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19 October 2017 2,275 views 5 Comments

Carry Fire – More Feedback: A great week to be a Robert Plant fan…

Well what a week that was. The release of Robert Plant’s eleventh solo album has been met with universal acclaim. He has enjoyed  some of the best reviews of his entire solo career. The album is set to enter the UK album chart in the top five this week.

A barrage of UK media appearances included performances on Later with Jools Holland, The BBC peak time The One Show, the high profile Chris Evans morning show on Radio Two and Danny Baker’s radio show.

As mentioned in my review of the album, it took awhile for it all to really register with me. When I initially played through the pre release copy I had back in mid August, I was a little unsure of it all and I could not quite process where this one all sat in the scheme of things. Repeated plays have proved that with Robert Plant, the fruits of the loom are not always instant. The catalyst moment was giving dedicated listening time to the vinyl version – the clarity of which blew me away. So much so, that I cannot remember being so affected by a record in a very long time. It’s one of those albums you want to play again and again – because every time, there are fresh nuances and textures to discover.

I’ve constantly woke up with the rhythms of a Bones Of Saints, The May Queen or Carry Fire revolving in my head. These songs have really got under my skin – and it would seem countless listeners from far and wide have been similarly affected. It was great fun watching and receiving the feedback of many a satisfied buyer on my Facebook page last week.

I felt a great connection amongst so many fans as we revelled in this latest piece of the Robert Plant solo jig-saw.

As mentioned, the reaction to the album has been nothing short of incredible. Check out the excellent summary of reviews compiled by James Cook on the LZ News website at this link.

This of course is only the start – there will be many more media appearances ahead to be followed by the upcoming UK tour and US and Australian dates in early 2018.

Right, I’m off to put that album back on the player -it’s the only sound that matters at the moment and for Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters, it represents a major artistic triumph.

Dave Lewis, October 19,2017.   

Pic above by Krys Jantzen

Pics below by Steve Livesley

Here’s another review  from Kate Streader  in the Melbourne Beat magazine:

At 69 years old and with a music career spanning over 50 years and 12 studio albums, Robert Plant is the gift that just keeps giving. Whether you’re a fan of his music, or this record in particular, is irrelevant; there’s no way you can listen to Carry Fire and not be at least mildly impressed.

Carry Fire offers everything from gentle love ballads like ‘Season’s Song’ and ‘Dance With You Tonight’ to politically charged, rhythm-driven tracks such as ‘New World’ and ‘Carving Up The World Again… A Wall And Not A Fence’. Thrown into the mix for good measure, Plant puts his own spin on Ersel Hickey’s late ‘50s hit ‘Bluebirds Over The Mountain’ with the help of The Pretenders’ frontwoman Chrissie Hynde on vocals, creating luscious harmonies with their contrasting voices.

Each track provides vastly different elements, sonically speaking, though there are a few themes that run consistently throughout the album. Strong Middle Eastern influences shine through in ‘The May Queen’ and title track ‘Carry Fire.’ Plant plays with layered vocals across numerous songs, using his voice as if it were another instrument and creating an a capella-esque effect which adds immeasurable warmth and dimension to the melodies.

The album sees a range of instruments, genres and ideas coming into play, with contemporary violin melodies exhibited in ‘The May Queen’ and ‘Bluebirds Over The Mountain’, a stripped-back, piano-driven soundscape appearing on ‘A Way With Words’ and several tracks placing focus on the percussive section.

Plant’s unmistakable, crooning vocals are pristine across the record and although his vocal range isn’t quite what it was in his heyday, it’s pretty damn close. Aside from avoiding the high notes for which he was best known in his Zeppelin years, his voice otherwise sounds remarkably the same as it did 40 years ago.

Possibly the best thing about a Robert Plant album is that you know it’s going to be completely unlike his previous records. For a man who became a musical icon for producing such a signature sound, he’s constantly pushing the boundaries and introducing new elements to his already eclectic sound. Carry Fire breathes a freshness of someone who is genuinely excited by creating music and taking it as far as they can in every direction, and an overt passion like that makes listening to it all the more enjoyable.

Kate Streader  – Beat – Thanks Michael Rae

This one via the Australian Rolling Stone magazine:

In sound and vision, the greying golden god is still on fire.

 We carry a flame for lost love. We carry fire to vouchsafe humanity, with all its accumulated wisdom and empathy, through dark days. Robert Plant has a bet each way here, shifting between intense romantic longing (“Season’s Song”, “Dance With You Tonight”) and calling out inhumanity in the savage “New World…”

He referenced the image once before, on the stunning musical watershed of Mighty ReArranger in 2005. But these days are far darker and his mission more urgent at the crossroads of east and west, and at “the dimming of my life” he references wistfully in the dusty swirl of “The May Queen”.

That title carries a cheeky glimmer of his past, of course. But his last few albums with the Strange Sensation/Sensational Space Shifters are about kaleidoscopic consolidation, not dry nostalgia: Bron-Yr-Aur and Appalachia, Mali and Morocco fuse seamlessly in this bonfire to incredibly potent effect.

This world spans the rich, slow strings of “A Way With Words” and the title track’s mystical twang of djembe and bendir; the terse historical polemic of “Carving Up the World Again… a wall and not a fence” and a majestic duet with Chrissie Hynde on a mellowed rockabilly tune, “Bluebirds Over the Mountain”.

Few troubadours alive have this much to carry, let alone do it so lightly. Fifty years since his first album, Plant remains essential.

 Michael Dwyer -thanks again Michael Rae.

Here’s the track by track thoughts of  TBL contributor Ken Winovich;

Review of the new Robert Plant ‘Carry Fire’ album by Ken Winovich – October 15, 2017

01-‘The May Queen’ (04:14)

A delightful nice ‘n’ fast acoustic strumming like ‘Zep III’s ‘Friends’ with keyboard meandering in and out. Nice acoustic hook. Good electric guitar finger picking. Nice short fiddle interlude that comes in like a door opening. The meandering of the keyboard at 3:42 is cool. Nice album opener.

02-‘New World…’ (03:29)

Good ring-out chords a la ‘The Song Remains The Same’. Good different guitar tone on the notes between verses. Very smooth lyric delivery. Robert uses his voice in each verse like another instrument. This band is good at establishing a fine beat allowing various instruments to meander in and out in a nice flow. Skin Tyson delivers a fine sculpted sounding guitar solo like The Edge (U2).

03-‘Season’s Song’ (04:19)

A Zeppelin ‘Thank You’ BBC organ style sounding opening from that famous Zep bootleg. Hints of Robert’s first two solo albums on the “Ahhhh’s”. A fine delicate and quite pleasant number.

04-‘Dance Wth You Tonight’ (04:48)

Nice lyrics. Who doesn’t like good-luck four-leafed clovers? Roberts’ lyrics have always had those magical mushrooms or magical landscapes in them.

05-‘Carving Up The World Again… A Wall And Not A Fence’ (03:55)

Another track with an early Plant solo albums feel. Nice chorus of “Call up the cavalry and double up the guard”. Nice dusty and chimey guitar solo.

06-‘A Way With Words’ (05:18)

A simple low-end-of-the-piano song. Very experimental Plant here. Seth Lakeman adds some nice embellishments. A fine moody song guaranteed to get you daydreaming on life.

07-‘Carry Fire’ (05:28)

I like the rubber-bandy acoustic sound. This album track version reminds me so much of the group ‘Dead Can Dance’ who were known for their “constructed soundscapes of mesmerising grandeur and solemn beauty” as Australian music historian Ian McFarlane described them and I’m getting quite that same impression here. You’d swear that’s Lisa Gerrard in the background on backing vocal after the bass comes in. Great ‘Ohhhhhhh’s by Plant!’

08-‘Bones Of Saints’ (03:47)

Has a ‘Most High’ (Page/Plant) beat to it. Love Plant’s high-pitched in-the-background wails with the song’s infectious “No! No! No’s!”

09-‘Keep It Hid’ (04:07)

Unique opening sounds. Another experimental track for Plant and he pulls it off. Nice guitar snippets. Very Prince’ish funky guitar snippets. Very tricky vocal’s on this album and this is one of them! Nice drum textures by drummer David Smith. With this track, it shows the band clearly took time to work on this album. It has none of the rushed-urgency of so many albums of today under the demanding record label execs watchful eyes. A fine track to preface the next.

10-“Bluebirds Over The Mountain” (04:58)

Powerful distorted opening bass – John Paul Jones ‘Zomma-ish’. The drum beat is the outstanding component on this track. Guest vocalist Chrissie Hynde sounds George Harrison-ish when she starts till her trademark “eyessssss o’ blue” adds the perfect touch! She comes back in again, stretching out the lyric words – a trademark vocalists use as Bing Crosby instructed Yves Montand to do in the film ‘Let’s Make Love’. Track has a ‘Shaken ‘n’ Stirred’ feel to it. Some interesting distrotions throughout the song. Seth Lakeman’s fiddle adds more color. Would have easily fit in the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant era.

11-“Heaven Sent” (04:43)

Another experimental piece. Nice tremelo guitar. Has a slight Yes ‘Tales From Topographic’ feel. Nice double tracked vocal at ‘Never Really Done’ lyric in the verse. This is a good snippet of what a future Zeppelin album might have sounded like vocally.

Summary – A very nice palette of sounds on this album both vocally and instrumentally. Plant experiments on a few tracks on this offering and they work. A pleasure to listen to and the type of album to get your day started. The buildup of track arrangements will have you ready and out the door. It has none of the rushed-urgency of so many albums of today on tracks like ‘Seasons Song’, ‘Dance With You Tonight’ and ‘A Way with Words’. Plants’ latest sounds that he and his band The Sensational Space Shifters create continue to meander in, through and around within each song’s structure with a pleasantness and vibe that’s quite unique. Contains several infectious moments vocally and lyrically. Delightful. Carefully sculpted and nice. Several standout tracks.

Scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best:

Content: 4.7
Audio: 4.7
Satisfaction: 4.7

Here’s the link to highlights of Robert’s interview with Howard Stern:

A link here to Robert’s Facebook Live interview:

Robert talks with Noisey Editor-in-Chief Eric Sundermann about his new album,


The new issue of Uncut with Robert Plant interview and CD compilation compiled by Robert and the Sensational Space Shifters…essential reading and listening!


Finally…don’t forget you can read my Robert Plant career overview and thoughts on the Carry Fire album in the new TBL issue 43

‘’Your piece on the new Robert Plant album is one of the best balanced pieces of journalism on the man I have read for a while’’ – Andrew Ricci

Don’t miss out – order link below


Led Zeppelin News Update:
In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Led Zeppelin

  • Plans have been approved for a statue of John Bonham in his hometown. On October 11 Redditch Borough Council’s planning committee unanimously approved a plan to build a statue of John Bonham in the centre of his home town of Redditch. You can find out more about the plan here.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant performing on “The One Show” on October 11. (BBC Television)

Plant told The New York Times that he sees Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones “from time to time, and it’s very civil.” He said that “we’re enthusiastic toward each other, and each of us does our own things, and that’s how it is.”

Plant told The Associated Press that he’s compiling a list of old songs he’d like to record with Alison Krauss.

And Plant told The Telegraph that he left the US because “I couldn’t deal with celebrity. I became public property.” He said that “in America, it was quite bludgeoning.”

Elsewhere in Plant’s Telegraph interview, he said about his career: “You can’t ever really go back. It’s tough enough repeating yourself with something that’s a year old, never mind 49 years old. I’ve got to keep moving.” And as for musicians who have kept touring in their old bands, Plant said “that look of abject boredom … I can’t imagine anything worse.”

  • In a break from all the “Carry Fire” promo, a new photo of Robert Plant dressed as a plant has been posted online. See it here.

Upcoming events:

October 16 – Robert Plant will be interviewed on Facebook Live on his official page at 2pm ET.
October 17 – Robert Plant will take part in a town hall interview with SiriusXM from 10.30am ET.
October 23 – Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union.
November 5 – “Yardbirds ’68” by The Yardbirds will be released.
November 16 – Robert Plant will perform in Plymouth.
November 17 – Robert Plant will perform in Bristol.
November 20 – Robert Plant will perform in Wolverhampton.
November 22 – Robert Plant will perform in Llandudno.
November 24 – Robert Plant will perform in Newcastle.
November 25 – Robert Plant will perform in Liverpool.
November 27 – Robert Plant will perform in Glasgow.
November 28 – Robert Plant will perform in Perth.
November 30 – Robert Plant will perform in Manchester.
December 2 – Robert Plant will perform in Belfast.
December 3 – Robert Plant will perform in Dublin.
December 6 – Robert Plant will perform in Sheffield.
December 8 – Robert Plant will perform in London.
December 11 – Robert Plant will perform in Portsmouth.
December 12 – Robert Plant will perform in Birmingham.
February 9 – Robert Plant will perform in Raleigh, North Carolina.
February 11 – Robert Plant will perform in Charlotte, North Carolina.
February 12 – Robert Plant will perform in Norfolk, Virginia.
February 14 – Robert Plant will perform in New York.
February 16 – Robert Plant will perform in Boston, Massachusetts.
February 17 – Robert Plant will perform in Toronto, Ontario.
February 20 – Robert Plant will perform in Chicago, Illinois.
February 22 – Robert Plant will perform in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
February 24 – Robert Plant will perform in Denver, Colorado.
February 26 – Robert Plant will perform in Phoenix, Arizona.
February 28 – Robert Plant will perform in Oakland, California.
March 2 – Robert Plant will perform in Los Angeles, California.
March 30 – Robert Plant will perform at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


The Celebration Day film…it was five years ago

TBL Archive Special:

With the 02 Reunion tenth anniversary not too far away, it’s a timely moment to think back just five years to the time of the unveiling of the Celebration Day film.

For back in 2012 we were all revelled in what really was one of the finest periods to be a Led Zeppelin fan. The initial screenings of the film were incredibly exciting. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be delving into the TBL archive to recall the events of the remarkable UK London Premiere and the worldwide screenings that took place around the globe on October 17.

Celebration Days they most certainly were…so here we go and first stop is Hammersmith in London on the night of October 12, 2012…and what a night it was…


Where to start…on one of the greatest nights…

The TBL meet beforehand in the Distillers was like the greatest school reunion ever – old faces in every corner of the pub,  all about to converge on the Hammersmith Apollo for this night of nights. So many people who came here once again as the man once put it…on a blind date. They come from far and wide Christophe from France, Front Row Dave from the USA and the couple from Israel. The devotion this band commands is just simply amazing. ‘This could be the greatest night of our lives’’ was my mantra for the evening and that’s how it turned out. While in the pub we had a toast for dear Howard Mylett…he would have loved all this.

The scene outside the Hammersmith Apollo around 7pm was utterly astonishing (here I go again)…the giant Zeppelin above the billboards proclaiming Celebration Day. It was that alright. A mass of press photographers and TV crews, the Led Zep emblazoned red carpet the backdrop –all stunning.

As I remarked to Mark Harrison, how could we have ever imagined a scene like this when we outside this very building when attending Robert Plant’s 1983 and 1988 gigs or Jimmy’s Outrider gigs in the 1980s.

It was such a thrill to see the Zep family and friends begin arriving. Kevyn Gammond, Richard Cole, Benji Lefevre, Ross Halfin, Harvey Goldsmith, Phil Carson, Maureen, Julian Lennon (I heard his response to the question ‘’How do you compare Led Zeppelin and The Beatles?’’ ‘’They are on a par’’ he replied.

And then the arrival of the fab three…

Jimmy looking the coolest rock star on the planet in shades and taking time to chat to the crowd. John Paul Jones and family ever assured and dignified. Robert Plant and family –Robert still commanding that air of rock god supremacy. The sight of the three of them together on the red carpet brought a lump to my throat but that’s the way it can creep up on you. The sense of seeing is believing…yet again.

Photo Dave Lewis

Photo Nigel Paling

Photo Gary Foy

In the theatre, the lights went low and Harvey Goldsmith made a short speech before handing over to director Dick Carruthers. Dick’s comment that it was going to be loud which was met with a huge roar. He in turn introduced to the stage Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones

The audience just erupted…what a moment…

Jimmy and Robert gave short speeches –Robert reflecting back to 1968 and their signing to Atlantic and Ahmet’s guidance.

Photo Dave Lewis

Then the film – we had a great view in row M central. The sound was loud and powerful. I did hear that it was pretty erratic in other parts of the theatre.

The last words of the Tampa news pulse anchor man was the cue for the stunning intro of Good Times Bad Times and for the next 124 minutes…well what I can I tell you. You’ve heard it enough already from me…seeing it for the second time only confirmed my view that this is Led Zeppelin’s crowning moment.

The Hammersmith crowd got right into it and as I predicted, this really did feel like a gig and the atmosphere reflected that with much cheering after every performance. It was a totally unique atmosphere.

Highlights – so many: the triple whammy of For Your Life into Trampled and into Nobody’s Fault crushed the hall, Dazed was pure Zep theatre, Stairway got me going a bit emotionally yet again and then it was on into the home straight –Kashmir…oh what can I say – this really is the one…you’ll all see for yourself next Wednesday…

We went out into the night air in a state of delirium albeit a slightly dazed one. It was great fun watching many people pose on the red carpet and taking pics of the carpet itself. I did a quick piece to camera interview for a production company –it was a fantastic buzz to be there in the moment and there was that sense of not wanting to leave the vicinity – a bit like how I felt at Earls Court on the early morning of May 25th 1975… because then the party would be over.

But what a party it had been.

DL waffling on about the usual subject…

Some quick name checks. Great to see so many old faces – Billy, Alison, Carolyn,Paul H,Dawn A and Anne in the pub and Phil T and Julian, Graeme and Pam,Nick A, Geoff Adamson ,Warren, Karen and the lovely girls,  and Simon Pallet afterwards. Maria thank you for your card! Michaela for making sure Mark Harrison got home all ok. Richard Grubb for taking some TBL flyers to hand out at Cardiff, Peter Chow apologies for my over enthusiasm during the watching the film! Dan Firth, Paul Aspey for some great and encouraging chat, Dave Linwood…well for being Dave Linwood creator of TBL web! Robin Wealleans for the late pint (they don’t do halves in Wales) and for offering up a wonderful compliment about my review of the film, Lee Mathews for tales of The Who at Lewisham, Andreas Stocker, Steve and Kathy, Nigel Paling for the pics, Bedford boys Tom and Phil for being there at Earls Court and still being there 37 years later, and to everybody else who said hi – we all shared in this special night.

There are many more pics of last nights event on the Tight But Loose Facebook page

I could get very deep and meaningful about the significance of being in the presence of the members of Led Zeppelin on this occasion…there was a real feeling that we were offering thanks to them for the past 40 plus years of musical greatness and of course for staging that remarkable come back on the night of December 10th 2007 – now preserved on this simply magnificent film.

So ends a remarkable week that has echoed the events of five years ago. That pressure that came with soaking all the activity up has been in much the same vein as it was back then. The early 5am starts in relying the daily TBL newsletter, the mixed emotions, the packing and distributing of TBL 33 in between all this Celebration Day activity… it’s all been worth it of course – I consider it a pleasure and a priviledge.

Last night I and the lucky few thousand in attendance, felt a real pride in witnessing this astonishing film in the company of the genius musicians that were responsible for it and to call ourselves fans of the greatest band of all time…

Get ready to feel the same way come October 17th.

Celebration Day – next stop: Bedford and the whole world…

Dave Lewis – drained of Bedford 16.53 – October 13th 2012.


Here’s Gary Foy’s review of the London Premiere screening: 


Perched upon the canopy of the Hammersmith Apollo, the famous Zeppelin Blimp shone in the night sky heralding the UK Premier of Celebration Day. The movie we had waited for, the movie we had dreamt about, the movie that would finally ensure Led Zeppelin’s place in history as the greatest rock band ever.

It may have taken a mere five years (five minutes in Zeppelin years) for the movie of Led Zeppelin London O2 Arena show to finely get a screening but every moment was  worth waiting for. And they certainly unveiled the concert film in high profile fashion. The once unfashionable remaining members of Led Zeppelin were, tonight, full of the old swagger, walking the Led Zeppelin emblazoned red carpet with the worlds media baying at there every word, flash lights lit up the night sky and the waiting fans called their names.

Led Zeppelin were back in London for one night only.

A truly memorable night, with so many highs, it will remain in my eyes as one of the greatest.

Meeting up with Dave and fellow TBL’er Tom we had our customary pre meet drink at The Star pub in Hammersmith before nervously walking down to the Apollo (it’ll will always be the Odeon in my eyes) not really knowing what to expect. The sight of the aforementioned blimp along with red carpet and the already milling crowd warmed my soul, yes tonight was indeed going to be special.

We took our customary photos before heading down to the Distillers’ pub to meet with any other TBL’ers and the atmosphere was fantastic. So many old faces from the past and some new as well, it was a genuine joy to be amongst like minded fans and so good to catch up with everyone. The warmth shown by all is truly humbling and I always feel so proud to be part of this extended family. Hi to Richard Grubb, Phil Tattershall, Julian Walker,   Billy and Alison Fletcher, Dawn Atherton, Paul Harper, Anne Marsden, Geoff Adamson ,Warren Grant, Michaela and Dan, Mark Harrison, Peter Chow, Dave Linwood, Phil Harris, Steve Way, Graeme Hutchinson , Pam Matthews , Christophe Le Pabic, Rob Davies, Andreas Stocker, Dave Marsh, Nick Anderson, John Lodge and Alice and so many more I’ve managed to miss out. Beers were drunk and stories were told, some new, mostly old and our eyes never far from the time.

We had an important date, and one that couldn’t wait.

Back up to the Apollo where my good lady was waiting, the crowd now had swelled and an air of anticipation was in the air, the boys were due. I head behind the forty or so photographers lined up to get an overview.

Jimmy is the first to arrive, with his customary sunglasses, black velvet jacket and grey trousers, working his way along the reporters doing interviews and waving to the by now highly excited crowd. John was next, complete with family dressed again in black shirt and trousers. Joining Jimmy for a photo shoot against the Celebration Day back drop, both were then joined by Robert, with family in tow, dressed in red jeans and leather jacket, hair tied back. More interviews and polite waves to the fans, autographs politely declined then into the foyer.

We join the throng of people queuing to get in and to get to our seats. Once inside seated we are greeted with Zeppelin on the playback and the Celebration Day artwork projected onto a huge screen before Harvey Goldsmith ambles onto the stage, like he did at the O2 five years ago for a bit of preamble before introducing Dick Carruthers whose quote of “making no apologizes for it being loud” is meet with a roar of approval.

Harvey takes the mic again and without further to-do introduces to the stage Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page. I preempt the announcement by shouting ”Led Zeppelin!” and they there are on the stage. Jimmy and Robert give short speeches but despite John having a mic fails to speak. Then  we are plunged into darkness and the credits beginning to roll and we are transported back to the O2 2007 via Tampa Bay 1973.

Welcome to Live In London – Celebration Days indeed…

’If you were at Tampa Stadium tonight or anywhere nearby, that’s the sort of thing you saw and heard’’

Good Times Bad Times: As I remembered it, full on…they rock as one….loads of close up work and lots guitar work…and Plant swinging the mic to the beat is captured brilliantly…

Ramble On: Never been so good…interplay with Plant, Page and Jones is awesome and again close up on Jimmy guitar work…

Black Dog: Christ this is heavy…the first “oh wow” moment…Jason at the end is stunning and the knowing looks between Page and Plant says it all….

In My Time Of Dying: Intense and loud…Plant outstanding…Jones on fretless bass…

For Your Life: What can I say…phenomenal…the money shot….there having fun on this one…Jimmy’s striking the tremolo arm bending the notes…flicking his head to the side to the beat….

Trampled Underfoot: Constant fave of mine….John is rolling and Jimmy’s sonic solo is the best….

Nobody’s Fault But Mine: All four are flying by the edge f…the confusion before Robert’s harmonica solo is captured but well covered up…..the ending shakes the fountains…..

No Quarter: Well paced version….Jason doing his  Dad proud…Jimmy shot from behind amongst the dry ice…Robert ad-libbing his way through to the end….awesome…

Since I’ve Been Loving You: Always a favourite…again the inter-play between all four captured well….

Dazed And Confused: The one that had to be there…..compact version….lasers spinning out of time,,,the look between Jimmy and Robert before the bow/call and response parts …coming out of the solo is again on the edge..never fully tipping over but close…is it edited…nah…just well covered…..

Stairway To Heaven: ’’Ahmet we did it’’…indeed…no makeover…camera sweeps across the crowd.. split screen for the solo…superb shot of a lady in the crowd singing the final line in tears …yeah they did it…..

The Song Remains The Same: Tremendous version…reminds me of P&P at Meadowlands back in ’95 but heavier and the band are again flying high….you just don’t want it to end….

Misty Mountain Hop: Great shot of Robert drawing on an imaginary spiff…..Jones checking on his cues from Jimmy…..not since Knebworth has this sounded so good…..

Kashmir: Huge…just huge…it builds and builds…the screen well captures as the stone monoliths as they are revealed…did anyone see the bowler hat…?

Whole Lotta Love: Heavy riff from Jimmy as the boys are on the homeward stretch….lasers and the Theremin battle…cameras miss the moment Page waves his hand to summon the Theremin to him…but brilliant captures Plants “woman” interplay with the audience….

Rock And Roll: Full of smiles as the band know it’s been a job done..…the moment the massive Led Zeppelin logo lights up, so well captured

And that’s it, it’s over….tonight Hammersmith witnessed a formidable showing of formidable film.

This wasn’t just a film, it was like a concert, the audience treating it as one, cheering clapping, and standing…at points you were lost in the moment and it was like witnessing a live show……emotions were high all-night….as the film unfolded in front of you….you never want it to end….but it does…the lights come up and we are surrounded by people who have just shared that same emotion….smiles and hugs are abound….this thing called Led Zeppelin has again touched us all….

The air is chilled outside and the media lights are still bright….like back in 2007 we decide to leave the media, the family of friends and the pub…we head home into the darkness…wrapped up in our own thoughts….our own memories…..

‘’It is a great life, this life of music’’….lets live it…….

Gary Foy –  October 13th, 2012

Tom Locke , Gary Foy and DL -Hammersmith early evening October 12,2012.

Finally…DL Diary Sunday morning reflections:

After all the excitement of the London premiere on Friday, yesterday my brain was completely frazzled.  However there was work to be done in relaying the events via Facebook and of course the TBL site. Many thanks for all the great feedback comments – it really was something special. Today  I need to catch up with emails and post.. ..then it all starts again next week –with the Berlin screening tomorrow and Japan on Tuesday  and the Celebration Day itself with the world wide screenings on Wednesday (including here in Bedford ) and then the Westfield London screening next Sunday…phew … here we go again…

In amongst all this has been the significant distribution arrival of TBL issue 33 which  is all geared to aid your enjoyment of this unique Celebration Day period. If you have received your copy and liked what you’ve read (and I sincerely hope you have!) be sure to spread the word – there may be a fellow Zep fan you know who has yet to indulge in the TBL mag – is so give them a prompt. I think overseas copies should be arriving in the next few days (hopefully before Wednesday’s screenings) …again when you receive it spread the word…and let me know what you think.

DL 09.50 Sunday October 14th, 2012

More Celebration Day film five years gone memories next time…


A couple of weekend dates…

Bedford VIP Record Fair Saturday, October 21, 2017:

The Bedford VIP Record Fair is staged this Saturday October 21 at The Harper Suite, Harpur Street Bedford MK40 1LE. I will be on the TBL stall selling various goodies including the new TBL issue 43.

More details of VIP Fairs here:

Coda Led Zeppelin tribute band at Haynes Village Hall, Saturday, October 21, 2017:

Coda featuring the excellent Simon Wicker on drums, are performing at the Haynes Village Hall in Bedfordshire this Saturday. I am aiming to be at that one too with the TBL crew and stall –  I look forward to seeing all that can make it along.

Coda website is at



DL Diary Blog Update:

Friday treats at the Vinyl Barn – at the always excellent Vinyl Barn last Friday, I was well pleased to find a copy of the soundtrack to one of my all time fave films Here We ‘Round the Mulberry Bush featuring The Spencer Davis Group and Traffic – A US copy on United Artists superb – plus a copy of Carole King’s Greatest Hits –top stuff – thanks Darren Harte !

On Monday night, I watched the brilliant George Michael documentary Freedom. I’d forgotten how phenomenal his performance of Somebody To Love at the Freddie Mercury concert was (see the YouTube clip below).  The documentary was a moving portrayal of a flawed, honest and immensely talent man – he is much missed.

What a week it was of Robert Plant Carry Fire activity. As mentioned above, he really has enjoyed yet another career high. it’s been an absolute joy to read all the positive reviews and of course play the album – I can’t remember the last time I felt such an affinity for a new album and it’s been on heavy rotation here and no doubt elsewhere! With the good lady Janet away last weekend with her cousins, it was an opportunity to have something of a Robert Plant weekend playlist with the sound turned up – and to do so I decided to lay out some of the Robert Plant DL collection to assist the task – as you can see it looked quite impressive laid out in our front room. It was of course all neatly packed away by the time the good lady came arrive back on Sunday night!

With the TBL issue 43 mail out complete, the attention has turned back to the Evenings With LZ book. Mick and I have been completing work on the design of the 1973 pages and co- author Mike Tremaglio has sent down the 1975 text and images which look fantastic. A long way to go-  but we are right are back on it.

As can be seen above, it’s a busy weekend ahead with the TBL stall at the Bedford Record Fair on Saturday and in the evening at the Coda gig at Haynes Village Hall. I look forward to seeing all that can make it along.

Until next time, have a great weekend

Dave Lewis  – October 19, 2017  

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    They were right on it that night for sure!

  • VHP said:

    Hi Dave,

    Great bit on the launch of Celebration Day. Considering how many times you saw Zep (with John) I was interested to see that on your 60th birthday list you listed the O2 as you best gig ever, and in your review above describe it as their ‘crowning moment’.

    Having being lucky enough to be at the O2 that night it was an amazing experience, never to be forgotten. I remember seeing one fan near to me being comforted by his wife / girlfriend as he was in tears at the end of the gig.

    On the DLR train after the gig I remember talking to an Irish man who asked us if we had also been at the O2 to see Zeppelin? We said yes we had. He had also just been there & said he had seen them 3 times in the 70’s, but thought that then O2 gig was the best he had ever seen them. He said they were far more focused that when he had seen them in the 70’s.

    I wonder if that was a view you shared, I also think that keeping the songs more to their original lengths helped (in my view) to give the show a much more up to date feel.

    Its also really nice to see Roberts new release is selling very well. Just need something new from Jimmy!!!

  • Mark Williams said:

    Got to say,even on just a few listenings already,this really is a very classy album,relative low-fi/voice range but that’s suits the mood of this excellent album.

    Big thumbs up from me.

  • Wools said:

    Thank you for the Queen video as I have not seen it in some time; still awesome! I just wanted to say job very well done on TBL 43. I received and was thrilled yet again. Very well done Dave! I appreciated the revisit to the O2 show. I tried to move mountains to get there and unfortunately was unable to attend. But my enthusiasm has lived on after reading your article!
    It was a great week as I received TBL 43 and purchased BCC4 and the new Robert Plant release. Life can thank you in many ways……

    Las Vegas, NV.

  • Graham Rodger said:

    I wake up each morning with exactly the same three tunes playing in my head too. There’s something very deep and mystical about this new album’s sound, it reminds me of the vibe and atmosphere created on Led Zep III.

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