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16 January 2014 4,255 views 10 Comments


Plenty of news this week to report with JPJ’s Mini Bus Pimps album due and Robert adding a US festival date to his schedule – firstly, I’d like to bring you up to date with the TBL 2014 Strategy commencing with…

Led Zeppelin Physical Rocket-  At Earls Court 1975 –The sky was the objective – not the limit (Tight But Loose Publishing)

As previously mentioned, the above title will be the next TBL book publication. This is all a long way off yet with a publication date of mid to late 2015. However as can be seen above, Mick and I have formulated a cover (the striking photo of Jimmy is by Dick Barnatt) and I’ve also been researching the content and overall concept. I have amassed a fair amount of source material for this project over the years as I always intended to tackle this subject in book form at some point – the major task ahead is to put it all into perspective and add a whole lot more. There’s a long way to go with all this but the potential for this one is pretty huge and I am well excited at the prospect of producing a lasting record of these shows which as many know, I consider to be the peak of their career -not least because I was lucky enough to attend all five shows.

The Call Out:

As with the Knebworth book,  I am very keen to enlist for inclusion in the book the memories of fans that attended the shows.

So… If you attended the Earls Court shows I would love to hear your memories ie how you got tickets, the journey, the day itself, the performances and your overall impressions. In effect your personal recollections for inclusion in the book.

E-mail your Earls Court recollections to the email address below


All recollections printed in the book will be fully credited.

Earls Court Photos Photos/Memorabilia:

I am also looking for any photos and memorabilia from the Earls Court gigs – again if you have photos/posters etc you would willing to contribute to the book please get in touch via the email above – again anything used will be fully credited.

This is obviously going to be a major project ahead and forms part of the TBL 2014 strategy.

I look forward to receiving your memories from these landmark shows.

Work on the collation and preparation of the book is underway and I’ll chipping away at it throughout the year.

Below is a synopsis what I intend this book to be all about:

In May 1975, Led Zeppelin performed five momentous concerts at the Earls Court Arena in London. It found the band at the peak of their powers slaying the sold out audiences with a nightly marathon three and a half hour presentation of light, sound, power and energy.

These appearances represented a career high for the band and four decades on, are still held in the highest esteem by the vast following.

Dave Lewis focuses on this key period in rock history bringing every facet of these landmark concerts to the fore – the set lists, the staging, the statistics and the analysis to offer a clear perspective as to why these Earls Court concerts are amongst the greatest the band ever played.

The story is further illuminated by a series of firsthand accounts from fans who attended the shows and interviews with the promoters, photographers and journalists who were in close proximity to it all.

Additionally there is further insight into the band’s activities before and after the Earls Court shows – the making of their phenomenally successful double album Physical Graffiti, the key performances on their US tour that acted as a prelude to the Earls Court shows, the horrific car smash in August 1975 that grounded Robert Plant and halted the band’s touring plans and how they turned adversity into triumph with the recording of the acclaimed seventh album Presence in Munich.    

The end result is a compelling chronicle of a crucial chapter, not just for Led Zeppelin, but for rock culture as a whole – back in an era where on stage excess, both musically and visually, was something to be celebrated.

Illustrated throughout with many rarely seen colour and black and white photos and images, the book also features extensive bootleg and memorabilia appendix sections.

In effect, this book explores in greater detail than ever before a period for Led Zeppelin where the sky was the objective – but never the limit and when their reputation as the world’s greatest rock attraction soared through the stratosphere with the speed of a physical rocket… 

Above text – copyright Dave Lewis 2014

Further updates on all this to follow…


TBL Strategy 2014:

The Tight But Loose magazine

I am also busy working on the next issue of  the TBL magazine  – issue 37. There’s some great stuff lined up and the plan is to publish this in March.

Issue 37 will signal the fulfilment of the TBL 2013 subscriptions – so if you are a current subscriber you will automatically receive TBL 37 as published.

All current subscriptions end with issue 37 and you will need to re subscribe for the 2014 subscription – this will encompass issue 38 due June, issue 39 due November and issue 40 due early 2015.

A link will be up on the TBL site shortly to subscribe for the 2014 magazines.

I will also send out a prompt with all subscribers copies of TBL 37 to remind you to re subscribe. Many thanks in advance for your support.

As for TBL 37 it’s another packed edition and here’s the planned line up:


Led Zeppelin Early 1969:

In the beginning…Mike Tremaglio tracks the early touring days of 1969

Led Zeppelin Holland 1969:

On tour with Steamhammer – the inside story

Led Zeppelin Early 1975:

Andy Crofts’ tape analysis of the Feb ’75 shows

Jimmy Page at 70:

The TBL Poll Results in full and your top ten’s plus James Patrick Page Session Man vinyl box set reviewed

Led Zeppelin  Re- Issue latest:

Robert Plant: Bert Jancsh Celebration, new SSS album latest and Glastonbury bound

John Paul Jones:

Minibus Pimps album and opera latest

Joe Jammer: A Roadies Tale – the TBL Interview

Plus Aubrey Powell Interview part 2, focus on Roger Berlin’s Magazine Museum, Nick Anderson Collectors Column, Jeff Strawman Instrument watch, latest CD reviews and more.

I’ll be working on all of that in the coming weeks to bring it all to fruition for a planned March publication. More updates to follow.


TBL Strategy 2014:

TBL/ HI Fi Lounge Led Zeppelin Day:

The Hi Fi Lounge is a hi- fi dealership situated in an out of town spot in Bedfordshire. It’s situated in a converted granary building in the village of Dunton –just off the A1M –appropriately enough the road to Knebworth and with good links to London and the north.

TBL will be staging a special Led Zeppelin Open Day in conjunction with Hi Fi Lounge at their showroom on Saturday March 8th.

TBL contributor and vinyl enthusiast Richard Grubb brought the idea to our attention after the Hi Fi Lounge staged a similar Bruce Springsteen event.

Myself and the TBL crew will be on hand throughout the day and I’ll be hosting various playbacks including a special Jimmy Page at 70 playback event alongside presenting various DVD footage etc.

There will also be a variety of TBL products on offer and possibly a vinyl box or two.

There will also be the opportunity to view the Hi Fi Lounge extensive selection of high quality hi fi.

This has all the makings of a great day out for Zep and vinyl/hi fi enthusiasts alike.

Full details will follow but we are looking to run the event from 10.30am to around 6pm. Admission is free

Refreshments will be available and there is a nearby pub for further refreshments and meals.

More on this to follow soon

Here’s a preview of the event via the Hi Fi Lounge website:

HiFi Lounge, 4 The Granary Buildings, Millow Hall Farm, Dunton, Bedfordshire, SG18 8RH


We’ll be running various events in the coming months. These will range from officially sponsored events by manufacturers as well as exclusive HiFi Lounge events. These events will showcase the latest technologies in audio but most importantly be fun giving You the opportunity to demo the finest equipment and meet fellow enthusiasts as well as key industry figureheads.

Please Feel Free to bring your own music!

Upcoming events:

Led Zeppelin Open Day – March 8th 2014

•Following the Success of our Bruce Springsteen Day we will be holding a Led Zepplein Open Day.

•Come in to experience a day of Led Zeppelin, listen, watch and chat with fellow Led Zeppelin fans

•Music played on a High End HiFi System, Film played on our 120″ Projector Screen throught the latest JVC Projector

•Bring in your own CD’s, Vinyl, DVD’s and Blu Rays to play.

•More information nearer the time.

•Breaking News – Also in attendance will be Dave Lewis, author of many books about the band, and editor and publisher of the long running Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose ( Dave will be on hand to chat about his chronicling of the band’s work and to deliver a specially prepared presentation – “Celebrating 70 Years of Jimmy Page”. Coinciding with Jimmy’s 70th birthday year, playing selections from all stages of Jimmy’s career from his formative and extensive session playing in the 60s through the Yardbirds and Zeppelin eras and beyond. All played on some of the finest audio equipment available today.

See more at:


So there you have a few TBL Strategies for the coming year – more news on all this as it unfolds…


John Paul Jones – Minibus Pimps album due:

Minibus Pimps - Cloud to Ground

John Paul Jones and Helge Sten alias Minibus Pimps will be releasing an album on March 3rd.

The duo aims to “connect the dots between the progressive rock of the 1970s and the exciting developments in Norway’s music scene since the late 1990s.”

Named after a track they found on a Chinese experimental compilation album, Minibus Pimps started as a live act in 2011. The album Cloud To Ground features seven tracks recorded in different venues in England, Norway and Denmark.

Partly composed and partly improvised, the album will feature tracks recorded at live shows, with the pair feeding various instruments, electronics and samplers through the processors of a Kyma sound design computer system. The resulting effect is an overwhelming cloud of drones; the album’s title track is described as a “monstrous duet for icicles and cathedral organ.”

Minibus Pimps is John’s collaboration with Norwegian ambient artist Helge Sten (also known as Deathprod and a member of Supersilent another JPJ collaboration) have performed  a series of concerts including appearances at sets at London’s Café Oto in 2012 and the Nattjazz Festival in Bergen, Norway in May.

The pair have also worked with Norwegian singer, musician and producer Susanna Sonata.



Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters lined up for New Orleans Jazz & Blues Heritage Festival 

new orleans

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters have been announced as the headliner for the Saturday night (April 26) of the 2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the annual celebration of the music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana. Other headliners at this year’s festival include Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Phish, Arcade Fire, Santana, Vampire Weekend, The String Cheese Incident, Allen Toussaint and more. This marks Robert’s return to the festival after his 2011 appearance and will be his only US date of his summer tour.

The 10-day cultural feast began in 1970 and is host to thousands of musicians, cooks and craftspeople, and sees over 400,000 visitors each year. The Festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, so the music encompasses every style associated with the city and the state: blues, R&B, gospel music, Cajun music, zydeco, Afro-Caribbean, folk music, Latin, rock, rap music, country music, bluegrass and everything in between. And of course there is lots of jazz, both contemporary and traditional.


Los Angeles Inglewood Forum:

This one from long term TBL contributor Larry Bergmann Jnr:

I thought TBL readers might be interested to know that in a few days, the fabled Forum in Inglewood, California, just outside of downtown Los Angeles, will have its grand re-opening.  It was purchased a couple of years ago by Madison Square Garden, and they have put $100 million worth of renovations into it and have re-imagined it as a first class concert hall.  Its first events will be a series of concerts by The Eagles beginning later this week.

Obviously The Forum was Led Zeppelin’s favorite venue, and it warms the heart of this old Zeppelin fan to see the fact that they performed 16 shows there during their career being mentioned in most of the media reports I’ve seen/read.

As a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers basketball fan (aside from Zep, the other non-romantic passion in my life), I have traveled to L.A. and been to The Forum many times beginning over 25 years ago to see the Lakers play, up until they moved to the Staples Center in downtown L.A. in late 1999.  Of course I’ve been to the Staples Center quite a few times as well, and it’s very well done, but it has never replaced The Forum in my heart.

I won’t be able to travel right now to see any of the concerts by The Eagles, but sooner or later I will make my way there to see a show.  And since 1999, whenever I’ve been in L.A., I’ve always taken a ceremonial drive past The Forum (it’s right down the street from LAX), just to make sure the old girl was still there, and even in a somewhat state of disrepair in recent years, she still always looked like the grand old dame that she is.  Kudos to Madison Square Garden on this project, it’s a building well worth preserving and being enjoyed by future generations.

I should also note that while Madison Square Garden sees The Forum as a premier concert venue, I think it’s fair to say that it has always been so.  The difference is that concerts are MSG’s vision of what the building will be mostly about going forward, and they have renovated it as such, whereas in the past, The Forum was more of a mixed-use facility largely devoted to sports, in keeping with most of the facilities of its type down thru the decades here in the States.

It was constructed beginning in 1966 by hard-charging Canadian business tycoon Jack Kent Cooke, who owned the professional sports franchises the L.A. Lakers of the National Basketball Association, as well as a brand new National Hockey League franchise at the time, the L.A. Kings.  Cooke had been putting on his games at the old Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (still standing today), owned by the city of Los Angeles.  Cooke was tired of navigating the political body that managed that facility and was looking for his own building.

The Forum was designed by architect Charles Luckman, a leading architect (among many other business and political attributes too numerous to go into here) at the time, and the man whose firm, fittingly enough, also designed the “new” Madison Square Garden which opened in 1968 and is still in use today.  The Forum opened on December 30, 1967 with a Kings game, followed the next night with the first Lakers game played in the arena.

Aretha Franklin gave the first concert at The Forum in February, 1968, and the first Led Zeppelin concert in the arena took place on March 27, 1970.  There are a number of iconic images taken by photographer Chuck Boyd from this show with which Zeppelin fans may be familiar, i.e.:


As noted, Led Zeppelin played 16 shows there from 1970-77, and those concerts spawned seminal bootlegs such as Live On Blueberry Hill (4/9/70), Bonzo’s Birthday Party (31/5/73), Three Days After (3/6/73), Listen To This Eddie (21/6/77) and For Badge Holders Only (23/6/77).  Another great bootleg, Burn Like A Candle (25/6/72), was muted somewhat many years later by the official release How The West Was Won, which contained professional multi-track recordings from the same show (as well as a show two nights later at the Long Beach Arena).


Below are links to a couple of articles about it along with some nice photographs.,0,6152864.story#axzz2qC25zqy1,0,3786476.photogallery?index=lat-cindy-forum-la0013767068-20140104

Many thanks to Larry for that information.


The Voice:

TBL contributor and all round top musician Kevin Hewick tipped us off about this amazing lady from Leicester who he has worked with over the years. Last Saturday Sally who has toured with Bob Dylan and Robert Plant performed on The Voice BBC TV show and gave a superb performance….we will be tracking her progress

Dave Lewis Diary Update:

With two weeks of the year already gone, 2014 is up and running and as can be seen above, we haven’t let the grass grow here…there’s been plenty of focus on the TBL strategy ahead – in between sorting various new year domestic probs not least the matter of a dodgy car. Anyway it does feel good to have got some firm plans in place and with TBL 37 to get moving, the Earls Court project to chip away at, the Hi Fi Lounge day, and plenty of Zep related activity what with the Zep re- issues, the Minibus Pimps album, Robert’s SSS album and touring plans etc….there’s no time to mope about. It’s ever onward….is it ever…

Talking of Robert’s tour dates – not quite sure if I can get away for the Galstonbury Abbey gig, aside from all of  the above activity, it’s a pretty big year personally for the good lady Janet and I with our 30th wedding anniversary in late March and in August the good lady has a rather special birthday we need to celebrate.

I’m hoping there will be further Robert Plant /SSS UK dates announced that will prove less troublesome to get out to.

There was a fantastic reaction to the Jimmy Page at 70 TBL Polls posting last week – it was great fun to wade through all the entrants and compile the lists and as mentioned last week, there was the discovery of the TBL Jimmy at 50 custom made TBL cassettes I handed out at the Camden Record Fair meet we had back in 1994. Louise Mensch’s column in the Sun on Sunday last week called for a knighthood for the Lord of the Strings and Robert and JPJ as well – I’d go along with that notion for sure!

Louise Mensch

Vinyl update: Last Friday Tom and I went to the vinyl night at the excellent Bedford Arms last night – there were a few items up for grabs and I invested in a very cool Matt Monro album on gold Parlophone and an Oscar Peterson album on the 1950s white Columbia label – (thank you one Bev and Pete!). I’ve also purchased the very fine Everly Brothers album Two Yanks In England recorded in 1966 with the help of The Hollies and session appearances by Jimmy and JPJ.

On Saturday night I watched the brilliant Mike Oldfield Story Of Tubular Bells documentary – that album sounds as evocative and beautiful as it was 40 years ago…very timely long time TBL associate Andrew Ricci sent me a lovely late and very welcomed Christmas prezzie, the recently released triple CD set marking Virgin Records 4oth anniversary. Losing Our Virginity ( the first 4 years ’73 – ’77) has the likes of the aforementioned Mike plus great quirky off the wall stuff from the likes of Robert Wyatt, Henry Cow and Steve Hillage. So that one has been on alongside selected Led Zeppelin January ’73 nights from Godfathers’ Ascension On the Wane box set. I’ve also been playing the David Crosby Voyage set in preparation for his new solo LP Coz ( his first in 20 years) due at the end of the month which might have to be the next vinyl acquisition. You gotta have your little treat as January lingers on….right, it’s back to work on TBL 37 as like I said, it’s ever onward…is it ever…


And finally just before JPJ switches to the electric ambiance of the Minibus Pimps…some tranquillity with Dave Rawlings and co…a lovely version of Going To California… 

Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great weekend…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – January 16th, 2014.

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To view additional photos and TBL info be sure to hook up with the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend)


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  • Simo said:

    Very nice cover!!!
    Thank you Dave for all your incredible work!
    Simona & Mario

  • piero said:

    WOW , what a great cover,(would love a poster
    of this), can’t wait for book,
    thanks Dave.

  • Rob Spedding said:

    Hi Dave

    The proposed book cover looks brilliant. I’m a definite when it’s ready.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

  • Richard Grubb said:

    Wow – the Earls Court book looks another essential reference if the cover is any indication…that’s the power and the glory right there!

    Well done to Mrs. Mensch for raising the issue of New Years Honours, but isn’t Jimmy already an OBE???? Never let facts get in the way of a good story. It’s JPJ who should be honoured I think, very odd that Jimmy and Robert have been recognised, but not John (or even the two Johns really).

    Looking forward to all the TBL 2014 activity – there will be much to enjoy over the next few months, especially if Jimmy can get those reissues out at last!

  • John Webster said:

    Sounds good Dave. I shall have to see what I can remember from the 25th!

  • Mark Carroll said:

    Ahaaaa !! can’t wait for this book..I remember the weekend of 24 & 25 May 1975 very well, I was camping down in Fishguard with an Auntie & Uncle, I was only 10 years old. It was the same weekend that England THUMPED the Scots 5-1 at Wembley in the Home Internationals. Anyways, got the 24th& 25th shows on DVD..GREAT SHOWS !! simply can’t wait for this book..LED ZEPPELIN IN THEIR ZENITH…keep up the good work..Mark

  • Tom Cory said:

    Can’t wait for the book 🙂

  • Michael Brazee said:

    Hey Dave,

    I’ll preorder the new book as soon as you’re ready. Plus it is looking really good that I will make the trek to New Orleans Jazz Fest to see Robert!!! It’ll be my 3rd time there and 13th time to see Robert. Can’t wait.
    Also, the Minibus Pimps sounds interesting. I have heard a lot of Nordic Jazz at the Xerox Rochester Greater International Jazz Fest the past 5 years. Some of their stuff is way out there. Should be excellent.


  • Andrew R said:

    That earls court proposed book cover has it nailed!
    Sinks the notion that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”
    ….. Yes you can.My order is in Mr Lewis!Onwards!

  • Tony Crowley said:

    Hi Dave

    Looks like being a busy but productive year. Hope everything goes to plan.

    Cant’ wait for the Minibus Pimps CD first. That’s going to alienate a lot of people methinks. It’s certainly not Those Crooked Vultures for sure


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