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19 November 2012 12,326 views 12 Comments

The TBL Celebration Countdown continues…to mark the impending momentous worldwide release of  Celebration Day – the Led Zeppelin Ahmet Ertegun 02 reunion concert on DVD, Blue ray and CD on Monday November 19th 2012 , we are counting down to the day….

The Countdown is over -another Celebration Day is here….

Today –Monday November 19th 2012 is the official release date of Celebration Day –the DVD/Blue ray/CD package of the film of Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert staged at the 02 to honour  the life of Ahmet Ertegun on December 10th 1007.

Fans around the world today will be eagerly unwrapping the contents and lining up their DVD palyer etc to wade through the contents of this historic and long awaited release – which not only includes the Celebration Day film but the 116 minute complete dress rehearsal as staged on December 6th 2007. Some fans as we know many fans have already received their copies notably in Australia and Holland.

So this is another Celebration Day ……wherever you are enjoy this embarrassment of riches and let us know what you think –and add any photos you night take of soaking up these releases on this unique day – we would also welcome any shots taken in retail outlets/record shops.

Here at the TBL HQ, I’ll be running through the DVD content with my good friend Alan Stutz who is down from Newcastle. Before he moved up there in 1989, Alan and I shared a fair few Zep related experiences -a memorable playback of Pictures At Eleven at his house in the summer of ’82, a remarkable Robert Plant gig at Leceister University in January 1988 -the first time we heard Robert perform the Zep songs post split Zep….Alan was also one of the first to buy TBL issue number one so it’s great he should be around today…


I spoke with John after the Supersilent gig last night and asked him for some final thoughts as the Celebration Day releases are unleashed across the world:

”We are of course all very pleased it’s finally out there but what I’m really pleased about is that to capture it on film and live on stage with all those close ups, now everyone can finally see what we did on stage and what makes all that magic – so that’s really the best thing for me. It’s four people on stage playing together intensively – that’s what it’s always been all about”


The Countdown is over -another Celebration Day is here….

The Celebration Day journey began for me on September 23rd 2012 at the press screening at London’s Leicester Square Odeon cinema….

..some 57 days later it all culminates in the Celebration Day release now on sale as can be seen from this advert at London’s Liverpool Street underground station yesterday

Here’s the latest round up of Celebration Day news….


Here’s some reviews from the weekdend’s media…

Nice one hear from long time TBL supporter Patrick Humphries


Here’s some early feedback from Mick Judd in Australia

Couldn’t wait until the lunch break to head down to the shopping mall to pick up my ‘copy’ and ended up getting two of the versions, not just one. Got one with the tee shirt. Hiding one from my wife! There are lots of bits that I missed from watching the film at the cinema that are picked up on the DVD, which is good. Also, the sound quality is so much better I reckon, even though my sound system is reasonably modest.

I think the interplay and warmth between band members was really evident from the DVD and that they had truly ‘gelled’ on the night. I still think Jason Bonham was the shining light on the night….big shoes and a big gig. His drumming was blazingly good. I note from the notes that JB broke down after the gig and it’s easy to understand why.

For me, this will eventually be seen as the seminal Zeppelin live footage in time, putting the band in true perspective with all the hype of the 70’s well behind them. I think this gig wasn’t about connecting with their wide and loyal audience so much, it was really about paying respect to their past (Ahmet Ertegun etc) and paying proper respect to and reconnecting with each other as a band and as journeymen. On that level it really really worked for them and it was truly heartening to see the fun they were having working together as a tight unit again.



John on stage last night – JPJ pics by Dave Lewis for TBL.

Fantastic night last night at the Supersilent John Paul Jones gig at the London Village underground –more thoughts on this to follow

More news:


Classic Tracks “Kashmir” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You” to Be Featured in
Monday, November 19, Episode of ‘Revolution’ (10:01–11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – To celebrate the release of their upcoming live concert film and album Celebration Day, available Monday, November 19, Led Zeppelin has granted NBC and Warner Bros. Television rights to feature two of their songs in an episode of the hit series “Revolution,” airing later that night (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET) on NBC.

The classic Led Zeppelin tracks “Kashmir” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You” will be showcased in “Revolution” on Monday, November 19.

“Anyone who really knows me knows how obsessed I am with Led Zeppelin. So the fact that the band agreed to put two songs in my show is, very seriously, a career high-point,” said Eric Kripke, creator and executive producer of “Revolution.”

“Revolution” is the epic adventure from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke, about a family struggling to reunite in an American landscape void of electricity: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology — computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights — has mysteriously blacked out forever. Kripke, Abrams and Bryan Burk (“Lost,” “Star Trek”) serve as executive producers, and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man” movies) serves as co-executive producer. “Revolution” is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television.

Following last night’s all-new episode, NBC debuted a special trailer, featuring “Kashmir,” for the November 19 episode. A promo for “Revolution” featuring “Kashmir” will run throughout the week on NBC, and an extended version of the trailer will be available on


The Rolling Stone collectors edition Led Zeppelin special should now be on sale in branches of WH Smith. It was on sale yesterday at the Liverpool Street store in London.


Enjoy this Celebration Day and let us know your experiences of indulging in another memorable communal Led Zep event… 

Until next time…

Keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

November  19th 2012

Don’t forget that you can follow Dave Lewis/TBL on Twitter – LedzeppelinTBL

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  • Ed- Washington DC said:

    Celebration Day arrived, and I haven’t had this much fun since the Zeppelin DVD dropped ten years ago. Having both (along with Song Remains) is to have the complete visual testament of Led Zeppelin.

    A few observations:

    The packaging is stunning. Bright, colorful, iconic graphics, looks like something that might’ve been released back in the day. Sepia photography, personalized liner notes.

    Naturally, JPJ is a man of few words but right on point. Jimmy takes us through the rehearsal process and the epic nature of the project, Robert’s eccentricities are on full view.

    Jason Bonham’s notes were frankly quite moving. Taking us through the pre-show, the nerves, the immensity of the task, and the fulfilment of having sat in his father’s shoes for a full-on Zeppelin gig.

    The drum finish on Rock and Roll brings it home for him, and there is a photo of the three members of Zeppelin smiling back at him at that precise moment. Must’ve been staggering. He closes by decribing his emotional release backstage afterward, and I think anyone who has followed this band can completely empathize.

    Sound, cinematography, editing, all superbly presented. Its also refreashing to see Zeppelin with modern staging. Back in their day, to their credit, it was all about the music and minimalist stage sets, save for their name in lights in 75 or that absurd Stonehenge backdrop in Oakland 77.

    But the videoscreen added to the excitment rather than detract, used to quite good effect in particular on “For Your Life”, “Trampled Underfoot” and “Kashmir”, which features Presence-like oblesks at the song conclusion.

    Each audio CD has a Big Ben clockface, the first of which is set to twelve past ten (perhaps their start time?) and the second is ten past midnight, which is where the band finds itself with this release.

    This release presents an appropriate epilogue to the body of wrok of greatest rock and roll band ever, whose end was sudden and incomplete and whose various attempts at reunion were not Celebration Days at all.

    I could go on and on, but I will yield the floor to others to offer their insights. I will simply close with a heartfelt message to the four musicians:

    Thank you, and good night.

  • DaveM said:

    Incredible performances by the four band members.

    Highlights for me are Trampled, Misty Mountain Hop, For Your Life.
    and Rock and Roll.

    It’s very powerful, with JPJ’s bass much higher in the mix than 70s’ Zep. (Jason’s backing vocals also add to some of the songs).

    It’s emotional and uplifting – but I was reminded just how cheesed off I was at the time when I couldn’t get tickets, and Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell could!

    Zep were clearly also, from a technical point of view, in a position to maybe do more dates. Not a full-scale tour, but a handful of stadium shows that would have satisfied some of the huge demand.

    Nevertheless, it put to bed the travesties of Live Aid and Atlantic ’88 … and I’m going to watch it again tonight!

  • Kristine said:

    My copy of Celebration Day was delayed by some supplier mix up but I’ve just received an email saying it was posted out today..there goes the weekend and who cares about the lawn!!

  • Dave Chittenden said:

    Being in New Zealand, i have had the Blu ray for four days now and it gets better each time. Jonesys keyboards in SIBLY almost bring my 300w sub to it’s knees. I don’t think Plant is getting enough credit for his performance on the night. He is way stronger here than some mid 70s zep shows and certainly better than P&P No Quarter.

  • Daviv Kamore said:

    This is a great gift to Led Zeppelin fans, and to those who will be initiated to the band through Celebration Day’s release. After seeing the film twice (in the Boston area here in the US) I was not quite as enthusiastic about getting my hands on the DVD, but I did make my way over to the local Best Buy to get the Deluxe Blu-Ray,+DVD+2CD. Best Buy had no real display set up in preparation for the the Celebration, although there was a poster on the end-cap of one aisle, while the dvd’s were all together in a few rows in a Hodge-podgy mix of the regular packaging with the bonus packaging and Cd’s. I couldn’t see the set I wanted, so I asked an employee who then became confused about what I was looking for; I suspect this confusion is due to the similar appearance, colors, and shapes of the different sets (far too much effort must be put in to actually read a label I suppose). I finally started to flip through all of the sets in the row and somewhere in the back row found the one I wanted, much to the surprise of the employee who wanted to scan it in order to prove it really existed (he told me it was the only one in the store-Lucky Me!)

    I listened to the excellent sounding Cd’s in the car on the way home, and popped the Blu-Ray into my PS3 and LCD TV; with the sound handled by my old franken-sony with the random Bose speakers. It sounded, looked, and was simply great, with the rehearsal making a great encore.

    Having seen this film three times now, (not counting the Third Eye stuff), there are a few things that really stand out to this aging rock guitarist. Firstly, Jimmy Page and JPJ should be doing something together right now, today, and into the future, with or without Robert (Time “The Ravager” waits for no man). And secondly, I would say that this film may be the most inspirational thing I have ever seen. This concert really reasserted where true north should lie for rock music; hopefully with the release of this great show there will be a shift in the right direction for the genre as a whole.

  • Ian Avey said:

    I ordered from, and was amazed when the packages all turned up during Friday & Saturday. I watched the DVD Friday, and the Blu Ray and Rehearsals on Saturday.

    The Blu Ray footage is wonderfully clear. I think the Super 8 footage comes across much better on a smaller screen than at the cinema, where it appeared slightly grainy on a massive screen.

    It was strange seeing the Shepperton rehearsal after having only been used to hearing the audio over the past year.

    It is so good though that we all now have this incredible show for all time, and top marks to the producer and band for releasing complete shows with virtually no edits!

    Fantastic 😀

  • f Cafiero said:

    Watched it 4 times since Sat. Gets better with every listen. Home sick today, watched it again then the hi res blu ray audio disc came in the mail. If you own a Blu-Ray player, it’s worth the extra bucks, far superior to the CD version. The dress rehearsal is also great to watch. It’s a little strange to hear the songs without screaming fans, but its interesting to see what little changes and ad libs they made. Worth a look.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Richard – I was totally steamrollered by For Your Life!!!

    Great comments coming through – what a band!
    No not just a band …more a way of life….

  • RichardG said:

    Holy crap, I’ve just been flattened by the Trampled Underfoot Express! 😀

  • andrew johnson said:

    Ive been listening/watching Celebration Day for a couple of days now. Driving my truck yesterday , the local radio station played Rock and Roll from the O2 show. As Jason played out the drum solo at the end , the enormity of what he had taken on and how he had absolutely aced it on the night really sunk in and I found myself driving along with a tear in my eye. Unbelievable stuff. This band just gets better and better with age

  • Ed- Washington DC said:

    According to Amazon tracking, my pre-ordered copy has left the facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia and is en-route to Southern Maryland as I type this. Its almost as though I can hear it rumbling in the distance.

    What a Thanksgiving Week this will be when I unleash this baby on the visiting relatives.

  • RichardG said:

    So the waiting is finally over..!

    A few local independents were doing under the counter transactions on Saturday but I’d pre-ordered from Amazon (who’ve let me down badly – it’s a lunchtime trip to HMV for me today!) so haven’t seen it yet at home. I’m expecting to be blown away again…

    Supersilent at Bristol on Saturday were superb and I thought it was a much more enjoyable experience than the Minibus Pimps earlier in the year. I managed a few minutes with John after their performance, but just talked Supersilent and Minibus Pimps. John said the MP try to achieve something different to SS but he is really enjoying playing with both…I told him that Dave would probably collar him the following night for some Celebration Day feedback!

    When Celebration Day was announced I went a bit bonkers and invested in a projector for the house…I’ve been waiting for today for a long, long time!!!

    So tonight, once again, in living rooms around the country we come together to share a passion for this remarkable band! It’s been an incredible 3 months or so, thanks Dave and Gary for all the hard work…it’s been brilliant!

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