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1 October 2015 3,231 views 7 Comments

memorial one

Ros Sidaway of the John Bonham Memorial forwarded details of last week’s John Bonham Memorial 35th anniversary events as follows:

Local Musical Talent Set To Commemorate Redditch’s Biggest Star:

Local people and Led Zeppelin fans from further afield descended on the Rose Garden, Headless Cross on Saturday to commemorate the life of Redditch born, John Bonham on the 35th anniversary of his death.

The warm September sunshine brought out the crowds as a stellar line up of local musicians, assembled by Steve Barnes, paid tribute to the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer with their own compositions and a smattering of Led Zep covers.

First up, Garage Rock band Voodoo Club, playing as a trio, delivered a somewhat different set with Jonny Edwards and Mark Bryan on acoustic guitars and Shari Bryan on cajon. Rising Redditch star, singer songwriter, Stuart Woolfenden, then played the first of two sets of the afternoon, followed with another solo performance by Smokin’ Ashes guitarist, Alan Sheward.

Redditch is certainly not lacking musical talent further proven by young blues guitarist Dom Hawthorne who was joined by Sam Faux, bassist with local band Captain Jeffrey, for his set.

Jessie and Loz who together make up Lekka Vibe flew the flag for the girls with their own unique indie pop rap style which was well received by the audience. Stuart Woolfenden then performed his second set of the afternoon, including “I’ve Seen It All”, a recent self-penned track showing a maturity beyond his 17 years.

The event would not have been complete without a drum solo tribute which was duly delivered by John Maycroft to rapturous applause from everyone present. John, a drum tutor, also gave kids and adults 5 minute drum lessons for a £1.

The afternoon ended with a terrific 45-minute set from swamp blues band Lenny James and the Gator Squad, featuring Bonham-family friend, Colin Andrews, on harmonica.

“It was a wonderful afternoon -a fitting way to commemorate John’s life with local music” said Event organiser and Fund Treasurer, Ros Sidaway “Our thanks go to main sponsors Redditch Music Festival, Vintage Trax and Courtyard Music, to the musicians who all played for free, Denscombe Sound Engineers, Event security men, Crombie and Sooty, and all those family and friends who gave up their time to help with set up/break down and smooth running of the event, to Arrow Catering, JHC Contractors, Shaw Loos Ltd, Redditch Borough Council, and the media for their support too. We couldn’t have done it without you. Last but not least, the public who dug deep to raise over £650 towards the memorial for John.” For further information and to donate please visit

Formed in August 2013, the JBMF is working to raise funds for the design and installation of a permanent and fitting memorial to the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer who was born and grew up in Redditch. For Further info please contact Ros Sidaway on 07887 525107 or email

Photo credit Versatile Ventures/ Ros Sidaway

Many thanks to Ros.


Robert Plant lined up for Cumbrian CKDCF Charity gig:

This via Cumbrian Live:

Children’s charity CKDCF has pulled off one of the biggest coups in Cumbrian music history by securing the talents of the Zep’s charismatic front-man, Robert Plant, for their annual fundraising concert to be held in Egremont Market Hall later this month.

The CKDCF, a small charity based in Egremont which provide grants and charitable donations to help Cumbrian children in need, was founded by Francis Dunnery of It Bites fame. Francis met Robert Plant in the early 90s when he was asked to audition for, and later became, guitarist in Plant’s band.

The pair have remained friends ever since but when Francis asked him if he might be able to help support the charity he says he did so reluctantly. “Robert gets asked for his patronage all the time from various organizations throughout the world,” explains Dunnery. “He is a contributor to various charities including the Nordoff Robbins music therapy fund in the USA.

“The fact that Robert agreed to travel all the way to Cumbria after recently finishing a three year stint on tour, rehearse, perform and take part in our charity, is a testament to his character. I am truly indebted to the man. Everyone at the CKDCF is excited beyond belief and this year’s fundraising has already surpassed the previous 13 years.”

Since the announcement of Robert Plant’s scheduled appearance, tickets for the concert have sold out, with hundreds of people set to attend. Alongside Robert Plant, other performances at the fundraising concert include: Big Big Train, Peter Jones, Dorie Jackson, John Mitchell, Andrea and Bennedetta, John Gilmour Smith, John Bentley, Materya, John and Wayne and of course Francis Dunnery himself.

“If you were fortunate to get a ticket for this year’s event,” said Francis, “then you can look forward to a fantastic performance and if you were too late, perhaps next year you will consider adding the CKDCF fundraising weekend to your annual calendar so as not to miss out on the fantastic fun that we have every year.”

The CKCDF Annual Benefit Concert takes place at Egremont Market Hall on Saturday October 24 . If you want to find out more about the charity or make a donation, visit

See link at :


Robert Plant comments on seeing The Who live for the first time:

Iggy Pop and Robert Plant are featured talking about seeing The Who live for the first time in a video clip trailer for the upcoming Who Live at Hyde Park film.

See link at

This October, The Who’s epic 50th Anniversary Tour finale show is coming to cinemas, recorded at Hyde Park this Summer.

In cinemas from October 7th. Check listings and book tickets:


Led Zeppelin Remasters : 25 Years Gone

It’s amazing to think that there was a time back in the day, that the only way of hearing Led Zeppelin’s music was via the ten original albums – ie the eight original studio albums, The Song Remains The Same soundtrack and the posthumous collection Coda.

There were no greatest hits albums, no BBC sessions, no 1972 live albums and certainly no i-tunes or HD downloads..

True the Led Zeppelin catalogue had been released on CD – alebit not from the original masters and transferred via analogue tapes. The results were mixed. I did a feature in Record Collector in early 1990 reviewing the original CD’s (I’ll need to dig that one out) ,blisterfully unaware that Jimmy was about to overhaul the entire catalogue for CD.

Thus the arrival in October of 1990 of the five LP CD box set and double Remasters compialtions was a very big deal indeed.

I wasn’t the only one I am sure, who had not paid much attention to the studio albums in recent years. My Zep listening time was taken up analysing the many Zep shows that were appearing on CD sets and the fresh outtakes that had surfaced.

The arrival of the Remasters was a revelation. Suddenly we all realised just exactly what it was that had made this band so special.

Lapsed fans got back on the wagon –a whole new generation of younger enthusiasts also jumped aboard. Overnight Led Zep’s stock shot up…and it never looked back.

The Remasters releases were absolute game changers in the way Led Zeppelin were viewed and appreciated.

I have very fond memories of this period 25 years ago – it was the point where I realised their legacy was intact. It was fantastic to follow all the media buzz that went with it including Jimmy’s appearances on MTV and the promo videos for Travellin Riverside Blues and Over The Hills And Far Away.


In the Our Price record store I managed Bedford we really went to town – with pre release build up and in store displays. This activity resulted in the store racking up £10,000 worth of business on the box sets and double albums. I was later awarded a triple gold disc award by Warners in the UK. Here’s a pic of the shop window in November 1990.

Like I say, I was about to produce a book that emphatically chronicled the band’s music. The book Led Zeppelin – A Celebration published the next summer was very well received…and it set me on a mission to totally commit myself to chronicling the world of Led Zeppelin that has not let up for the past quarter of a century.

This is something I wrote at the time for Record Collector. I remember putting this together – the words came tumbling out such was my enthusiasm for it all – and it remains one of my favourite pieces of writing on the band.

I’ll be bringing out the Remasters box set vinyl and CDs to enjoy over this weekend  revelling in Jimmy’s vision of – as he put it ”The same picture with a different frame”

And what pictures they are….




Earlier this year, I summed up my feature in Record Collector on Led Zeppelin On CD by offering Atlantic Records the following advice: “In the light of the shortcomings of the Led Zeppelin CDs, it would be good to see Atlantic embark on a re-mastering job to eliminate some of the errors that have occurred. An even better idea would be for Jimmy Page himself to oversee such a project which could easily take the format of a special box set release. Atlantic Records take note!”

At that time, I was unaware of Atlantic’s plans to produce just such a set, so it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that my request was about to become a reality. The project began to take shape when Jimmy Page was approached by the label to remaster the original Zeppelin catalogue for a compilation release. Dissatisfied with the general reproduction of the available CDs, Page jumped at the opportunity to restore his old masters to the standard he envisaged. Studio time was booked at New York’s Stirling Studio in May, where Jimmy spent a week with engineer George Marino digitally transferring the material from, in most cases, the original two-track master tapes.

The project in mind was a multi-track box set release for which Page drew up possible track listings for the other two ex-members to sanction. “I really wanted to improve the release”, Page is quoted as saying on the officially press release; “basically it’s the same picture with a different frame”. John Paul Jones added: “The songs sound as fresh now as when they were first recorded, and the new positions in the running order seem to put them in a totally different light.”

The original concept was to package 54 remastered tracks in a deluxe box package with a 36-page book of photos and essays. Atlantic’s European distributors East West were supremely keen to also issue an edited version aimed at the mainstream market. And so a condensed version with 24 tracks on a triple album and 26 on a double cassette and CD was also prepared — for Europe only.

remasters music week

This release, under the title “Remasters”, formed the major spearhead of WEA/East West’s Christmas market campaign. After all the years of avoiding the greatest hits treatment, the Zepp catalogue received the full commercial push as East West undertook a massive marketing campaign to back to October 15 release of “Remasters”. Window displays were installed, including inflatable blimps which are sure to join earlier models as collectable Zep items. Mysterious teaser adverts appeared in the music press depicting the shadow of the Zepp airship looming over several international locations, recalling the similar obscure ads placed as a trailer for the band’s fourth album. Even a TV advertisement was prepared, set to appear on screens across the country in the run-in to Christmas.


But East West did fail in the final quest to fully commercialise this “Remasters” package: they did not receive the blessing of Page, Plant and Jones to issue a U.K. single. The plan was to issue “Stairway To Heaven” on December 2 as a four-track CD single and 12″ picture disc, with “Whole Lotta Love”, “Immigrant Song” and “Good Times Bad Times”. Although the classic Zep anthem would have been a strong contender for the Christmas No. 1 spot, the no-U.K.-singles rule prevailed. This collection of tracks subsequently surfaced in two already well-in-demand U.K. promo items. The first is a four-track 10″ pressing (Atlantic LZ 2), housed in a black sleeve depicting the specially commissioned Mission Control-designed colour illustrations that mirror the images of the band’s famous four symbols. There is also a four-track promo CD single (Atlantic CD LZ 1), packaged in a cardboard oblong box. Both items are definitely prime additions to any Led Zeppelin rarities collection.

The condensed “Remasters” set duly surfaced on schedule, and entered the U.K. album chart at No. 10. As a layman’s introduction to the group, its track listing does include the majority of Zepp classics, though I was surprised to find that “When The Levee Breaks” and “The Ocean” — two tracks which have been heavily sampled by other artists, and have this found their way to the forefront of the Zepp canon over the last decade — had both been omitted. I personally would have viewed these tracks as more historically representative than lesser stepping stones such as “Celebration Day” and “Houses Of The Holy”

While there can be little complaint about the overall musical content of “Remasters”, or the typically offbeat sleeve design concept of the Zepp shadow looming over a mysteriously carved cornfield, the lack of any track details on the sleeve is a disappointment. Despite the fact that Atlantic’s press release for the condensed set promised “extensive sleeve notes” on the vinyl edition, purchasers of “Remasters” are afforded none of the intensive recording data to be found in the box set booklet. There is not even any indication as to which album each track came from. As the set is obviously aimed at the less committed fan, surely this would have been a simple device to draw attention to the entire Zep catalogue.

Unfortunately, omissions such as these present “Remasters” as something of a cold marketing ploy issued to cash in on the peak consumer period. Compared to the deluxe box set package, it certainly pales considerably. At nigh on £20 a throw, “Remasters” should have been presented with far more information, and some additional alternate photos. That’s particularly the case, given the fact that completist collectors will need this set as well as the extended box, as it strangely contains one remastered track not to be found anywhere on the box set — namely the first album opener, “Good Times Bad Times”. The fact that all the different formats of “Remasters” are scheduled to be deleted on March 31 1991 will also add to its desirability to the keen Zep enthusiast.

And now to the box set itself, simply titled “Led Zeppelin”. This is beautifully packaged in a strong 12″ box with a slightly different view of the ‘Zepp over cornfields’ scene. The accompanying 36-page book is also of superb quality and contains some wonderful photos. The three essays by noted American critics Robert Palmer (who coincidentally also wrote notes for the Rod Stewart “Storyteller” set), Kurt Loder and Cameron Crowe are admirable summaries of the band’s career. However, for all his “front row seats to the Zepp experience”, Crowe manages in the space of eight pages to document wrongly the date of the release of “Houses Of The Holy” (March ’73, not May), the date and location of their meeting with Elvis (L.A. in May ’74, not Las Vegas in 1972), the date they flew to Stockholm to begin recording “In Through The Out Door” (November ’78 not January), and the date of Live Aid (July ’85, not ’87).

While it’s great to see a full track rundown of when and where each track was recorded, some errors again creep in. Two of them can be put down to the confusion some researcher had about the different way dates are printed in the U.K. and U.S. — the recording date of the Albert Hall rehearsal take of “I Can’t Quit You Baby” was actually January 9 1970 (9/1/70 in U.K. usage) and not September 1 1970 (9/1/70 in American eyes). Similarly, the recording date of “Bonzo’s Montreux” becomes December 9 1976 instead of September 12. Elsewhere, printing gremlins creep in on the “Gallows Pole” entry which has it being recorded in 1972 and released on “Led Zeppelin 3” in 1970. I would also question the actual release dates^ of some of the albums in the U.S. discography — the soundtrack album, for instance, being a month out. This may seem like nitpicking, but I cannot be alone in finding such errors annoying, particularly as “Led Zeppelin” was designed as a definitive retrospective.

And the music? In compiling 54 tracks, Page was faced with the difficult task of knowing what to leave out. Obviously everyone has different favourites and a set list like this is always going to be disappointing. For me, the biggest letdown is the lack of tracks from “Physical Graffiti”, by their own admission Led Zeppelin’s premier achievement on record.

But what is included is a truly wondrous cross section of the musical diversity that coloured the Zeppelin catalogue during their 12-year reign. In remastering the tracks, Page has added a punch and clarity that the original CDs sorely lacked — without tampering with the original tapes, so there is no remixing here aside from the new Bonzo creation, which I’ll come to in a moment. The cleaning-up of the analog tapes also greatly helps the light and shade of tracks like “The Battle Of Evermore” and “Ten Years Gone”, while Page has restored the correct studio banter to the ending of “In My Time Of Dying”.


Some of the anomalies and surprises to be found in this mammoth collection include the fact that the timings of many tracks here are vastly different to the claims on the original albums. For instance, “Kashmir” (previously listed as 9’41”) now appears as a correct 8’31”, though the tracks are absolutely identical. The only piece amongst the 54 which I have noticed being different to the original is “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”. The “Remasters” take is 12 seconds longer than the “Presence” original due to the inclusion of an extra guitar riff chorus on the intro. Elsewhere, the three-second white noise count-in on “Immigrant Song” is deleted here, as is the eight-second intro to “Tangerine”. But the warming up of guitars on “Black Dog” is present, and sounds much more pronounced than before.

It’s interesting to hear familiar classics placed in a different light — “Heartbreaker” now segues instantly into “Communication Breakdown”, for example, rather than “Livin’ Lovin’ Maid”, while “The Song Remains The Same” drifts into “Ten Years Gone”. The sequencing of the tracks does, as John Paul Jones noted, put them in a new context.

Finally, some new delights. In merging John Bonham’s “Moby Dick” with his later “Bonzo’s Montreux”, Page has produced an affectionate tribute to the late drummer, achieved with Synclavier programming at Atlantic’s studios in New York earlier this year. Some might question whether he should have tampered with the originals, but the finished track mixes elements of Bonham’s developing technique over seven years. It’s also a joy to hear the “Zepp 3” leftover “Hey Hey What Can I Do” — a warm semi-acoustic groove previously only available on the B-side of the U.S./European “Immigrant Song” single, and on the long-deleted “New-Age Of Atlantic” sampler LP.

rem 1

Also included are two much-bootlegged BBC recordings, which sound superb. “Travelling Riverside Blues”, a Page/Plant arrangement of the old Robert Johnson blues classic, is a prime mid-’69 remnant with a spiralling Page slide guitar riff and some dominant Bonzo bass drum patterns — all now heard to their full effect for the first time. “White Summer/Black Mountain Side” comes from the live Playhouse Theatre show recorded on June 27th 1969, and brings back many nostalgic Zep memories.

Of course, there will be a school of thought that Page should have used this box set project to issue more unreleased gems — many of which have turned up on top quality bootleg CDs over the past year. There was also scope here for the much vaunted chronological live album idea which Page often hinted at in the latter Zepp era. Though there may be few fully-fledged studio tracks with finished vocals in the vaults, recent bootlegs have proved that there are some tantalising alternate takes which would have added spice to the set. “Led Zeppelin” is superb in its own right, but many enthusiasts will view it as a missed opportunity to hear more enlightening live and studio cuts. Certainly one CD of rare material would have made the whole thing much more worthwhile.

My personal choice of a bonus rare CD of material which is known to exist would have lined up like this: “Communication Breakdown” (live Royal Albert Hall, 1970); “Jenning’s Farm Blues” (electric studio rehearsal of “Bron Y Aur Stomp”, 1969); “Blues Medley” from the “Hats Off To Harper” session (1970); “No Quarter” (instrumental studio out-take, 1972); “Over The Hills And Far Away” (live in Dallas, 1975 U.S. tour); “Tangerine” (live, Earls Court 1975); “Trampled Underfoot” (live, Earls Court 1975); “The Song Remains The Same/Sick Again” (live, New York 1977); “Ten Years Gone” (live, New York 1977); “Train Kept A-Rollin’ ” (live, Zurich 1980); “All My Love” (alternate extended version, 1978). But maybe Jimmy is saving that lot for the “Re-Remasters”!

Overall, despite the misgivings about the track listing, some irritating errors in the booklet and the difficulty of pleasing collectors old and new, the “Led Zeppelin” box set is a worthy investment, and compares well with similar packages by other artists. Certainly, in restoring the Zeppelin catalogue to CD with the sound quality it deserves, Page has done a superb job. With the incredible resurgence of interest in the band in recent times — they must surely be the most popular defunct band outside of the Beatles — the set is sure to be in huge demand.

This collection will stand as a lasting testament to the sheer diversity of Zeppelin’s recorded work. It should also prompt re-examination of epic works such as “Achilles’ Last Stand” and “In The Light”. The latter track’s final few minutes, capturing Jimmy’s overdubbed guitar parts rippling across Robert’s chorus, the Jones drone and Bonzo’s timely hammering, is perhaps the most impressive section of the entire 54-track set. And it sounds glorious.

Will they reform? Will there be a live chronological video to supplement this release sometime next year? The remastered “Led Zeppelin” set should keep all Zepp fans riveted to their turntables as we await the next chapter in a story that is far from over.

Dave Lewis – October 1990

Dave Lewis is the author of a forthcoming book on Led Zeppelin titled “Led Zeppelin — A Celebration” (to be published by Omnibus Press, spring 1991).

First published in Record Collector December 1990


Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975: Update activity:

Here’s a bit of an update on the Earls Court book:


VIP  Music Mania Record Fair  at Olympia, London – Saturday November 14,Sunday November 15 2015:

I will be in attendance at the VIP Music Mania Fair at Olympia on November 14 and 14th – The Five Glorious Nights book will be on sale and I will be signing copies of the book.

The Olympia Music Mania Fair is the biggest UK event of it’s kind with easy central London travel links.

It attracts dealers from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Italy etc. The are a multitude of stalls at the event offering vinyl, CD, books, magazines DVD’s etc across all genres of music -including many Led Zeppelin vinyl and CD collectors items. This is destination fair that is well worth attending. Much more than a mere record fair it’s an event where you can sped hours browsing the racks with like minded enthusiasts.  The TBL crew will be in attendance so come and say hi at the TBL/Rufus Stone stall.    VIP link for more details is at

 Mail order Update:

All mail orders for this book are being handled by the publishers Rufus Stone Limited Editions

The book will make for an ideal Christmas present – order as soon as possible to ensure pre Christmas delivery! 



Visit the Rufus Stone Limited Editions site at


So what is this book all about and why should you invest in such an expensive item ?

The Format:

30 x 30 album size de-luxe hardback book

288 pages  – including approximately 62 colour photos, 155 black & white photos – 229 in all – plus 165 colour memorabilia images including Earls Court bootleg LP, CD and DVD sleeves etc.

Drawn from over 350 images sourced from various contact sheets provided by publisher Mark Smith, and with the assistance of Ross Halfin as associate picture editor, the best photos possible have been selected. Knowing that there has been a host of photos of the band at Earls Court published over the years, the objective was to select rarely seen images and unusual angles.

Amongst the many images are scenes of the stage being set up, close ups of the acoustic set, the band performing four part harmony on Tangerine, the Jimmy Page violin bow solo in Dazed And Confused, John Bonham explaining “football is a load of bollocks” and the Led Zeppelin emblazoned sign in view as they perform their encore numbers. In effect, every aspect of Led Zeppelin’s Earls Court performances is represented.

rufus pic

In laying out the photos for design and to get the feel of the five glorious nights, I have separated the photos into five sections each representing the individual concerts performed. Where possible, I have sequenced the photos in to something of a set list order for each night  and supplemented them with some of Robert Plant’s comments from the stage at the time, along with a series of press comments that demonstrate the esteem in which these concerts were held by reviewers at the time. I have also attempted to match the photos to the nights they were taken though this has not always been possible. The bulk of the images used are from the May 17, 18 and 24 gigs – less photos have surfaced of the May 23 and 25 gigs. Therefore, I have applied some artistic license within the photo spreads to represent each night and performance.

Overall, much thought has gone into the presentation of the photos to best capture the visual impact of the superb images we have selected. The pic here shows another intensive wade through the proofs at StudioMix recently.

To complement the photo content, there’s a Preface that explains why these concerts were amongst the most important the band ever performed – plus interviews with promoter, Mel Bush, photographer, Barry Plummer and journalist Chris Welch. The appendix sections bring together various selected images of Earls Court bootlegs and magazine covers, and there’s also an appraisal of the 2015 reissue of Physical Graffiti.

The Foreword is provided by long time rock radio DJ, Nicky Horne who introduced the band on stage at the May 24 gig.

Five Glorious Nights is in a strictly limited edition of 1,000 books.

Rufus Stone Limited Editions have a proven record of producing large format books of high quality – their catalogue includes Deep Purple at the California Jam, Jon Lord All Those Years Ago and The Beatles Monochrome. This is a high end price but as you will see by visiting the Rufus Stone site, they pride themselves on producing quality books to an exceptionally high standard.

All books are individually numbered and printed on high quality paper with high end binding and all are personally signed by the author.

The book design is by Mick Lowe at StudioMix – highly regarded designer of previous Dave Lewis, Led Zeppelin books Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 and Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979.

Much more than a mere book of photos, the intention is to capture the atmosphere of the five Earls Court shows through these startling images – sequenced and presented in a way that unfolds the whole saga of this remarkable series of concerts – to be viewed and enjoyed time and time again.

Jimmy Page with his copy:

handing over to jimmy

On July 16 2015  at Olympic Studios London , It was an absolute pleasure to hand over to Jimmy Page his copy of  the Five Glorious Nights Earls Court book. Copy number 0001 naturally. I’m pleased to say Jimmy was most impressed – ”It looks amazing” he said. I signed a book for him and he signed my copy that I brought along.

Looking through the book, Jimmy commented on various photos notably the group shot on pages 238/239 – this is a side on shot during Trampled Underfoot. ”That is all four of us really going for it” he told me.

More Satisfied Customers:

Here’s some feedback:

‘Five Glorious Nights captures Led Zeppelin at the peak of their career during the Earl’s Court gigs of May 1975. For those lucky enough to have been there, and for generations of rock fans who weren’t, Dave Lewis provides a front-row perspective on the action with an impressive choice of dramatic images by famous rock photographers who snapped the band in full-flight. Rikky Rooksby

It’s not often (these days) I’m blown away by things in general, but this book is fantastic. I expected it to be good, but this is beyond my expectations – John Copeland

Five Glorious Nights’ arrived this morning, a stunning book that takes you back to those magical May evenings at Earls Court all those years ago. It’s hefty size and weight can only reflect the power of those concerts, and the array of beautiful shots of the band in all their glory, a fitting tribute to Led Zeppelin in one of their momentous periods. To collate all the photographs and references must have been an Herculean task, but the wait has been worth it, a fine souvenir  for all of us lucky enough to witness those amazing concerts, but also for anyone with an interest in Led Zeppelin. Thanks Dave and the team for all your hard work, just off to have another browse through the book, I can almost picture. Bob Harris in the spotlight and remember the intense excitement and anticipation of what was to follow in the next three hours  that warm evening in May 1975. – Alex Machin

This book is amazing and has certainly given me an opportunity to think about something else for a while and something I can come back to.It certainly is something much more than a photo book. It is in fact an “experience” to go through. I went to the three show run and the memories of those nights is forever imprinted on my mind. The book certainly reinforces those memories and has reminded me of things I had forgotten. You and your colleagues deserve a lot of praise for the efforts required in getting such a publication together – well done. – Martin Vail

Just received my book had a quick run through like you do and after doing so had to email you personally to congratulate yourself and all concerned on what can only be described as one of the best books on Led Zeppelin I have seen! At last count I had 23 books on our beloved Zepp and this is right up there with the Neil Preston books and even Jimmy’s own book, you should be very proud – Del Sharpe

Just wanted to drop you a quick line about your book Five Glorious Nights. I received my copy today and I think it is stunning, I’ve had a look through and one of the things I love most are the quotes  by the side of the picture, and also the way the pictures show the concerts as they happened, it really is wonderful, apart from a DVD of the concerts it’s the nearest I will ever have gotten to seeing these shows live. I didn’t fall in love with the band until 1990 when the remastered vinyl was released and that vinyl has become one of many Led Zeppelin treasures I hold dear to me. Thanks to yourself, Ross and all the other people that put the book together, I am very grateful. – Stephen Brockley

Dave – Fantastic job!  I’m not just blowing smoke either.  Could be your finest book ever.  It’s not full of the wealth of info ‘Celebration Day’ and ‘The Concert File’ or ‘Final Acclaim’ for example but that’s understandable because we’re only talking (5) five nights here.  So it shouldn’t be.  In visual terms,  it’s your finest piece of work.  The photographs really capture the five nights from literally every conceivable angle.  The full stage shots helped in that category.  As with Jimmy’s book,  it’s going to be years before I digest what all it has to offer and that’s hard to do at the moment because we are literally being bombarded with Zeppelin and that’s a situation none of us have any complaints about!  As a musician, I could spend hours studying the closeups of Bonzo’s kit, Jimmy’s action setup on his guitars etc. I can almost see his amplifier knob settings!  It’s fantastic!  Keep up the dedication and hard work Dave.  No other band can say they have a dedicated ambassador in their flock like Zeppelin can say regarding you. – Ken Winovich

Led Zeppelin Five Glorious Nights landed here in New Jersey in the USA a few minutes ago and it is just beautiful! I’ve listened to and watched the Earls Court shows many times, but now I feel like I’m experiencing them on a whole other level. Thank you, Dave, for the great care you gave this book and for the great care you give all your Zeppelin endeavours. Jim O’Donnell

’This is certainly money well spent. It is quite clear a lot of thought and effort has gone into this book and I think it is a must for any Led Zeppelin fan. It will take pride of place on my bookshelf, although I might have to strengthen the bookshelf as it’s a fairly hefty book!’’
Kevin Tubby – UK

The Earls Court Book – your finest. You can be very proud. It will stand the test of time as this is history on many levels. This is world class – it captures the greatest band at their greatest time. – Steve Way

Big Thanks to you for the book Five Glorious Nights book!You can look through the photos, read Plant’s quotations and really feel the atmosphere of those nights. Oleg Pavlov Moscow, Russia

Book #068 just turned up down here in New Zealand Dave…..thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of work, simply brilliant with class written all over it….you deserve every accolade that will be coming your way. Jason Noble

Wow! Your book is magnificent! Beautifully crafted in every way. Nicky Horne

I am stunned by the quality  It’s absolutely awesome.  Pictures and layout just great. I can’t say enough good things about it – very well done. Chris Maley

It has arrived! The book is gigantic. It is very factual, interesting and beautiful. Full of rare beautiful photos by many photographers.. The books are numbered, hand signed, and a serious must for collectors of all things Zep. Kimberly Grant Deleon

I just received the Five Glorious Nights book and wanted to tell you that it is fantastic!! Thank you for your hard work and the super job! Matt Walsh

Dave – I’m in LA, and just received Five Glorious Nights yesterday. Phenomenal – absolutely phenomenal. I look forward to playing my bootlegs of the gigs while turning the pages. Great stuff, and much gratitude. Roy Dunn

Oh my, oh my…. Am I in 7th heaven? Not just a great Zep chronicle but a glorious book for any aficionados of great gig photos. Amazing work Dave Lewis and I hope it gets the credit you deserve. Simon Croom

The masterpiece book arrived last Thursday and I`m tasting it like a good and old wine. Very slowly, enjoying, and hoping that the end never comes… Every page has a taste! What a job! What a band! The Zeppelin pinnacle and Dave and Mick as well at the top of their game. Priceless! Thank you both very much. Andre Cruz

Five Glorious Nights at Earls Court in May 1975 is a superbly presented unique visual record of Led Zeppelin in their absolute prime. 

Invest and enjoy!


TBL Website Makeover:

As you can see, the TBL website has undergone something of a makeover.  TBL tech man Mike Mackechnie has been on hand to introduce a rather fetching blue and white home page colour script (Spurs colours of course!) and also make a change to the overall font to a larger size. I’ve also updated the links page. The comments page I also aim to make more interactive with replies from the editor – so keep those comments coming!

There will also be a revision of the TBL offers and merchandise over the next few days.  A full update on this will follow next week.

One section that has undergone a full update is the ”About TBL and Dave Lewis” section. This can be viewed at:

Here’s some feedback on the site:

Thanks for all your efforts putting info on your website – it is a weekly must read as well as your magazines, books etc… you do a great job and not only does your passion come through but your professionalism and determination in keeping the flame alive.

Thanks again

John Thomson – Melbourne

Many thanks John!

And on the subject of links – be sure to keep up to date with the excellent LedZep News site who are doing a great job:


DL Diary Blog Update:

Suddenly it’s October and there’s a lot to do.

After the T.Rextasy  and David Gilmour nights out, it’s been heads down to address a full on TBL workload. As mentioned above, this has included something of an overhaul for the TBL website.  This is something I’ve been trying to fit in for sometime. There’s also been more work on TBL 40 with Mick Lowe.

On the player, Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde -I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming official Sony 6 CD box set The Cutting Edge 1965 – 1966 /Tthe Bootleg Series Vol 1212  that highlights the Bringing It All Back Home/Highway 61/ Blonde On Blonde era due out in November.

Plenty of David Bowie has been going down as I have had a bit of a purge on searching out the Bowie original vinyl issues – Low being the latest addition.

The just released David Bowie box set Five years 1969 – 1973 is another for my Christmas list ahead.

Other stuff going down:

The Faces – Too Drunk For the BBC CD

Led Zeppelin /John Bonham – The Bonham Sessions CD

David Gilmour and Friends Mojo CD

Marc Bolan – At The BBC CD

Nick Drake – A Day Gone By LP – if it’s autumn it must be Nick…

Adam Faith -Best Of  – inspired by reading his autobiography. The early hits have fantastic orchestral arrangements by John Barry.

And some recent vinyl acquisitions as follows

The Who – Who’s Missing UK Polydor

The Who – Two’s Missing UK Polydor

The above are superb 1980s compilations of B. sides and rare tracks

Traffic – Italian pressing Island

Roger Daltrey – The Best Of – Polydor with Shepperton 1978 pic on sleeve

The Groundhogs Thank Chris For The Bomb – Liberty UK pressing

Stephen Stills –Stills – CBS 1975 album

The above were from the excellent Vinyl stall in the basement market in Brick Lane

Jeff Beck –Truth on US Epic – a very nice find at the Bedford Vinyl Barn stall last Friday.

misty on sept 28

With the autumn kicking in and one or two misty mornings emerging, it was good to catch a view of Bedford Embankment in the early morning mist on the morning bike ride this week. I had to laugh though as when I posted this pic on one of the local Bedford Facebook sites, the lady who was walking the dog over the bridge immediately posted that shed seen me take the pic – blimey what were the chances! it’s a nice shot that might be worthy of framing.

It’s been well quiet here after Adam’s return to UNI in Eastbourne. We did have one welcomed final father and son bonding over the Spurs v Man City game in the pub last Saturday  A 4-1 win was just the job though long time TBL supporter and City fan Paul Aspey would not have agreed. I of course texted him to acknowledge Spurs superiority (for once!)

There’s a bit of respite from the TBL workload with a visit from our good friend James over from Australia for the first time in over a decade. He used to play for our legendary football team The Wallbangers and I’ve duly rounded up some former players for a night out tomorrow. No doubt one or two beers will be drunk as we relay tales of how we ruled in (a Keystone Cops sort of way) the green and pleasant football pitches of Bedfordshire back in the day.

After surviving the expected hangover on Saturday, attention will turn to the oval shape ball for England’s crucial World Cup encounter with Australia. The visiting James’ loyalty may be split as he emigrated to Australia from the UK in the 1980s. We of course, we will be hoping for a home win but it won’t be easy. Come on England…

Dave Lewis – October 1, 2015.

YouTube Clips:

Led Zeppelin Remasters TV AD:

Five Glorious Nights -Led Zeppelin at Earls Court 1075 – A Photographic Record contents trailer:


Until next time…

Have a great  weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –  October 1 , 2015. 

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To view additional photos and TBL info be sure to hook up with the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Nice one Tony!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    John finishes Oct 4 I think!

  • Tony Crowley said:

    Top work as always. Looking forward to number 40

    Hope to catch up with you when I’m next back in the UK and hoping NCFC might be able to hold our own against you this season

  • John Webster said:

    Hi Dave, Great read as always. Seeing David Gilmour tomorrow at Albert Hall. Is the Zeppelin art exhibition still going I thought in Kings Rd as I thought I might spend some time there in the afternoon?

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Makes up for that 4-1 defeat a little Paul!

  • Paul aspey said:

    I remember bidding over £2k for a signed box set on the Danny baker radio show in the day and being outbid. Also my leather bound five glorious nights has pride of place in my Zeppelin shrine

  • Ledzepfred said:

    Has it been 35 years and one of the best drummers was lost to the world.

    R.I.P. J.H.B.

    You will always be missed in my heart.

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