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More O2 Thoughts / Christmas Greetings

21 December 2007 1,903 views No Comment

It was straight into a six day run of retail frenzy after coming back down from Planet Zeppelin. Apologies if I haven’t replied to the many informative emails I’ve received over the past week. Thanks to everyone who sent in O2 feedback and reviews … look out for the full TBL O2 review in the forthcoming issue.

Having now seen a few of the video clips and heard recordings of the show – well it just gets better. It really was an unbelievable performance – For Your Life, No Quarter and Kashmir are my current playlist faves. The screen and whole big stage production was so impressive. Incidentally Robert’s comment “How about that Dave?” that preceded Whole Lotta Love was for his lifelong Midlands friend who despite poor health was at the show. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to him.

I’ve also had various feedback from fans not so fortunate to be there. It’s a cold hard fact that while those in attendance had the night of their lives, thousand’s of ardent fans had to miss out and remain gutted that they were not there. I do acknowledge how difficult this was and believe me I lived with a lot of disappointment from disgruntled fans in the weeks leading up to the show. I do hope the TBL site has reflected and reported the action with integrity – and along with the O2 coverage in the next two issues will, in it’s own small way attempt to capture the vibe that was prevalent on the night.   

Finally many thanks for all the Christmas cards I’ve received – I have to say with all that’s gone on over the past month it’s been impossible to get my usual TBL Christmas card list out – so if you don’t receive a card from me this year – my apologies – it’s nothing personal!

I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Many thanks for your continued support.

As I said before, Led Zeppelin are the most popular band in the world right now and that popularity is sure to extend into the new year. We have a publishing schedule laid out for 2008 which will be fully announced in the new year.

It has certainly been a remarkable year to be a Zeppelin fan – probably the most remarkable in their long history.

In effect to paraphrase that old seasoned Led Zep ethic…

…It’s Ever Onward. 

Merry Christmas



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