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24 August 2010 13,303 views 21 Comments

Photo Copyright Jimmy Page Collection via Genesis Publications

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

(Genesis Publications – to be published September 27th)

It commences with a photo of the young Jimmy Page as a choir boy with the caption ‘’It might get loud’’ and ends some 500 pages and 50 years later with a recent shot of the elder wistful guitarist with the caption ‘’It might get louder…’’

In between there’s what can only be described as a simply stunning pictorial autobiography or as Jimmy modestly puts it ‘’A visual documentary to reflect my contribution to music’’.

And what a contribution it has been. In previewing this lavish volume, I don’t want to reveal too much of the photo details as not to take away the element of surprise and delight investors of the book will discover. What I will say is that it successfully chronicles every step of Jimmy’s remarkable journey with an artful magnificence that few books on any rock subject have ever achieved.

The early pre Zep years yield some astonishing period photos from his early days with Red E Lewis through Neil Christian & The Crusaders and the London session scene and on to The Yardbirds era. Here we find the guitarist gaining confidence and moving into the spotlight. There’s plenty of images of Page in his best psychedelic threads leading the band into their final phase.

Then of course it’s full on Led Zeppelin. The 289 pages devoted to a band that as he comments was ‘’A mix of acoustic, electric, rock, blues,  avant-garde and experimental music performed with vision, improvisation, attitude and a bullet proof blueprint’’  has all bases covered. Highlights and there are just so many, include great black and white images of their early Scandinavian and US dates and then onto the glory years; Bath ‘70, Back to the clubs ‘71, Electric Magic, Headley Grange, Kezar Stadium, Earls Court, the mystery and mania of the 1975 and 1977 US tours and then the final glory of Knebworth and Over Europe 1980 – it’s all here.  While some of the photos have appeared elsewhere, much of it is rarely or previously unseen –including a remarkable shot from1975 that will stop readers in their tracks.

Beyond Zeppelin, the book does an admirable job in bringing some pictorial cohesion to the twists and turns Jimmy experienced in trying to carve a life after Zep. There are some great shots from the Arms tour (including one literally on the plane in LA), a lovely Cambridge Festival with Roy Harper spread, and a good sprinkling of Firm and Outrider era shots. Then it moves on through Coverdale Page to the Page & Plant Unledded and Clarksdale tours. Page’s brief liaison with The Black Crowes in 1999 makes way for the finale where the Led Zeppelin 02 Reunion provides the suitable happy ending alongside some fantastic images of Page and Leona Lewis bringing the Beijing Olympic Games to a close in 2008.

Some additional neat touches:  There’s a complete ongoing detailed tour itinerary running from the Yardbirds era through Zeppelin and post Zep chronicling every Page performance from 1966 to the present. Various programmes and posters from the Zep era are also reproduced alongside passport photos and visa stamps  documenting  the many on the road journeys made.  Page’s own annotations and comments are very good particularly in the early days.

In terms of presentation, I was surprised how large the book is both in thickness and size dimensions. It’s a substantial work –this proof copy was unbound so add the usual super high quality Genesis presentation and owners of this book will have something very rare and precious to treasure. And make no mistake –this is no coffee table volume quickly scanned to be forgotten and left to languish on the bookshelf.

This is a living breathing testament to the man’s greatness – to be viewed time and time again against the appropriate soundtrack. I for one will have great fun selecting a Page packed playlist from all quarters of his catalogue to play as I read and re-read the book’s historical content. In fact I haven’t been able to put it down since it arrived –  and I can see myself grasping for it constantly in the days, months and years to come.

Yes it’s a mighty price tag, but those who make the investment will be rewarded by a long awaited volume that superbly captures the visual essence of a guitarist who continues to command a loyalty and respect unrivalled amongst his peers

Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page vividly illustrates how he has earned that status. As such  it’s an indispensable work.

Dave Lewis August 24th 2010

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page the signed leather bound limited edition book of 2,500 copies worldwide, is available from Genesis Publications Tel 01483 540 970 or visit

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  • Kathleen Ford said:

    Just got mine on Friday. The whole book is beautiful but I was blown away by the Zeppelin photographs, especially when they were at their peak. Those pictures really capture so much about that band and the energy and excitement of their live performances. Genesis really outdid themselves with this book. Agreed that it’s worth every penny and then some. You’ll never see my copy on eBay. Along with the cat, it’s the next thing I grab if the house ever catches fire.

  • ledhed58 said:

    Recieved my copy (# 622 ) last month…worth EVERY FRICKING PENNEY and the long wait. From the first picture of Jimmy as a cherubic boy holding a candle to the last picture of him in the book stating it might get LOUDER, truly an awesome book and my prize pice of Zeppelin memorablia. I do feel sorry for those of you who could not afford it although Genesis did allow an installment plan…I will treasure mine always…Peace…

  • Mark said:

    Have just recieved my copy after an eight months wait. It’s beautiful. I collect rare first editions and this is as good as I’ve seen anywhere. It’s an heirloom for many, an historical source for others and perhaps a totem for some. The fact that its rare (2500 copies worldwide) and signed can only mean its going to be expensive.
    It is a lot of money but just given it’s description how could it be anything else? Jimmy’s quite a bibliophile himself and some of the books in his own collections make this price look miniscule. If you are lucky enough to get a copy then well done. You own something really rather special – enjoy it.

  • Kathy Urich said:

    For many of you who are put off by the price of Jimmy’s book you may want to jump on LID Magazines story about the book. Issue #11 you can also chose a cover one of which is Jimmy; from I think the Outrider Period. There are to be some photos from the actual book. Not sure what the cost is in the UK but in the US it came to about $31.00 (there’s a limit of 350 if you want Jimmy’s cover).

  • June Feeney said:

    Dear Dave,

    Back in the Seventies, Zeppelin were one of my favourite bands. I saw them at Earls Court and Knebworth and on their last European Tour – in Brussels, Rotterdam and Bremen. But that was long ago. Some of us have had to live in the REAL world since then. I have just been reading about Jimmy’s £495 book. That’s a week’s wages to most people. I never thought I’d say this, but NOW I know where the Sex Pistols were coming from. Come back, Johnny Rotten – all is forgiven! STREWTH!!!


    June Feeney

  • Neil Smith said:

    Considering what you are getting, I don’t think the price is expensive, and having paid in instalments, I was happy with a despatch of the 27th of october. On 30th september received a email from Genesis, saying that you will get the book by christmas, if you ordered before 18th august, I ordered after that, reading between the lines i think they have only just begun to print it, look’s like we will all have to wait a bit longer than we thought, probaly till after christmas, poor show Genesis.

  • Stef "Goldilox" Muller said:

    I didn’t have any doubt that 4 months was worth the wait.
    But the last days are always the most difficult to endure.
    Thanks Jimmy, Thanks every contributor, thanks Genesis, thanks Santa claus….

  • paul webber said:

    i wish i had that some of money to buy a copy…………why not release a copy thats just standard so those of us without that sort of bread could buy one…….paul.

  • Ian Avey said:

    It will be the most expensive book I have ever bought, but your review Dave is excellent, and has convinced me that it will be worth every penny! only 28 days to wait now 🙂

  • john west said:

    I totally agree it will be a treasure to behold, simply cannot wait for the delivery on the 27th Sept.Lets hope the great man does some gigs soon too – they’re long,long overdue!!

  • ledhed58 said:

    I am so stoked this book is finally almost at my door step…40 years ago when I first heard Zeppelin and Pagey’s guitar for the first time I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would own something that Jimmy had not only personally supervised but had also held in his hands and signed his name to. Thank you, Jimmy, not only for this book, but for all the music you brought to my ears, I know that Percy, Jonesy and Bonzo and yourself were equally vital members of the band and irreplaceable, but it was YOUR dream and vision that got THE Zeppelin to fly and it is a testament to the band’s dedication to it’s music that it has already stood the test of time and shows no sign of fading away…Rock On, Jimmy!

  • Kevin O'Connor said:

    Dave, Daaaave! I too was deliberating about this book-but your review man! I’m a young man just could’nt resist! And signed as well! Wow!- but would’nt expect anything less from Mr. Page. Can’t wait,great review Dave, Thanks Kevin Melbourne.

  • RichardG said:

    Dave’s reviews are like crack cocaine…you think you can deal with the withdrawal, but you’ll buckle in the end!

    I was avoiding this after getting all excited by the the presale invitation and then being floored by the price. I wanted the deluxe edition originally but it was way out of my affordability. I’d convinced myself that the standard collectors’ edition would be a compromise so I was comfortable letting this one slip by.

    Then I read Dave’s stunning preview… I’ve decided that I’ve got to have it, bank balance be damned! For those still wavering, be aware that when you get to the payment page, you get the option of paying in 3 monthly instalments at no extra cost, rather than seeing the lump sum go out in one go. The last payment appears to be the one that includes the postage so maybe they won’t send until then, but I can wait (I think!!!)

    Hoping to catch a few of you at the Band Of Joy gig at the Forum next week to compare notes!

  • Dawn Godfree said:

    Thanks, Dave.

    For those poor folks out there, perhaps you will show the picture from “1975 that will stop readers in their tracks”?!

    I can only hope! To those who are buying the book, enjoy. It will, I’m sure, be treated like gold.

  • Greg Purling said:

    I’m a great lover of Zeppelin books and have accrued some superb ones over the years, but with more recent commitments i.e. family, have had to tell myself that this one was a bridge too far.

    Until now ! Dave, you’re a great salesman when it comes to Zeppelin, and along with the other comments here, I could resist no longer – it’s now on it’s way to Norfolk !

    Hey Mr Postman – Bring it on home !!

  • Steff said:

    I’ve eagerly anticipated every project Jimmy Page has been associated with for nearly 4 decades. Perfectionist that he is should prevent the usual photo and date errors that fans find annoying.

    Will be watching for the Postman carrying my copy.

    Thanks for the TBL review.

  • Kathleen Ford said:

    I really vacillated on this book because of the price, but I’m so glad I bought it because now I know I made the right choice based on your review. Thanks to Jimmy for working so closely with Genesis to produce a work that is a fitting tribute to his artistry and a great gift to his many fans. I can’t wait!

  • Allen Garber said:

    Great teaser Dave…I just can’t imagine NOT figuring out a way to buy this book. I think the care that Jimmy seems to have given this book is remarkable from what I can gather. The detailed lists of Jimmy’s live performances is particularly tantalizing, as is the opportunity to see beautifully rendered photos of The Yardbirds era (a personal favorite of mine) in this format rather than as a scanned computer image. Now the only question for me is how do I get this book after being unemployed for over a year?! No matter…the book will be motivation for job seeking or criminal endeavours that will yield this magnificent book for my lustful eyes!

  • James Rimmer said:

    Yip … a truly remarkable event this pictorial feast, and definately NOT to be missed! Got one comin’ all the way to New Zealand … happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me …


  • Kathy Urich said:

    Dave, your outline of the book just builds my excitement. I’m not one who usually spends this kind of money on a book. I just feel that this is history in the making. This isn’t just any book, but one of quality, designed and written by his hand. I have many books on Zeppelin some written by yourself and others; but this will be the first written by Jimmy and signed. Anxiously awaiting my post. Dave thanks for having such a great web site for like-minded fans to stay connected it’s very special.

  • Bucks Burnett said:

    What a great review! I have ordered 3 copies, and this detailed description only increases my yearning for its arrival in mid October after being shipped to Texas from England. I keep urging my friends to not pass up this rare opportunity – sell your record collection, your car, your kids – this book will escalate quickly in value and many wish wish years from now that they had bought it when it was at the price being offered now.

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