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14 July 2011 10,568 views 19 Comments

Jimmy on stage with The Black Crowes July 13 2011 – photo copyright Ross Halfin

The long awaited official Jimmy Page web site is now live online at

On Wednesday July 13th, Jimmy Page made a surprise appearance at The Black Crowes gig at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night. He joined the band for an encore performance of Shake Your Money Maker.


More info at


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  • Denzepp58 said:

    It is a work in progress, people, give it some time! I myself love it, especially the favorites option, makes you feel like a part of the website. Much as I am thrilled over the website, I want a tour, new music and the release of the O2 DVD. That’s not asking for too much, is it?? I have been following this man’s career since 1967 and I just cannot get my fill…Peace….

  • Kathy Urich said:

    OOOP’s aparrently the Death Wish II Sound Track was under “Just Jimmy” and not soundtracks odd, but it was there I guess I needed to dig further. Ross Halfin has some great pictures of Jimmy with The Crows on his diary page. I love the this day in history section.

  • Kathy Urich said:

    I too was confused when I didn’t see the soundtrack for Death Wish II or Lucifer Rising, though the later thought to be unfinished. Also the picture section a bit lean after owning the book. Why isn’t there a reference to It Might Get Loud? I have do doubt it will improve over time what was there I loved as I mentioned erlier but after digging a bit some obvious omissions.

  • Andy said:

    have to say i am slightly underwhelmed by the website. too many obvious mistakes, too many ommissions (setlists, personell)….all of which could have easily been avoided by spending a few minutes on other zeppelin websites.

    no multimedia content in 2011 is criminal, the daily features so far are far away from the gems the hype surrounding the launch suggested. no cross referencing tools of gigs etc ala the brilliant

    i am sure it will improve with time, but for a perfectionist like jimmy a very half arsed start….

  • Cliff "The Ticket Man" Hilliard said:

    Just scanning the new eagerly awaited Jimmy Page wedsite, and was a little disappointed with the number of errors, especially the gigs section.

    I was particulary interested in the “pre Zeppelin” era. However, no mention of his time on the road with such artists as Carter Lewis & The Southerners back in 1963, when they were on the same bill as the headliners Duane Eddy & The Shirelles (very adpt as an interview with Mr Eddy is mentioned on the “Home” page).

    More worringly are the huge gaps of missing Yardbirds dates. I have stubs from 2nd Jan 1967 Long Island Arena, Commack – not listed, 10th Nov 1967 PNE Garden Autiorium, Vancouver – not listed etc, etc.

    There are many other missing live performances e.g. with Roy Harper 3rd Dec 1973 RAH, London, with Bad Company 4th Sept 1974 at the Schaefer Music Festival, NY to name but a couple.

    Having said that this website is NOT for the anoraks of this world, but true fans of Jimmy’s work. What excites me most is seeing the two live performances dates made in June & July this year….it’s just wonderful to see the great man playing live again.

    Will there be more live performances?….I sure hope so.

  • Tim Davies said:

    Its great that Jimmy’s website is finally up there, and I hope that he will add some video and Live/Studio Audio sections to it in the future. It seems a bit like wandering through a museum at the moment, and I think it needs something to add a spark to it. I’m sure he has a few things tucked away that are perfect for online viewing and listening that would add this extra dimension to his site.

  • Ian Nicholson said:

    Jimmy’s new website looks pretty good, but there are some errors in the gigs listings. Roy Harper’s Valentines Day Massacre at The Rainbow, 14th Frebruary 1974 is not listed, and Jimmy certainly played that night. I saw him that night playing in Roy’s band with Keith Moon and Ronnie Lane, as well as appearances by Bonzo and Percy. Also, the second Earls Court is incorrectly listed as 18th March – I think this answers Mark Harrison’s question. I thought the same as Mark until I noticed Earls Court in March!

    The Roy Harper albums list looks as if it is missing a few. I can think of Valentine and Flashes From the Archives of Oblivion, both of which should be listed.

  • Mark Harrison said:

    Don’t want to bring a downer on Jimmy’s new site It’s just that as I scanned it I couldn’t help wishing that dear old Howard had lived to see it…..
    Second where’s the second night of Earls Court (the 18th) gone?

  • Byron Lewis said:

    Just navigating my way through Jimmy’s website – A Degree of Murder soundtrack from 1967 has slipped under the radar in the past – just ordered the dvd from the US so something to look forward to. Paused on the buy button for Black Crowes tix thinking Jimmy wouldn’t dare – what’s the saying – he who hesitates is lost? A couple of expletives to add in there but that video reeks of pure rock n roll which is why I’m here in the first place. Raising a glass to Jimmy and hopefully a few more gems like last night – Cheers

  • caroline thompson said:

    Further to my comments re Jimmy,s website the problem was with my laptop.The site is classy and cool as youd expect from one of the classiest and coolest guys on the planet.Hope to see him live very soon

  • Kathy Urich said:

    Jimmy onstage again fantastic, I just know this ia a sign of more to come. The website is very cool worth the wait as always. Have a Magickal day.

  • caroline thompson said:

    Have been waiting eagerly for the Jimmy Page website and found it a bit dark and not very easy to navigate.Is it me or is it just very arty and Im missing the point?

  • Steve Bunyan said:

    Watching the footage of Jimmy and The Black Crowes I couldn’t help but think how annoying it is when fans start filming using their phones! As much as I appreciate seeing this I think something has to be done to stop fans doing this as it annoys the f**k out of me when I’m at a gig! How can fans truly enjoy the moment when they’re too busy concentrating trying to film it. I really do not understand it. Maybe I’m getting too old!

  • Chris Wright said:

    As always, great to see Sir Jimmy in action. With an impromptu live appearance and website launch in quick succession, are we about to witness a major return to the fray?

  • Jonathan Taylor said:

    I was there…still grinning insanely…not only were the Crowes excellent, but James Patrick Page strolled on and ripped up “Moneymaker” with his old bandmates…what a treat!

  • Mark Harrison said:

    Still THE man……

  • André Cruz said:

    So good… beginning a day with new jimmy Page material and footage. The last Jimmy Page tour was 11 years ago, curiosly with the same band he played last night. Every fan in the world wants a new tour to see him live again.
    Hope the new website bring some good news !

  • Lorrraine Robertson said:

    A perfect treat for a Thursday morning!!! Jimmy is looking and sounding so relaxed and happy….what a talent!!!!! ty for this x

  • Andy said:

    great that the old man is getting out more, but so gutted that it was yesterday. I went on Tuesday and the gig was sensational…nearly 3 hours of sensational Rock n Roll….the only thing that could have topped that night would have been a Jimmy Jam…but not to be, just like last time with Donovan….oh well

    Fingers crossed for the website, the O2 DVD, the tour and the new album:)

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