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13 September 2012 5,601 views 24 Comments

First showing of the Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day Trailer

More details to follow …….


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  • Vic Morgan said:

    Really CANNOT wait to relive that magical night. CANNOT wait Christmas is coming early this year.

  • paulo alm said:

    Wrote the following while in India near Kashmir a day after the concert:

    Swan Song

    Dharamsala, North India
    December 11th, 2007 (After the O2 Reunion)

    Feel the breeze of the dawn
    Rolling through the mountains
    Down to the valley of mist

    Feel the sky in ecstasy
    The snow that falls alights the earth
    And softens the steps of those who follow

    The ring is finally sealed and strong
    The four winds blow music in celebration
    Catch the tune and you will hear
    The magical melody coming from Kashmir

    The alignment is now

  • Lee said:

    Got my ticket for the movie house at the O2 in Greenwich (surely the most appropriate place to catch this flick) for the 17th…and another place in Greenwich the following night. It’s only on the big screen for a limited time, so what the hell.
    Really hoping I’ll be able to get to the Gala Premiere in London, wherever that is. Also hoping the TBL crew will be organizing something for that day. Keeping my eye closely on this site, along with the official site and the Facebook page for any news. The bootleg DVD & Blu-ray did a great job of filling in the gap, but this will be the real deal!

  • Rich said:

    I played the trailer on the TBL site in a huge lecture theatre (with cinema quality sound) during my lunch break….the sound is just immense!

  • Denzepp58 said:

    They STILL rule, there will never be another band like them..put the Beatles and the Stones to shame,always have,sorry. Thank you,Jimmy,Robert,John Paul,John Henry,Peter,Ahmet and Jason for the soundtrack to my life…

  • Michael Sherlock said:

    Haven’t been this excited about going to a cinematic release since It Might Get Loud. And the trailer shows the same excellence in production quality that we have come to expect from Jimmy and the band. Perhaps a promising end o the year … Cinematic release, CD/DVD/bluRay, and possible live performance at the Kennedy Center in December? Plenty to write about Dave … We’ll all look forward to your perspective as usual!

  • André Cruz said:

    I didn`t won the 20 million lottery for 2 of the 18.000 tickets and missed the best concert of this millennium. Last december, when Dave mentioned his project to write a new book about the O2 Concert, I told him and TBL friends that I was very happy at the time because I really thought they would do a reunion tour in 2008, the perfect year, celebrating not a day but 40 years of Led Zeppelin. Frustration. Desolation. Almost 5 years seeing the concert in a very good boot called “Four Eyes”, a 4 source camera mix with 3 audio choices – No one will need it anymore but me as a recollection.
    But in this new, particular and historic moment I´m in a very good position in the Zep world. I will see Celebration Day on october 17 here in Rio de Janeiro (How Many More Times?) and in the following day I will see the first concert of a Zep member after all this excitement, after the new movie premieres around the world – with the band members and with the fans only. And guess what: The HSBC Arena is very similar to the O2, same format of venue inside and same capacity. I believe Plant will remember something and probably some fans will scream “Led Zeppelin” and “Jimmy Page”, as happened last year in Nimes, France, during a gig I attended. My advice to not die hard fans like me here in Brazil is not to see the movie before see Robert Plant presents Sensational Space Shifters. His new work is great, I really like it, but can`t be compared with this historic Zep concert. And there thousands of fans here that didn`t saw Led Zeppelin, even Page & Plant together. I`m pretty sure that the sales will be as good as our favorite band and the questions about a reunion tour will return to Plant ears. Regards

  • Steve said:

    Wow Cinematic release, didnt see that one coming . Nice one !

  • Kathy Urich said:

    OMG I have goose bumps I’m so there!


    Oh god what could have been if Robert had not fallen for dear Alison already….(though she is fabulous).Not bad for a band that ‘could’nt continue as they were’ some 27 years earlier.

    Still, we have 11 new tracks to look forward to with Robert’s new band ‘The Strange Decision’ !!

  • Ian Avey said:

    WOW! It looks and sounds amazing. After 5 years of hoping, I cannot believe that we will finally get to see the O2 show in all it’s glory 🙂

  • paul webber said:

    at last………..i cant f…ing wait…excited aint the word

  • paul aspey said:


  • Ken B said:

    Looks like it will be good. I only have a ropey audience recording, this looks like a decent upgrade. Takes me back to that magical night.

  • Michel said:

    Just fantastic, it’s been a long time since i’m waiting this moment…
    Great Dave
    Keep on rocking in a Zeppelin way !!!
    Leave In Peace

  • Guy said:

    Excellent news! Can’t wait for the full Surround-Sound experience 🙂

  • Steve harrison said:

    Excellent, best news ,wonder how many will ask for a tour now as well. wont happen.Just be grateful for this.

  • Chris Wright said:

    We wait years for moments like these. A truly momentous time in Zep history. The adulation remains the same.

  • andrew said:

    holy shit! worth getting up at 2 in the morning to check :-]

  • RichardG said:


    Good marketing opportunity for TbL here Dave – tens of thousands of LZ fans available all at the same time – you need a national network of volunteers armed with TbL flyers strategically handing them out around the country. When the dust settles after the initial excitement we’ll coordinate!

    btw – Jimmy’s guitar sound for WLL makes my tummy go all funny 🙂

    Great days!!!!

  • Kam said:

    Bedford Cinema 17th Oct 6pm and 8.45pm!

  • Bob Flux said:

    Nice! Life! Fun! Youth!

    I’m all for it.

  • Michael in Melbourne said:

    Hi Dave,

    It looks like your birthday present has arrived a little late and mine has arrived a bit early!

    Never mind the mothership, this is the motherload! 😉

  • Rich said:

    Its about time, we got screwed over her in the US, they should have done at least one show over here!

    Thanx JIMMY! Because I know Robert doesn’t care!!!!!

    Made my whole year, will see it in the theater every chance I get!!!!!

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