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15 August 2013 8,057 views 24 Comments

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Led Zeppelin To Be Honoured In Denmark

This via the official Led Zeppelin site:

September 7, 2013, marks the 45 year anniversary since Led Zeppelin played their very first concert. Now the British rock stars are getting a special plaque right where it all began; in a primary school in Gladsaxe.

In Denmark, Led Zeppelin made themselves into rock history September 7,1968. There was, as we know, many interesting things around the world that year. That there was an English rockband that played on a Saturday night in Gladsaxe Teen Club in the neighborhood of Copenhagen, was nothing special. After all, youth clubs pulled in, every Saturday night, somewhere between 1,200 and 1,600 young people when there was a ball at Egegaard School. And, many British groups came.

Gladsaxe the rock world map

There were usually three bands in one night. The main name that evening was The Yardbirds. They had been there before and they were good ol, seemed both club’s board and many fans. But it did not go quite as expected. The British band that was booked long before the summer, ran afoul with each other over in the home city of London and was dissolved the summer. Group guitarist Jimmy Page, however, had a new plan up his sleeve, namely to find new playmates to play with. He found them, and it was this new group that appeared in Gladsaxe Teen Club Saturday 7th September 1968 under the name “The New Yardbirds.”

The three new members of the group were singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham. They had only practiced a few times together in London, then in the afternoon of September 7th, they knocked on the door at the school in Gladsaxe and asked if they just had to practice a little before the evening’s concert. And so, a nice school in Gladsaxe – incidentally, then departed Erhard Jakobsen, who was the mayor of the municipality – both “rehearsing room” and “concert venue” for the world premiere of one of the world’s greatest rock bands, Led Zeppelin, will be there.

World premiere plaque

45 years after being given Led Zeppelin a place of honor at the school where it all began, there will be a plaque for the rock historic event . The plaque will be put up at Gladsaxe School, which Egegaard School was called.

It will of course be celebrated, and it happens Saturday, September 7, 2013, at Gladsaxe School, where the plaque will be unveiled.

The project is called “Initiative Group for the selection of Led Zeppelin’s world premiere in Gladsaxe” which among others, several of the people who had significant shares of Led Zeppelin’s world premiere and documentation of the event, namely Kim Utke, co-founder of Gladsaxe Teen Club and a member of the board, will help to decide which groups play at the club. Jerry Ritz, music and theater producer, was on the road with foreign groups such as The Who, The Animals and Small Faces, was the tour manager for Led Zeppelin in Scandinavia in 1968 and 1969, and Jorgen Angel, rock photographer, who took a series of recent very famous images of Led Zeppelin’s first concert which is world renowned for its unique photographs of rock’s big names from the 60s and 70s. His pictures can be seen at a major exhibition in The Old Town in Aarhus.

See more at:


Robert Plant at 65 – Your Top Tens Required!

houston 4

Ahead of Robert’s birthday next Tuesday…announcing the TBL Robert Plant Top Ten listings

To celebrate  Robert’s 65th birthday we would like to hear what you consider to be your top ten all time favourite Robert Plant vocal performances  -ie ten performances spread from his career which can include Zep, solo, Band Of Joy etc taken from any album or live performance –it’s entirely up to you .

Of course narrowing it down to a ten is a nigh on impossible task but most enjoyable – as I found today – it’s an opportunity to wallow in the vast array of amazing performances the singer has clocked up over many years.  So take some time to get well re acquainted with the Zep/Robert Plant catalogue and assess your faves. Any relevant comments on your selections are also welcome –  they can be as long or short as you like.

Send your top ten list either to the usual email –or post them in the comments section below on the TBL site or on the TBL Facebook page – we will print a many as possible on the TBL web site next week.

To kick things off, here is the DL selection – my favourite all-time top ten Robert Plant vocal performances as of today…

1 Our Song (the innocence)

2 Good Times Bad Times (the power)

3 That’s The Way (the subtlety)

4 Night Flight (the glory)

5 All My Love -outtake (the emotional)

6 Pledge Pin – live Dallas 1983 (the rebirth)

7 Come Into My Life (the perfection)

8 Skips Song (the interpretation)

9 Kashmir – live 02 Arena 2007 (the zenith)

10 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down – live Chicago 2013 (still… the master)

We look forward to receiving your all time Robert Plant top ten lsitings as we mark Robert’s milestone birthday… 


Classic Rock Roll of Honour Nominees Announced:

classic rock awards

The Led Zeppelin Celebration Day film is a contender for this years  Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards – here’s the full line up:

Classic Rock magazine has announced nominees for its 2013 Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards, which will be handed out during a November 14 event at London’s Roundhouse.  Among the many artists competing for honors in several fan-voted categories are The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, Blue Öyster Cult and Black Sabbath.

Artists competing for the Band of the Year prize include The Stones, Bowie, Sabbath and Status Quo.

In the Album of the Year category, Bowie’s surprising return to action, The Next Day, squares off against Deep Purple’s NOW What?!, Black Sabbath’s 13, and Thin Lizzy spinoff group Black Star RidersAll Hell Breaks Loose, among others.

Ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor‘s return to performing with the band is up for Event of the Year, a category that also includes Bowie’s comeback and Sabbath’s feat of reaching #1 on the U.K. album chart.

The Film/DVD of the Year nominees include the Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane; Celebration Day, the concert film focusing on Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion show; Beware of Mr. Baker, the warts-and-all profile of Cream drummer Ginger Baker; the Status Quo comedy caper Bula Quo; and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl‘s star-studded Sound City documentary.

Artists whose archival releases will be vying for the Reissue of the Year prize include Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Öyster Cult, The Moody Blues, King Crimson and The Velvet Underground.

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath will be receiving Classic Rock‘s prestigious Living Legend award at the ceremony.  Previous recipients of the honor include ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper and Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne.

To vote for your favorites in these and other categories visit


John Paul Jones with Supersilent: 

Couple of excellent pics here via the JPJ official site from the Supersilent gig on August 9th in  Oslo, Norway – Øya Festivalen.

super s oslo 5

super s oslo 2


Latest underground CD release news:

This via the excellent Collectors Music Reviews site


Hot on the heels of their Beatles and Stones re-issues comes Idol Minds next release, a version of the Led Zeppelin show at Fillmore West, San Francisco on April 27th, 1969 and as with the Stones Oakland release of a few months previous is advertised as having been mastered from the original reels. This time though, the show from the soundboard ( as also released by Dadgad Productions, Tarantura, Last Stand Disc, “New” Scorpio, Kaleidoscopic Music, Immigrant, no label and Toasted / Condor) not the commonly known FM broadcast, so hopefully avoids any fluctuations in speed or sound like the Stones set.

The 2 CD set comes in two different forms – a slim line CD case or a double fat boy case. There’s no apparent difference between to two so decide if you need more space filling on your shelves or less

Thanks to The Led Zeppelin Database for their research

See link at


DL Diary Update: 

More work this week on the McCartney feature and plenty of planning and preparation to cope with a packed schedule ahead, with the Knebworth book on going and TBL 36 to get underway….nice to see a facebook post from Julian  Walker with news that Luis Rey is planning a new version of his indispensable Live book…more news on that as it unfolds…also on the book front, Paul Rees Robert Plant biography is lined up for the autumn…

Robert was spotted backstage at the Cropredy Festival by our TBL man on the spot John Parkin…on Wednesday here, it was good to hook up with the visiting Zep/TBL fan Mick Judd again all the way from Australia.  I tried to keep cricket references down to a minimum (3-0!) while Mike relayed his tales from seeing Robert at Perth’s Freemantle West Coast Blues and Roots Festival earlier in the year…and of course there was the ritual purchasing and handing over of the TBL badge of honour… from Bedford to Perth and beyond – to be worn with pride…nice one Mick!

mick judd 1

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed the England v Scotland match this week – a 3-2 win in a lively encounter with Scotland proving to be a tricky proposition….the World Cup qualifier’s now await and that won’t be easy…the Premier League kicks back in this weekend and I aim to be in the Fox for the Crystal Palace v Spurs opener on Sunday for which my learned rock writer associate Dave Ling and Mr Steve Way will be hoping for an Eagles win…it’s all going to kick off again for another nine months of ups and downs. You gotta love it.

On the player – plenty of Robert Plant as I assessed my top ten faves to celebrate the his forthcoming 65th birthday -for convenience it’s been selections from the Nine Lives box set – a compendium of vocal greatness of course… also had on a bit of psych rock from the Glastonbury Fayre triple album notably Mighty Baby and the Grateful Dead’s mighty fine Dark Star-  in it’s way as meandering beautiful as some of Miles Davis’ jazz excursions… also had on the McCartney Wings compilation  Wingspan and ahead of the new revamped version, Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait – great feature on that in this month’s Uncut magazine.

Very pleased the boy (now man!) Adam has done well in his exams and has gained a place at Uni which he’s deferring to for next year to gain some work experience …the August schedule is not letting up but within all that, somewhere very soon the good lady Janet and I do intend to slip away for a couple of days for a much needed break.

Before then, there’s work to do – not least on the appendix sections of the Knebworth book – Mick Lowe and I are currently wading through Graeme Hutchinson’s very detailed bootleg discography and it’s looking good. If you want to know how many vinyl releases there are of audience recordings from the August 4th show, this book is the place to find out…along with a whole load of other related views, memories and comments from the events that happened in that field just outside Knebworth 34 years ago.

I think you will love it….

DL 15/08/13

 And finally…

Paul McCartney’s Rockestra with John Bonham footage:

Deep in research for the Paul McCartney feature , I  came across this excellent clip of the McCartney Rockestra session from October 1978 with John Bonham contributing –it looks great

Here’s the clip –

Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading…

Have a great weekend…

Dave Lewis/Gary FoyAugust 15th , 2013.

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  • Marcel Vallen said:

    Hi Dave,

    Here are my all time favourite Robert vocal tracks (in no particular order) Tough choices to be made but here goes:

    The Rain Song
    Come Into My Life
    Blue Train (heartfelt tribute to Karac)
    Slow Dancer (I also really like the Strange Sensations version he did of this song live in the summer of 2007, he should bring it back to the setlist!)
    Thru With the Two Step
    Song To The Siren
    What Is And What Should Never Be
    All My Love (studio outtake, just breathtaking!)
    Tea For One (amazing delivery)

    I want to wish Robert a very happy 65th birthday tomorrow with hopefully much new exciting music in store for 2014 and beyond! Rock on..! Greetings, Marcel from Venlo-Blerick, The Netherlands.

  • BillyR said:

    Top ten Robert Plant vocals in no particular order :

    Going to California (Led Zep iv)
    Tie Dye On The Highway
    In The Mood (Texas 22/09/83)
    Sick Again (Destroyer 27/4/77)
    Hey Joe (Sixty Six to Timbuktu)
    Like I’ve never been gone
    Boogie With Stu
    Battle Of Evermore – with Sandy Denny
    Night Flight
    That’s the Way (14/09/71)

  • Michaela said:

    Hi Dave. Hope not too late but my top 10 Percy tracks are
    Well. This is the list now …. Yesterday it was different ! Had to make some tough decisions

    From the top
    10 sea of love
    9 shine it all around
    8.Hey hey what can I do
    6. Nobody’s fault but mine
    5. Song to the siren
    4. Your long journey
    3. Since I’ve been lovin you
    2. Ramble On – love this!!
    My number 1- The Rain Song

    See you Saturday 😉

  • Larry said:

    Top 10 Plant vocals…so many more than 10 great ones obviously…so just off the top of my head right now…

    1 Kashmir, O2 show – absolutely stunning, I think his finest moment
    2 That’s The Way, Earl’s Court 5/24/75 – warm and emotional
    3 Since I’ve Been Loving You, LZ III – best album performance
    4 Whole Lotta Love, LZ II – set the standard for all rock singers
    5 Big Log, Principle of Moments – his finest solo moment
    6 Achilles Last Stand, Presence – soaring and thrilling
    7 Tie Dye On The Highway, Manic Nirvana – underrated solo track
    8 All My Love/I Believe – personal and from the heart – ’nuff said
    9 Rock And Roll, LZ IV – This is Robert Freaking Plant!!!
    10 Song To The Siren, Dreamland – unforgettably beautiful

  • Wolfgang Seidel said:

    Yo, Dave,
    my favorite Robert Plant vocal performances:

    Stairway to Heaven
    Rain Song
    That’s the Way
    Song to the Sirens
    In the Evening (Live 1995 with Page Plant)
    What is and what should never be
    Ship of Fools
    Satan your Kingdom must come down
    No Quarter
    In the Light

  • Michael Sherlock said:


    Great piece. But agree with others ’65 at 65′ would be much more fair.

    1) Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

    2) Since I’ve Been Loving You

    3) Ship of Fools

    4) In My Time of Dying (Earls Court)

    5) All My Love

    6) Win My Train Fare Home

    7) Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Knebworth)

    8) Battle of Evermore (on Raising Sand Tour w/Alison Krauss)

    9) I’m Gonna Crawl

    10) Twelve Gates to the City/Bid You Goodnight
    (Band of Joy w/London Oriana Choir Nov, 2010)

  • Byron Lewis said:

    1 – There are few people on the planet who could declare themselves travelers of all time and space and be taken seriously – When Robert belted out Kashmir at Knebworth we were all with him and no doubt still are.
    2 – Years later he sang No Regrets at Brecon as part of the Priory of Brion which still resounds although I don’t have a recording of this.
    3 – No Quarter from the O2 – The pleasure of entertaining was all there.
    4 – Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us from the CIA in Cardiff – Robert often talks of stripping things down to the basics and sometimes it’s not clear what he means, but with this performance it all becomes clear. This is better than the original on Raisin Sands.
    5 – Whole Lotta Love at Cardiff St Davids Centre – he knows how to tease an audience! A brilliant reworking of what we all knew.
    6 – I’ve been working from seven seven to eleven every night and it kinda makes my life a drag – political.
    7 – Battle of Evermore – that harmony – nice
    8 – Tangerine – Cardiff St Davids Centre – second row centre this really was living in reflection of a dream.
    9 – Morning Dew at Bergen 2003 – such forward thinking at that time.
    10 – I can’t quit you Babe – from Zep 1 where it all began – so indebted to Willie Dixon

  • Steve said:

    It was fun compiling this list.

    1. Tie dye on the highway.
    2. Song to the siren.
    3. Shine it all around.
    4. I believe.
    5. Blue Train.
    6. What is and what should never be.
    7. Going to California.
    8. The rain song.
    9. Night Flight.
    10. Nobody’s fault but mine (02 Celebration Day)

  • Sara said:

    This task is impossible..anyway,these are the songs that have smitten my soul and made me fall in love with the man in so many different ways. In no particular order:

    1- Our Song – it´s the sound of innocence
    2- Immigrant Song live – the confirmation that Gods walk the earth!
    3- Kashmir live Earls Court May 24 – the royalness.
    4- All my Love- sublime, the purest love unfolds.
    5- Like i´ve never been gone – the sadness in his voice.
    6- Heart in your hand live Bizarre Festival 1998 with Jimmy- the tender pray. First time ever i heard that song and couldn´t stop crying.
    7- Baby i´m gonna leave you live Exit Festival 2007 – the way he performed that song, the spirit, the depth, the intesity.. he carried that song to a new dimension in that performance.
    8- Stairway to Heaven live O2 Arena 2007 – yes, Kashmir was the zenith, but Stairway that night, was the most moving song to me, a reminder of a time long gone.
    9- Song to the Siren live Guidhall 2012 or any other time, really – the breath-taking, i can barely move after he sings that one.
    10- Monkey- the heart-rending melody enfolds.

    There are so many song left out of the list: Let the four winds blow, Slow Dancer, Big Log,Thru´with the two step, Sixes and Sevens ( really like a plane taking off!) Ship of fools, Darkness Darkness (i always found refuge in the wistfulness of that song), Sea of Love, if you compare that one with Our Song, you can see how his singing improved with the passing of time, like a good wine.
    I really like the way he is singing since he formed the space shifters. I just had the opportunity to see him last year for the first time in my life. He´s amaizing, the best singer of all time to me. Still forever and ever shining golden(even in the black and white pictures).

  • Tim Coffey said:

    Tough question. In no particular order.

    The Rain Song
    Achilles Last Stand
    The Greatest Gift
    Ship of Fools
    Like I’ve Never Been Gone
    All My Love
    I Believe
    That’s The Way
    Wonderful One

  • MaryElena Chase said:

    Great Spirit. Acoustic
    Sea of Love
    Going to California
    In the Mood. Live
    Little by Little
    Heaven Knows
    Song to the Siren
    Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
    Babe I’m gonna Leave You

    It is so hard to stop. It doesn’t feel just to all the other great performances.

  • VHP said:

    Hi Everyone,

    Dave, thanks for the update re the 3rd drummer. There are times on the video when it looks like the 3rd set ismt being used & only John & Kenny are there.

    Watching it again a couple of times it does look like JPJ on the bass if you look how he looked the following year at Knebworth.

    Regarding the top 10 vocals by Robert – I woudnt know where to start to pick just 10. For me picking 10 of my favourite guitar solo’s from Jimmy would be an easier (but still difficult) task. Hey, maybe Dave thats one for his 70th birthday in January?

  • Mark Williams said:

    Ok Dave,folks here goes (off the top of my head) : (originals,not covers)

    1) Like I’ve never been gone…
    2) The Greatest Gift,
    3) Slow Dancer
    4) Sixes & Sevens
    5) Heaven Knows
    6) Little by little
    7) Pink and Black
    8) Tie dye on the Highway
    9) Tin Pan Valley
    10) Big Log.

    That’s it – Happy Birthday Robert – 65 and not out but do us all a favour in 2014/2015.

  • Ian from France said:

    Top ten vocal performances? Well, eight are on LZ II.

  • Simon said:

    Superb to see Bonzo in action, especially when he’s organising the stop – pity about that bloody awful kit…. Third drummer – Bev Bevan isn’t it?

  • Carol Plant said:

    To narrow this down to 10 is impossible. I have about 60 top RP songs. so here goes: Great Spirit {acoustic version}- just breathless, Kashmir (album)-amazing and exotic and Kashmir O2- vocals soar through the roof, Heaven Knows {love the heights of his range on this one}, Ship of Fools {just classic beautiful Plant}, Watching You {what a majestic song}, Love Begin Again {exotic beautiful number}, Win My Trainfare Home { Festival in the Desert 2003- just amazing}, Immigrant Song {always thought this was one that set Robert off from the rest of the pack}, Colours of A Shade- love the vocal rises and falls on this one, and Nothing with Allison Kraus- album version. I could also add Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, Dark Moon, Liars Dance, Sixes and Sevens, All My Love, Blue Train, Slow Dancer, Big Log, Sea of Love, Song to the Siren, Rude World, Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn, Nothing Takes the Place of You, Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, Monkey, In the Light and about 20 or 30 more. Love this man’s music!

  • Kristine (Australia) said:

    According to the liner notes of my vinyl copy of Wings ‘Back to the Egg’ album..bass players for the ‘Rockestra Theme’are listed as,Paul McCartney,John Paul Jones,Ronnie Lane and Bruce Thomas.Not sure if it’s JPJ in the video though.There’s not a clear shot but it does look like it could be him.And Dave,you’re right about Steve Holly being the other drummer. Love the video. I’ve not seen that one before.
    As for ‘Satan Your Kingdom must Come Down’ it’s listed as being traditional/arranged by Plant/Miller.One of those songs that has been handed down through the ages and adopted and adapted by a few performers along the way.
    I’m with Gary on the 10 best Robert Plant vocal performances..way too hard but I do like your choice of ‘Our Song’ Dave..sounds really good really loud.Must do that again soon.
    Take Care

  • Rich said:

    Roxanne – the song is an old blues song from the 30s. Also covered by Willie Nelson and Uncle Tupelo.

  • Andrew R said:

    Can i add afro celts “life begin again” Where i think Zep would be now if still operational!Fantastic vocal from R.P.

  • Gary Davies said:

    65 at 65 would be an easier task than a top 10 list. It’s nigh-on impossible to list what Plant’s top 10 vocal performances are – it just cannot be done! I’m stumped!!!

  • Ed-Washington DC said:

    Plant vocal performances? Since the obvious Zeppelin moments are almost in the public domain at this point, I’ll try to feature what I consider some of his stellar solo offerings, in no particular order:

    1. Sixes and Sevens. Soaring. Like watching a plane take off.

    2. Slow Dancer. Almost a Zeppelin outtake in the middle bit.

    3. Thru with the Two Step. An almost regal romp in the last verse, like a Barry Lyndon vibe from another century.

    4. Walking towards Paradise. I know this one screams EIGHTIES, but that’s one reason I really like it. Very pungent melody, never seems to leave you.

    5. Darkness, Darkness. When the very young among you aimlessly sing a verse or two from this without knowing whose listening, you know that Plant scored big here.

    6. Heaven Knows. I know this was a Johnston bit, but Plant really owns this because he made a concerted effort to emphasize choruses on this record, and this is his best example of why it worked.

    7. Worse than Detroit. Casual telephone blues set over a Phil Collins shuffle, doing his best Bonzo bit. Never gets old, this one.

    8. Big Log. Moody, brooding Plant, lonely on the big highway at sunset. All the atmospherics in play here, and not a bad riff from Mr. Blunt.

    9. Greatest Gift. I don’t know why this one sticks with me so much, but it has a certain beauty to it. Just pulls you it.

    10. Young Boy Blues. Are you kidding me? This is one of the most infectious numbers I’ve ever heard, and Plant colors it in with a believability and sharpness that is really quite remarkable.

  • Roxanne Barker said:

    Just curious…did Robert Plant write Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down, and if he did, what was the inspiration? Thanks

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    The drummer I think is Wings Steve Holly

  • VHP said:

    Hi Dave,
    Love the video clip. Nice track too. Is that JPJ on the bass as well? Looks like it is & who is the third drummer? As well as John I can see Kenny Jones & Ray Cooper is there too – but not sure if its Ray on the 3rd set of drums.
    Nice to see David Gilmour playing his battered Tele that was later featured on his About Face LP a few years later.
    Keep up the good work & look forward to the Knebworth & O2 books.

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