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21 November 2012 10,035 views 15 Comments


Many thanks for all the Celebration Day feedback – Monday was another landmark day in this sequence of events with fans from all over the world enjoying the communal experience of the long awaited 02 reunion concert film release. It was also good to see the presence of the Celebration Day at the forefront of the retail sector as shops racked up what is going to be a key release for the Christmas season. These photos via Krys Jantzen vividly illustrate that Led Zeppelin look like being the saviours of the music retail industry – at least for the next few days.


Here’s the excellent Interview with Jimmy Page with Kirsty Lang for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Front Row programme, broadcast on November 16th 2012.

Here are some comments from Jason Bonham via Classic Rock:


It’s that time of year again and if you are fed up with receiving the same old tired gifts for Christmas each year, why not give your loved ones a nudge in the direction of the TBL ordering page and get them to invest on your behalf –let them really know what you want for Christmas or you may well end up with novelty socks and boxers yet again. Alternatively of course you can just treat yourself!

In the first of the TBL Gift ideas For Christmas Guides, here are some recommendations for those perfect Celebration Day companions…



So you have the Celebration Day DVD/Blu ray/CD all lined up ready to go…

The new TBL magazine issue 33 is the perfect companion to adding yet more enjoyment to this great time to be a Led Zeppelin fan .Once again it’s an action packed affair with exclusive news, views and features.

Here’s what’s instore :

Celebration Day – Press screening preview and press conference report

Nick Anderson’s Illustrated Guide to Led Zeppelin UK Singles

Mike Tremaglio chronicles Zep on tour in the USA 1972–The ‘Forgotten Giants’ tour log.

Barney Hoskyns on the writing of his new book Trampled Underfoot – The Power and Excess of Led Zeppelin.

Warren Grant –‘’My Father was the man who Led Zeppelin’’ – The TBL interview Part 2

Robert Plant – From the Artists Den to Sensational Space Shifting

John Paul Jones electronic noises with Minibus Pimps and Sunflower Jam and more

Latest Jimmy Page news

Glenn Hughes -exclusive interview on BBC’s Afterglow

Jeff Strawman Instrument Analysis/ Gerard Sparaco CD reviews and more.

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November 21st is always a bit of a special date in my calander year as it was on this day back in 1971 that I was lucky enough to witness Led Zeppelin live at the Empire Pool Wembley –and as you will read, nothing was ever the same in our house after that…Today I’ll be wading through the Empire Strikes Back Tarantura CD box set to recall the night the Wembley Empire Pool was, as the Melody Maker headline ran  ‘Zapped by Zeppelin…’

Here’s some personal reflections…

Schoolboy wonderment, Wally, Pigs and Plates at the Pool

41 years ago today I first witnessed the pure live power of Led Zeppelin when I attended the second Electric Magic show at the Empire Pool Wembley on the evening of Sunday November 21st 1971. I was just 15 years old –the effect would be a lasting one. Looking back one of the things that stands out from that time is that Zep had a ‘’leaders of the underground’’ stigma about them.

This was the latter period of the UK underground scene –the famous Oz obscenity trial was a only a couple of months before and on that November night there hung a heady atmosphere as London’s counter culture elite came out to see them. This feeling of being amongst the counter culture was enhanced by the presence of a large stall within the Empire Pool for Virgin Records Richard Branson’s newly inaugurated discount record retail operation. They were proudly selling the new Led Zeppelin album in that mysterious sleeve. There was also the famous Electric Magic poster on sale for all of 30p which now changes hands for upwards of a grand. I wish I’d brought more than one!

This was the night Home and Stone The Crows were the support acts and during both sets their respective guitarists took out a violin bow and briefly did a ‘’Jimmy’’ in mock respect for what would occur later. The in between entertainment was provided by the infamous performing pigs that didn’t and the plate spinner Olley Gray who also didn’t fare too well. Warm up records played by DJ Jeff Dexter included Redbone’s Witch Queen Of New Orleans and Isaac Hayes’ Shaft – both hits of the time (Page would insert the riff of Shaft into their version of Dazed And Confused the next week in Manchester.

There were frequent cries from the audience of ‘’Wally’’ a gig going tradition sparked by a roadie at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. Never around when needed, the road crew cries of ‘’Where’s Wally?’’ was taken up by the festival audience – and ensuing audiences at big name gigs such as this one.

Then it was time for the main event. Promoter Ricky Farr introduced them and it was evident how loud it was going to be from the moment Bonzo rattled around the kit and Jimmy flexed the Gibson. Then 1 -2-3-4 …Blam!

I was watching Led Zeppelin perform Immigrant Song in front of my own eyes…and nothing was ever the same again.

And nothing was ever this loud. The sheer force of the riff physically pushed me back. After the initial shock of that moment, well the rest of proceedings for this particular schoolboy were just awe inspiring. I watched it all with open mouthed wonderment.

So many vivid images remain from that first stunning exposure to the grown up music world. The immediate upturn of seeing this thing in the flesh was that my interest increased manifold. The scrapbooks became more meticulous, the hunger for knowledge about them more intense and the need to follow their every move a virtual means to an end. It was a year of waiting before they returned to the UK and I saw them at Alley Pally and then came five glorious nights at Earls Court and more. By then journalistic reporting of Zep in the Melody Maker and NME by the likes of Roy Hollingsworth, Nick Kent and Charles Shaar Murray had inspired me to put pen to paper myself and the seeds of Tight But Loose were being sown.

Ultimately it was that night back in November 1971 that sparked the insatiable belief in their music that has stayed with me ever since. It was a night of true Electric Magic and the intervening 41 years have done nothing to diminish its impact.

Back then at 15 years old, I knew I had witnessed something very special –but little did I realize that many years hence at age 56 Led Zeppelin, – as can be vividly seen by the events of recent weeks, would still mean so much to me and countless millions across the world.

Then as now… they still hold the (Electric) Magic….

Dave Lewis – November 21st, 2012.   

Above – the teenage DL – little did I know in four decades time the effect of that initial night of Electric Magic would still be resonating…

Above – the decidedly middle aged DL with Alan Stutz playing back Celebration Day DVD on Monday November 19th 2012 – the Electric Magic still as astonishing as it was that night 41 years ago… 

Until next time…. keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

November 21st, 2012

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and view additional photos etc at the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783


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  • Hiroshi said:

    We all know that the taped source of the second date of the Electric Magic concerts you attended has yet to be unearthed, but could you please try for us, the hardcore, to put down the set-list solely on your memory — mostly usual suspects of the U.K. Fall-Winter tour 1971,I suppose.

    I’m especially interested in what they played for encore where they varied from night to night, and though I wouldn’t ask you to verify the contents of the rock ‘n’ roll medley (which is a hard task, I assume), you may remember what blues number(s) they chose and concluded with from the first or second albums, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Lemon Song etc. They may have played Honey Bee if you don’t remember the title. I don’t think they played Good Times Bad Times and/or Your Time Is Gonna Come though, because if they had done, you would have raved about it time and again in your numerous recollections from the night!

  • Allan said:

    Dave, you referred to electric magic in Nov 1971 and it jogged my memory that they played at Liverpool Stadium on 29.11.71. I was in my O level year and had mock exams early Dec and my Dad would not let me go – I do remember a couple of my school friends going though.

    A famous venue now sadly gone and is nowadays a car park. It closed late 70s following an incident at a Thin Lizzy gig – all the great bands played there; sabbath, yes, rory gallagher, mott the hoople and so on – does anyone remember the much loved stadium?

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    What a band indeed –
    Trampled is plain awesome!

  • Allan said:

    Cannot stop playing Trampled Under Foot – truly epic and so funky.

    Have they ever played a better version? Jason’s playing is marvellous.

    What a band !

  • MIchael Brazee said:

    Number 2. Not bad for a bunch of geriatrics. And Led Zeppelin had One Direction as well – Ever Onward!

  • Richard Gaines said:

    For those of us with turntables, I’d like to add that the vinyl comes out in December (in the US at least). I have my order in and can’t wait to receive it.

    If it sounds anywhere near as good as the phenomenal The Song Remains the Same remastered LP’s, I’ll be one happy record spinner! Plus, I might have worn out my CD’s by then…

  • mike harrigan said:

    Dave, Love the website, Love all the info. Got the blu-ray and watched it with my daughter( whose middle name is PAIGE,after jimmy but had to spell it Paige, per the wife) and my dog KASHMIR. Just more proof, not that i needed it, that the Mighty Zep is and always will be the best. For Your Life and No Quarter were my favorites.Im hoping with the reaction this should get, there could possibly be more shows in the future! Big fan here in the States, keep up the great work.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Currently number 2 behind Rihanna and ahead of One Direction,Little Mix and Susan Boyle!
    keep buying it people!

  • Sheldon Cole said:

    Will this be No.1 in the album chart on Sunday? It surely deserves to be.
    Keep writing Dave.
    All the best

  • simon pitcher said:

    Dave , great times looking back , funny thing but 21st nov 1977 (six years later) marks my 35 years working (?????) for the london borough of Barnet, managed to see the ally pally gig even as a young teenager I knew they were the greatest.

    ps we need a win sunday coys

  • Geoff Adamson said:

    For all the millions of repetitive questions asked of them if someone gets the chance please please ask. Why no acoustic set and how close to inclusion was such material ?

    If anyone asks if there’ll be more shows…..

    Great days. The DVD like everyone says, you notice so much you didn’t see before on each viewing. Masterpiece in my opinion.

  • Ian from France said:

    Funny how each viewing is different. The Song Remains the Same and For Your Life stood out for me on most recent look.

    And funny how the CDs are different again from the DVD.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks for great comments

    It has all been beyond sensational!

  • Michael Brazee said:

    Dave, I get shivers when I read some of the stuff you write. Thanks for making the weeks leading to the release of Celebration Day so enjoyable.
    I went over to a friend of mine last night and we, his wife and daughter watched Celebration Day. My 3rd time (at the theater, at home Monday, and again last night). He was totally blown away by it. Decided he needed to buy his own copy.

    Amazing Times in Led Zeppelin Land!

  • Brian Hardie said:

    Good stuff Dave . As you know I will be the last man on the planet to slot the DVD in the player living here in North Cyprus . My missus flys back here tonight with the full set I hope ie the film and all the Mojo Classic Rock and Rolling Stone Collectors . And funnily enough TBL 32 33 came in the post today from Steve …..

    Don’t where to start really !!

    Great job on the countdown been a real treat to read and added to the build up .

    The headphones are ready for lift off !!!!

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