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26 June 2015 3,745 views 5 Comments


TBL 39 Announcement:

Jimmy Page talks about the companion disc audio content of the final three Led Zeppelin reissues in an exclusive TBL interview…

I am pleased to announce that the forthcoming issue of the TBL magazine –issue 39  due to ship in July will include an exclusive Jimmy Page interview.

I recorded this with Jimmy last Thursday afternoon during a day of media interviews he gave at Olympic Studios in Barnes.

Jimmy was on great form – the interview was a lot less rushed than my encounter with his last October. It took the form of Jimmy talking me though the contents of the companion disc audio. Less structured and informal, our conversation turned into something of a mutual Led Zep love- in, as we both praised the likes of  Two Ones  Are Won (Achilles Last Stand), For You Life, Pod, If It Keeps On Raining, the Bombay tracks friends and Four Hands , Bonzo’s Montreux and Sugar Mama etc.

Coincidentally, the interview took place on June 18 – 35 years on from the night I saw Jimmy performing on stage in Cologne on the second night of the Led Zeppelin Over Europe tour. I took in an A3 print of the photo of Jimmy on stage in Cologne from page 93 of the Feather In The Wind book. Jimmy and I are holding it up in the photo above. This was taken in the interview room at Olympic which is adorned by a large framed Led Zep I cover – a turquoise one at that. The cover is signed by Jimmy, it’s a permanent reminder of the band’s presence in this famous building from 1968 to 1975.

Here’s a couple of excerpts from the interview: Discussing the reference mix of For Your Life Jimmy told me:

”For Your Life really goes into something of a different vein. If people go ‘oh Led Zeppelin is  heavy metal’’ well quite clearly it isn’t. The wholetime signature of it, the whole layering of guitars. The way that the riff changes, the overlays of it, the textures. I mean, no one’s got anywhere near things like that”

On the Bombay sessions:

”I didn’t know what we were going to do really. it was entirely experimental. Because of the percussion – they had the tabla drums and everything, I realised we could approach Four Sticks and it would work.”

I asked Jimmy if he had a message for the fans at the end of this monumental reissue project – he replied as follows:

”Happy listening …you in for some amazing surprises! (laughs). They are what they intended to be – a companion to the master audio of the original catalogue. Here’s the bottom line – it has doubled the output of what the studio situation was in the first place. From the beginning, I knew that was possible and that it what it has been all about”

”Keep flying the flag” commented Jimmy to me at the end of the interview..

That is an absolute given…and TBL 39 waves that flag as proudly as ever.

Suffice to say, this is a major coup for the forthcoming TBL issue and if this isn’t a reason to subscribe – then I don’t know what is!

You can read the full contents of this Jimmy Page interview plus a host of other compelling views and features in the forthcoming issue TBL 39.

All current TBL 2014/15 subscribers will automatically recieve this issue when it’s published next month.

TBL 39 is the second issue of the TBL 2014/2015 subscription. If you have yet to susbcribe you can do so now  – TBL 38 will be sent to you immediately with issue 39 to follow next month and issue 40 later in the year.

As a bonus, every subscriber will receive an exclusive 10 x 8 limited edition print suitable for framing. This is a Jimmy Page shot on the Over Europe 1980 tour. It was taken at the Frankfurt Festhalle gig on June 30, 1980 by Tom Locke. Perfect for framing and yet another reason to subscribe to the TBL 2014/15 magazines…

The subscription order link for the 2014/1205 TBL magazines is below order:

TBL issue 39 single orders:

TBL issue 39 is also available as a single pride purchase on the link below:


The new TBL issue 39 – not just a magazine…more a mini book…


Here’s a summary of the contents of the forthcoming TBL issue 39 -shipping out next month:

Jimmy Page – on the companion disc audio contents:

Jimmy Page talks Dave Lewis through the companion disc audio content of the final three Led Zeppelin reissues.

Presence/In Through The Out Door/Coda Olympic Studios Playback Event:

On the spot report from the June 16 unveiling.

Unstoppable Ascendancy: Led Zeppelin IV/Houses Of The Holy/Physical Graffiti Reissues:

Richard Grubb provides a perceptive overview of the second and third batch of Zep reissues.

The Reissued Graffiti:

Dave Lewis on a monumental reissue.

In Through The Out Window:

Bucks Burnett tells the story of how he secured the ultimate Physical Graffiti collectors item.

Tea For One:

Neil Jeffries takes tea for one at 96 St. Marks Place.

A Teenager Succumbs To the Graffiti of the Physical:

Bucks Burnett on his first exposure to the epic 1975 double album.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss back together for the Lead Belly at 125 Tribute:

Larry Bergmann Jr reports from the Kenendy Center.

Led Zeppelin At Earls Court – 40 Years Gone

Rikky Rooksby remembers the opening night.

Led Zeppelin at Earls Court – 40 years Gone – The Tape Analysis:

Andy Croft’s tape analysis of all five Earls Court shows.

The Making Of Five Glorious Nights:

Dave Lewis on how the new Earls Court photo book came to fruition.

The Vibration of Sound Tracks:

Larry Bergmann Jr. explains why the new Jimmy Page Sound Tracks set is one of the most important of his career.

Nick Anderson Collectors Column

Led Zep reissue promos round up, Led Zep eBay -o meter, and more

From The Underground: CD’s Reviewed & Rated:

Scott Heck contributes a new CD review column.

My First Ever Music Interview with Led Zep:

Chris Charlesworth on his first encounter with some advanced pop exponents in 1969.

Plus Robert Plant and John Paul Jones Latest News Round Up

Joe Jammer album, History of JB’s Book, Deborah and Jason Bonham latest, book round up and more.

This is another epic issue –don’t miss out – order now!

Remember – websites are for browsing – the TBL magazine is for reading time and time again…

Many thanks in advance for your support.


Five Glorious Nights – one day of glorious signing:

Newbury six

On Tuesday I spent a very long day spent at the Rufus Stone HQ in Newbury. The aim was to personally sign as many books as I could in a day – I signed over 800 of the standard edition alongside the 100 special inserts for the leather bound edition of 100. Publisher Mark Smith and his son co-ordinated the numbering of each book.

While I would have loved to have made personally dedications in every book, logistically that was not possible. However they are all personally signed and those who ordered early will also receive a 10 x 8 colour print.

So how does it all shape up? The standard edition looks superb – Mark and his printing and binding team have done a great job.

The leather bound edition is quite something – it is housed in a special white outer metal slip case that looks amazing.

Distribution Update:

The standard edition is now being shipped out.

The leather bound limited editions are awaiting the supply of the metal outer cases –due in the next couple of days. Distribution of the leather bound limited edition book will therefore commence early next week.

So our 133 days of toil now have a tangible end result. I’m weary, my hand aches and I now need to get back to TBL 39 work…but I am very happy in the knowledge that this book has met my expectations –because it really does capture the visual splendour of Led Zeppelin at their peak over those five glorious nights of 40 years ago, in exactly the way I intended it to do when I first undertook this task early in the year. I will sleep well tonight for sure…. DL – June 23, 2015

If you have yet to order –don’t miss out – the standard edition is available now – visit


Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975 (Rufus Stone Limited Editions):

The first feedback from one of the first recipients of the book – the standard edition is now being distributed:

‘’This is certainly money well spent. It is quite clear a lot of thought and effort has gone into this book and I think it is a must for any Led Zeppelin fan. It will take pride of place on my bookshelf, although I might have to strengthen the bookshelf as it’s a fairly hefty book!’’
Kevin Tubby – UK

Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975:
With the shipping out of the Earls Court book underway – here’s my advice on how to approach your induction of the book…


Induction Guidelines:

So your copy of the book has arrived – and no doubt you will flick through it for an initial overview.

What you really need to do is set aside some quality reading time to devour it page by page. The layout is designed for you to follow each of the five glorious nights as the Led Zep at Earls Court story unfolds.

This of course, should be accompanied by your favourite relevant Zep 1975 playlist – ideally an Earls Court bootleg or two of the Physical Graffiti reissue to put you right in the 1975 zone.

Cap it all by pouring your favourite tipple and you are ready to relive those Five Glorious Nights – as captured through the visual splendour of this deluxe book that showcases the power and glory of Led Zeppelin on stage at Earls Court all of 40 years ago…

Enjoy the experience and let me know what you think of the book…

Top 20 Images from the Five Glorious Nights:

Having had a good look though it all now it’s complete – I’ve waded through and selected my top 20 favourite images from the book – the photos that for me, most capture the Led Zep at Earls Court magic…so in page order, here are some of my visual highlights from the book:

Page 5/6: The Earls Court Arena empty and ready.

Page 30/31: Double page colour spread of Robert and Jimmy.

Page 50/51: Black and white close up of the acoustic set.

Page 60/61: Black and white shot of Jimmy brandishing the violin bow.

Page 62/63: Black and white and colour shots of Jimmy with the double neck.

Page 68/69: Robert and Jimmy together at the encore with the illuminated backdrop sign lit.

Page 76: Black and white shot of Robert Plant in classic pose.

Page 94: Black and white shot of John Paul Jones smiling with roadie Mick Hinton behind him swigging from a bottle.

Page 106/107: Double page black and white group shot side on accompanied by Charles Shaar Murray quote.

Page 108: Colour shot of John Bonham deep in concentration.

Page 160/161: Double page black and white spread of Jimmy Page conducting the theremin.

Page 174/175: Double page black and white face on group shot.

Page 197: Black and white shot of the three of them turning to John Bonham for a crashing finale.

Page 205/206: Double page black and white spread of John Bonham proclaiming ”Football’s a load of bollocks!”

Page 220/221: Close up double black and white spread of Robert accompanied by the May 25 ”There’s always the 1980s” quote.

Page 226: Colour close of Jimmy.

Page 234: Behind stage black and white view of the acoustic set.

Page 238/239: Double page black and white spread from side of stage group shot during Trampled Underfoot.

Page 242/23: Double page black and white spread of John Bonham.

Page 261: Colour shot of Jimmy with arms out.

So there it is – 20 of the finest images amongst the 200 plus presented in the book.

Have a look through when you receive your copy and let me know your faves.


Hots On For Nowhere – Reference Mix preview:

On Monday June 22, the second preview from the final three Led Zeppelin reissues was made available online – this is the Hots On For Nowhere Reference Mix

Another Monday morning tonic…

Recorded in Musicland Studios Munich in late 1975 for the Presence album, this the track described by noted NME scribe Charles Shaar Murray at the time as ”What the Glenn Miller Orchestra would have sounded like had they have been a murderously heavy four piece rock band”

It indeed does swing in a light and upbeat atmosphere somewhat at odds with the aggressive and questioning lyrical theme . Jimmy Page makes full use of the tremelo arm on his then newly acquired Strat pulling out a ridiculous twang in the midst of a delightful solo. Never performed live in the Zep era, it did eventually receive a live workout by Page with The Black Crowes on their US tour in 2000.

And now we have Hots On For Nowhere (Reference Mix) 4.47

Both the vocal and bass are much more upfront in the mix which makes for a grittier texture. There are no vocal overdubs on the outro section just Roberts ‘Oh- ho-ho’’ – right through to a full ending after Jimmy’s guitar part as Robert adds a final ‘’Aha oh- oh- ho’’ phrase.

Summary: Still swinging without the overdubs…


Jimmy Page in Paris

Jimmy has been on the promotional trail this week with a visit to Paris. See LedZep News for pics.


Robert Plant at the Tenbury Music Festival;

This one from the Ludlow and Tenbury Advertiser:

One of the greatest rock musicians of all time provided a major boost to Tenbury when he put in an appearance at the town’s first ever music festival.

Robert Plant, who became a rock legend more than 40 years ago as the lead singer with Led Zeppelin, was seen at The Burgage as the music got underway.

The veteran rocker has collected numerous accolades, including a CBE and although best known for his vocal prowess he is also famous for writing the lyrics to a long list of Led Zeppelin classics.

Music fans from as far away as Scotland were able to join Mr Plant at the event. Nearly 1,000 people descended upon the town for the festival.

The organisers have pledged to make it a regular event but have called upon more businesses in the town to support it.

See more at:


Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 – 35 years Gone

This month marks the 35th anniversary of the final Led Zeppelin tour – a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. To begin a month long celebration of that final tour, I have reduced the price of the Feather In the Wind book for a limited period to just £8 including postage and packing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in the definitive account of the tour at a bargain price – yet more Led Zep summer 2015 reading.

For those who have yet to indulge, to give you a flavour of the contents – this is an extract from the introduction to the book.

Flashback to the Frankfurt Festhalle, Germany – on the evening of June 30th, 1980 around 8pm:

I am in the confines of the grand Festhalle venue in the heart of Frankfurt and I am standing no more than ten feet away from the four members of Led Zeppelin. The occasion is the tenth gig on the current tour of the band who have reigned supreme as the world’s greatest live rock attraction for much of the past decade. However the 1980s are upon us, and many things have happened since Led Zeppelin undertook their last full scale tour some three years ago.

The musical landscape they one stood over like a colossus, has changed radically. The onset of punk rock and new wave has challenged the status quo of the mega-bands – the so called dinosaur acts.

In fact, Robert Plant will make reference to the dinosaur tag on more than  one occasion on this tour. Aside from the new wave of bands who rely on sharp, incisive three minute blasts of power pop, a new movement of rock outfits, spawned on the hard and heavy riffs that powered Zeppelin to the top, are in the wings ready to take dislodge their crown.

Within the next twelve months, the likes of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Diamond Head, etc., will begin to dominate the music press in a similar manner in which Zeppelin were once courted,  ushering in a movement that will be termed ‘’The new wave of British heavy metal.’’

Led Zeppelin are performing in Europe in an attempt to thwart such challenges and re-establish themselves as a working band. That aforementioned  last tour, a gargantuous trek across America in the summer of 1977, attracted a combined audience of nearly one million. Last August over 200,000 came to pay homage to them over two Saturday gigs at Knebworth.

Things, though, have moved on considerably, even since then. This tour has garnered little publicity back home, and though a hardcore of UK followers have made the trip over, by their standard this is a very low key affair.

Tonight, though, they are playing one of the larger venues on the tour. The 13,500 capacity Festhalle . Ten years ago, Zeppelin became the first band ever to play this venue and their return is much anticipated by the German audience. Tonight’s crowd is also boosted by the presence of a number of  US servicemen based at the nearby US Army base where Elvis Presley did some of his time for Uncle Sam way back when.

Understandably, the four members look a little apprehensive as they mill around the short stairway that will soon usher them on to the stage. This is the second show of the tour that my friend Tom and I are taking in. Twelve days ago, we witnessed their vibrant second night in Cologne. Since then the tour has not been without it’s problems. Last Friday, John Bonham collapsed on stage in Nuremberg after just 16 minutes and the show was cancelled.

When we met with security man Dave Moulder earlier in the day, he was keen to play down the events saying John had merely suffered from nervous exhaustion. A show in Zurich last night appears to have gone well. The heavily bearded drummer seems his boisterous self as he banters with Robert Plant. Plant is again wearing the green cap sleeve top and jeans attire that has been his ever present uniform for the tour. He too looks upbeat, if a little bit nervous. John Paul Jones, with suave short hair and smart shirt, is interacting with them. Jimmy Page is dressed in a white suit with a green top and matching green sneakers. He looks slightly sweaty, but is smiling warmly as the imposing frame of manager Peter Grant points out the all important presence of Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun – the man who has guided their career at the label from the very beginning.

The lights are dimmed, and road manager Phil Carlo shines a torch through the dark and leads them up to the stage. Bonzo climbs the rostrum to the drums, Jonesy turns right where his tech assistant Andy Ledbetter straps on the Alembic bass, and Jimmy Page walks onto the stage to the left, followed by Robert Plant.

As they walk into the glare of the spotlights, those assembled in the Frankfurt Festhalle finally view all four members of Led Zeppelin and the place erupts.

Guitar tech Ray Thomas straps on the Gibson and Jimmy moves to the effects pedals. A few snare shots and bass shuffles from John Bonham is the signal for the guitarist to lean back and exhort a fierce moaning wail from the Gibson. Robert stakes a stance to his immediate right –the spotlights pick out the pair in regal splendour and then BLAM!

Over Europe 3

They launch into Train Kept A Rollin’, the old Johnny Burnette barnstormer The Yardbirds used in their heyday, and indeed Zep played on their first US tours. Now it is being revived to kick start what will be two hours of full-on power and excitement.

Tom and I are extremely fortunate to be watching all this action unfold just a few mere feet from the stage. As the band begin their ascent to the stage, Peter Grant acknowledges us and nods approvingly as Dave Moulder ushers us to the side of the stage. In effect, we have been allowed into their tight-knit inner sanctum.

Watching Led Zeppelin live on stage from this ultimate vantage point is, unsurprisingly, an astonishing experience and one that we will repeat in Mannheim and Munich later in the week.

To be continued…

Extract from the book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 by Dave Lewis.


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Over Europe tour this summer – for a limited period the price of the Feather In The Wind book has been massively reduced – the book price is now just £8 plus postage and packing – a massive saving of £17 on the cover price.

Book ordering Details:


DL Diary Update: 

As can be seen above it’s been a hectic few days – pretty manic to be quite honest. There were two incredibly exciting visits to Olympic Studios, followed by the day of signing in Newbury. In between all that, there’s been intensive work on TBL 39 with a deadline of early next week to wrap it all. There’s been plenty of 5am starts here and late nights to match to keep up with it all. No complaints on that of course whatsoever, as it’s what I do – and I consider it an absolute privilege to be doing it.

However, one or two initiatives have not been plain sailing and there’s recently been some trying moments to overcame and dust myself down from. There’s no time for negativity at the moment though – a positive mental attitude is required to keep it all on track, though that has been a challenge at times.

No matter, the mantra has to be ever onward and I am working flat out to bring TBL 39 to fruition because believe me, it’s another epic issue – and if you love Led Zeppelin, boy will you love this magazine.  As for the Earls Court book, it’s a nervy old moment just before the books are going to hit doormats throughout the globe…let me know what you think…here’s a pic with publisher Mark Smith taken at the Rufus Stone HQ on Tuesday:

Newbury two


Glastonbury is upon us – never been there myself -in fact I missed out on seeing Page & Plant there all of 20 years ago (I did do 5 other P & p gigs that summer!) I do love watching it on  TV and I’ll be eagerly clocking in to watch The Who ”out here in the fields” on Sunday night…it’s only teenage wasteland but I like it….yes I do…

On the player, grabbed moments of Badgeholders Only, The Beatles Revolver, Presence/Coda and In Through The Out Door naturally, and Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left. This came back on the radar courtesy of something Chris Charlesworth wrote on his excellent blog – check it out at:

Nick Drake’s music has often been the perfect backdrop here – 25 years ago, much of the A Celebration book was researched and written to the ever autumnal sounds of Nick – and when chaos is all around, I find his plaintive tones reassuringly calming and inspirational. Subsequently, Five Leaves Left has really hit the mark during the early morning/ late night writing sessions of the past few days.

Right – it’s back into the final straight of TBL 39…

Dave Lewis – June 26, 2015

YouTube Clips:

Led Zeppelin – Hots On For Nowhere (Reference Mix):

Robert Plant & The Sensational Sapceshifters – Fixin’ To Die’ at Bonnaroo:

Until next time…

Have a great weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –  June 26, 2015 

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  • Norm said:

    Is the Pennie Smith shot from the front cover of NME May 1975 in the 5 Glorious Nights book – if not why oh why?

  • Del said:

    Alex has said it all really ref 5 Glorious Nights but may I just add, it’s the absolute fuckin bollox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roger Berlin said:

    Suuuuuper Dave, thank you.
    I waiting of the new book.
    And the new TBL.
    Roger Berlin

  • Alex Machin said:

    Hi Dave,

    ‘Five Glorious Nights’ arrived this morning, a stunning book that takes you back to those magical May evenings at Earls Court all those years ago. It’s hefty size and weight can only reflect the power of those concerts, and the array of beautiful shots of the
    band in all their glory, a fitting tribute to Led Zeppelin in one of their momentous periods.

    To collate all the photographs and references must have been an Herculean task, but the wait has been worth it, a fine souvenir
    for all of us lucky enough to witness those amazing concerts, but also for anyone with an interest in Led Zeppelin.

    Thanks Dave and the team for all your hard work, just off to have another browse through the book, I can almost picture
    Bob Harris in the spotlight and remember the intense excitement and anticipation of what was to follow in the next three hours
    that warm evening in May 1975!

  • Larry said:

    Really, Dave…too much!

    Thanks for all your efforts across all these years. Another interview with Jimmy is a real triumph for TBL and many sincere thanks to Mr. Page for his support of the magazine.

    Oh, and the little book you have coming out shows some promise as well…

    The photo of yourself and James Page is absolutely terrific.

    What can I say, thanks as always Dave! Oh, and take a little break, you’ve earned it!

    Larry B

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