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5 September 2012 5,745 views 33 Comments


From 56 to 56…Wednesday September 5th 1956 that is, through to age 56 on Wednesday September 5th 2012.

Today I reach the ripe old of 56.

I was 7 years old when I first saw a live concert (The Dave Clark Five show), 9 when I first saw Tottenham Hotspur play, 13 when I first heard Led Zeppelin, 15 when I first started work, 18 when I brought Physical Graffiti the day it came out, 21 when I jumped on stage with The Who, 22 when I wrote the first Tight But Loose magazine, 25 when I started  going out with Janet, 27 when we married, 34 when Sam was born, 38 when Adam was born, 51 when Led Zeppelin reunited at the 02, 52 when I got made redundant, and 55 when I compiled the From A Whisper to a Scream book

It’s been a mighty long way down rock’n’roll….

So another birthday rolls around and at 56 the usual passions remain undimmed.

Forgive me the indulgence but here are some DL birthday reflections:

At the centre of it all is of course Led Zeppelin and all its many offshoots. It remains an absolute privilege to be able to relay the world of Zep through the various TBL mediums be it this web site, the magazine and the books.

And then there’s music – always music:

As I have said, before my tastes were formulated in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s and have remained pretty constant ever since.

For me it’s about albums, songs, vocalists, emotion, composition, dynamics, light and shade…and the usual suspects prevail and that means I listen to the likes of   Led Zeppelin and related artists/The Who/Beatles/Rolling Stones/Rod/Faces/Bob Dylan/Nick Drake/C, S, & N, Jethro Tull/Free/Bad Co/Yes/Fairport Convention/Sandy Denny/Joni Mitchell/ Dusty Springfield/ David Bowie/T Rex/Pete Townshend/Humble Pie/Allman Brothers/Pink Floyd/Cat Stevens/BCC/George Harrison/McCartney/Wings/Traffic/Blind Faith/Derek & The Dominoes/Donovan/Family/Ronnie Wood/Mott The Hoople/ELP/Elvis Presley/Frank Sinatra/Miles Davis/Burt Bacharach/Paul Weller/Jam and more.

You could say it’s a whole lotta retro but that’s the way I like it. There’s always a fair few CDs and LP’s in the ”To listen to’’ pile and more to unravel and enjoy.

Then there  are LPs…

Vinyl – in recent years that has become a real passion –searching out old vinyl albums from a variety of sources, such as the nearby Hitchin market, JB’s in London, Wax Factor in Brighton and the various major record fairs is always a joy. Re connecting with vinyl is one of life’s delights.

Above – a man in his element…at Hitchin Market amongst the vinyl racks.

It’s also worth noting that working in the music retail sector for 35 years did open my ears to a lot of other music I would not have come into contact with. My appreciation of Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis was nurtured during that era. Selling over the counter all the fads of the 70s ,80s and 90s – everything from the Bay City Rollers through the Police, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys ,and on to the 90s Britpop Blur, Oasis etc, put me in direct line with all that and I have a quaint affection for a fair bit of that stuff –not that I own much of it but if I hear something on the radio from that time it can prompt a warm memory for sure .

I also grew up in the glory era of soul and Motown and anything from that period resonates ie Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Supremes, Jackson Five etc.

Way back in the late 70s I did enjoy the punk onslaught of which the good stuff ie Sex Pistols/Clash still sounds strong. Through my good friend Dec I was also exposed to a lot of the new wave/electronic early 80s movement such as Joy Division/New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes etc. My collection is also littered with quirky oddities – I have a fair few speech based albums (Kennedy, Churchill, Hancock,That was the Week That Was ) and TV and film collections and soundtracks. I also love those sampler albums from the late 70s such as Island Records You Can All Join In, Nice Enough to Eat,Bumpers etc.

My recent oddball LP acquisitions have included Zager & Evans In the year 2525 1969 album and Groovin’ with Mr Bloe –  a 1970s instrumental album. You gotta love ’em!

So music remains all encompassing. Playing it, writing about it, reading about it-  That folks is my DNA.

Add to that the love of football –and following the erratic fortunes of Tottenham Hotspur and England  a good old bike ride (my favoured mode of transport) and socialising in the pub with friends.

Pubs oh yes…I have a great affinity for the great British pub – and it’s not just that they serve alcohol – I love the differing atmosphere, the lay out –the sheer tradition of the British pub. Too many are closing of course which is a terrible shame. Those that remain should be coveted.  It has to be said many of the pics of me posted here and on Facebook tend to be taken…you guessed it in a pub.

Above-  conducting business with visiting Australian Zep fan Mick Judd on Monday and yes it was in a pub!

Here’s some other random  DL little pleasures:  Laying the various TBL projects at the esteemed StudioMix in Bedford with Mick Lowe, early morning phone calls with Gary to chew the TBL cud, the early morning bike rides around Bedford embankment, a beer or two in The Park pub with Max, socialising in the Devonshire Arms with the good lady Janet and our friends Terry and Marian and Tom and Jacky, CD packages from John Parkin, hooking up with the good man Dec when he is in town and that other Earls Court vet Phil H. You gotta value life’s little pleasures….as you get older and none of us are getting any younger -the days are to cherish and with health issues to contend with and the usual daily grind, it ain’t always easy but like the singer once said you’ve got to keep smilin’ and keep positive.

One aspect of life in general that has emerged in the past 12 months is the increasing interest in social media and in the grand tradition of the ‘’If you can’t beat ‘em join em’’ ethic, I have got much more involved in Twitter and Facebook –notably the latter which is a tangible and very instant way of spreading the TBL word and keeping in touch.

The TBL word…now there’s a thing. That has become fundamental to our existence here as being self employed that’s the way I try and make a living.

Yes these are tough economic times and it remains a challenge to spread the TBL world and encourage people to part with hard earned cash to read about the world of Led Zeppelin in all its forms. What I do endeavor to archive (with a a lot of my friends –ie Gary Foy, Mike Tremaglio, Mick Lowe and contributors such as Gerard Sparaco, Nick Anderson, Simon Cadman,Stephen Humphries, Ian Avey, Jeff Strawman, Larry Bergmann,Rikky Rooksby,Alec Plowman etc) is a standard of content and presentation that justifies the investment.

I would like to think the TBL magazine has attained a high standard these past few issues and maintaining that’s a major objective ahead. The TBL product catalogue carries a variety of items –the TBL magazine, the TBL five pack back issue pack, the Led Zeppelin Feather in the Wind Over Europe 1980 book, the Omnibus Press titles The Concert File and the recently published From a Whisper to a Scream.

Ahead is the publication of the new TBL issue 33 – issue 34 in early 2013 and the second edition of the Led Zeppelin Then as it Was Knebworth book due next spring.

As I have explained before, the one downside I have of being a virtual one man band, is that it’s difficult to spin the plates of various projects and move them as quickly as I’d like.

That said there are some exciting plans ahead –and my projects list includes an ambitious re issue plan for the early TBL magazines including the fabled issue number one, a Led Zeppelin Ahmet Ertegun 02 Reunion concert volume and a book that will chronicle extensively the Earls Court 1975 and more. While I m mentioning projects ahead, this might be a timely moment to mention that there are strong rumours reaching me that the 02 reunion concert will be officially released in November -rumours only at the moment but if it happens that would be most welcome!

The simple fact is – if you keep buying them, I’ll keep writing them and I would like to personally thank every subscriber and buyer of TBL product this past year. Your support is very much appreciated and valued.

Alongside all that, there’s the freelance bits and pieces that I get involved in – notably the recent Rod Stewart/Never A Dull Moment feature for Record Collectors which is due to publish in the next couple of months.

‘’Never been a millionaire’’ as Rod sings on True Blue the opening track of the aforementioned Never A Dull Moment

I may not be rich in monetary terms but when it comes to love and friendship…. I’d say I’m a millionaire.

I am truly blessed to be lucky enough to have a bank of close friends I’ve known since I was 17 who have shared (and continue to ) many a Zep related journey. Then there’s the extended TBL crew of many like minded souls who I have been  lucky enough to share the Zep passion with over so many years – Gary F,Carol, Gary D, Michaela, Dan,  Charlie, Mark H, Cliff, Graeme, Pam, Steve Way, Kathy, Terry,Kam, Russell R, Dave Linwood, Eddie, Julian, Dave Fox , Phil T, Pete G, Jose,  Billy and Alison, Andy A, Paul H,Dawn A, Lorraine and Michael, Brian Knapp,  Alessandro, Richard G, Andrew Ricci, Larry B, Warren, Karen, Barry Wom, Terry S, Lou Anne,Frank, Mike W, AA, Krys J, Rikky R,Michael K, Mick Bulow, Tiina ,the Hats Off boys,Raf ,Billy,Geoff and many others -the list goes on and they know who they are.

Closer to home there’s Janet, Adam and Sam -and Janet’s Mum Betty- Their love and inspiration I am eternally grateful for…

In particular the wonderful Janet of course, who has been with me every step of the way for nigh on 30 years.

Today Janet and I plan to hop on the train to visit St Albans –this is where Sam works on the Herts Advertiser and we plan to meet up with her for lunch. Adam’s due back at school and I’ll catch him later and Janet’s mum Betty. Later I’ll hook up with Tom and Max for a beer or two –along the way one or two vinyl LP’s will find their way on to the turntable –and on Thursday I’ll connect with my good friend Terry.

Then it will be back to being full on with TBL 33 and I am in London Friday for an important interview for more content for the magazine..

And year 57 will be underway…

Lastly…in the grand tradition of Facebook timelines, I have concocted the annual DL birthday list

This is one that takes me from 56  ie 1956 – that is to age 56 in 2012. Next to each year are relevant DL musical memories – be them singles, LP’s or gigs that defined that particular  year in one way or another.

Here goes…

FROM (19)56 TO 56

1956: Que Sera Sera – Doris Day (the UK number one single when I was born)

1957:Where Are You –Frank Sinatra

1958: Move it – Cliff Richard

1959: Kind of Blue –Miles Davis

1960: Shakin’ All Over –Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

1961: Can’t Help Falling in love –Elvis Presley

1962: Fireball XL5 theme – Don Spencer

1963: Glad All Over –Dave Clark Five

1964: Doctor Who theme –Ron Grainer

1965: James Bond theme -John Barry

1966: Thunderbirds theme -Barry Gray

1967: Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

1968: Beggars Banquet – The Rolling Stones

1969: Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

1970: Led Zeppelin III

1971: Led Zeppelin IV

1972: Telegram Sam –T.Rex

1973: Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin

1974: You Can Make Me Dance,Sing or Anything –Rod/Faces

1975: Physical Graffiti/ Earls Court Vols 1 and 2 – Led Zeppelin

1976: Presence – Led Zeppelin

1977: Marquee Moon Television

1978: The Who filming at Shepperton Studios

1979: In Through The Out Door and Knebworth–Led Zeppelin

1980: Led Zeppelin – Cologne Sporthalle

1981: Ceromony – New Order

1982: Pictures At Eleven –Robert Plant

1983: Robert Plant – The Tube TV recording

1984: Honeydrippers Vol 1

1985: Live Aid

1986: Rod Stewart –Wembley Arena

1987: Bad –Michael Jackson

1988 Now & Zen –Robert Plant

1989: Deacon Blue –Hammersmith Odeon

1990: World in Motion – England New Order

1991:  Remasters –Led Zeppelin (technically this came out in 1990 but it ran all through ’91)

1992: Celebration Days – Led Zeppelin London Comnvention

1993: Fates Of Nations –Robert Plant

1994: Unledded No Quarter – Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

1995: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Meadowlands Arena

1996: Three Lions – Baddiel & Skinner/Lightning Seeds

1997: Stay Young -Oasis

1998: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – ULU London

1999: Priory Of Brion – Red Lion Birmingham

2000: Priory Of Brion – Reading Hexagon

2001: All Things Must Pass – George Harrison re issue

2002: Robert Plant –Hammersmith Odeon

2003: DVD/How The West Was Won – Led Zeppelin

2004: Made To Love Magic – Nick Drake

2005:Mighty ReArranger – Robert Plant

2006: Robert Plant/Strange Sensation –Cornbury Festival

2007: Led Zeppelin – 02 Arena

2008: If I Should Ever Leave – Tom Jones

2009: Knebworth Then As It Was book Launch

2010: Robert Plant  And  The Band Of Joy – Roundhouse

2011: Jimmy Page guesting with Donavan and Roy Harper

2012: Robert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters -Gloucester Guildhall

And that is how the journey has mapped out from 1956 to 56 years old…

Below is an extract from what happened during the 1978 entry…the young DL enters proceedings at around 9.33 – you know the ending!

With best regards to all TBL people…

Dave Lewis –  September 5th,2012.



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  • Steve A. Jones said:

    Belated birthday wishes to one of my favorite gentlemen in the world, Dave Lewis. It’s awe-inspiring what a positive impact you have made upon myself and undoubtedly so many others thru the years. Thank you for all that you do and may this be your best year yet!

  • Steve said:

    Belated birthday wishes Dave and I salute you for the fantastic work you have done over the years bringing a little bit of joy to us all and for admitting to having some affection for the Rollers 😉

  • Vic Morgan said:

    As one 56 year old to another a VERY happy birthday. You keep alive the excitement of Zep’s music and you’ve already got me tingling waiting for the O2 DVD. I feel that will need you to grace the Late Show once again. Cheers Dave

  • Mick Olsen said:

    Happy Birthday Dave! I’m 6 months older than you so a lot of your songs and memories echo mine. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Zeppelin 5 times, the last of which in Europe you kindly allowed me to recount in your book Feather in the Wind. Keep up the good work and maybe one day I’ll have a beer with you. Cheers!!

  • Mick Bulow said:

    Hi Dave
    Happy Birthday! Belated because I couldn’t put down From a Whisper!Absolutely brilliant read! Can’t wait for the next TBL and the 02 news has me salivating! Dave, hope you had a wonderful birthday and hope to see you soon!
    Whole Lotta Love!


    Dear Mr. Lewis,

    Well I have to raise my hat to you on the occasion of your 56 ! (I turn 50 next month). Like you, Led Zeppelin and it’s individual contributors continue to inspire me retrospectively and into the future !

    I salute your dedication to THE best collective band EVER the roam the planet (and that includes Jason,should Robert see the light).

    So, as they say in Wales, pemblywdd hapus i chi and here’s to good health !

    Mark Williams.


  • Michel said:

    Hi Dave, sorry for the delate but HAPPY BIRTHAY. You’re a great man, thanks to be there.
    Kind regards,

  • Mick Judd said:

    G’day Dave

    The two books and other TBL parephenalia saved my sanity on what was a very long tiring trip back to Perth, but got back safely I’m glad to say. Both books are excellent but I’m sad to say a flight attendant bumped me as I was holding a red wine which spilled onto ‘From a Whisper to a Scream’ which was a bummer. Never mind. Will be ordering ‘Then as it was’ as soon as possible.

    Looking forward to catching your diary entries on a regular basis. p.s. the photo above is a good one. Next time will be hopefully be a long session to chat all things Zeppelin….


  • Steve harrison said:

    Happy belated birthday Dave,great to finally hear some (sligtly )positive news on the O2 dvd. As well as a earls court book(ala Feather/Then as it was?)Also finally TBL back issues ,wish I was aware of them at the time.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Folks thank
    you for all the birthday wishes and lovely comments which mean a lot to me and have been an inspiration

  • Keith Miller said:

    Belated birthday wishes Dave. Well done and thanks. You are the keeper of the flame sir!

  • Gaetan said:

    Happy birthday M.Lewis. It’s always a pleasure to read the TBL magazines I own. I started my Led Zeppelin CD collection one year and a half ago. Now I’m proud to say that I started my Tight But Loose collection 6 months ago and I’m planning to continue that path too.

    Thank you very much again!

  • Glen said:

    The obligatory ‘Happy Birthday’ to you. Enjoy your birthday week … what’s left of it. You are an inspiration with your love of music; specifically Zep related. And of course your complete naturallness shines through with your personal snippets of your life and adventures. Long may you reign. Looking forward to any and all of your future offerings. Where would Zep, Plant, Page, Jones and even Bonham Jr, be without you. (probably where they are now but without the human touch!!) … anyway … back to reality. Work / School / Daily Slog / Doctors / Bills / Economy / ….. Hey ! it’s the weekend looming! Enjoy.

  • Jonny B said:

    Happy Birthday Dave-Keep up the great work.

  • Mark James said:

    Happy birthday Dave, thanks for everything you do to keep us informed with your site. It was great for Lorraine and I to finally meet you at the Assembly Rooms in July where we were all getting very excited as we prepared to see Robert perform. Hope to say hi again.
    All the best Mark.

  • Cliff Hilliard said:

    Hi Dave,
    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    You maybe 56 but you are still “Young at heart”, especially when it comes to all that’s Led Zeppelin.

    Many happy returns to you !!!

    See you soon.

  • Mateusz P. said:

    Hello Dave,


    All the best & keep on doing this great job for all the Led Zeppelin’s fans.

    Best wishes !

  • Steve Livesley said:

    A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave. Hope to catch up and meet one day . Cheers.

  • Larry said:

    Happy Birthday Dave Lewis aka The Man!!!!!! And many many more!!!

    Larry B

  • Matt OK said:

    Dave – you are a wonderful man, spreading the Zep word as you do, so graciously and enthusiastically – very happy birthday! Cheers, Matt

  • Mark Harrison said:

    DAVE LEWIS. To me that name is now synomynous with Led Zeppelin. You just will NOT meet anyone who is more enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the band we all love. Dave your enthusiasm is totally infectious and is an inspiration to me during my many dark days. Most out there will know what I say is true but some may not know the actual man behind the name. You won’t find a kinder more thoughtful human being. It was Dave who visited me twice in hospital in 2005 when I was terribly ill. It was Dave who supplied a much needed copy of Physical Graffiti during the same stay (I just had to hear it!)
    Quite a man and it is an utter privilege to know you mate……

  • Tim Fox said:

    Happy Birthday Dave,
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are entering year 57 – you’ve already been on the planet for 56 whole
    years ! Oh well sounds like it will be a good one for us as well as you.

  • Donny said:

    Happy birthday, Dave. Wish you always be happy, in great shape and dynamic as Led Zeppelin in their 1969 – 1973 precious era … Always love your writing and books … Couldn’t wait for more …

    Thanks for successfully making me love THE BAND more and more …

  • Klaus Stocker said:

    “An inspiration is what you are to me …” – since I saw an advert in MELODY MAKER back in the hard times of 1978 and received the first handwritten TBL-issues with your Earls Court memories. Dave, my deepest respect for your ever-lasting passion. Have a nice birthday and keep up the good work. KLAUS

  • Julian Walker said:

    Excellent musings from Mr TBL in person! Many happy returns, and many more to look forward to! The new projects sound extremely exciting. You can always count on the full and highly enthusiastic support from me and my alter ego Jules McTrainspotter, and the Underground Uprising website.

  • Simon Cadman said:

    Many happy returns, Dave. Btw, didn’t know you were there at the Tube show. Me too. I have a letter of apology, somewhere deep in the vaults (cardboard box), from the programme-makers after I wrote to complain that it wasn’t broadcast…

  • RichardG said:

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    You’re an inspiration…your tireless enthusiasm and commitment is infectious. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity in sharing it with us, we all appreciate it!

    If you build it, they will come or so they say…as long as you’re still writing and publishing we’ll keep subscribing and reading. Carry on doing what you’re doing…as someone once said, IT WORKS!

    Enjoy your day, take a few moments to reflect on everything you’ve achieved and treat yourself to a nice cold pint – in a pub of course!

    Take it easy pal,


  • STEVE WAY said:

    Dave….you are one top geezer, could write loads more…but you know dont you….have a wonderful day
    all our love

    Steve n Kathy


  • Gary Davies said:


    Have a fantastic day mate, you’re a true LEGEND. Lots of love from Gary & Deb xx

    PS. Don’t start on the beers too early 😉

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    James thanks for the comments -yes old Marc was a true star!

    Michaela – your lovely deep felt comments touched me and humbled me and thank you so much…

  • James Rimmer (NZ) said:

    Happy birthday Dave. Telegram Sam! What a stroke of genious. Just picked up the Electric Warrior anniversary box set. I’m in London in 4 weeks and plan a wee visit to the Tree, and to Russhock of course. All the best from downunder.

  • Michaela said:

    Dave….in the words of Clare Grogan of Altered Images HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Thank you for your gift of sharing such a personal list. What a fabulous way to represent your personal soundtrack !

    It really made me think the importance I place on music. I , being born a little after you ( Tom Jones -Green Green Grass of Home , was number 1 when I was born ) cant claim to have been at such historic Zep gigs as yourself , but through your stories, your writing and through my beloved vinyl….I can be there too! Thank you for making that possible for me and others.

    Music really is the most wonderful gift. 
    Music defines us ; it makes us smile, cry, sing , dance , it can raise armies, it represents us as countries. We use music to define special moments at weddings, parties, celebrations. It brings us close to those we have lost, we use music at funerals and in remembrance services. We use music to add an essential dimension to films and theatre. We use music to support our sports teams , we chant at football matches, we use it to unite us! 
     We use music to recall where we were at specific occasions – our first dance, our first gig ,the song playing when our children were born.

    We use music as a central theme to our cultural events , we have ‘pomp and circumstance’ in this country. We do it well!  How did Great Britain show the world what WE do , during recent events ? Through music! The Queens Jubilee and the Olympics were marked with music . Admittedly there were huge gaps and some strange choices of music at the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies , but what else would,create the passion, the rousing spirit and the debate , than  music?  
    How many people could fail,to be touched by the words and music of John Lennon’s Imagine? And what team will not sing Queens “We are the champions”?

    Music fills our lives ! It fills my summers in muddy fields, fills my weekends in local pubs and large venues. I’ve travelled miles for music – following Bruce Springsteen round the country in the 80s, travelling to the US to see the Foo Fighters on my birthday last year, and recently seeing both Muse AND Guns n Roses on the SAME night in the States! 
    I’ve stood in rain and thunder to see bands, have been covered in beer ( or whatever it is that gets thrown around at outdoor gigs!!) , stayed in tents in noisy festival campsites, been crushed in mosh pits, lost sleep over NOT getting tickets to gigs, taken time off work to ensure I’m ready, online , to GET tickets to gigs! 
    I’ve visited St Marks Place to see the Physical Graffiti building and even climbed the steep uphill track to a certain little cottage in Wales, Bron Yr Aur!

    It has made memorable days for me , meeting John Paul Jones this year in a tiny venue, meeting Jimmy last year, being front row at the Gloucester Robert Plant gig. Its given me precious time with my boys – this year alone seeing dozens of bands including Robert Plant & the Band of Joy, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Slash, Foo Fighters,  Black Stone Cherry and attending the Reading  Festival ( as no Glastonbury this year!) . All wonderful memories, brought together by music! 

    It helps make us new friends! Through music I met you and Janet and a huge amount of wonderful people , many I can now call close friends! 
    On your special day Dave , I can share some of my memories of you include your enduring patience with me as I visited you at your record store worrying about whether I would actually get to THAT 02 gig. ( I do remember people queuing for over 3 hours to get tickets and wristbands for the event and cheering when they actually had them placed on their wrist!) . I also think you are probably the only person just as passionate as me about my Gramophone and my collection of 78s.
     I appreciate the kindness you have shown me and my boys , especially recently talking about music to my youngest son, who is  so impressed to know ‘ a famous person!’ xx 

    So let’s all sing the worlds best known song …’Happy Birthday’ for you today Dave. And in the words of ABBA ( bear with me please!!) – “Thank you for the music” , thank you for helping keep it alive , thank you for bringing strangers together as friends!
    Have a wonderful day with Janet , Sam and Adam. See you soon! 

    To paraphrase Ahmet Urtegun – what a great life , this life of music! X 

  • Joan said:

    Have A Happy Birthday Dave! I wish you lots of happiness and the finest things in life – today & every day!

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