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TBL Archive Special 1: September 7, 1968 – the on stage debut 55 years gone:

55 years ago on September 7th 1968, the line soon to be known as Led Zeppelin performed their very first concert in Gladsaxe Denmark. – the first of two appearances that day… 

teen club 2





DATE:                         September 7, 1968 (1st show)

VENUE:                     Teen Club, Egegård Skole

LOCATION:              Gladsaxe, Denmark

Billed as: “Yardbirds”

Support Acts: Fourways; Bodies

With The New Yardbirds line-up complete, there was an outstanding engagement to fulfil that was left over from the old Yardbirds’ date sheet ­- a ten-date tour of Scandinavia. Billed as ‘The New Yardbirds’, the group that would become Led Zeppelin made their stage début on September 7 in Denmark.

They would not perform as ‘Led Zeppelin’ until six weeks later – at Surrey University on October 25, 1968.

The venue for their first ever performance was the Teen Club in Gladsaxe, Denmark, a Copenhagen suburb. The Teen Club was actually a gymnasium at Egegård Skole (School), which was converted into a rock club on Saturday nights.

The band was fulfilling an old Yardbirds commitment to perform at the club. In New Musical Express (July 13, 1968), it was noted that the Scandinavian tour would start on September 14th; in fact, for many years this date was generally acknowledged as the date of their very first gig. The following week’s Record Mirror (July 20, 1968), correctly mentioned that the tour would start on September 7th.

Among the 1,200 – 1,400 youngsters who witnessed rock and roll history was a 17-year old student, Jørgen Angel, the photographer for the club’s in-house magazine, Teen Club Nyt (News). Thankfully, Angel took plenty of outstanding photos of the new band with his mother’s camera.

Angel recalled the historic concert for Jaideep V.G. of Rave magazine: “I was pretty disappointed because The Yardbirds were supposed to play that night. It was sometime in the evening that I heard a band called The New Yardbirds would perform. I thought maybe that has nothing to do with The Yardbirds. Maybe there’s just one person left from The Yardbirds, which turned out to be right, it was only Jimmy Page from The Yardbirds who played that night. And the others I had never seen or heard of. But when they went on stage it was something very special and different and spectacular. They were full of energy and they were different. I had no idea they were going to be big.”

“Standing by the side of the stage it was obvious that there was a chemistry,” said Peter Grant. Robert recalls: “We were very green – it was a tentative start but we knew we had something.”

The stage act for the début tour was based loosely on the set The Yardbirds had been performing on their final US tour. ‘Train Kept A Rollin’ was the opener and ‘Dazed & Confused’ the centrepiece, with Page using the violin bow. Old blues chestnuts ‘I Can’t Quit You’ and ‘You Shook Me’ were also delivered in the arrangements that would later appear on their first album. Early self penned numbers included ‘Communication Breakdown’ and ‘How Many More Times’ – the latter built around Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘How Many More Years’.

The act was fleshed out with a variety of covers – something that would remain a feature of their sets for many years to come. Elmore Gantry’s ‘Flames’ and Garnett Mimm’s ‘As Long As I Have You’ were early staples at this point. They also came up with a dynamic arrangement for the folk standard ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’. Page had played the Joan Baez version to Plant on their initial meeting. “I want to do a version of this but with a certain dynamic edge,” he told his new singer.

It was obvious to them all that even on this début tour the line-up had an identity all of its own. Page: “We realised we were working under false pretences, the thing had quickly gone beyond where The Yardbirds had left off. We all agreed there was no point in retaining the New Yardbirds tag so when we got back from Scandinavia we decided to change the name. It was a fresh beginning for us all.”

jorgen 1

Photographer Jorgen Angel also revealed to told Huge Jones’ Proximity magazine ”I took a number of photographs There wern’t many actual lights on stage in those days -at least nothing you could use, so I used a flash. I used my mother’s holiday camera and my father’s old flash and I just snapped away. When I first knew of the gig I was disappointed even before the concert because I was looking forward to seeing The Yardbirds again and what we were getting was one Yardbirds member and three totally unknown guys. My disappointment was only up until they started performing because it was a great concert”.




Teen Club Nyt (October 1968) by Bent Larsen:

“The English group YARDBIRDS had been rehearsing their new set most of the afternoon. So when they entered the scene they were really hot to get started and give it all. Their performance and their music were absolutely flawless, and the music continued to ring nicely in the ears for some time after the curtains were drawn after their show. Let me in particular give my praise to JIMMY PAGE who has made a great job with the 3 new men. They really succeeded and in particular the guitar solo by Jimmy Page created huge applause. We can therefore conclude that the new YARDBIRDS are at least as good as the old ones were.”

DATE:                         September 7, 1968 (2nd show)

VENUE:                     Brondby Pop Club, Nørregårdshallen

LOCATION:              Brondby, Denmark

 Billed as: “The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page”

Support Acts: The Day of Phoenix;

The Eyes; Ham


The band wasted little time in getting the next concert under their belt, performing a second show of the day in another Copenhagen suburb. The Brondby Pop Club was very similar to the Gladsaxe Teen Club, in that it was a rock club located in a school gymnasium.


Glostrup Handelsblat (Sept. 11, 1968):

                “When you start a new season you always try to make the opening night a little better than you need to. The ‘little better’ this time was the fantastic Yardbirds in a whole new lineup…The Yardbirds however, requires a closer examination. Jimmy Page has again put a new band together. The music is the same, only better than ever.”

                “Robert Planto (sic) should face some small criticism and a lot of praise for an excellent performance. There is no doubt that he is a good singer but he doesn’t have to twisht his body like he’s having a ruptured appendix, or does he? Musically the band is super-great. Their hard disciplined beat is amazing. Of course it was foremost Jimmy Page that was responsible for this but the drummer should also be mentioned; a drum solo so wild and good is hard to find. It was so good that one almost wished that John Bonham wouldn’t stop.”

Thanks to Mike Tremaglio for the above info as researched for the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book.

In 2013 this historic occasion was marked by the unveiling of a plaque at the original school they performed that first show at

Jerry Ritz who was there back in September 1968 reminded me of this great  website –



LedZep News

Here’s the latest Led ZepNews Update:

Led Zeppelin

Inside the 1974 filming of Led Zeppelin at Shepperton

Earlier this week, we published the first guest post on LedZepNews: An account of the 1974 filming of Led Zeppelin at Shepperton Studios. The article by Ikhnaton includes a previously unseen photo of Led Zeppelin being filmed in 1974.

Jimmy Page

Coming soon

We’re preparing to publish our next longform investigative article next week, this time looking at something specific to Jimmy Page. Look out for the story publishing likely on Thursday morning UK time.

And we’re also due to interview Mr Jimmy, the Japanese guitarist who has built his career on emulating Page, on Monday evening UK time. So if you have any questions for him, please get in touch.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant unveils new Led Zeppelin covers with Saving Grace

Robert Plant’s band Saving Grace resumed touring this week, performing two shows as it tours Europe. On the band’s first show of 2023 in Slovenia on August 24, Plant unveiled four new covers of Led Zeppelin songs that have never before been performed by Saving Grace: “The Rain Song”, “Friends”, “Gallows Pole” and “Four Sticks”.

Is Plant stacking Saving Grace’s setlist with Led Zeppelin songs to build hype about the band ahead of the announcement of the debut Saving Grace album? After all, the band released its first official music earlier this month and the track was most definitely a studio recording that’s possibly from the upcoming album.

Upcoming events:

  • 2023– The second Band Of Joy album titled “Band Of Joy Volume 2” will be released and an expanded edition of the Honeydrippers album “The Honeydrippers: Volume One” will be released.
  • August 28– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Macerata, Italy.
  • August 30– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Taormina, Sicily, Italy.
  • September 1– The documentary film “Mr. Jimmy” will be released in cinemas and Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Locus Festival in Bari, Italy.
  • September 3– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Ostia, Italy.
  • September 5– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Milan, Italy.
  • September 6– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Vicenza in Festival in Vicenza, Italy.
  • September 9– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Ourense, Spain.
  • September 10– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Donostia / San Sebastián, Spain.
  • September 12– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Barcelona, Spain.
  • September 17– Robert Plant will speak at Gloucester History Festival.
  • November 1– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Brighton, UK.
  • November 2– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Guildford, UK.
  • November 4– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace at the Bert Jansch 80th birthday tribute concert in London, UK.
  • November 5– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Birmingham, UK.
  • November 7– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bournemouth, UK.
  • November 8– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Cardiff, UK.
  • November 11– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Salford, UK.
  • November 13– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Oxford, UK.
  • November 16– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Basingstoke, UK.
  • November 17– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Cambridge, UK.
  • November 19– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Grimsby, UK.
  • November 20– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Gateshead, UK.
  • November 22– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Bradford, UK.
  • November 23– Robert Plant will perform with Saving Grace in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
  • 2024– Robert Plant will tour with Alison Krauss.

Summer 2024 – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will perform in Vienna, Virginia.

Many thanks to James Cook 

The complete Led ZepNews email goes out periodically. To receive it sign up here:

Led ZepNews Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


Wolverhampton date added to the Saving Grace tour…


TBL Archive Special 2:

It was 54 Years Ago – Led Zeppelin at the Texas International Pop Festival:

August 31st  – back in 1969 that was the day Led Zeppelin performed at the Texas International Pop Festival as can be heard via a great sounding tape. I’ve just been playing the vinyl LP release and from the moment the kitch MC is heard to say ‘’Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Led Zepp-elin’’ and they kick in to Train Kept A Rollin’ this is an absolute sensational performance.

This is for me one of, if not the best if the best Zep live remnants of their first 12 months together.

Here’s a summary of that celebrated gig as compiled by Mike Tremaglio for the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book..

August 31, 1969 – Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas International Speedway –                                     Lewisville, Texas, USA


Train Kept a Rollin’, I Can’t Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times Medley (incl. Suzie Q, The Lemon Song, Eyesight to the Blind, Shake for Me), Communication Breakdown (incl. Cat’s Squirrel, It’s Your Thing)

Background Info:

The Texas International Pop Festival was a fine ending to an amazing summer of outdoor festivals for the band. It goes without saying that the festivals gave the band much needed exposure and firmly established the group in the eyes of fans and music industry folks alike. Their extremely high level of festival performances also gave fair warning to their peers that Led Zeppelin was a world-class band with limitless potential.

The festival was also the last performance of the third US tour. After relentlessly touring for most of 1969, the band would finally get a much-deserved break, taking off the entire month of September before embarking on a short Holland tour beginning October 3.

Participating Artists:

August 30 – 4:00 p.m.: Canned Heat, Chicago Transit Authority, James Cotton Blues Band, Janis Joplin, B.B. King, Herbie Mann, Rotary Connection, Sam & Dave.

August 31 – 4:00 p.m.: Chicago Transit Authority, James Cotton Blues Band, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Incredible String Band, B.B. King, Led Zeppelin, Herbie Mann, Sam & Dave, Santana.

September 1 – 4:00 p.m.: Johnny Winter, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, B.B. King, Nazz, Sly and the Family Stone, Spirit, Sweetwater, Ten Years After, Tony Joe White.

Press Reaction:

Dallas Morning News (September 3, 1969): “Unlike the proverbial balloon, Led Zeppelin flew high late Sunday night. ‘Communication Breakdown’ was one of the fine numbers they offered. They tended, however, to drag their heavy interludes out a little too in their lengthy but superb segment of the festival…But even this could not dull the crowd’s appreciation.“

Billboard (September 13, 1969): “Jimmy Page lived up to expectations for the Saturday (sic – it was Sunday) performance his facile command of impressive guitar styling highlighting Led Zeppelin’s set, which also showcased a noticeably improved vocal performance from Robert Plant.”

Rolling Stone (November 1, 1969):“Led Zeppelin turned in a fantastic set.”

Bootleg Video Recording:

A 79 minute “underground” 16mm documentary of the festival exists with a few minutes of ‘Dazed and Confused’ included. A total of 11:10 minutes of Led Zeppelin bootleg footage exists, including clips of ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’, ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘You Shook Me’, ‘How Many More Times’, and ‘Communication Breakdown’.

Bootleg Recordings

3 sources (64 & 62 minute audience & 63 minute soundboard sources):

The festival was yet another major triumph for the band, as they made the most of their hour-plus long set and turned in another strong performance. Fortunately, this time the evidence exists in the form of a stellar soundboard tape, one of the finest examples of early Zeppelin and a ‘must have.’ Despite being the end of an extremely long summer for the group, they still had enough energy left to deliver another dynamic performance.

During the show, Robert Plant made reference back to their appearance four weeks earlier (August 4) in Dallas at the State Fair Coliseum: “It’s very nice to be back in Texas. Last time we were here it was a near disaster when we said we weren’t doing the festival and everything. This is the last date before we go back to England, so we’d really like to have a nice time…and you can help us.”

Compiled by Mike Tremaglio


67 at 67…

Next Tuesday September 5 I reach the ripe old age of 67.

Here’s the young DL complete with rather large Led Zeppelin badges in a photo taken on Saturday September 4 1976 -the day before my 20th Birthday.

That was a year that I heralded the release of the Led Zeppelin Presence and Song Remains The Same albums plus The Rolling Stones Black And Blue and David Bowie’s Station To Station – saw The Rolling Stones at Earls Court, The Who at Charlton and Queen in Hyde Park, attended the first three nights of the Led Zeppelin film The Song Remains The Same at the Warner West End cinema in London including the all star premiere with all the band sitting nearby…thrilling times and it will all be in the DL Memoirs.

Oh for the zest to do all that again as here I am some 47 years later somewhat wearier.

With age comes the inevitable aging process and health issues become increasingly prominent. During the past 12 month period from last September I’ve attended five funerals with another one to go to in the next few days.

Never has the phrase ‘Cherish the day’ been so applicable. That of course can be easier said than done – keeping positive and living in the moment is my aim -we are all running out of time and I am a very blessed man indeed that I am surrounded by so many people who bring much joy to my world – in return I strive hard to do the same for them.

As is custom I have come up with a Birthday list. This is a list of  67 of my favourite singles released in the year 1967 – in effect 67 at 67…so here goes…



Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane – The Beatles

Massachutes – The Bee Gees

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix Experience

To Sir With Love – Lulu

Daydream Believer – The Monkees

Light My Fire – The Doors

Happy Together – The Turtles

Sweet Soul Music – Arthur Conley

Let’s Spend The Night Together/Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

The First Cut is the Deepest – PP Arnold

Handbags and the Gladrags – Chris Farlowe

A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum

With A Little Help From My Friends – The Young Idea

Hole in My Shoe – Traffic

Reflections – Diana Ross and The Supremes

On a Carousel – The Hollies

Even The Bad Times Are Good – The Tremeloes

Up, Up and Away – The Fifth Dimension

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair) – Scott Mckenzie

Georgy Girl – The Seekers

Dedicated to the One I Love – The Mama’s and The Papa’s

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Gimme a Little Sign – Brenton Wood

Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones

I Can See for Miles – The Who

Don’t Sleep In the Subway – Petula Clark

Paper Sun – Traffic

See Emily Play – Pink Floyd

Our Song – Robert Plant

Itchycoo Park – The Small Faces

All You Need is Love – The Beatles

Flowers In The Rain – The Move

Matthew And Son – Cat Stevens

I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman Whistling Jack Smith

Little Games – The Yardbirds

Zabadak! – Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich

Hi-Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck

Sunshine Superman – Donovan

Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

Pink Floyd – Arnold Lane

Pictures Of Matchstick Men -Status Quo

Ode To Billy Joe – Bobby Gentry

Alternate Title – The Monkees

Keith West -Excerpt From ‘A Teenage Opera’

Observations From a Hill – Family

Baby Now That I’ve Found You -The Foundations

Everybody Knows – The Dave Clark Five

Puppet On a String – Sandie Shaw

Homburg – Procol Harum

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Fakin’ It – Simon & Garfunkel

Long Time Coming – Robert Plant

She’s That Kind of Woman – John Williams

I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy – Paul Jones

We Love You – The Rolling Stones

To Love Somebody – The Bee Gees

Silence is Golden – The Tremeloes

You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra

Kites –  – Simon Dupree & the Big Sound

Alone Again Oor – Love

King Midas In Reverse – The Hollies

Groovin’ – The Rascals

Say You Don’t Mind – Denny Laine

Hello Goodbye – The Beatles



VIP Victoria Record Fair Saturday September 9,2023: TBL Meet…

The VIP Record Fair is staged at the Horticultural Halls, 80 Vincent Square, Victoria, London on Saturday, September 9 – always an excellent Record Fair  attend in nearly three years. I am aiming to be in attendance and this will act as a bit of a post Birthday extended celebration and TBL meet -there will be an adjournment at lunchtime to the nearby pub The Royal Oak to toast my coming of age.  I look forward to seeing all that can make it along

The pub details are here:

Here’s all the VIP Record Fair info::


Saturday  September  9 2023
Horticultural Halls, 80 Vincent Square, Victoria, SW1P 2PB.
London’s very own Vinyl Fest. – the biggest and busiest Record Fair in the

Admission 12 noon £5. Early entry £10 at 10am. Doors close 5pm.

The BIG ONE returns.
London Victoria
Sat 10th September.


DL Diary Blog Update:

Friday August 25:

Latest DL seven inch single acquisitions…
A couple of very nice Rolling Stones singles I had not seen before purchased at last week’s excellent Bedford VIP Record Fair..

Saturday August 26:

A trip to Milton Keynes to meet with Phil Harris and check out the newly re sited Off The Record Willen Hospice charity music shop.
This was previously housed near The Point building. Now it has a modern spacious unit in the Centre MK.
So here’s what’s on offer:
The main attraction is the centre aisle racking which is stock full of second hand vinyl records. Neatly divided in an A to Z run it covers all genres with the emphasis on rock and pop. There’s also a run of 12 inch singles.
The pricing of albums is a bit variable. There’s an element of Discogs being used as a guide – other times it’s quite random.
There was a Led Zeppelin I –the K numbering 1972 issue priced at £50 – £30 might be more realistic. I was also surprised to see the Derek & The Dominoes Layla double set priced at £50. That said, there’s a lot of good stuff in the £10 to £15 price range.
There’s a selection of new vinyl priced £25 to £30
At the end panel of the racking there’s a selection of 60s/70/s80s singles at around £2 to £5 – again some Discogs pricing in evidence – I saw a Beatles Hey Jude single at £10.
The far wall has a large selection of second hand CDs. Prices vary from £2 to £5 and above.
Another wall has a large selection of cassettes –something I haven’t seen in a shop for a good while.
There’s a small side room full of rock and pop books, music magazines and sheet music.
Add to that a selection of acoustic guitars and second hand audio equipment .
The staff were very friendly and while we were there, it was good to hear The Rolling Stones Black and Blue and Bob Dylan’s Desire being played in store.
I came away with the following:
It’s a Beautiful Day – It’s a Beautiful Day at Carnegie Hall £2.50 –UK CBS original
String Driven Thing – The Machine That Cried – US Charisma label £10
Danny O’Keefe – -Danny O’ Keefe -1971 UK Atlantic plum and orange label produced by Ahmet Ertegun £6
Marsha Hunt –The Other Side of Midnight 1978 – 12 inch single on the Magnet label £3
Paul McCartney- Memory Most Full CD £2
Yusuf/Cat Stevens – An Other Cup CD £1
Summary. There’s a lot to look at in Off The Record and though it might not be the place to strike an obvious bargain, it’s well worth a visit and of course all in a very good cause.
Afterwards Phil and I visited his local pub The Cricketers in Oldbrook to watch the Bournemouth v Spurs match – a fine 2-0 win for Spurs and chat and share our memories of our much missed friend Tom…a top day all round…thanks Phil…

 Sunday August 27:

Andy Adams two years gone today and so missed…
Love this pic of Andy and I and the good lady Janet at the Coda 50th anniversary concert to mark Led Zeppelin’s first London show. This was at the O’Neill’s Wardour Street, London on October 18, 2018.
RIP you amazing man who shared so much passion…

Thursday August 31: 

It’s a Happy Birthday to Mrs Janet Lewis – pictured here with one of her favourite boys -grandson Ollie.

We’ve been celebrating her Birthday together every August 31 for the past 40 years – I feel a very blessed man to be doing so again today…

Thursday August 31:

In the fair city of St Albans for a Birthday day out for Janet with Sam and with the ladies shopping I could not resist a quick trip to the always excellent Empire Records – I of course could not leave this one in the racks – Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti US Swan Song label in very good condition original pressing – £20 – Bargain! I’ll take it! You cannot have too many copies of my favourite album of all time…

Thursday August 31:

On the way back from a splendid time in the company of the Birthday lady Janet and our Sam – in the fair city of St Albans – here’s the good lady Janet and I in The Boot one of our fave pubs – with an iconic Bob Dylan image looking over us and a Rolling Stones playlist overhead including Janet’s fave track She’s a Rainbow – feeling very blessed indeed…

Update here:

Thanks for listening 

Until next time…

Dave  Lewis –  September 1 2023

TBL website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

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  • Ian D said:

    Happy Birthday’s all round to team Lewis. Next time you are in St Albans and want to continue the musical pub pilgrimage, check out The Cock where Donovan first played floor spots and met Maddie Prior later of Steeleye Span. No blue plaque, but the beer is great.

    Your 67 of 67 is awesome, Daydream Believer being so good you named it twice. Perhaps one could be swapped out for Pleasant Valley Sunday?

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