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28 December 2016 2,016 views 10 Comments

The year ends with yet more sad passings:

George Michael 1963 – 2016: 

George Michael…such a massive talent – he dominated the 1980s, first with the pure pop delight of Wham! and then onto worldwide solo success with total class and credibility …so many memorable songs – Freedom, Faith, Careless Whisper, Everything She Wants, I’m Your Man, I Knew You Were Waiting, Fastlove, Amazing, etc.and Last Christmas…one of the all-time seasonal greats – we all must have heard it countless times in recent days. In my record retail years, George Michael album releases were events… his passing will resonate with anyone who grew up with music in the 1980s and beyond – again we have lost an artist who shaped the soundtrack of our lives… so sad…RIP…

Rick Parfitt 1948 – 2016:

Rick Parfitt – the news came though as we were celebrating Christmas Eve. Another stark reminder of our mortality… Rick had been ill but what a shock…I saw Status Quo on four occasions –at the Ipswich Guamont supported by the Pretty Things in May 1975 , in July of 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon , at Knebworth supporting Queen at what would be Queen’s final gig and at Knebworth 1990.Of course each occasion they were brilliant in a totally Quo way. In the retail days I sold countless Quo records. I’ve been listening to their music since 1967.Several of my friends including Alan Stutz and Steve Moore and journalist friend Dave Ling hold them in the highest esteem. That one of their principal players has left us leaves such a void…another light of our lives has faded away…RIP.


That was the year that was….2016…

As we are all aware, there have been far too many people to mourn these past 12 months.

However, there have been some high points  – in the world of Led Zeppelin, that included Jimmy Page’s overseeing of the release of The Compete BBC Sessions, a court case won where reason prevailed, Robert Plant with and without The Sensational Space Shifters, continuing to do what he does best, JPJ working away on his opera project, Jason Bonham out with further Led Zeppelin Experience gigs and Deborah Bonham also delighting audiences wherever her band performed.

So what’s in store for 2017?

The aforementioned ambitious opera project John Paul Jones has been working on for over four years should come to fruition in 2017.  Expect a Robert Plant and The Sensational Spaceshifters album at some point and more touring activity. As for Jimmy Page, a release of his Yardbirds era recordings  looks set to appear, as for anything else, we will shall see what unfolds  – as I’ve noted before , as far I am concerned, the man owes us nothing.

Whatever is ahead in the world of Led Zeppelin, I will be doing my utmost to chronicle it all again through the various TBL channels of the website, Facebook, Twitter and the TBL magazine.



LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:
In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Here’s the LZ News  end of year roundup:

Happy holidays to all of our followers and email subscribers! While LedZepNews is written by me, I’d like to thank the small group of people who send tips and news and help to promote LedZepNews where they can. And thank you to everyone for continuing to read LedZepNews.

When people learn that I run a news service for updates on Led Zeppelin, the reaction I usually get is “what news?!” Well, 2016 has seen some pretty big events in the world of Led Zeppelin.

There was the “Stairway To Heaven” trial in Los Angeles in June which saw Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones reunited in a courtroom to explain the origin of their most famous song. Jimmy Page released a remastered and expanded version of The BBC Sessions, and we’ve had bootleg releases of the Earl’s Court shows, Landover 1975, Montreux 1970, the August 11 1979 Knebworth show, and a snippet from Osaka 1971. Robert Plant has been touring all over the world, including sitting in on the Lampedusa tour in the US and Canada. John Paul Jones made a series of interesting appearances, including shows in Mexico and London. Jimmy Page was reunited with his “Black Beauty” guitar which was stolen in 1970, and was embroiled in controversy over his non-performance at the Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo. And perhaps our favourite story of the year was Jimmy Page’s ongoing feud with his neighbour Robbie Williams over restoration work to Williams’ home.

Looking ahead to 2017, it should be an interesting year for Led Zeppelin news. Robert Plant is recording a new album, and its release is likely to be followed by live performances around the world. John Paul Jones’ opera is expected to open at some point in 2017, and Jimmy Page is remastering some latter-day Yardbirds material which will hopefully be released in 2017. Of course, there’s the lingering claim that Page is working on new solo material and will perform again, but we’ll believe that when we see it. Either way, keep following LedZepNews for updates.

Jimmy Page

  • Team Rock, the UK publishing company behind Classic Rock Magazine, Team Rock Radio, and recently the Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo, has gone into administration. That’s a British term that basically means the company has run out of money and is urgently seeking a buyer before it shuts down. So far 73 people have lost their jobs.

Upcoming events:

March 17 – “Weightless,” the Terrence Malik film featuring Robert Plant, is scheduled to be released in the US.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:


Remembering Lemmy – One Year Gone:

I was privileged to be in his company a couple of times – notably at the Classic Rock awards at the Roundhouse in 2011. Lemmy was there that night to pick up an award. I had a few minutes with him (this pic was taken then) and asked him for a quote about Led Zeppelin IV for the then forthcoming TBL issue 30 which was celebrating the album’s 40th anniversary. This is what he told me:

”I can remember being down the Speakeasy club with Jimmy quite a few times and Bonzo would be around too. They were just the best musicians and that album is one of many of theirs that still sound amazing. They were a fucking amazing band”

The same could be said for his band..RIP


 TBL end of year round up:

A busy year here for sure…the undoubted highlight of which, was my involvement in contributing the liner notes to the official Complete BBC Sessions. It was an absolute privilege to work with Jimmy Page and the Warner’s/Rhino team on this landmark release.

Elsewhere, it was another privilege to exclusively present the only interview John Paul Jones has given in 2016. This was one of the highlights of TBL issue 41 published in June. The latter part of the year has been taken up with producing the forthcoming TBL issue 42.

Alongside all that,  I wrote a 7,000 word feature for Record Collector on the Jimmy Page Yardbirds era which became the cover story of issue 452 in March. A further Record Collector feature focusing on a series of rock singles issue between 1968 and 1972 followed in issue 459 in November. During the summer, I also contributed a series of Top Ten listings for the Classic Rock websites featuring Led Zeppelin, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Paul McCarney and Wings, The Who, Mick Jagger, The Faces and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Another Classic Rock contribution saw me submit Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill to the March Classic Rock Vinyl edition’s 100 great Albums of the 70s. I was well pleased to see it ranked at number 4. There’s also been ongoing work on the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book project with Mike Tremaglio.

Alongside that, I compiled my 60 at 60 favourite albums, singles and gigs  – add in the fair few hours I spend each week collating the TBL website and it continues to be a pretty relentless workload here.

Massive thanks are also due in the direction of  Paul Sheppard, Nick Anderson, Ian Dixon, Cliff Hilliard Dave Linwood, Richard Grubb, Rikky Rooksby Andy Crofts, Stephen Humphries, , Larry Bergmann jnr, Scott Heck, Chris Charlseworth and – all who made invaluable contributions to the TBL magazine. Plus Mike Tremaglio for all his overseeing of the TBL magazine text and Gary Foy for TBl adim.

Also to Chris Wright, Dawn Godfree, Paul Humbley, Andrew Pepworth Kevin Hewick and Ken Winovitch for their constant support on Facebook

Thanks are also due to James Cook for all his support and input at Led Zep News and to Nick Carruthers for his support at record fairs – plus Mike MacKechnie, John Parkin, Andrew Ricci, Gary Davies, Jose Manuel Parada and Alessandro Borri  for their support.

Last but my no means least, I must also offer sincere thanks to Mick Lowe at StudioMix who has applied his immense design skills to bring many TBL projects alive in 2016 – and of course to the good lady Janet for all her support.

TBL current state of play:

Sales of the TBL magazine have slipped slightly with 2016/17 subscriptions for issues 41,42 and 3 at nearly 700 – that’s about 100 on  the last subscription. Whilst that is a disappointment, I am constantly inspired by the long term loyalty of many readers – and in this day and age of so much free online content, I am thankful for the base we have.


Of course it would be great to improve and grow the sales – one thing I would say is that if you want to support TBL why not indulge in the limited Jimmy Page collectors cover edition? This is sure to become a TBL collectors item – there are only 300 being printed and it’s already selling fast. Don’t miss out – the order link is below:

The  digital version of the TBL mag via the Magzter newsstand has had a lukewarm response – but it remains another way to stream the TBL word.

It’s now been nearly nine years since I branched out as self employed to fully concentre on making a living via the TBL books, magazines, freelance work etc.

Whilst there is much input from various contributors, it remains something of a one man job in terms of the planning, decision making and motivating. I often find myself  tying to spin several plates at the same time – but basically I have to work on one project at a time and see it through to fruition. I have many plans ahead -and If I had Mojo’s production team some of them would get past the planning stages a lot sooner – but hey I’ll be endeavouring to get things moving in 2017 – more on that to follow.

To make it all work I of course need the support of the people like yourselves who buy in to what I do by investing in the various TBL products. It’s essential that these projects bring in the necessary revenue to keep everything on track.

So may I offer a massive thanks for the continued loyalty shown throughout 2016 – as I’ve said before – if you keep buying them, God willing, I’ll keep writing them…

Whilst professionally it’s been a fulfilling twelve months, personally there have been some challenges as there are always are. Not least has been the sad passing of Janet’s mum Betty last May. We subsequently spent a lot of time sorting out her bungalow and affairs – unsurprisingly, this proved both emotional draining.

At times, I have also had to deal with the reoccurring old black dog depression issue – which coupled with some other irritants and disappointing scenarios that unfolded, has sometimes darkened the mood here somewhat.

The fact is none of us are getting any younger – I’m 60 now and health wise, I have my type 2 diabetes to monitor ongoing and there are always aches and pains to deal with.

It’s life and it’s how you deal with it that is all important. Keeping on top of all that and all the day to day stuff that goes with it, is never easy for any of us – what becomes more than evident with age, is how important friendships become and through the social media that now consumes all our lives, it’s a big positive that support and kind words are never too far away.

I know I have so much to be thankful for  – the days are to cherish and I will be doing my best to demonstrate a zest for life that endeavours to light up others.

Right….Some Favourite things of 2016:

Best Gigs:

It was a big disappointment again that I could not get out to any of the Robert Plant UK appearances. With a heavy workload during the summer the Wilderness  date proved a no go – as did the Bill Wyman 80th Birthday gig. The one gig I was up for, the planned June 17 appearance at Guy Garvey’s Meltdown Festival was cancelled due to the Stairway court case. I hope to be rectifying that in 2017.

I also missed a few other choice gigs notably the Bad Company shows.

I did catch the excellent Boot Led Zeppelin at The Horn in St Albans and the always feelgood vibe of the Deborah Bonham band at the Stables Milton Keynes. A trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see The Beatles At Abbey Road show was somewhat disappointing.

I hope to be out and about a little more on the gig front – I am already eying the Led Zeppelin masters show at the London Palladium in April.

Best official CD/LP Reissues of 2016:

Some very fine stuff has appeared this year including…

Led Zeppelin The Complete BBC Sessions (naturally!)

The Rolling Stones – Lonesome And Blue

Bob Dylan – The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert

David Bowie Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976) box set

Bad Company – Live 1977 & 1979,

Graham Nash – This Path Tonight (RSD release),

Terry Reid – The other Side of the River

Detective – It Takes One To Know One reissue

Detective – Live at Atlantic Studios reissue

Best Led Zeppelin acquisitions:

I am not really in the game of  investing in the expensive Japanese produced Led Zeppelin bootleg releases -unless it’s something really worthwhile. I did catch up with  the Landover 1975  and Performed Live In Seattle (Eat a Peach label – thanks Pawel) and a few others. I have added some very nice Zep official album pressings to the collection – see list below.

And then there’s vinyl – LP records as we used to call them…and I still do! 

My obsession with the collecting of LP records continued unabated -as can be viewed by my Vinyl Barn photos….

There have been a fair few additions to my collection this past twelve months from various sources – notably the Victoria, Olympia  and Bedford Record Fairs , The Bedford Pop Up Shop and various record shops I’ve visited  – such as St Albans Empire Records, Fopp in Cambridge Circus, Sister Ray and Reckless Records in Berwick Street London, Back Barn Records/ Lost in Vinyl & Relevant Records in Cambridge , Across the Tracks in Brighton etc.

And last but not least…of course the Vinyl Barn in Bedford. Friday morning at Darren Harte’s  Vinyl Barn continues to be a most enjoyable weekly rendezvous. Darren consistently come up with stuff that is right in my bag and subsequently goes in my bag! Thanks mate!

And now ladies and gentleman…

The DL Vinyl Countdown 2016:

Notable vinyl acquisitions during the year:

Here’s a roundup of notable vinyl acquisitions amongst a fair few purchases made in 2016. Many thanks to Darren Harte/Vinyl Barn/Reckless Records/ Sister Ray/Fopp/Across the Tracks/ Empire Records/David’s/Hitchin Market, Bedford Pop Up Record Shop and the Victoria, Olympia and Bedford Record Fairs – and my fellow vinyl enthusiasts as pictured. DL.

Mott The Hoople – Mott The Hoople first album Island original

Live at Fillmore West – Aretha Franklin –UK orange and plum Atlantic label

Be Attitude/Respect Yourself – The Staple Singers UK Stax

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd –UK Harvest with black outer cover

Shaft Soundtrack – Isaac Hayes – UK Stax

Stringbeat John Barry – UK Columbia

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head B.J Thomas –US Scepter label

Under The Jasmine Tree The Modern Jazz Quartet – Apple original

Shadow of Your Smile – Bobby Darin – UK Atlantic orange and plum label 1966

Kind Of Blue – Miles Davis Jazz at 33/1/3 series LP with magazine

Like An Old Fashioned waltz – Sandy Denny original Island label

Yes – White Album – The Amsterdam Concert – Yes – Offshore Records bootleg

Chameleon – David Bowie – Australian TV compilation Starcall label

Terry Reid – Terry Reid – US Epic 1969 album Superlungs in UK

The River Terry Reid – US Atlantic promotional DJ copy with sticker

Songs Of Love And Hate – Leonard Cohen US Columbia

Liebestraume – Leonard Cohen – CBS German TV Advertised Best Of

Those Were The Day – Mary Hopkin – UK Apple

The World Of Blues Power with 19/11 sticker –Decca

Pretties For You – Alice Cooper US Straight Records sleeve Warner Bros label

Open – Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity US Atco label

1969 – Julie Driscoll – German Polydor

Moby Grape – Moby Grape US Columbia

Keith Emerson with The Nice – Keith Emerson US Mercury Elegy and Five Bridges

Revolver – The Beatles Mono Parlophone

Session With – The Dave Clark Five – UK Columbia

Follow Me – Crispian St Peters – Decca with Jimmy Page credit

The Alternate Tusk – Fleetwood Mac -RSD release

This Path Tonight – Graham Nash – with bonus single RSD release

Elvis/I’m Leavin – Elvis Presley RSD release

David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The Wold picture disc – Record Store Day release

Smash Hits – The Jimi Hendrix Experience -Record Store Day release

Sumit Sounds – Dave Brubeck CBS 1971 Spanish sleeve UK pressing

Diamond Dogs – David Bowie EMI reissue with bonus tracks

If I Could Only Remember My name –David Crosby – Atlantic plum and orange label

The Best of Grateful Dead –Skeletons From the Closet – Grateful Dead 1974 Warrner Bros K number

Long Player – the Faces –Canadian Warner’s different sleeve

Nods as Good as a Wink – The Faces – US warner Bros pressing

The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones UK Decca mono pressing

El Mirage – Jimmy Webb – UK Atlantic produced by George Martin

The Beatles Let It Be –The Movie –bootleg LP

Ahead Rings Out Blodwyn Pig – UK Original Island label pressing

Man Made Hits – Manfred Mann – UK 1966 original HMV label

Stoning The Coliseum – The Rolling Stones Casino Records bootleg

Arrival – Arrival UK CBS original

Yes Fragile UK orange and plum original Atlantic pressing with booklet

Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking Island Records Italian pressing with alternate sleeve

The Who Sell Out rare Italian pressing (thanks Phil H!)

The Hollies In the Hollies Style original Parlophone label pressing

The Doors Absolutely Live Japanese pressing with Obi,,(thanks Andrew Ricci!)

Herbie Mann London Underground – a fantastic set of covers on the Atlantic label (thanks John P!)

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds mono UK pressing

Roy Harper HQ album renamed When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease – Chrysalis US promo .

CCS – Whole Lotta Love – US RAK pressing with front cover radio strip – this album retitled in the US as Whole Lotta Love

Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell 1977 promo pressing on Columbia in white promo sleeve ( one of the bargains of the year at £3!)

Cat Stevens – Catch Bull at Four – US A & M promo pressing

Stardust – David Essex film soundtrack on with alternate sleeve promo pressing on US Arista label

The DL Vinyl Countdown 2016:

Notable Led Zeppelin/Swan Song vinyl acquisitions:

Led Zeppelin – The Complete BBC Sessions super deluxe box set –liner notes by DL!

Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin UK Atlantic lilac vinyl

Led Zeppelin II – Led Zeppelin – Atlantic/Pioneer Japanese pressing with obie

Presence – Led Zeppelin – Canadian Swan Song

Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin IV Canadian

Coda – Led Zeppelin UK Swan Song Bromley Library stamped

Led Zeppelin I – Atlantic French pressing

Led Zeppelin IV – Atlantic Yugoslavian pressing

In through the Out Door – UK Swan Song D sleeve

In Through the Out Door – UK Swan Song F sleeve

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin – UK orange and plum

Led Zeppelin III – Led Zeppelin III – UK orange and plum with Valletta Malta price sticker

Led Zeppelin III – French Atlantic pressing in single sleeve

Led Zeppelin I Venezuela pressing

Led Zeppelin IV Venezuela pressing

Led Zeppelin II French pressing of inscribed Vol 4 Rock Super- Group

Presence US Swan Song with promo sicker

Led Zeppelin 1 Canadian pressing with unique black and white back cover

Coda UK promo pressing with back cover promo stamp

Houses Of The Holy US Atlantic pressing

Heavies For April From Atlantic, Atco and RSO – Atlantic US promo sampler not for sale pressing includes No Quarter

We’ve Got Your Music – US Atlantic Records instore play promo sampler from 1977 – features Stairway To Heaven plus tracks from Bad Co, ELP, Peter Gabriel, Foreigner

Collage Radio Presents –Dave Edmunds US Swan Song radio show promo

Maggie Bell – Suicide Sal – US Swan Song promo with suggested cuts sticker

Burnin’ Sky – Bad Company (Canadian Swan Song)

Rock’n’Roll Fantasy – Bad Company – US Swan Song promo with radio suggested cuts sticker

Silk Torpedo – The Pretty Things Japanese Swan Song with Obi

Robert Plant – Pictures At Eleven Japanese pressing of Robert with obi

Ten From 47 – Robert Plant – Es Paranza Brazil promo pressing

James Patrick Page Session Man Vol 2

 DL The Vinyl Countdown – – the singles – notable acquisitions throughout the year:


On the collecting of singles, in the past couple of years, I have I got right back into wading through singles and the mission I undertook was to purchase as many of the singles I would have bought circa 1969 to 1972 had I had sufficient funds to do so. It’s been great fun seeking out items such as Jethro Tull Living In The Past, Family Strange Band, Fleetwood Mac Oh Well etc etc  – gems that made much impression when I was a mere teenager. The singles from that era inspire great memories and still sound fantastic. This area of collecting inspired my Rock Singes feature in Record Collector.

Here’s a round up of some of notable singles I’ve searched out this past year.

Find of the year: at the Victoria Record Fair a UK promo single of You Shook Me/Ole Man River by Jeff Beck. I found this little gem in amongst a crop of singles I was wading through – priced 50p!

The Rolling Stones – Ride ’em On Down ten inch single. £1.60 at Sound Of The Universe record shop when buying the album!

Mott The Hoople Saturday Gigs UK demo copy with lyric sheet

Clarence Carter Take It Off Him and Put it On Me – UK Atlantic same catalogue number as the withdrawn Zep Whole Lotta love single

She Just Satisfies – Jimmy Page – Fontana RSD release

Pickettywitch – Waldo P. Emerson Jones – Pye demo

Detective – Recognition – US Swan Song promo

Maggie Bell/Bobby Whitlock Put Angels Around You – US Swan Song

The Move – Something Else EP RSD release (thanks Richard G!)

The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel (UK pic sleeve)

I Want You/ Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (live) – Bob Dylan (CBS UK original )

Nowhere Man EP – The Beatles (Parlophone)

No Mules Fool – Family -(UK Reprise )

Lets Stick Together  – Canned Heat – UK Liberty

A Way of Life – Steve Rowland Family Dog (with JPJ guesting) Dutch Arizona label  French picture sleeve

Burlesque maxi single – Family  – UK pic sleeve on Reprise

And You and I/Roundabout – Yes – UK Atlantic

Roundabout (live) -Yes – UK Atlantic promo

Bond Street/Alfie – Burt Bacharach US A & M

America – Simon & Garfunkel -UK CBS

Just A Song Before I Go/Dark Star  – Crosby Stills & Nash – UK Atlantic pic sleeve

Muskrat Love – America – UK Warner Bros demo

My Friend Stan – Slade -French Polydor pic sleeve

Hot Valves EP – Be Bop Deluxe – Harvest demo pic sleeve

Goodbye – Mary Hopkin -Australian Apple

Junior’s Farm – Paul McCartney & Wings -Australian Apple

Glen Campbell Wichita Lineman – red vinyl edition 7 inch single in a limited edition -RSD release

Theme Successes EP – John Barry – UK Columbia

Because The Night – Patti Smith Group (Arista)

Bowie 1965! – David Bowie (Parlophone)

Two Fine People – Cat Stevens (Island promo)

Say You Don’t Mind – Denny Laine (Deram)

Living In The Past – Jethro Tull (Island)

Theme From Up The Junction – Manfred Mann (Fontana)

Instant Karma (We All Shine On) – John Lennon Plastic Ono Band (US Apple)

Spooky Tooth – The Weight on UK Island

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again pic sleeve on UK Track

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile maxi single pic sleeve on UK Track

The Rolling Stones – Got Live if You Want It Decca EP


Favourite Books:

Books: No Quarter The three Lives Of Jimmy Page  by martin Power, David Hepworth – 1971 Never a Dull Moment, Phil Collins – Not Dead Yet, Peter Hook – Substance – Inside New Order, Led Zeppelin Day By Day – Marc Roberty.

Plus monthly reading inspiration via Mojo, Uncut,Record Collector and Classic Rock.

Favourite DVDs: Bobby Moore – Bobby, All; Things Must Pass – The Rise & Fall of Tower Records ,Bronco Bullfrog, Deep End, Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (the latter three 1960s/70s BFI reissues)

Summary of  the inspiring moments of 2016:

An emotional January Saturday with the good lady Janet visiting the David Bowie tributes in Brixton, an author’s summit with Andy Neil, Johnny Rogan and Mark Lewishon at Chris Charlesworth’s Omnibus leaving do, a full Lewis compliment in attendance for the excellent Boot Led Zeppelin gig at the Horn St Albans, researching and collating the Jimmy Page & The Yardbirds feature for Record Collector, skype sessions with Mike T to discuss the Evenings With book project, a memorable good Friday at the Reading Record fair where a bag of vinyl goodies were lost -.and thankfully later found by the kind folks at GWR, celebrating our wedding anniversary in London (even though The Beatles Sessions didn’t quite cut it), a great Record Store Day without the usual early morning start at the excellent David’s shop in Letchworth,  collecting singles from Andrew Ure’s Bargain feature listing in Record Collector, a splendid day at the HiFi lounge remembering David Bowie on glorious equipment, watching Tottenham games in the Fox in their valiant effort to be Premier league Champions – it was a close thing but well done Leicester.

Friday visits to the Vinyl Barn (thanks Darren!) compiling the Rock Singles feature for Record Collector, being amongst Bonham company at The Stables in MK , a welcomed summer weekend away in Brighton with the good lady Janet, a the a visit to the truly excellent Rolling Stones Exhibition,

Splendid 60th Birthday celebrations at Totnes Towers, The White Horse and Victoria Record Fair, a soul cruise on the Thames with Max and Julie, Lisa and DJ Dave, compiling the top ten listings the Classic Rock website in the summer, record shopping in Cambridge with Mat R and Pete, a meet with Andy Neill and Nick C at the Bedford Beer Festival, a cathartic visit to see my child friend Dave Corp in Rushden, a great time at Michaela and Bob’s wedding reception, watching tribute band Coda at Michaela’s 50th, watching Adam playing for Bedford Albion on his week off from UNI, catching up with Dec, Ali and co for Phil H’s 60th, wrapping TBL 42 with Mick Lowe at StudioMix, Receiving a very special original Led Zeppelin T shirt sent to me all the way from Los Angeles by Luke Bossendorfer and passed my way via Guy Griffin of The Quireboys and his brother Dan. I’ll be treasuring this one. Luke and Guy played in various bands in Bedford during the 80s and early 90s and during my time writing a column for the local Bedford newspaper the Beds Times Citizen I covered some of their early gigs – it was Luke’s way of saying thanks – how nice is that!

Being in Covent Garden under the Christmas lights with Jan and Sam, a memorable visit to St Albans where Empire Records came to the rescue of Janet’s candle!

And that is about it for 2016…


DL Diary Blog Update:

Friday Treats at the Vinyl Barn – and for the final visit of the year last Friday –a couple of beauties were acquired – namely The Who Rarities Vol 1 1966 – 1968 and Vol2 1970 – 1973 –Thanks  Darren!

And on the subject of vinyl which is never too far from the agenda… I’ve been meaning to mention Long Live Vinyl magazine.


Long Live Vinyl is a new magazine on sale at WH Smiths – the size of an album cover and very glossy and lavish with full colour lay outs – some good features – the Roger Dean feature in particular and a very informative guide to Brighton’s record shops. it’s quite expensive at 9.99 but I found a lot to enjoy in it…


Christmas has come and gone as it does – we had a relaxing time here and it was great to be together with Sam and Adam. Unfortunately, Sam had a heavy cold but got though it with doses of Lemsip.  On Christmas Eve it was also great to hook up with my very good friends Phil and Dave Bunting -the good lady was also out and of course the Led Zep tie had it’s annual outing( see pic below). We did of course miss Dec who has now moved to Ireland.

Once again Santa has been very kind and pretty spot on in the presents department – the highlights being the David Bowie box set Who Can I be Now? 1974 – 1976), The Beatles Eight Days A Week  DVD, The David Brent DVD – thanks Janet, Sam and Adam!.

My fellow vinyl enthusiast John Parkin kindly sent down a superb Everly Brothers album Stories We Could Tell -thanks mate!

Long time TBL supporter Andrew Ricci also sent some lovely stuff including a mint copy of Bob Marley and the Wailers album Burnin’.

Things are due to be a lot quieter here as Sam has already gone back to London and Adam is back to Uni at Eastbourne on January 5.  Before that, on Monday January 2, we will be in London saying goodbye to Sam who travels to Sydney that night to commence working in Sydney Australia for six months. It will be very sad seeing her off for sure…

I aim to catch a bit of the Southampton v  Tottenham Hotspur FC tonight in the Fox  – Spurs recent form has taken been a bit erratic but they are still up there in the top six of Premier League – here’s hoping that trend continues in 2017.

The good lady Janet and I have no big  New Years Eve plans other than perhaps a walk down to the local Fox and Hounds.

On Saturday night when the clock strikes 12 midnight, there will be a number of people in my thoughts, and I will raise a glass and take a cup of kindness for auld lang syne to the many people (and I’m sure they know who they are) who one way or another, have been an absolute inspiration to me in 2016.

Then it will be down to the serious business of kick starting the TBL 2017 campaign of which first on the agenda will be the packing and distributing of the forthcoming TBL issue 42. It’s coming your way soon…

So final thoughts:

As much as I look back and chronicle the heritage of this unique band and the world that surrounds it,, the usual mantra remains…it’s something Robert Plant once stated rather wisely:

”The present and future are of paramount importance. It’s still today’s work and tomorrow’s plans that give all of us a reason for being…rather than a reason for having been.”

So it’s ever onward…

Thank you for your continued support of all things TBL,  may I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Dave Lewis – December 28, 2016

Until 2017 – have a great new year…

TBL Website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

with thanks to Gary Foy and James Cook

Follow TBL/DL on Facebook:
The TBL/DL Facebook page has regular updates and photos – be sure to check it out.

And follow TBL/DL on Twitter.

And finally…

You Tube Clips – remembering Rick Parfitt and George Michael…

Status Quo – Down Down:

George Michael Praying For Time:



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    Goes for around £50

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    Ed many thanks happy new year!

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    On the 2016 releases, from a personal standpoint, I found the Bad Company 1977-79 live sets quite enjoyable. For the first time in my life, as far as I know, I heard an official release of a gig which I actually attended: “Hey Joe” was the encore at the Capital Centre in 1979, and it sounded as good as I had remembered it. Paul Rodgers’ voice in this era was remarkably on point. As it often was in other times as well.

    Also, honorable 2016 mention to Van Morrison’s Keep Me Singing release. A welcome return to form from the sage of Belfast. I’m partial to just about anything this man places out there, hit or miss, but this new set is a fine record indeed. Holy Guardian Angel and Memory Lane in particular.

    Happy New Year TBL! It must be 2017 over there by now.

  • Mike Wilkinson said:

    Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin UK Atlantic lilac vinyl

    Mentioned above – is this worth much? I had one that I virtually gave away (conned I believe, by a pair of “collectors” some years ago!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Oops thanks for pointing that out!

  • Mike Wilkinson said:

    Nit picking time Dave – Rick and George died in 2016, not 2017

  • Pete Leigh said:

    Dave don’t forget quo played Knebworth 90

  • Wools said:

    Dave, thank you for another great year! Happy New Year to you and your family and the vast TBL readers from around the globe!


  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks Jacqui – Blues Power top album indeed!

  • Jacqui said:

    ” as I’ve noted before , as far I am concerned, the man owes us nothing”; never a truer word spoken Dave, in complete agreement with this and I wish more people would take that on board. Also, World of Blues Power – snap! The first LP I ever bought (I had GREAT taste at the tender age of 14) and recent re-acquired.

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