the ’71 Zep set, well that sense of occasion is duly shared by band and audience alike.

I must say that in the weeks leading up to the gig 1 had my doubts that they could pull this off convincingly. It’s a pleasure to be proved so wrong. A combination of this being the right anniversary at the right time in exactly the right place makes the next couple of hours an absolute joy.

This is no mere tribute concert. This is an event and Simply Led rise to the occasion.

Highlights: Guitarist Phil Eldridge’s fluid Gibson work during Over The Hills, Keith Lambert’s pleasing ad-libs (“Acapulco gold”) and pre-’73 high vocal register, Paul Kelvie’s drumming superb throughout the show – as good a Bonham-inspired performance you will see this side of Michael Lee. Eddie Edwards strong feel for Jonesy’s musicianship evident in a compact No Quarter and an ambitious and suitably emotional Stairway. Finally a rousing Whole Lotta Love and Rock And Roll brings to a close a striking performance. Throughout it all I couldn’t help thinking that right here in this very hall exactly 30 years to the, moment Led Zeppelin were making history. I’m sure it was an emotion shared by many in attendance. The atmosphere as the crowd spill into the foyer is a joy to be part of. It’s more than evident that Simply Led have captured the spirit of Zeppelin very well indeed.

Back stage the band themselves are justifiably triumphant. “They’ll never believe this back home,” says Eddie. And I guess unless I’d witnessed it myself I’d probably have been of the same opinion.

As I mentioned earlier the fundamental reason this all came together was the location and timing. Coupled of course with Simply Led’s enthusiasm, musical prowess and sheer determination to pull it off.

Belfast was a very special gig for any band back in those troubled times of ’71. For a band of Led Zeppelin’s stature to come and perform here was a real event. On tonight’s turnout that gesture way back in ’71 has obviously not been forgotten by the people of Belfast.

The whole evening is wonderfully summed up by the excited comment of one of the elder generation of Zep fans here tonight.

“Thanks for bringing Led Zeppelin’s music back to Belfast,” he tells Andy on the way out. It’s an accolade echoing throughout this historic venue. And that’s some accolade for a tribute band playing only their second gig,

Simply Led have every reason to feel very proud of themselves because tonight in Belfast they paid homage to a very special concert in Led Zeppelin’s history.

And in doing so they reunited the people of Belfast just as the real thing had done on a similar cold Irish night 30 years ago. It was simply remarkable.

Dave Lewis, March 6 2001









Simply Led  Belfast March 5th 2001 -Paul Kelvie, Eddie Edwards, Keith Lambert, Phil Eldridge

With thanks to Eddie Edwards and Keith Lambert

Dedicated to Paul Kelvie 1961 – 2006 and Andy Adams 1961 – 2021

Check out  Eddie Edward’s superb dissection of various Led Zeppelin releases at






LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:

Here’s the latest round up from LZ News:
A 1973 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS previously owned by Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant sold at auction on February 29 for £300,000, just reaching the reserve price.

New Zepfan podcast episode

The latest episode of the Zepfan podcast interviews Wayne Jablonski who attended 16 Led Zeppelin shows. You can listen to the episode here or embedded below.

Ep025: Wayne Jablonski: Attended 16 Led Zeppelin Concerts

Mark McFall

Is a film about Atlantic Records president Jerry Greenberg on the way?

Is a film about Atlantic Records president Jerry Greenberg on the way? A news article shared by the administrator of Led Zeppelin’s official forum this week suggested exactly that, but we dug a bit deeper and it’s a bit more complex.

Greenberg took over from Ahmet Ertegun as the president of Atlantic Records in 1974, working directly with Led Zeppelin.

Here’s the article shared this week which announces that Lou Weisbach is now producing the film. This seems to be sponsored content that the filmmakers paid for, judging by the tone of the article and the site that it was published on.

From LedZepNews’ research, the film has been mentioned since around 2017. It also seems Greenberg released a book late last year.

Jimmy Page

New videos of Jimmy Page in London on February 22 surface

wo new videos of Jimmy Page opening Gibson’s new London shop on February 22 have surfaced. The first video is an interview with Page by ITV News in which he says: “It’s happening, it really is happening. There’s a Renaissance going on and the thing about the guitar as opposed to making computer music, with a guitar it’s a tactile thing.”

“It’s really also nice to know that young people are listening to the Led Zeppelin music,” he continued. “I’ve always thought, even at the time of doing it, that it was a massive textbook for whatever instrument you wanted to play.”

Robert Plant announced new tour dates with Alison Krauss

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss now have even more US tour dates this year after they announced this week that they’re joining the first leg of Willie Nelson’s touring Outlaw Music Festival which will also include Bob Dylan on the lineup.

Plant and Krauss will play 10 shows in June and July as part of the festival, bringing the number of scheduled concerts for Plant this year up to 67 including tours with Krauss and Saving Grace. Saving Grace’s UK tour starts later this month.

Upcoming events:

  • March 13 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bristol, UK.
  • March 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Ipswich, UK.
  • March 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in London, UK.
  • March 18 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Tunbridge Wells, UK.
  • March 20 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Peterborough, UK.
  • March 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Nottingham, UK.
  • March 22 – John Paul Jones will perform at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • March 23 – John Paul Jones will perform at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee as part of Sons Of Chipotle and Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Hastings, UK.
  • March 24 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Teenage Cancer Trust “Ovation” event in London, UK and John Paul Jones will perform with Thurston Moore at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • March 26 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Liverpool, UK.
  • March 27 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Sheffield, UK.
  • March 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Blackburn, UK.
  • April 2 – “The Beach Boys” by The Beach Boys, including a contribution by Jimmy Page, will be published.
  • April 5 – “Led Zeppelin: A Visual Biography” by Martin Popoff will be published.
  • April 6 – The exhibition “The Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex” featuring the original photograph from the cover of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will open at Wiltshire Museum.
  • April 20 – Jimmy Page is featured on the Yardbirds album Psycho Daisies that will be released on Record Store Day.
  • April 30 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Harrogate, UK.
  • May 1 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Stockton, UK.
  • May 3 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Coventry, UK.
  • May 4 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in Cheltenham, UK.
  • June 2 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • June 4 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Camdenton, Missouri.
  • June 5 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • June 7 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
  • June 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • June 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • June 12 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Highland Park, Illinois.
  • June 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Toledo, Ohio.
  • June 15 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.
  • June 18 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vienna, Virginia.
  • June 19 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vienna, Virginia.
  • June 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Alpharetta, Georgia.
  • June 22 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • June 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • June 26 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • June 28 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Syracuse, New York.
  • June 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Wantagh, New York.
  • June 30 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Holmdel, New Jersey.
  • July 2 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts.
  • July 6 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Bethel, New York.
  • July 7 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss at the Outlaw Music Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • July 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Southend, UK.
  • July 24 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Woking, UK.
  • July 25-28 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Cambridge Folk Festival in Cambridge, UK.
  • August 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Missoula, Montana.
  • August 9 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Missoula, Montana.
  • August 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • August 13 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • August 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • August 16 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Seattle, Washington State.
  • August 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Seattle, Washington State.
  • August 19 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Eugene, Oregon.
  • August 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Murphy’s, California.
  • August 22 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Stanford, California.
  • August 24 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Paso Robles, California.
  • August 25 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Highland, California.
  • August 26 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • August 28 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • August 29 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • August 31 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • September 1 – Robert Plant will perform with Alison Krauss in Vail, Colorado.
  • September 15 – The exhibition “The Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex” featuring the original photograph from the cover of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album will close at Wiltshire Museum.
  • October 8 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bari, Italy.
  • October 9 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Naples, Italy.
  • October 11 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Rome, Italy.
  • October 12 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Florence, Italy.
  • October 14 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bologna, Italy.
  • October 15 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Turin, Italy.
  • October 17 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Como, Italy.
  • October 18 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bolzano, Italy.
  • October 20 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Padua, Italy.
  • October 21 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Trieste, Italy.
  • October 23 – Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Brescia, Italy.

Many thanks to James Cook

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For all the latest Zep and related news check out the Led Zeppelin news website at:

Sky Arts In The Light documentary screenings:

Last Saturday Sky Arts  screened part three and four of the Led Zeppelin In The Light documentaries. Back in 2006/7 I was invited to take part in these as a talking head and I featured in all four of the programmes.
The segments were recorded at different times over a few months and were filmed in a very hot basement studio in London. It was great fun to do – here’s some pics of from part four of the series…
Great to see the legendary BP Fallon former Led Zep publicists and vibe master on the Led Zeppelin In The Light documentaries screened last night on Sky Arts…these were filmed back in 2006…

Very poignant to see the much missed late Classic Rock journalist Malcolm Dome on the Led Zeppelin In The Light documentaries screened last night on Sky Arts…

Here’s a You Tube link of the Led Zeppelin 1973 -1980 documentary screened last night on Sky Arts – This was filmed back in 2006 and I crop up on a few occasions…


My thoughts on Led Zeppelin Motor Speedway 1969…
On the player the newly acquired Led Zeppelin Motor Speedway 1969 LP. This arrived today …
Produced by the Vinyl Champ/Lumi Entertainment label, this is the latest in the grey area unofficial semi bootleg releases which have flooded the market in recent years –often masquerading as a’ Live Radio Broadcast.’
It’s a single LP offering of what it describes on the front cover as: ‘’Best of Led Zeppelin at Texas International Pop Festival Dallas, International Motor Speedway, Lewisville TX USA, August 31 1969’’
To my knowledge, this performance was never aired as a radio performance but was sourced from a very good soundboard recording.
By the cover wordings own admission, this is not the complete hour long set but a five track edit. It omits the lengthy version of How Many More Times – so what we get is Train Kept a Rollin’/I Cant Quit You Baby/Dazed And Confused on Side one and the ten minute You Shook Me and four minute Communication Breakdown on side 2. Total playing time is 38 minutes.
There is a already bootleg vinyl version on Open Mind Records that does pack the whole show in on one LP.
The good news here is that the sound quality is slightly better than the Open Mind version as with less tracks, there’s a slight sonic improvement.
One thing that is annoying is that the band announcement ‘’Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Led Zeppelin’’ spoken as Jimmy warms up has been left off – instead it cuts straight into Train Kept a Rollin’.
I of course should add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the music – a steller Zep 1969 performance when they were making great waves with every gig . For me this is one of the best live Zep performances of the early era. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it this afternoon.
Motor Speedway 1969 is not in the essential purchase category but one for vinyl collectors and attractively packed on lime green vinyl. It can be picked up for around £25.
Dave Lewis – March 2 2024


DL Diary Blog Update:

Thursday February 29:

Some very cool jazz on the player courtesy the brilliant Hum Dono LP by the Joe Harriot Amancio D’Silva Quartet brightening up a very rainy day…

Friday March 1:

On this St David’s Day an appropriate time to reflect on my nostalgic visit last November to Abercynon in South Wales.
My Dad was raised in this area and we often visited when I was young – he was a proud Welshman and it was very poignant to go back to his roots again for the first time in many years……

Friday March 1:

Marking Roger Daltrey’s 80th Birthday – and loading up the brilliant live San Francisco 1971 2 CD from the superb Who’s Next box set…

Friday March 1:

The new issue of Uncut is in the house – Pink Floyd cover feature and more – weekend reading sorted….

Saturday March 2: 
The new issue of the always excellent Shindig! Magazine has just arrived – Moby Grape’s Skip Spence cover feature and more – count me in…

Saturday March 2:

Saturday is platterday – remembering late great Rory Gallagher on the occasion of his Birthday so on the player the brilliant 1972 Live In Europe  album…

Saturday March 2:

Saturday is platterday…
On the player marking its release all of 42 years ago –Death Wish II The Soundtrack – Music By Jimmy Page. This one a US promo pressing for radio stations on the Swan Song label.
I have a great affinity with this album which I eagerly soaked up the day it was released. Though a soundtrack album constructed to tie in with the film’s scenes, it captures Jimmy at an enforced creative stage – having been asked by his neighbour film producer Michael Winner to work on a soundtrack for his then forthcoming Death Wish II movie starring Charles Bronson.
Many of these guitar riffs and themes present here would surely have lit up a 1981/2 Led Zeppelin album had they continued.
With a little help from his friends notably Chris Farlowe, he channeled a lot of his left over Zep energy into an album that all these years later, still resonates with some absolutely compelling Jimmy Page guitar performances…

Saturday March 2:

Sorting out some singles…you can never have too many on the Apple label…

Tuesday March 5:

Great to catch up with fellow author and record collecting comrade Graham Sharpe this afternoon today in the TBL office also known as The Spice of Life. The talk included Graham’s forthcoming follow up to his Vinyl Countdown book via Oldcastle books – which I’ve contributed too.
Obscure record shops to visit (Graham is an expert on this) the varying fortunes of Luton Town FC (he is a lifelong fan and season ticket holder) and Graham also handed out some advice for my work in progress DL memories project… coupled with my visit to the amazing Gibson Guitar Garage earlier, it was a productive day in London…

Wednesday March 6:

Encouraging news in the Times today also featured on the BBC news bulletins… Sister Ray is a great shop…

Thursday March 7:

It was 54 years ago today:
Loading up the excellent Led Zeppelin Feel All Right Live In Montreux a superbly packaged 4 CD set on the Eat a Peach label – as recorded 54 years ago on March 7 1970 at the Casino Montreux.
Thursday March 7:
On World Book Day here’s a few Led Zeppelin books I’ve been involved in over the past 40 years…it’s been a pleasure and a privilege
Update here:
March is here and with it, some rather rainy weather. It has been brighter this week and I did venture out to London on Tuesday.
As mentioned before, I’ve been struggling a bit recently with a lack of zest and energy. A recent check on my diabetes 2 condition highlighted that I need to be careful and this seems to be the cause of this tiredness – at 67 it gets harder to manage these things.
I did feel on good form in London on Tuesday and it was great to be out and about…
Thanks for listening

Until next time…

Dave  Lewis –  March 7 2024 

TBL website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

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