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17 June 2021 1,081 views 6 Comments

Howard Mylett Remembered : Ten  Years Gone…

hm 1

Saturday June 19th, marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Howard Mylett, the legendary Led Zeppelin collector and original author.

He wrote the first ever biography of Led Zeppelin published in 1976 and went on to write a series of superbly researched Zep books. .

Howard Mylett had an engaging dry wit, incredible enthusiasm for collecting all things Zep, and above all, was always so generous in sharing his passion. He could be a cantankerous old bugger at times but that was all part of Howard’s make up.

It was way back in 1973 when I first began corresponding with Howard after seeing a ‘’Zep Photos wanted/for sale’’ ad in the NME. My collection of photos and cuttings improved manifold thanks to Howard’s generosity. For a mere few pence he would send me batches of cuttings. I can still recall the thrill of seeing a package postmarked from Brighton landing on my doormat.

I knew it would bring forth more unseen Zep images and foreign and overseas cuttings from the likes of the US Circus and Creem magazines and French magazines such as Rock And Folk. Howard also had unimpeachable Japanese contacts and it was through him that I first obtained the series of rare Japanese photo books.

It was always a pleasure to visit him and his lovely wife Anita in Brighton.

in 2010 Howard and Anita attended the Jimmy Page Genesis book launch in London and Jimmy personality acknowledged Howard’s work – it was a wonderful to witness that. 

I will never forget the final time I saw him early in 2011. Gary Foy and I travelled down to see him and I conducted an interview with him for the TBL mag. Despite his failing health, Howard’s passion for the world of Zep was burning bright as ever. It was an incredibly emotional afternoon as I think deep down, Howard knew we would not get many more opportunities to discuss our favourite subject again – and sadly that was to be the case…

Howard’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was a massive influence on my desire to put words into print about Led Zeppelin.

Since his passing, it has become even more evident how important Howard’s pioneering work was to me as a young impressionable fan.

Howard-Mylett 3

Howard would have course loved all the ongoing Led Zeppelin reissues and book activity – and there have been plenty of moments when I dearly wish Howard was still around to see it all…

Howard Mylett will always be a much missed part of the Zep fan fraternity.. but never forgotten and there will be countless fans across the world who will be  thinking of him on the tenth anniversary of his passing… rest in peace Howard – you shared it with us all …

Dave Lewis – June 17, 2021


LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:

In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their email update news summary. This goes out periodically. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Robert Plant

  • The second episode of season four of Robert Plant’s Digging Deep podcast has been released. It discusses the song “Rude World.”
  • Two new upcoming Robert Plant shows with Saving Grace have quietly been announced by venues. The band will perform in Malvern on July 22 and in Birmingham on August 2. Separately, the delayed relaxing of coronavirus restrictions in the UK announced this evening could threaten some of the June dates already announced by Saving Grace.
  • Phil Johnstone, a songwriter, musician and producer who frequently worked with Robert Plant, has died.

Upcoming events:

June 18 – The remastered box set of Yardbirds aka Roger the Engineer, featuring Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, will be released.
June 24 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Exmouth.CANCELLED
June 25 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Poole.
June 27 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace at the Black Deer festival in Kent.CANCELLED
June 29 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Shrewsbury.
July 22 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Malvern.
July 26 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Dudley.
July 31 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace at the Underneath the Stars festival in Barnsley.
August 2 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace in Birmingham.
August 10 – “Led Zeppelin Vinyl: The Essential Collection” by Ross Halfin will be published.
September 7 – “Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin” by C.M. Kushins will be published.
September 9 – The revised and expanded edition of “Evenings With Led Zeppelin” will be published.
September 25 – The 2021 John Bonham celebration event will be held in Redditch.
November 9 – “Led Zeppelin: The Biography” by Bob Spitz will be published.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out periodically. To receive it sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


This very disappointing news via the Black Deer Festival website:

We can’t quite put into words how we’re feeling right now.

And so we’ll keep things short.

The delay by the Government on the easing of restrictions means we’re unable to bring you Black Deer Festival 2021.

It’s devastating news for all connected with Black Deer.

But we’ll be back, in 2022.

We’ll soon be sharing the next steps for Black Deer Festival 2022 with all you wonderful ticket-holders who stuck with us.

We’ll be in touch very soon.

Thank you,

The Black Deer Team.

Note other June to July 19 Robert Plant dates may be in doubt – The Exmoor date has been cancelled too –  check with relevant venues for updated info.


Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 – 41 years gone…

This week marks the 41st anniversary of the first dates of the final Led Zeppelin tour – a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. I was lucky enough to attend five of those gigs. This is all chronicled in my Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind Over Europe 1980 book

Here’s is an extract of chapter three, my on the road account written at the time and first featured in TBL issue 5.

 Extract – Chapter Three: Rejuvenation Over Europe 1980 – Up close and personal: Cologne, June 18, 1980.

Raymondo straps on Jimmy’s Gibson. The audience are already in near frenzy as he steps on the wah-wah pedal and tunes up. Robert, straight to the right of the stage with both arms held aloft, is holding the microphone lead in that usual outstretched pose. Jimmy Page continues tuning up and eventually this becomes the chords for the opening bars of Train Kept A Rollin’, an old Yardbirds number and a track that was used as the set opener on the first Zeppelin US tours all those years ago.

As Jonesy and Bonzo crash in on cue, Robert, at once, is alive and totally immersed in the song. Let me tell you, it was a moment that crystallised the essence of rejuvenation this band has obviously undergone. The power, even for them, is awesome.   Train Kept A Rollin’ stops and Nobody’s Fault But Mine starts. Minus the sonic intro but including some marvellous Plant phrasing (“Nobody’s fault but maahyyne….”) and harmonica wailings and with the now expected cry of “Oh Jimmy….Oh Jimmy…”, before a shuffling, twirling, twanging solo from James Patrick.

Two songs in and a further shock. Jimmy Page speaks! Yes folks, it’s true. For the first time I can recall, Jimmy greets an audience. A bit muffled, but it’s there alright – “Good Evening! Gonna do an old one, it’s called Black Dog.”

Yes Jimmy, an oldie but goodie. Robert is outstanding on this one. All the old poses – my it’s loud. It’s obscene, it’s beautiful. But Jimmy too, more than I’ve seen, wants to share the spotlight. No longer content to confine himself to the left of Bonzo’s kit – no – he’s everywhere.

I’ve never seen him move so much. Playing up to the crowd, cringing, grinning – you know the stuff. I mean, we’ve already got one amazing front man, but this time around Jimmy is almost playing off him. The spectacle of the two is something else. Hey, John Paul Jones too, seems to be more upfront these days. No longer slipping into the shadows next to Bonzo. No, he’s more prominent, nearer the front of the stage, not moving too much of course, but jigging a merry dance up there with those amazing fluid bass runs that undercut Jimmy’s slippery guitar work.

“Since we came here last, many things have happened, one of the most important being the album called In Through The Out Door.”

In The Evening is played next, with exceptional intensity. The drama of the intro itself is masterful. Spotlight on Bonzo as he rolls on the tympani, Jimmy crouched over his blue Strat clawing at the tremolo arm to achieve that drone and Robert, arms upheld, slowly walking up to the microphone and holding the opening line for several bars until the moment all four crash down collectively on that cascading riff. Taken at a slightly slower tempo than last year’s gigs, it still rates as a classic in the Zep stakes and as a testament to the power of the new Zeppelin sound. Another magic moment is, of course, the point where the song slips into the slower passage, guided by Robert’s outstretched arm in the direction of John Paul Jones, who plays a beautiful keyboard passage (not featured on the studio version) over Jimmy’s jangling out-stretched tremolo chording.

“This is one from the Houses Of The Holy period” Robert tells the audience and a blue spotlight picks out Jimmy playing the opening chords to The Rain Song – a song that has some of Robert’s best lyrics (“you are the sunlight in my growing”) and also features some controlled tympani from Bonzo.

“That was a song about a love that went right, this is one about a love that went wrong.”

Cue for the hillbilly cat workout of Hot Dog for which Jimmy switches to red Telecaster. Funny old track this. As much as I find it undistinguished on record, on stage it always delights as a fun clapalong. It also gives Robert the opportunity to hoedown with some delightful foot stepping.

The next song is also from the last album. Unannounced, it still gets one of the best receptions of the night, the moment Jonesy plays the opening string symphony notes of All My Love. As on record, this is beautiful. Jimmy plays some memorable chords on the Telecaster and Robert’s singing is full of sincerity. When John Paul Jones gets the middle classical solo off to a tee, Robert looks over and gives him a knowing smile. It was just perfect, and the outro too, with Robert extending the “ I get a bit lonely, just a little bit, oh just a little bit lonely” lines to maximum effect.

“That song featured J.P. Jones on keyboards, so does this track, Trampled Underfoot.”

Complete with side stage revolving beacons, this remains a definitive high energy Zeppelin improvisation number. On that extended solo Jimmy seems to reap forth the most incredible guitar lines and Robert does a delightful two step strut across the stage shaking his head back and forth until he swings round and screams “Push!”, “Push”, “Push yeah.” Vibrant stuff indeed. (“Eye Thank Yew”).

They slow the pace with the next track, Since I’ve Been Loving You, where naturally Jimmy leads the way with some amazing smooth lead guitar. Robert’s vocals too, soar out this painful tale, holding and bending the notes in all the right places. John Paul Jones aids the mix on electric piano.   Towards the finish Robert really excels, “Ah I get down on my knees for you, fill my heart with pain, don’t make me lose, don’t make me lose…..” We got the booze, they got the blues remember?

From there it’s another high-spot. White light and smoke (one of the few effects employed) greet the intro of the epic Achilles Last Stand. Jimmy uses feedback to great effect, throwing his arm out in tune with the sound. Robert, meanwhile, is at his preening best unleashing the tale of where it all meets. “Where the mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth.” For the “Ah-ah ah ah” repeat refrain, Robert and Jimmy cluster together in classic rock ‘n’ roll pose, swinging their heads back and forth showering in each others sweat.

Raymondo brings on a chair for Jimmy’s White Summer/Black Mountain Side segment, where he sits down with the Dan Electro. He gets so carried away that at one point he even drops his pick. On cue, the last refrain of Black Mountain Side is the moment when the band collectively leap back into action via a couple of flash explosions stage front and we are into Kashmir.

This is glorious. Robert does some incredible spontaneous choreography with Jimmy who is crouched menacingly over the Dan Electro guitar. Towards the end Bonzo leads the way out with a series of unbelievable drum fills, each one just a little more frenzied that the last, beating up to an incredible climax.

Just about the only song that could follow that is our anthem. Unannounced the opening chords of Stairway to Heaven get the expected response. Robert’s phrasing is, as ever, spot on and the tempo of the song is just slightly more speeded up than usual. He sings “Do you remember laughter, laughter,” and takes up a classic tambourine pose for Jimmy to weave the way out with a soaring double neck solo.

“Goodnight – It’s nice to be back on the road again.”

With that they’re gone. Ten minutes later they’re back with a rousing encore. “Good Evening! Never fails does it?” smiles Robert, adding the statement – “So this is what it’s like to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band! Then Bonzo thrashes the intro of Rock And Roll, which has Robert doing his pogo bit, and Jimmy leaping around the stage firing the Gibson at the audience.

After that, there is more than enough response to require a second encore, which they get. A compact, no nonsense Communication Breakdown remains faithful to the version on the debut LP, clocking in at no more than three minutes of energetic action.

“Not bad for a bunch of dinosaurs!… Goodnight Cologne… ”

That’s Robert’s final statement. That’s the second night of the tour. That was hot.

So how do you sum that one up? Folks – I’d say Led Zeppelin have gone full circle. Tonight in every aspect of their performance it was almost a ‘back to the roots’ approach. From the use of an old Yardbirds number to open with, right through to the choice of a twelve year old cut that still sounds good, to close with. In between was what I would consider to be just about the best set I’ve ever witnessed Zeppelin play.

There was a definite lack of self indulgence. A lack of excessiveness too. Five years ago it was exciting and relevant to include marathon numbers, the bow episode, the lasers, the effects, etc, but really they took that trip as far as it could go. The pendulum has swing in the other direction now. The throwback of the compact set Zeppelin performed tonight still had enough spice and vitality to satisfy and I applaud their conviction to do it that way.

It’s also a much needed return to feeling audiences again. By reducing the scale of the whole operation, Zeppelin have once again regained contact with the people. With the stage only six feet away from the nearest punter, it was a true platform of communication.

Another point – Knebworth was a magic event last year, there is no doubting that, but the size, grandeur and emotional experience of them appearing on a stage again, maybe glossed over the true spirit of their musical presence a little. Judging by the smiles on the faces of Robert, Jimmy, Jonesy and Bonzo all through the Cologne gig, that spirit is well in evidence on this tour and that’s an important aspect. The fact that they’re really enjoying playing together again. I mean, I’ve never seen Robert sweat so much on stage! They really want to please and it’s a great feeling to witness that.

Led Zeppelin have impressed me in many different ways over the years. As musicians, as performers, as writers, as people. Tonight they impressed me as a working rock ‘n’ roll band – above everything. That’s important.

Tight but loose? – you ain’t joking… And this is only the second night of the tour…

Extract from the book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 by Dave Lewis.




Far left Jimmy ,Peter and Phil Carlo arriving at the Inter Continual Hotel Cologne June 18 1980 – me by the gig posters late afternoon June 18 -Robert checking his messages at the hotel – me just in front of John Bonham who is checking in.





Record Store Day Drop One:

Like countless other record enthusiasts I made a very early start on Saturday morning to be in line outside our local Slide Record Shop for Record Store Day Drop one. I was 11th in the queue at 5.15 am. It was all very well organised with tickets being issued at 7am for a return to the store for the 8am opening – I am very happy to say that everything on my wants list was fulfilled. Most important of which was the Robert Plant at Knebworth 12 inch single. Other wonderful acquisitions included the following :


Elton John – Regimental Sgt.Zippo (1LP)

Focus – Singles, Deep Cuts & BBC Live (Coloured Vinyl, numbered)

The Groundhogs – Who Will Save The World (deluxe edition)

Joni Mitchell – Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 1 (180gram black vinyl)

Keith Richards – Wicked As It Seems/Gimme Shelter (live) (7″ red vinyl)

The Kinks – Percy (12″ picture disc album)

Marc Bolan & T. Rex – Star King (180g coloured vinyl)

Reggae Specials – Reggae Beatles

The Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang – Live (10” Picture Disc)

Small Faces – Complete Greatest Hits (12″ splatter vinyl)

The Who – Face Dances (2LP coloured)

OST – James Bond Theme 7 inch single

Timebox – ‘Beggin’’ b/w ‘Girl Don’t Make Me Wait’ 7 inch single

During the day it was fantastic to hear from other Record Store Day enthusiasts throughout the globe as they checked in on my Facebook page on their progress – amongst them Andrew Pepworth, John Parkin in the UK and James Rimmer and Michael Rae in Australia

Many thanks to the tireless efforts of Warren Alsop and Nerys Bannister  in making this such a superbly organised event – I am aiming to be back in the queue on Saturday July 17 for Drop Two…

DL Diary Blog update:

Friday June 11:

Friday treats at the Vinyl Barn.. .

At the always excellent Vinyl Barn this morning, I was well pleased to find another copy of the 1968 CBS sampler Rock Machine I Love You – this one a mono pressing complete with 15 shillings sticker. I am a keen collector of this series and you can never have too many copies… all top stuff for the June playlist – thanks Darren!

Friday June 11:

The official Record Store Day Meantime 33:45 Turntable Beer is in the house here and all ready to be opened tomorrow to celebrate Record Store Day Drop One…

Here’s the info from the Record Store Day website……/our-official-rsd21-beer…/

Saturday June 12:

Record Store Day Drop One – mission accomplished…

Big thanks to Nerys and Warren at the wonderful Slide Record shop in Bedford

Robert Plant, Elton, Joni, Small Faces, Kinks, Rolling Stones, The Who, Groundhogs, Focus, Marc Bolan and one or two others in the bag

To paraphrase Nick Hornby ‘’ Record shops can’t save your life but they can give you a better one.”

That will ring true for countless record buying enthusiasts as they indulge in the delights to be had on this Record Store Day drop one


Saturday June 12:

Saturday is platterday – calming down from the excitement of Record Store Day with the brilliant newly remastered Crosby Stills, Nash & Young Déjà vu set …what a beauty this is…

Saturday June 12:

Toasting a very successful Record Store Day with my very good friend and record collecting comrade Steve with the official RSD Meantime 33:45 ale…and tasting mighty fine…

Saturday June 12:

… Great to see our very good friends Michaela and Bob this afternoon …

Sunday June 13:

Sunday sounds on CD…loading up the superb 2020 2 CD reissue of the classic Derek and the Dominos Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs…

Sunday June 13:

The good lady Janet and I ready for England…come on Gareth’s boys!

Monday June 14:

Remembering the late great Rory Gallagher 25 years gone today…on the player the brilliant Rory Gallagher Live! In Europe…





Monday June 14:

Working on some Zep research today led me to sorting out some of my Zep Swan Song Records collection.

Unsurprisingly I am a keen collector of anything on the Led Zeppelin Swan Song label and have been collecting singles and LPs on the label since 1974 – here’s a selection of Swan Song UK and US singles from the DL collection featuring Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Bad Company, Dave Edmunds, The Pretty Things, Maggie Bell, Maggie Bell and BA Robertson, Maggie Bell & Bobby Whitlock, Midnight Flyer and Detective…a mighty fine line up of 45 RPM singles…

Tuesday June 15:

A lovely view from Bedford suspension bridge in the evening sunlight tonight…

Wednesday June 16:

At the always excellent Vinyl Barn this morning, I was well pleased to find another great crop of LP’s including a Japanese pressing in a gatefold sleeve of Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, Thin Lizzy’s classic 1978 live album Live And Dangerous, The Nice album The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack on the US CBS Special products label and I could not leave a plum and orange original pressing of Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s Déjà vu album in the racks now could I? All top stuff indeed for the June playlist…

However, this sadly was the penultimate visit to the Vinyl Barn on Wednesdays because after one more visit on Wednesday June 30, Darren is ceasing staging weekday Vinyl Barn markets as he has found alternate full time work in an area he wants to work in.

This is not a big surprise as Darren has been looking to do this for a while – difficult trading conditions has made it hard for him to sustain a level of business he requires to make it all stack up.

The good news is that the Vinyl Barn will still be making an appearance once a month in Bedford so he is not ceasing trading completely – and there will still be Saturday treats at the Vinyl Barn of which I will be eager to support.

I’d like to personally thank Darren for all his amazing service and supplying so many great records to the DL collection over the past few years – it really has been a goldmine for quality and bargain priced product and I am sure that will continue to be the case on Saturdays once a month.

Much more than that though, I’d like to sincerely thank him for being such a genuine friend and support to myself and Janet.

Some anniversaries…

Friday June 18:

It was 51 years ago …

51 years ago Thursday June 18, 1970 I went to the Granada cinema in Bedford to see The Beatles’ Let It Be film. We had the day off school as Britain was going to the polls to vote in a general election that saw Edward Heath gain a shock Conservative win over Labour’s Harold Wilson. I went with my school friends Sean D’Arcy and Matteo De Martino

It was also Paul McCartney’s 28th birthday.

The film was a poignant portrayal of the Fab Four – the final footage of them performing live on the on the Apple HQ rooftop was simply awesome.

Seeing The Beatles up on the big screen on that June day was an incredible thrill for this than 13 year old – it made up a bit for the disappointment of England’s shock exit from the Mexico World Cup at the hands of West German the previous Sunday. Like millions of others I watched in horror as England gave away a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2.

1970 was a year of immense musical discovery for me and seeing Let It Be along with the arrival in October of the Led Zeppelin III album were among the highlights of a truly amazing year of enlightenment that has shaped my musical passion ever since – all of 51 years ago…

Friday June 18:

It was six years ago today…

On June 18  six years ago in 2015 I went to Olympic Studios in Barnes to interview Jimmy Page for the TBL magazine. Jimmy was promoting the final three studio reissues namely Presence, In Through The Out Door and Coda.

The interview was taking place 35 years to the day that Led Zeppelin had performed at the Cologne Sporthalle on the second night of their Over Europe 1980 tour – a performance I was lucky enough to be in attendance at.

At the end of the interview I reminded Jimmy of this and showed him a photo I had taken along from my Feather In the Wind Over Europe book -this was the photo of Jimmy speaking into the mic introducing Black Dog – a nightly custom on that tour.

He very kindly personally signed it for me, inscribing it: “Dave -Thirty Five years to the day and we are still speaking – Rock on!’’

Here’s a pic of Jimmy and I on that day with us holding up the aforementioned 1980 photo – it was taken in front of the giant framed Led Zeppelin I turquoise cover that adorns one of the Olympic Studios corridor walls.

I vividly remember Jimmy looking at that photo of him introducing Black Dog on stage for a good few seconds and I could see his pride in it all… and then he said to me “Thanks Dave, keep flying the flag.’’

It was some moment…

41 years on from that night extraordinary night in Cologne and six years on from my enlightening interview with Jimmy at Olympic Studios, I continue to do my upmost to fly that flag…

Dave Lewis -June 17, 2021

Some particular inspirations this past week…

The excitement of Record Store Day Drop One…

A visit from our very good friends Bob and Michaela…

England getting off to a great start…

The new issue of Record Collector dropping through the letter box…and with Janis Joplin on the cover it looks a good one…

A catch up on the phone with Richard Grubb and Andy Adams…

Update here:

A busy week with lots going on -as mentioned above Record Store Day Drop One was a fantastic day and England’s start to the Euros was very encouraging -here’s hoping they can maintain that form for the Scotland match tomorrow – that won’t be an easy one for sure. We were of course all shocked by the collapse of Christian Eriksen – he was a great player  for Spurs and such a talent for Denmark – thoughts are with him and his family. It was disappointing to here that Covid restrictions are ongoing until a further review for July 19 -this has affected the Robert Plant dates scheduled for this period up to then.

There’s been work here on the Evenings With Led Zeppelin Revised & Expanded Edition author interview insert – this has been designed by TBL designer Mick Lowe and it’s been great to working with him again -more on this to follow.

Thanks for listening – stay safe and well you very lovely people…

Dave  Lewis – June 17,2021

TBL website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Ralph many thanks for your kind words

  • Ralph Hunt Sidway said:

    Hard to believe it’s been ten years since Howard Mylett departed this life. Eternal Rest to a kind, intelligent, dedicated and incredibly generous man! As I wrote you back then, Dave, Howard took the time to correspond with this awkward young man from Kentucky (well, born in Buffalo NY but grew up in the countryside east of Louisville KY). Not only did Howard point me towards many Zep bootlegs, photos and sources of the day to help me expand my collection, but in 1983 he ultimately trusted me enough to provide me with Jimmy Page’s address (!!!), as I was going to be taking a summer course at Exeter College in Oxford. Honoring Howard’s cautionary guidance against showing up announced and uninvited, I humbly wrote Jimmy as a dutiful fan, seeking an audience (I know, how silly of me!). I never really expected to be invited, but imagine my surprise and joy when a couple of weeks later I received in the post a handsome black & white poster (not too large, about 11×17) of Jimmy on stage, signed by the man in that inimitable autograph of his! That was a gift from Jimmy, but made possible through Howard’s intercession!

    Re above, “Achilles Last Stand. Jimmy uses feedback to great effect, throwing his arm out in tune with the sound,” this past winter I stumbled onto how Jimmy was appearing to “throw” the sound like that. If you watch the live footage of Achilles Last Stand carefully, you can see that at the instant Jimmy is throwing his right hand out, he is also popping his left thumb off the bass E-string, causing a resounding open note, before playing the following chords. Such great showmanship! Jimmy Sakurai (“Mr Jimmy”) has really imitated this delivery very well, and it is easier to see the technique on some of his YouTube videos.

    Thanks for all your wonderful writing. This post is full of great vignettes and highlights. So glad you and Janet are doing well! Looks like her recovery is well nigh complete! And so glad to see so few mask photos! (We’re unmasking here now too, thank God!)

    Many blessings as always,
    Ralph in Cincinnati

  • Ed Dowling said:

    Thanks for continuing to Fly the Zeppelin flag Dave! Congratulations to you on all your success. Wishing you, Janet and your family peace and happiness. Ever onward TBL!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    I am in touch with Anita…

  • Jim Farmer said:

    God bless Howard and Anita. Is Anita still alive ,please pass on my best wishes and remember them too me, I enjoyed the evening at their little house in Brighton.

  • Raymond Barlow said:


    I wonder if this will ever feature in one of Jimmy’s on this day in 2021…..!

    Rain Frog, a good name for a band 🙂

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