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12 November 2015 3,465 views 2 Comments

final reissues


Jimmy Page at the Classic Rock awards to accept Led Zeppelin’s Reissue of The Year award:

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Page was in attendance at the Classic Rock Awards staged at London’s Roundhouse venue.

Jimmy was there to accept Led Zeppelin’s Reissue Of The Year award. He arrived around 6.30 pm and was interviewed by a variety of TV and radio stations on the red carpet for about fifteen minutes. I had a quick word with him – he was very pleased to picking up the award – ”this is the end of a long journey!” he laughed -he was on great form.

During the various interviews Jimmy was very much playing up his plans to be actively playing next year  – see the YouTube clips below.

In the seated tables in the arena, Jimmy chatted to Alice Cooper and Brian May amongst others. The award was announced by host Chris Jericho. A short backdrop film with music and visuals from the reissues was show. The other nominees were The Rolling Stones and Rainbow.

Jimmy stepped forward to receive the award (to the musical accompaniment of Kashmir) and made a short speech noting how the addition of the companion audio discs had doubled the Led Zeppelin output. He left the stage to a huge ovation.

classic rock 2015 six

Here’s the full list of the Classic Rock 2015 award winners:

Best New Band sponsored by Mascot Label Group: We Are Harlot

Film (or DVD) Of The Year: Foo Fighters Sonic Highways

Reissues Of The Year sponsored by Universal Strategic Marketing: Led Zeppelin

Album Of The Year sponsored by Roadrunner Records: Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls

Note Robert Plant’s album lullaby…And the Ceaseless Roar was nominated in this category.

Band Of The Year sponsored by earMusic: AC/DC

The Comeback sponsored by Orange Amplification: Europe

Classic Album sponsored by Eagle Rock Entertainment: Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare

The Showman sponsored by Giants Of Rock (Butlin’s): Noddy Holder

The Maestro sponsored by Nikon: Joe Satriani

Tommy Vance Inspiration Award: Jimi Hendrix

The VIP sponsored by PRG/XL Video: Rod MacSween

Outstanding Contribution sponsored by Chord Electronics: Nils Lofgren

Living Legends sponsored by Clive Sutton: Queen

classic rock 2015 three



Soundgarden, Alice In Chains & GNR Members To Honor Jimmy Page:

This one via Barrett Martin’s Facebook page:

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses and himself will be performing at Seattle’s Experience Music Project on November 19 to pay tribute to Led Zeppelin guitarist and rock n roll innovator Jimmy Page. Martin’s post reads:

The Seattle contingent is ready for the Jimmy Page Tribute on November 19th at EMP in Seattle. From left to right, Duff McKagan (Guns & Roses) on bass, Barrett Martin (Mad Season) on drums, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on guitar, and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) on guitar. I just gotta say, that was a whole lotta heavy in one room. 8 Led Zeppelin tunes from this particular group, and Barrett and Duff are the house rhythm section for the whole show. Zeppelin is the great church of rock & roll and Mr. Page is our high priest. We are honored to serve.


John Paul Jones at Ice Station Vadso Festival:

artic anna rostrup

John Paul Jones was one of the musicians playing at the “Ice Station Vadso” music festival November 11 in “the land of ice and snow”, inside the Arctic Circle

This via the event’s Facebook page:

A tiny rock festival in Vadsø
  • Long Description
    Ice Station Vadsø er en musikkfestival som finner sted i Vadsø 10. og 11. november 2015.
    Billetter tilgjengelig 1. september.
    “Ice Station Vadsø” is a music festival takeing place in Vadsø, Norway, November 11 and 12. Tickets are available September 1.”
    Musicians playing comes from different bands: R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, The Dream syndicate, Scritti Politti, and other:Peter Buck (USA)
    Mike Mills (USA)
    Kurt Bloch (USA)
    Steve Wynn (USA)
    Linda Pitmon (USA)
    Scott McCaughey (USA)
    Rhodri Marsden (UK)
    Terry Edwards (UK)
    Tim Keegan (UK)
    Lucy Parnell (UK)
    John Paul Jones (UK)
    Frode Strømstad (NO)Venue: Kooperativet kulturscene:
  • Above photo by Anna Rostrup
  • See the great clip YouTube clip form the gig of of JPJ on lap steel guitar with ex REM man Mike Mills performing  When The Levee Breaks from the gig below…


Many thanks to James Cook at LedZep News for additional news info.


TBL Archive Special:

Led Zeppelin IV – 44 years gone…

November 1971 /Led Zeppelin IV 

nov me mak

44 years ago this month the fourth Led Zeppelin album emerged in a slightly mysterious manner with that enigmatic sleeve. I vividly remember the excitement and anticipation of the album in the music press that month. In fact the November 6 1971 issue of Melody Maker was something of an historic issue because it contained the first UK sighting the four individual symbols that would make up the title of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. Each symbol was featured on the end of a page – a series of teaser adverts for the forthcoming album though nobody really knew it. Now I had read a recent interview with Jimmy Page in which he had explained the album title would be made up of four runes – I did notice those symbols in that issue thinking they looked very odd – but I did not realise these were the very symbols that would become such an integral and lasting image of the band. So below is the first UK sighting of Jimmy Page’s Zoso symbol….

It was about to get even more exciting for me with the prospect of attending the November 21 Wembley Empire Pool show. Tickets a mere 75p! It’s fair to say that this advert announcing the second date was something of a life changer for me – as things were never quite the same in our house after what I witnessed on that cold November Sunday evening all of 44 years ago.

This wasn’t just a band…

four symbols nove 6 1971

Here’s some Led Zeppelin IV observations from the TBL Archive:

Of all their records, Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, released in late 1971, remains their listened toand  admired work, and with sales of 38 million and counting it is also far and away their most successful. Featuring both the often maligned Stairway To Heaven and the widely admired ‘When The Levee Breaks’, the set is without question the most accessible of their catalogue and it continues to attract new listeners by the week. Few albums in the history of rock can rival its influence.

The fact that much of the album was made in a mysterious, run-down, 18th century workhouse in the middle of rural Hampshire only adds to its legacy. It’s the product of a band given absolute musical freedom to do as they wished in an environment that encouraged the development of their ability to blend acoustic and electric influences within a rock framework, which they did more successfully than any other act before or since.

As a complete work it remains their most focused statement. From Page’s unimpeachable riffs, through Jones musical invention and Plant’s clarity of vocal to that titanic John Bonham drum sound – Led Zeppelin IV still emits a freshness that belies its age. DL



A guaranteed million seller well before release, perhaps in theory even before it was recorded, this long awaited fourth Zeppelin album is of greater importance than their controversial third LP. If Zep III gave the first indications that their music was by no means confined to power rock then this new album consolidates their expanding maturity. The eight cuts here follow through with unbridled confidence, expounding in greater details the ideas formulated on the previous album. Once again Led Zeppelin is airborne and the flight course looks very favourable. Roy Carr, New Musical Express

It might seem a bit incongruous to say that Led Zeppelin, a band never particularly known for its tendency to understate matters, has produced an album which is remarkable for its low keyed and tasteful subtlety. But that’s just the case here. The march of the dinosaur that broke the ground for their first epic release has apparently vanished. Taking along with it the splattering electronics of their second effort and the leaden acoustic moves that seem to weigh down their third album. One of the ways in which this is demonstrated is the sheer variety of the album. The got it down all right – this one was gold on the day of release. Not bad for a pack of Limey lemon squeezers. Lenny Kaye, Rolling Stones

After such a long wait one had begun to get a little worried about Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. What had gone wrong? After such a time lag and such mounting expectancy could it still be good? The answer is yes. It is brilliant. It is by far their best album to date, and has a depth and maturity to it which can only result from recording and performing experiences. It has many moods and many styles and seems far more emotionally loaded than any of their other albums – they seem to convey wisdom through experience into their music now. Caroline Boucher, Disc and Music Echo




Research by Nick Anderson:

Led Zeppelin IV was originally released in the UK on 12 November 1971 on the red and plum Atlantic label which was distributed by Polydor Records. Due to various labelling mistakes there are minute details to look out for when identifying genuine early pressings. Here is a summary of what to look out for:

1) Atlantic/Polydor 2401012 – red/plum labels, first pressing, first labels (£300)

  • The text “Led Zeppelin” is positioned towards the bottom of the label, below the track listing.
  • The “Under licence from Atlantic Recording Corpn., U.S.A” text is above the white line in the red part of the label.
  • Full publishing credits were omitted – only ‘Kinney Music Ltd’ is listed.
  • The first labels have an “Executive Producer: Peter Grant” credit.
  • “Misty Mountain Hop” is spelled correctly.
  • Side one has ‘’Pecko Duck’’ etched into the run out groove and side two has ‘’Porky’’ etched into the run out groove, which are the signature marks of English cutting engineer George Peckham. The vinyl matrix numbers are the earliest A//3, B//3

2) Atlantic/Polydor 2401012 – red/plum labels, first pressing, first labels with correction stickers (£150)

  • A “Led Zeppelin” sticker is placed in the top half of the label underneath the ‘Four symbols’ and above the “Atlantic Recording” credit,
  • A “Kinney Music Ltd/Superhype Music Inc. Produced by Jimmy Page” sticker is placed over the original Led Zeppelin, producer and executive producer credits on the lower half of the label.

3) Atlantic/Polydor 2401012 – red/plum labels, first pressing, second labels (£100)

  • The “Led Zeppelin” credit is printed in the top half of the label.
  • The “Atlantic Recording” credit is moved into the central white band.
  • The full “Kinney Music Ltd/Superhype Music Inc” credit is included.
  • The Peter Grant credit is removed.
  • “Misty Mountain Hop” is misspelled as “Misty Mountain Top”.

4) Atlantic/Polydor 2401012 – red/plum labels, first pressing, third labels (£65)

The fourth variant red/plum label is the same as the corrected third variant, but with the “Misty Mountain Top” misspelling corrected to “Misty Mountain Hop“.

5) Atlantic/Polydor 2401012 – red/plum labels, first pressing, fourth labels, stickered sleeve (£75)

Some corrected plum/red 2401012 fourth label pressings came with a sticker (white with red printing) on the sleeve with the Atlantic logo, K50008, audio information and record label credits. This was outstanding stock acquired by the Kinney group from Polydor and duly stickered on the sleeve with the new Kinney catalogue number – see details below

Note – the inner sleeve on all original pressings is a buff colour matt finish with flip over back. Later issues had no flipover back and for a brief time switched to white.  The gatefold outer sleeve is a matt finish – later issues have a sheen.

6) In 1969, Warner Bros.-Seven Arts was sold to the Kinney National Company. Kinney (later to be known as Warner Communications) combined the operations of all of its record labels. The following year, Kinney bought Elektra Records and its sister label Nonesuch Records, and assembled the labels into a group known as Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, also called WEA for short, or Warner Music Group. In early 1972 the distribution of the Atlantic label in the UK was switched from Polydor Records to the newly formed Kinney set up under the WEA (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic) banner. All catalogue numbers were changed to a simple K prefix and number with Led Zeppelin IV taking on the new catalogue number of K50008 with green and orange labels. Of note to collectors here is Atlantic K50008 – green/orange labels, second pressing, first labels, transitional stamper (£75)

  • This pressing has dual matrix numbers – both the first pressing 2401012 and later K50008 matrix numbers are included in the run-out grooves.
  • The ‘Four symbols’ are omitted from the label.
  • “Misty Mountain Hop” is again misspelled as “Misty Mountain Top”.
  • In the UK, a pressing plant error resulted in a few hundred pressings of Led Zeppelin IV appearing on the Asylum label. This again occurred in 1972 when distribution of the Atlantic label was switched to the Kinney stable under the WEA imprint (Warner, Elektra, Atlantic). Asylum was an offshoot of the WEA set up and most notably The Eagles’ label. Thus, Asylum Zep IV UK pressings on the K50008 catalogue number are highly prized amongst collectors and are valued at around £150.

Amongst the many worldwide pressings of Led Zeppelin IV, a handful of highly prized rare pressing variations have surfaced.

In the late 1970s, Dave Sands, a young apprentice builder working at Jimmy Page’s home, was handed a unique promo pressing of Led Zeppelin IV by the guitarist himself. ‘’I was 19 and working as an apprentice builder for a local Sussex building firm,’’ recalls Dave. In the spring of 1978, we undertook some work to build a recording studio for Jimmy Page at his Plumpton home. While we were there Jimmy gave me a t-shirt and a batch of albums. The t-shirt was from their 1977 US tour, while the albums included Led Zeppelin II (the rare pressing which has Lemon Song listed as Killing Floor), Led Zeppelin III and IV, Houses Of The Holy, Presence, The Song Remains The Same, and the first Detective album issued on Swan Song. All were on the usual Atlantic and Swan Song labels except the Led Zeppelin IV album (this appears on a plain cream label with track listing).

Jimmy’s generosity put Dave in possession of a unique Led Zeppelin IV promo pressing. This copy has the same typography and label design used for the advance US promo Atlantic pressings sent out at the time of the album’s release but, significantly, the label is a distinct yellow colour as opposed to the more common white label US promos. It comes packaged in what appears to be a mock up single sleeve. The back cover has the same design as the officially released inner sleeve with track listings. The front cover has the symbols and track listing printed on the front cover unlike the wordless standard sleeve design. The regular US white label stereo promos go for around £100, so this rare version obtained directly from Page himself is of much greater value and would easily triple in value at auction.

Another very rare pressing anomaly occurred in Canada where a unique gold and black vinyl multi coloured pressing of the fourth album surfaced a few years ago. This is almost impossible to value as it has not changed hands since it was discovered, but it is fair to assume that should it come onto the market it would be likely reach a price up to £1,000.

Rare pressings guide Compiled by Nick Anderson

Led Zeppelin IV 44 years gone – to be continued…


DL Diary Blog Update:


alice-gain-225x300It was a real tonic to be out and about at the Classic Rock Awards on Wednesday. It was fantastic to see and speak to Jimmy Page. I also chatted to Alice Cooper (as one does!) – I reminded him of an interview I did with him at the Reading Festival in 1988 and his memory was well good – remembering the pelting that Meatloaf got on the same bill. I also had a few words with Bad Co’s Mick Ralph’s – he told me he was hoping there would be further Bad Company reissues to follow. It was also great to catch up with Classic Rock newsman and all round legend Dave Ling, PR Peter Noble, Chris Goodman and Julian at Outside organisation , plus Steve Hammonds, Hugh Gilmour and Lisa Bardsley.

All in all a top night (and day) though an exhausting one.

It was back here in the early hours to pick it all up. Pleasingly Janet’s mum Bet is out of hospital – we are now trying to get into something of a routine in overseeing her daily carers etc  which has proved a bit tricky as there has been inevitable teething problems.

Elsewhere there has been some good productivity on the TBL 40 text and design. This week Mick and I signed off an excellent two page Robert Plant tour overview supplied by US scribe Stephen Humphries. It really is an asset for the TBL mag to have such quality input -Stephen is one of the best rock journalists around and his perceptive views on Robert’s recent activities are absolutely spot on.

We have also been wading through the 9,000 word history of the TBL early years – this piece has proved hugely cathartic for me in recalling the naïve and innocent initial foray into the world of the printed word – and my experiences in establishing the TBL mag and chronicling the world of Led Zeppelin.

It’s all shaping up and the plan now is to plough on and get an end result on it all as soon as possible.

fopp nov

On the player, the Presence, In Through The Out Door and  Coda reissues  – suitable inspiration for the TBL 40 Final Three feature ,The Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone single just out to tie in with the momentous Bootleg series Vol 12 Cutting Edge release and The Beatles White album.

With the release of the aforementioned Dylan set and The Beatles 1 album with the additional DVD/blu ray disc of original promo films, it was a definte back to the 60s vibe in the record shops this week – note this pic here of the Fopp shop on London’s Cambridge Circus. Looking at all that made me slightly nostalgic for the old retail days of yore as this is the sort of stuff we used to have a field day with back in the Virgin/Our Price stores. It’s certinaly encouraging to see some quality physical product on sale.




In amongst all that, there has of course been some records to discuss:

Red parlophone

Here’s a very nice find that I came across in a local charity shop recently amongst a crop of Jim Reeves RCA singles. The Beatles Please Please Me/Ask Me Why single on UK red Parlophone label – at the time of release in January 1963, Parlophone were in the process of switching their label design to the more familiar black version. Therefore early pressings of the single came on the red Parlophone label before it was switched to a black version not long after release. This pressing has unusually large type size and note too the McCartney/Lennon songwriting billing – this was switched to Lennon/McCartney after the release of the Please Please Me album. Original red copies are listed as £100 in mint condition.
Having put this on the DL/TBL it turns out this pressing is actually a reissue from January 1983 – not quite the cash cow I thought – oh well I’d have only spent it all down the Vinyl Barn! It was still a bargain at 50p!

Talking of which – last Saturday we had an excellent time at the Bedford Pop Up Record Shop at the Ents Shed in Bedford. This event is staged around three times a year. It combined a regular record fair (including Darren Harte’s Vinyl barn stall) with live music throughout the day -plus there was a bar on site. The pic here is me with Tom and Phil – a beer, a record fair and The Faces Snakes & Ladders album I’ve been looking for – which Phil noticed. What was not to like indeed! Lie music included  the excellent My Girl The River – a big hand for the organisers of another top event.

pop up shop 2 ents shed

The Record Fair itself proved to be a very good one with many a bargain to be found- so here’s the DL acquisitions on the day

Firstly a crop of singles at a mere 50 each:

Pickettywitch – Same Old Kinda Movie

The Strawbs – Lay Down

Frigid Pink – House Of The Rising Son

Maggie Bell – Hazell – on Swan Song

Chris Farlowe Out Of Time on Immediate

Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft

The Equals – Viva Booby Joe

Dave Edmunds – Here Comes The Weekend on Swan Song

Jimmy Cliff – Wild World – original pressing on pink Island

The Rattles – The Witch

Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air

Hotlegs – Neanderthal Man

The Guess Who – American Woman

A little tale about the above: The good lady Janet told me a few days ago that she had heard a record played on the Steve Wright Radio 2 afternoon show that sounded like Led Zep. When Janet tried to hear who it was by Steve Wright had said ”Guess Who”. I quickly twigged this was going to be The Guess Who’s massive 1970 US hit American Woman. This does indeed have a resemblance to the riff of Whole Lotta Love . The Guess Who line up included Randy Bachman who went on to form Bachman Turner Overdrive. When I saw this copy of the American Woman single in the racks I had to have it – it was meant to be!


A couple of EPs at £1 a tthow

Frank Sinatra All The Way EP £1

The Beach Boys Hits EP £1

And on album:

Les and Mary Paul – Hits of Les and Mary – original UK Capitol

Eric Clapton –At His Best

The Faces – Snakes And Ladders/Best of Faces US Warner Bros

The Rolling Stones – The Stars In Your Eyes They Never Lie – 1973 bootleg album – I bought this from the tiny record shop Sounds Ahead  in Marlboro Court at the time bit it has gone missing over the years. it’s great to have it back.

Marc Bolan – 20th Century Boy – 3 LP EMI Australia compilation

Beck Bogart and Appice – Beck Bogart and Appice – US Epic with Demonstration Not For Sale stamp

The Allman Brothers Band – Dreams – 6 LP box set UK Polydor

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run on US Columbia

cass plant

Meanwhile in the land of cassettes…some Robert Plant live cassette faves from the DL collection..there’s a whole lot more!

The Record Fair action switches to London this weekend for the annual two day Musicmania Fair staged by VIP Fairs. This is the biggest UK fair of the year. As mentioned last week, plans to have a stall selling the earls Court book have fallen through but I aim to be in attendance and look forward to seeing all that can make it along.

Dave Lewis – November 12, 2015





YouTube clips:

John Paul Jones  – When The Levee Breaks:

Jimmy Page interviewed at the Classic Rock Awards clip one:

Jimmy Page interviewed at the Classic Rock Awards clip two:

….and finally – 21 years gone -one of the most affecting performances of this song anytime, anywhere…

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant  – Stairway To Heaven Tokyo TV station November 10 1994:

Until next time…

Have a great  weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –  November  , 2015. 

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  • Glen said:

    Hi Dave,
    your site is always worth a read. The IV info is quite detailed. I have a number of releases of this on vinyl. One I ‘borrowed’ from my sister in 74 (must be an early issue surely)- another release further down the line to replace my sisters now worn out album, along with the HMV box which was released for some reason which escapes me right now. I’ll have to have a look to see which one’s I have. (All UK). Not to mention the myriad CD versions I own. Probably the best album Zeppelin released IMO.

  • John Webster said:

    Hi Dave, Interesting regarding Zeppelin 4. I have the first pressing, 2nd label version these days. Would have had the first pressing as I remember going to W HSmiths on release and hunting for it before asking an assistant! I would have sold it in the 90s at Brighton Record Fair in order to fund buying all those Zepp bootleg cds.

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