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9 January 2015 4,456 views 8 Comments

jimmy detroit 73

On the occasion of his birthday….

Jimmy Page is 71 today (January 9th).

In a career that has spanned over six decades – he has simply written the rule book on the art of rock guitar.

From monolithic riffing to bombastic solos. From simple acoustic beauty to vast guitar instrumental orchestration. Jazz, classical and Eastern influences, blues, 50s rock’n’roll and psychedelic – he has turned his hand to all these varying styles over the years. At times his playing may seem sloppy and seemingly undisciplined but that is all part of the attraction. Always inventive and with a brilliant ear for production values, Jimmy Page is the epitome of the phrase ‘’Tight But Loose’’ that he coined to describe Led Zeppelin’s music.

‘’Less solos?’’ he once questioned when quizzed about the lack of guitar heroics on the Walking Into Clarksdale album. ‘’I guess it depends whether you think of a song as an excuse to play a solo at some point,  or as a journey you travel on with the guitar’’

During past 12 months he has unlocked the Zep archive to bring us yet more delights and remastered the catalogue with a diligence that has further enhanced his reputation as the sonic architect and master studio producer.

Ahead as I mentioned last week – we can except a release of some of his experimental music via his website ….and there has been plenty of positive talk from the man himself that he will be out there playing – as he relayed to me in the TBL Interview last October ” I want to do what I do well which is play guitar and surprise people and scare them. I really need to be playing and I’ve got to do it while I feel this passion for what I do.”

There are plenty of sceptics out there who will believe it when they see it…. as I’ve noted before , as far I am concerned the man owes us nothing – I personally believe something special is going to happen ahead that will put Jimmy Page right back in the forefront of contemporary music…

Below is a round up of ten further examples of his genius that have emerged on the companion discs that have accompanied the first five reissues. More moments of guitar artistry to marvel at and yet more reasons why for me, and countless thousands of fans the world over, Jimmy Page remains (as that flag out in that field near Stevenage once proclaimed) the true Lord of the strings….

Long may he reign…

Ten key Jimmy Page Performances from the first five Led Zeppelin Companion Disc Reissues:

Play them today!

I Cant Quit You Baby ( from the Live In Paris companion disc to Led Zeppelin 1)

Clock the genius at: 3 mins 12 and that amazingly fluid solo run.

How Many More Times (from the Live In Paris companion disc to Led Zeppelin 1)

Clock the genius at: 6 mins 40 as he goes into the Whole Lotta Love riff behind the Oh Rosie section then adds some slashing chords into The Hunter.

La La (intro/outro rough mix – from companion disc to Led Zeppelin II)

Clock the genius at: 0.52 and the arrival of the acoustic motif and then into a scintillating riff part behind Bonzo’s drum fill.

Livin Lovin Maid  (backing track from the companion disc to Led Zeppelin II)

Clock the genius at: 1.07 as he comes out of the pause and then slams into the chorus.

Since I’ve Been Loving You (rough mix of first recording from the companion disc to Led Zeppelin III)

Clock the genius at: from 00.1 to 1.11 -marvel at the sheer subtlety of this intro.

Jennings Farm Blues (rough mix from the companion disc to Led Zeppelin III)

Clock the genius at: 3.22 as the overdubs and riffs take it all off into another tangent within a framework.

Going To California (mandolin/guitar mix from the companion disc to led Zeppelin IV)

Clock the genius at: 2.57 as acoustic guitars and mandolin merge for the outro

When the Levee Breaks (alternate UK mix from the companion disc to Led Zeppelin IV)

Clock the genius at: 2.06 and the arrival of a fanfare crescendo of chiming guitars.

The Song Remains The Same (guitar overdub reference mix from the companion disc to Houses Of The Holy)

Clock the genius at:0.57 as the multi overdubbing shines through brightly – dazzlingly so.

Over The Hills And Far Away (guitar mix backing track from the companion disc to Houses Of The Holy)

Clock the genius at: 3.55 as the acoustic coda adds an alternate spin on a familiar ending.


Happy Birthday Jimmy from all of us to you…

Dave Lewis – January 9th, 2015.


TBL 2015 – Plans ahead:

Last week I revealed some of the TBL projects that will unfold in 2015 and beyond. This included the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book project which I will be working on with Mike Tremaglio

I am now ready to relay details of another very exciting book project:

So announcing…

Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975

A photographic record compiled by Dave Lewis 

For forthcoming publication by Rufus Stone Limited Editions

This is what this one is all about:


In May 1975, Led Zeppelin performed five momentous concerts at the Earls Court Arena in London to a combined audience of 85,000 fans.

It found the band at the peak of their powers, slaying the sold out audiences with a nightly marathon three and a half hour presentation of light, sound, power and energy.

Led Zeppelin’s appearances at Earls Court represented a career high for the group and four decades on, are still held in the highest esteem by the vast following.

They were also some of their most visually appealing shows complete with pioneering laser effects, a large video projection screen and the band themselves more than dressed for the occasion – Jimmy Page in a two piece dragon suit, Robert Plant with a cut off shirt allowing for bare chested narcissism, John Paul Jones in a quirky Spanish jacket complete with onions and John Bonham in a glittering T- shirt high on the drum rostrum.

Now for the first time, an extensive collection of timeless images of Led Zeppelin on stage at Earls Court in all their regal splendour, are brought together in a de-luxe limited edition volume.

 Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975 captures the visual magnificence of the band though the photographic images of some of the finest rock photographers of the era – who were right there on the spot to capture rock history.

Drawing from the archives of variety of photographers including Barry Plummer, Dick Barnatt, Ian Dickson, Mick Gold, Gus Stewart and more – the book chronicles the sheer visual splendour of these historic concerts though an extensive collection of colour and black and white photos  – many of them rarely seen. The photos are complimented by rare memorabilia and a written commentary that puts into perspective exactly why these concerts were some of the finest Led Zeppelin ever performed.

The book is compiled by Dave Lewis – the highly respected Led Zeppelin archivist and author and editor of the long running Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose.

Dave was in attendance at all five of the Earls Court concerts.

Published on the 40th anniversary of the event and as sadly, the bulldozers move in to demolish the Earls Court Exhibition Centre itself, Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975 offers a permanent visual record of a band at their absolute zenith – in a setting that truly justified their status as the world’s greatest live rock attraction.

  • Limited edition slip case de-luxe edition
  • All books individually numbered
  • Printed on high quality art paper

Five glorious nights in May 1975 – relive them through the visual splendour of this magnificent deluxe volume that captures the power and glory of Led Zeppelin on stage at Earls Court 40 years ago…


To explain further:

The book will be produced as a large format album size volume – produced in a strict limited edition on high quality paper and high end binding.

It will unfold the Earls Court story via collection of memorable images together with relevant text commentary – we are sourcing photographs from many of the key photographers who covered the shows. I will be collating the photos and text over the coming weeks.

Publication is planned for May 2015 on the 40th anniversary of the five shows Led Zeppelin performed at Earls Court.

Rufus Stone Limited Editions have a proven record of producing large format books of high quality – their catalogue includes Deep Purple at the California Jam, Jon Lord All Those Years Ago and The Beatles Monochrome.

To find out more visit their website at:

Pre ordering Details:

The book will be produced in a strict limited edition run of 1,000 copies only  – all individually numbered.

The cost will be around the £100 mark.

This is a high end price but as you will see by visiting the Rufus Stone site, they pride themselves on producing quality books to an exceptionally high standard.

A sign up site where you can register interest and log your email for further news of ordering will be live shortly.

You can see the banner now at:

Full pre ordering details will follow with links to order from the TBL website and the Rufus Stone Limited edition website.

I am very excited to be involved in this opportunity to produce a lasting photographic record of Led Zeppelin at Earls Court in a high quality volume.

Five Glorious Nights  – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975 will be capture all the visual splendour of this landmark period for the band and will be the perfect souvenir to mark the 40th anniversary of perhaps the greatest run of gigs Led Zeppelin ever performed.   

Further details of all this to follow.


Led Zeppelin Physical Rocket – At Earls Court 1975 –  TBL Publications book

I have previously announced my intention to produce my own Led Zeppelin At Earls Court book – working title Physical Rocket. I still have every intention of pricing this volume which will follow the style of the Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 and Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979 books, under the TBL Publishing banner.

I have already collated a fair amount of material for this (many thanks for all the contributions received for this) – I will return to this project as the TBL schedule dictates though realistically I would see this now as a 2016 publication.


As previously mentioned – there are a fair few projects ahead with the Evenings With Led Zeppelin book also on the schedule ahead and I will be spinning various plates here in the coming months – in effect I am going to be a very busy boy..

This is the TBL 2015 Schedule as it stands now:


TBL Polo shirt launched

TBL back issue packs offer launched

Collation on-going of Five Glorious Nights and Evenings With book projects

Collation of TBL 39


TBL mug offer launched

Collation on-going of Five Glorious Nights and Evenings With book projects

Collation of TBL 39


Collation on-going of Five Glorious Nights and Evenings With book projects

Collation of TBL 39

TBL/Hi Fi Lounge Led Zeppelin/Classic Rock Day – mid March


Collation on-going of Five Glorious Nights and Evenings With book projects

Collation of TBL 39


May 9thBoot Led Zeppelin Earls Court 40th Anniversary show at Shepherds Bush

TBL issue 39 due to be published

Five Glorious Nights  – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975 due to be published

Collation on-going of Evenings With book project



Collation on-going of  Evenings With book project

Collation of TBL 40


Collation on-going of  Evenings With book project


TBL issue 40 due to be published

Collation on-going of  Evenings With book project


Collation on-going of  Evenings With book projects

Collation of TBL 41


Collation on-going of  Evenings With book projects

collation of TBL 41

Into into 2016:

TBL 41 to be published

Collation on-going of  Evenings With and Earls Court Physical Rocket book projects

Collation of TBL issue 42, 43 and 44

So that is something like the planned schedule ahead although it is subject to change.

I will endeavour to keep you up to date with progress on all these TBL projects – watch this space for further developments…



Jack Calmes 193 – 2015:

it was sad to hear the news this week of the passing of Jack Calmes. Jack was the c o-founder for the Showco lighting company.  Showco of course, revolutionised  concert sound and lighting presentation and worked extensively with Led Zeppelin. RIP Jack.

More on this here:


Dave Lewis Diary:

Physical Graffiti Reissue feedback

An already full on week was further compounded yesterday by the official announcement of the forthcoming reissue of Physical Graffiti. I had been readying for the 3pm official embargo to lift with all the information to hand and it was then fascinating to see the instant reaction across the net that this announcement spurred.

As expected there was some mixed reaction to the line up of the companion audio disc. The TBL Website and Facebook page was alive with some healthy debate.

As I wryly noted – keep calm out there…it’s just a band and some songs…..!

I respect the varying opinions fully but I’ve made my feelings on it clear in yesterday’s TBL posting. I guess I must be easily pleased (and being a Spurs fan that comes naturally!)but I am incredibly excited at the prospect of this landmark reissue and all the activity that will go alongside it.

On the player, Physical Graffiti original double album (naturally), Miles Davis Bitches Brew (another epic double album), Elvis That’s The Way It Is new extended CD set and David Bowie Hunky Dory reflecting their respective birthdays and a bit of Frank Sinatra notably his In The Wee Small Hours album reflecting a somewhat post Christmas melancholy here -as it’s been well quiet now Sam is back in London and Adam is in Eastbourne.

Right – better get back on to spinning the various TBL plates…2015 is well and truly up and running and ever onward is the mantra…



YouTube clips: On the occasion of his birthday … 

Jimmy Page interview 1963 ITV Channel Television

The Yardbirds Happening Ten Years Time Ago:

Led Zeppelin C’mon Everybody/Something Else:

Jimmy Page Outrider Interview:

Led Zeppelin For Your Life

Jimmy Page – Kashmir – It Might Get Loud: 

Jimmy Page – le Grand Journal interview -with brief acoustic Ramble On at 14 mins 19:  

Have a great weekend…

Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – January 9th , 2015

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The TBL Facebook is another key part of the TBL set up with updated stories/additional pics etc to keep you on top of the world of TBL.

To view additional photos and TBL info be sure to hook up with the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend)


Also follow Dave Lewis/TBL on Twitter – LedzeppelinTBL






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  • Brian Smolik said:

    Hi Dave

    I cannot wait to place my order for the Earls Court book. I just know it will be fantastic.


  • John Parkin said:

    Happy birthday Jimmy!

    Check out this little gem from his session years

    Apparently it features both Jimmy and Big Jim Sullivan.

    Marvellous stuff!

  • Ken Winovich said:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    Can’t wait for all these new books! Physical Graffiti! The final three. Jimmy’s new music! Jimmy’s tour! And……How The West Was Won II, III, IV, V and on if need be!!!!!!! We just can’t get enough!

    -Ken Winovich-

  • Andrew said:

    I always find it silly when people describe Jimmy’s playing as sloppy. Yngwie and Steve Vai are great technicians and very precise but I don’t really care much for their music for the most part. The Rain Song, Kashmir, When the levee Breaks, The Song Remains The Same, are great songs with incredible guitar parts, Rythym playing and solos. Happy Birthday Mr.Page. 40 years after seeing Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden Feb 12, 1975 I remain in awe of your playing, songwriting, and still the best live show I ever saw.

  • jerry Houck said:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!
    I was about 13 when I heard Over the Hills & far away on the AM radio and that was it for me-I just knew I wanted to play guitar like that! Today I am a professional guitar player , 52 yrs old & still reaching new hieghts & my passion for it is as strong as ever!Thank you Jimmy for sharing your gifts and inspiring countless ones like me…much Love- Jerry Houck

  • Roland H said:

    Happy birthday james
    And Dave…. Can´t wait for the Earl´s Court book!

  • Larry said:

    Happy Birthday to The Man!

  • Richard Grubb said:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    It’s great that you’ve chosen to focus on the highlights from the companion discs, Dave. Despite the lukewarm reception to the extra material, there’s still masses to enjoy on the extra discs and you’ve picked some standout moments for us to concentrate on.

    Looking forward to the books too…it’s going to be a busy 2015 – ever onward!


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