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13 June 2013 9,217 views 6 Comments


Jimmy Page has donated for auction the Martin acoustic  guitar which he played at the Roy Harper 70th birthday concert at the Royal Albert Hall to the ABC Trust . The guitar is to be auctioned by Bonhams Auctioneers with the proceeds going to Action For Brazilian Children charity.  

The auction takes place at 1300hrs on July 3rd.

Here’s the info via Bonhams:

Jimmy Page: A Martin D-28 Marquis ‘Birthday Special 2007’ guitar owned and played by Jimmy Page, serial no. 1151442, label inside body signed by J.R. Warner and C.F. Martin IV, fingerboard inlaid with Led Zeppelin and Zodiac symbols and the guitarist’s name, in original hard case, together with a signed letter from Jimmy Page and a colour photograph of him playing the guitar.


£10,000 – 15,000

€12,000 – 18,000

US$ 16,000 – 23,000

Jimmy Page acquired the Martin guitar on 15th November 2006. It was a guitar that had been kindly donated to the ABC Trust/Jimmy Page (ABC Patron). Jimmy Page played this guitar at home and at the Roy Harper 70th Birthday Concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall on 5th November 2011, where he played the iconic ‘The Same Old Rock’ with Roy, to celebrate the 1971 recording of the album ‘Stormcock’ and Roy’s 70th birthday.

The above photo by Ian Avey for TBL of Jimmy performing with Roy Harper in 2011 using the Martin D28 guitar can be seen in the Bonhams catalogue.

* Jimmy was in attendance at the Kings Of Leon gig a the 02 Arena on Wednesday.


Robert Plant new track for the Winter In the Blood movie:

winter in

Robert Plant has recorded a superb cover version of Toussaint McCall’s Nothing Takes The Place Of You for the soundtrack of the new movie Winter of The Blood.

Here’s the info via the Playlist site:

The Los Angeles Film Festival starts this week, and earlier, we brought you an exclusive teaser from one of the docs, “Levitated Mass,” and now we have another exclusive clip from a film playing in the narrative competition, “Winter in the Blood.” Directed by twin brothers Alex and Andrew Smith (“The Slaughter Rule”), the film is an adaptation of a 1974 James Welch novel, which tells the story of a young and troubled Blackfoot Indian in Montana, struggling with alcoholism and inner demons. In this clip, our protagonist Virgil First Raise, played by Chaske Spencer, and his estranged wife Agnes (Julia Jones, both actors have paid their dues in the “Twilight” franchise), share an intimate moment marred by a sense of surreality, blending present time and memory within Virgil’s alcohol-wracked mind

To top it off, the clip is set to a Robert Plant cover of the song “Nothing Takes the Place of You,” a minor 1960s hit written by New Orleans musician Toussaint McCall. Plant recorded this cover exclusively for the film, and it captures the bluesy and bittersweet tone of this moment.

You can view the clip with an excerpt of the Robert Plant track at this link:


Jason Bonham on Heart tour:

Jason 1

Joanie Cox-Henry of recently conducted an interview with Jason Bonham in which he discusses the forthcoming Heart tour Asked about sharing the stage with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart to perform “Stairway To Heaven” during the Led Zeppelin tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors,

Jason said: “When I was asked to do ‘Stairway’, I was, like, ‘Really? ‘Stairway’?’ There are some songs you just don’t touch. But the arrangement with the choir, orchestra and way the whole band played was very special. Both Robert [Plant] and John Paul [Jones] were blown away by the arrangements. It was cool and different. The respect to the original was incredible and Ann and Nancy were fantastic. There were 50 people bobbing up and down wearing top hats. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you see something like this. After the performance was viewed more than five million times on YouTube, “The demand became so great it got released on iTunes,” Bonham said. “I later got a call from Live Nation asking how we could put something like this together for a show.”

Regarding how this summer’s Heartbreaker Tour with Heart came about, Bonham said: “I started talking to the girls from Heart and we came up with an idea of taking my band and doing a shorter version of what I normally do and then they would do a shortened version of their show. Then, we could be together and end with my guitar player and do a 45-minute extravaganza of performing some of the greatest music from Led Zeppelin that there is. It’s going to be a fantastic summer.” Jason also spoke about his father’s enduring influence on the current crop of rock drummers, saying: “Every drummer I’ve ever spoken to or read an interview with — my dad is always in their top three. I’m honored to share his name and represent him all these years after he’s gone. It’s been fantastic.” He added: “I don’t think he even realized that 33 years after he died, he’d be an icon in the drumming world and the band became what they did — bigger than ever. He’s such an icon and yet he was such a simple, regular guy when he was at home,0,4879695.story


Iain Banks 1954 – 2013:


It was sad to hear of the passing of the great author Iain Banks – Iain was a big 1970s music fan including Led Zep. Here’s a lovely story about the late Iain Banks sent to me today by Horishi, a TBL subscriber and big fan of Family…

I remember that years ago, stating that the first albums he bought were Led Zeppelin 1st and 2nd together, and that he had saved up for them or them for ages. In April of 1993, I met Mr. Banks in person, in St Helier, Jersey (of all places). I asked him of his favorite rock bands and the first name he gave me was Family.

We both agreed that our favorite Family album was Anyway, a rather peculiar choice when almost everyone in Britain raves about Music In A Dolls House more than anything else. He said that he had seen them live (Glasgow I think). And then he gave me an autograph, adding ‘Anyway’ by his name.

After returning to Japan, I sent him two cassette copies of rare Family recordings, the BBC Playhouse Theatre, December 1971, and an audience recording of the Edinburgh Empire Theatre, December 1972, to which I received a letter of thanks from him One regret of mine is that I didn’t talk about Zeppelin with him — I wouldn’t be surprised that he had attended their show, somewhere in Scotland perhaps. Hiroshi.


TBL 35 Latest:

There’s been a fantastic reaction to TBL 35 – here’s a couple of a fair few inspiring comments that have come in over the last week:

Every article is a gem and the illustrations and photos are superb. No other publication, hard copy or online, provides such a variety and quantity of always high quality journalism dedicated to the analysis of the music of Led Zeppelin. TBL is a rare thing: great quality at a very fair price. Michael Rae -Australia

Dave , what can I say ? Just received TBL 35 at my new home in beautiful Cairns and brought a tear to my eye -what a sensational issue ! Will be framing the Kezar pics for sure- thank you so much for continuously improving an already magical project –Colin Sheil

covers 1 and 2

Here’s a review of TBL 35 via the Underground Uprising site

Tight But Loose issue 35 (June 2013)

The 35th issue of any magazine or journal is a pretty momentous one, and that is a good description for the latest issue of TBL. Issue 35 is distinguished by being a numbered edition, and there is also a lovely full size colour photo from Kezar Stadium in San Francisco on 2nd June 1973, which captures all four members of the band in action. This is a lovely bonus for subscribers. Printed on high quality paper, there is a tremendous amount packed into the magazine.

It is both apt and poignant that one of the first articles is a tribute to the late Gerard Sparaco, who died earlier in 2013, so suddenly and well before his time. His knowledge on live music releases was encyclopaedic, and he is irreplaceable. A kind and generous man who always shared with friends. Robert Plant’s highly regarded tour of Australia and New Zealand is covered, and there follows an interesting interview with renowned photographer Neal Preston.

Alec Plowman writes a revealing article about the making of “The Song Remains The Same” movie that neatly follows on to the “Celebration Day” release. I found the interview, illustrated with some of his tremendous photos, with Dick Barnatt, most enjoyable, and the band looked (and were!) so young when he shot them.

Nicely following this is the first part of an interview with Aubrey Powell, co-founder of Hipgnosis (with the late Storm Thorgerson, who receives a tribute in the magazine)), and shows how the iconic cover for “House Of The Holy” was created. And Kevin Hewick follows this with an analysis of the reviews that greeted the album’s release in 1973.

Occupying the next 9 pages is the redoubtable Mike Tremaglio’s ongoing detailed coverage, concert by concert, starting with the March 1973 Europe Tour (surely some of the most brilliant and outstanding concerts in the history of Rock and Roll), and continues to the first leg of the USA and Canada tour in that Summer. This insight is a tremendous addition to the Led Zeppelin live catalogue. When it is eventually finished I believe that it would make a superb book which would prove very popular indeed.

To finish there is a great article with the personal memories of a number of fans who attended the concert on 2nd June 1973 at Kezar Stadium, illustrated by some of the superb photos taken of the band, greatly helped by it being outdoors and in daylight. A very worthy conclusion to what is and what will always be (to paraphrase a well know song by the band) the leading and very best coverage of Led Zeppelin, individually and collectively (as J.J. Jackson once said).

So to recap, all in all the latest TBL is once again a great and highly informed read, and no fan of Led Zeppelin should be without their copy…

Jules McTrainspotter June 2013  

I’d like to thank Gary Foy and Mike Tremaglio, for their great support over the a past few weeks and Jeff Strawman and Terry Stephenson for their help in spreading the TBL word. Thanks also for all the great feedback received in support of TBL 35.

widmill st

It took a year of research to bring the latest TBL Investigates story of where this pic was taken to fruition …all is revealed in the new TBL 35


TBL Father’s Day Gift ideas…

With Father’s Day upon us this weekend –  here’s some TBL gift ideas. Request now!

The TBL 2013 Subscription:

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Led Zeppelin Feather In the Wind Over Europe 1980 book:

The acclaimed up close and personal view of the final Led Zeppelin tour –here’s one satisfied reader’s comments..  

‘’Wow! What a book!…literally hundreds of photographs I have never seen before…Dave Lewis L has shown remarkable dedication, love and a fastidious attention to detail in putting together this beautiful document of what would be the mighty Zeppelin’s last tour…love Zeppelin? …you need this book in your collection!’’  Mark Redman

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Not just a T shirt..more a badge of honour! Wear it with pride!

This special TBL T shirt is a Fruit of the Loom classic value lightweight quality black shirt depicting the generic Tight But Loose logo and slogan Not just a band…more a way of life…in white print on a black T. shirt. This unique design is available in a strictly limited edition – so hurry and pre-order now to avoid disappointment. Due out July.


Pre ordering at this link:

So there you have it –some choice TBL products perfect for Father’s Day gifts..


DL Diary Update:

Bit of a difficult week here with the good lady Janet under par with a throat infection and Adam has also not been feeling so good –and with his last exam due tomorrow (Friday) that’s been a worry. Janet’s Mum Betty is still undergoing tests at the hospital although she is has been back home in the last couple of days.  TBL wise, the show has been rolling on with plenty of on going packing and distributing of TBL 35 in the last week, as new converts and lapsed subscribers get on board. Attention now turns to projects ahead of which the Knebworth book is a high priority.

I watched both parts of the excellent Eagles documentary last week. It struck me that if they ever get around to a proper official Zep documentary series, this could be the template. Some great early footage, very honest statements from the principal players and of course superb music – I’d forgotten how impressive the likes of Take It Easy, Lyin’ Eyes and One Of These Nights still sound. Joe Walsh was an absolute star on camera with some very wry comments. It prompted an immediate trawl through the Joe Walsh catalogue I have on vinyl. Hey and let’s not forget he’s the man who sold Jimmy his Gibson Les Paul…

joe walsh

It also prompted what I intend to be something of a summer of US rock playlist here. If the sun ever shines (and the signs aren’t good so far!) the likes of the following LP’s will sound great on the player in the coming weeks… in fact come rain or shine they will sound great anyway…Doobie Brothers – Captain & Me, Little Feat – The Last Record Album, Spirit – Spirit, Mountain – Climbing, Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Four Way Street, The Byrds Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Poco – Rose of Cimarron,  Allman Brothers – Eat A Peach, It’s A Beautiful Day -Marrying Maiden,, Frank Zappa – Hot Rats, Stephen Stills -Illegal Stills,  Jefferson Airplane – 2400 Fulton Street, Eagles – One Of These Nights…to name a few…

summer of us rock

Zep wise, it’s going to be a diet of 1973 in the coming days with the likes of Bonzo’s Birthday Party, Three Days After and Live In Seattle soundtracking Mike Tremaglio’s fabulous 1973 tour chronicle in TBL 35. They really were on top of their game during that summer of 40 years ago…

bootleg 73

And finally – a great clip here of the Royal Albert Hall Janaury 9th 1970 performance of Communication Breakdown -this is the full version as compiled by the excellent LedZep Film guys…

Led Zeppelin – Communication Breakdown…



Until next time… Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy June 13th, 2013.

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  • Vic Morgan said:

    Looking at the latest TBL now Dave you have surpassed even your own very high standards luckily on leave this week so I can read it properly. As we say in Devon proper job congrats

  • Simon said:

    Nice to have had a mention of Iain Banks , I very much got the impression that he was a fan of rock music from his writing mentions of zeppelin and Floyd – espedair street is a novel which best reveals this

  • Paul Gross said:

    Hello Dave and TBL crew- really enjoying the new TBL #35 cover to cover. I especially like the fact that they are now signed and numbered, I appreciate the task of signing hundreds of copies! I also LOVE the Kezar ’73 print! Very nice touch!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for publishing this magazine and I’ll continue to subscribe as long as it’s available!

  • Carol said:

    Got My Copy of TBL yesterday, Am enjoying it. Listened to the movie clip of Robert singing; it was a gorgeous rendition. I wish I could hear the whole song. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Kristine (Australia) said:

    My copy of TBL 35 arrived last Thursday.Have had a quick browse and it looks always.The photo was a special treat and for once it wasn’t raining on the day of delivery so everything remained unspoilt. I’ve promised myself some time out tomorrow sitting in the warm winter sun with a nice cup of tea catching up with all things Zep.Thanks Dave for going the extra mile on this one.

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    The cicadas are out in the eastern US (seventeen year locusts) and they make a sinister sci-fi noise in the summer mornings here.

    You mentioned the Allman Brothers Eat a Peach LP, and for some odd reason, the return of the cicadas and their bizarre morning drone harkens me back to the release of Eat a Peach.

    For whatever reason unknown to me, that record reminds me of the locusts and vice-versa, perhaps because the music was prominent during one of the 17 year invasions of these loud bugs.

    The sounds of summers past, I guess. Tough to navigate with a hangover, I can assure you. The bugs, not the LP.

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