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19 October 2012 4,831 views 10 Comments

‘’With the release of Celebration Day, the concert record of their reunion a the 02 Arena to honour Ahmet Ertegun, Led Zeppelin will bring joy to the world –and you will know exactly how that feels when you witness his simply astonishing film’’ DL – September 23rd 2012.

As can be detected in the above quote, when I wrote my original review after the press screening in late September , I was somewhat over whelmed by what I had witnessed. I also went some way to quantify my reactions and stated it was not relayed through rose tinted glasses. Looking over the feedback received over the past 24 hours, I need not have worried too much. I know what I saw and I knew what it felt like….and following the screenings so do many others…

The reaction to last night’s screening has been similarly overwhelming. Through the many feedback reports via the TBL site and Facebook pages it’s more than evident that this film has touched the lives of countless fans across the world.

That they are, were and always will be the best has never been in doubt…but to hear it from so many first hand reports of the film has been truly inspirational and quite humbling …what a band…what a way of life…

Here’s some more first-hand views…

What a day!! First my “Tight But Loose” came in the mail….then….we headed to Seattle to see “Celebration Day”!! I’ve probably watched Terry Stephenson’s video of the concert at least 100 times in the last 5 years and thought I knew the show pretty well. That was until I saw the real deal last night…..AWESOME!!!!! (I’ve thanked Terry many times for putting that out for those of us that couldn’t be there….but now sadly I’ll most likely never watch his again) Last night I couldn’t believe seeing up close just how hard all four of them worked thier asses off….incredible!!! Some of the glances and smiles exchanged between them in the middle of songs gave me goose bumps!!!! Got to admit I got a little tear in my eye when Kashmir ended….but I pulled things back together for the encores! Can’t wait for the DVD!!!!!! Rock on…..Dave Frombach Washington

What can I say? INCREDIBLE!!!

I’d like to thank the fans who documented the show on the night so that folks like me who couldn’t be there have been able to experience it these last 5 years. But as of now, I will not have any further use for the bootlegs because Celebration Day simply could not have been any more well done and rewarding. Everything about the film is spectacular…stunning.

It will take me some time and more viewings of the film before I can even attempt to articulate my feelings about it. But I can say that if this is to be goodbye from Led Zeppelin…I’m at peace with it.

Larry Bergmann Jnr – Arlington

Myself and my wife Susan attended the Showcase cinema in Liverpool to watch the magnificent Led Zep spectacular “Celebration Day”. Upon arrival I thought we had turned up at the wrong venue, no posters or billboards advertising this monumental feature, slightly disappointed but hey-ho we were here to watch the show not the advertising. The atmosphere in the theatre was dull with just approx. 40 people in attendance according to Susan who did a quick count, the sound was just passable with no surround system. We thought it was magnificent, having been there on the night to witness the greatest show on earth you obviously miss certain events that occured on stage, but it brought back great memories of that memorable evening. Jimmy is on record quoting “Kashmir” was his highlight of the show and I have to agree, they nailed it perfectly lump in the throat time along with the goosebumps.. Other special numbers for myself definitely “Since i’ve been lovin you”, “No quater” was amazing and the finale of “Rock and Roll”. Jason was obviously very emotional when they took their bows showing of his tattoo from his father’s rune symbol, he was extremely proud and the other band members were right, nobody else could have done a better job. He must be absolutely gagging for a reformation and a tour (as we are all). In conclusion it was a magnificent show, musically they provided a fantastic evening which has set a benchmark to be bettered.
Dave Holden Liverpool

Went to see the film at Edinburgh with my daughter. Having followed Zep since the early seventies but never having seen them live my anticipation prior to the film, which was heightened by the tbl website, was high and I was not disappointed. The cinema was fairly full with a mixture of age groups but mainly middle aged balding blokes like myself. The quality of the performance was second to none and it was clear from the fantastic camera work how much the band were enjoying themselves and that they knew
they were on top form. For me the highlight was the supreme performance given by Page. His guitar playing was unbelievable. My daughter said to me when we were leaving the cinema that Page has still got it even at his age. (she is only 26). An unforgettable night and I’m doing it all again on Sunday as the cinema is showing the film again. Cheers. Paul.

As I am thinking of what to write of the experience I had just a while ago at the “Celebration Day” movie premiere, I’m in awe and have been mesmerized by the entire performance. Let’s start from the beginning-shall we?

My daughter, Camille, was going to meet me at my house after dropping off my granddaughter at the sitters. I was getting ready as I was waiting for her at 6:15 pm (EST). Traffic on the way to Providence was busy as usual, but not backed up- thank God. Finally arrived at the movie theater at 7:10pm.

Camille and I went inside and already there was a good group of the audience forming. Stragglers were coming in little by little. As the hour approached,we were 5 min. until showtime. All of a sudden, a man in the audience started singng “Been a long time since I rock and rolled” Guess who sang with him – me ha!! ha!! I chimed in and sang “been a long time since I did the stroll!!!” And we sang “Rock and Roll” back and forth till the movie started.

It’s showtime!!! However, the person behind the projector, did not darken the room and the movie was audible. Audience started to shout “Darken the Lights!!! Turn It Up!!!” All of a sudden in the middle of “Good Times Bad Times”, the movie turned off. Everyone was wondering “What the hell is going on?” Finally, another gentleman in the audience, tried to quiet the audience down and said ” I talked to the guy behind the projector. He’s darkening the lights. We are starting the movie over but the sound will be louder.” Everyone cheered and we watched the movie from the beginning.

As a whole what can I say but that the movie was fantastic and awesome. The audience got into it. After each song played, we clapped (felt like we were in spirit with the audience in the UK in 2007). Robert Plant bellowed his voice to the audience with “Ramble On’, “In My Time Of Dying”. Jimmy Page tore his guitar(s) like a hell-raiser- screeching and swooning to “Dazed and Confused”. Jason Bonham thrashed on that drumset that you thought that it was John Bonham for a brief moment. John Paul Jones echoed with his bass guitar as well as playing a tremendous performance of “No Quarter” on the keyboard. The audience was mesmerized at each song that was played.

While I was watching the concert movie, I would sing and stomp and hoot and holler. I did not care. Yes, I’ve never been to a Led Zeppelin concert in my life nor to a Page/Plant or The Firm, but I will share with you, my friends, is this. I felt like I have been to a Led Zeppelin “concert” tonight and if it’s the closest I have ever been to then I am happy as can be.Jadwiga Petrykiewicz -Massachusetts

Second helping last night and it just got better and better and then some. Has there ever been a better live version of Kashmir? Its going to be a long wait for the dvd to arrive in the mail so I can give the neighbours a listen –Andrew Johnson

I saw the film last night and Dave’s remarkable review captured in words all the emotions that I felt on the night and since. Like him I’ve been a fan virtually all my life (forty odd years) so I went to see the film with the excitement of a fan but with a hint of trepidation – would they pull it off, did the bootlegs poor sound quality mask a poor performance, were the reviewers watching with rose tinted specs? Right from the start my fears were cast aside, this was a truly remarkable performance by a group of musicians at the very top or their game. The most amazing thing for me was that they still took chances, they could have taken the easy route and played each song note for note, but this wasn’t a ‘tribute’ performance like the stones or Pink Floyd or any of the ‘get back for the money’ bands, this was a full on Led Zeppelin concert warts and all, with the trademark re interpretation of songs. Can you imagine any other band doing that for a one off show? Truly remarkable. And so I exited the theatre last night not only with a fans exitement but with immense pride and also a hint of sadness, that this probably does end the final chapter in the story of Led Zeppelin. The greatest band the world has ever seen. Gary Morris

Saw it in Chester, amazing performance. They still have the swagger, power and pomp that befits the best band in the world. Time has not diminished their ability to stir the blood and bring a much needed smile to my face. They looked like they were ‘only trying to have some fun’. Sound in the cinema was dreadful which got me to thinking maybe we should have a private screening for TBL folk in a venue that can handle the volume we need and give us the chance to rock n roll…? Trev Butcher

Just got back from the concert film. it should have been magnificent but the sound sucked balls (front of theatre speakers only, cranked to distortion) and i had chatty middle aged men on either side. but they were on fire, all of them – jason bonham was a hoot, really fun to watch. page looked like he was having a blast, sometimes the skinny 25 year old rock god was channeled in a facial expression or classic rock gesture. very cool. i particularly dug kashmir, nobody’s fault, and in my time of dying. you’re right, kashmir was the pinnacle of their resplendent art on disply all night. what a towering piece of music and arranging – every part perfection, menace and beauty. John in Boston

This is an observation from the cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in the evening of the first general public screening of Celebration Day, reported on Rockin’ On website:

“They cheered every time a song finished…one lady kept synchronizing with the performance throughout the screening, her motion reminiscent of a conductor…another guy moved forward to the front row, where some seats were empty, looking up, arms wide open as if he was embracing the screen, completely in a trance…the whole scene was like one paradise of a euphoric racket.” In other words, the audience rocked like it was 1971! Hiroshi

Perceptive review of the film here by TBL contributor Stephen Humphries:


Although the majority of feedback has been positive, there were a number cases of cinemas not coping with the playback notably in Universal City California (as reported byy Rod)  and Stratford UK (as reported by Steve Way.) Alongside that there were variable reports concerning the sound quality -which is disappointing . The short term compensation for that will be the forthcoming DVD/Blu ray release for which we are now in another countdown for with 31 days to go.

There is a few opportunities for fans to witness the film on the big screen screening with a few additional screenings lined up in Europe and  notably a handful in the UK on Sunday.


The TBL crew are taking that opportunity of one last blast with the Sunday 2.30 PM screening at the Vue cinema at the Westfield Centre White City London. I previously advised this a few weeks back. The plan is for a pre-screening meet and the venue for that is:

The Bull- Westfield London,
Unit 1033, Westfield Centre.

We aim to be there around 1pm -it’s worth noting re travel arrangements that Dave Linwood has informed me that some of the  Circle Line and Metropolitan line on the tube are not in action on Sunday. check at

Once again we look forward to all that can make it along for final Celebration Day communal event.

The response to the Celebration Day film and indeed the TBL Countdown daily newsletters has been unprecedented in the history of this website and once again many thanks for all the feedback and comments. There are 50 feedback reports from the screenings on yesterday posts and many more comments on the Tight But Loose facebook page – be sure to check them out.

So ends the TBL Celebration Day October 17 Countdown. Since mid September there have been over 30 consecutive daily Celebration Day Countdown postings.

In between completing and distributing TBL 33 ,this has been  a massive challenge which has involved a distinct lack of proper sleep around these parts…and may I offer thanks to Gary Foy for all his ongoing support and Michaela Firth for all her help with tickets and arrangements.

It’s been an absolute privilege to bring all this to you all and I intend to continue a TBL countdown into the official release of the Celebration Day product on November 19th. It may not be a daily update but it will be very frequent and reflect yet more exciting times ahead -so keep watching this site. I probably do need a minor rest ( at least for half a day!) and there is plenty going on here with the next TBL magazine and the 02 book project ahead. Talking of which…

I do ask one thing in return and it’s the obvious one:

I you have enjoyed all this activity which I am sure you have …if you are not a TBL subscriber I urge you to order the new issue of the TBL magazine –intial sales of TBL 33 have been a little slow perhaps due to all the film coverage –but as things calm down a little, the TBL magazine is the perfect method to enhance your appreciation of this amazing period.

It will also open your eyes to the world of the TBL printed product, which also includes my books, the support and sales and revenue of which are fundamental to the continued presence TBL in all its mediums.

So click here and order TBL 33 – go on do it now…you will not regret it I am sure and with 32 pages of quality Zep reading –well, what’s not to like?

If you would like to subscribe for the three issues (of which you will immediatly receive TBL 32 and 33) go to the link below:

Homes required for above rather splendid Led Zep magazines… TBL editor happy to pack them off…order now!

Many thanks again for all your support in advance…

Dave Lewis – October 19th 2012.


On the spot report from Andre Cruz for TBL :

16 years and nine months. A long, long time without a Led Zeppelin related concert in Brasil or South-America. But the wait was over with an unforgettable night with a very well balanced mix of Blues, Folk,World Music and even Rock `n` Roll. Without Country! With the Sensational Space Shifters debuting “Ramble On”, “Going To California”
and “Rock `N` Roll”. The frustration of not seeing Celebration Day on October 17th disappeared completely during a gig with nothing more or less than 1h47m, better in time, shape and form than any fan could imagine – the show ended with 1h28m and the band returned to a encore with more three songs. Just to compare, the show that I saw last year  in Nimes ended in only 69 minutes….TO BE CONTINUED…many thanks Andre for your very fast feedback for TBL!

Full report and pics to follow tomorrow  

Until tomorrow…keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

October 19th, 2012

Don’t forget that you can follow Dave Lewis/TBL on Twitter – LedzeppelinTBL

and view additional photos etc at the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783


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  • Shayne Smith said:

    Hello Dave- I say thank you for all you do keeping the magic and mystery of Led Zeppelin alive. Its been too long since I’ve visited your site as my life has swallowed me up (new job and first new house this year).
    I have emailed you in the past. I have your Knebworth book and your Over Europe book. They are amazing. I have seen both Plant 7 times on solo tours and Page on The Firm and Outrider tours. I discovered Zep at age 11 in 1979 with In Through the Out Door so I missed seeing them live.
    I went to the Celebration Day screening with a good buddy here in southern California, U.S. the other night. I already have a bootleg of the show so I had seen it but he hadnt. He was blown away and I enjoyed the new camera angles.
    Unfortunately there was a problem with the sound. There were long periods of silence in the theatre as the band played. The audience became agitated. It was frustrating as it happened repeatedly. A real buzz kill. There was a video of a man speaking before the show talking about his company that was responsible for providing the film to the theatre. Sounded like the film was coming through some sort of satellite feed as opposed to a film projector. Maybe that was the problem. Eventually they worked it out. They rewound back to the middle of For Your Life. I know what the audience missed because I have the bootleg. They missed Plant mentioning “this is our first adventure with this song in public”. They missed the opening of the song as well. A real shame. Some silent periods before that as well.

    Anyway, just wanted to write to share the experience from CA,U.S.

    I’m still irked at Plant for blocking the reformation of the band. It wouldnt have to be a big tour. Why not a show here and there?? Maybe some new songs. He always talks about evolving musically and expanding his musical boundaries which is cool and all but he plays Zep songs at his solo shows. Makes no sense to me. If he wants to move away from Zep then he shouldn’t play these lame versions of the masterpieces that made him famous.

    From the very first day I heard Led Zeppelin in the late summer of ’79 (ITtOD) I have been absolutely captivated by them and their music. I still am and always will be. There was never and will never be any thing like them.

  • Colin Barnett said:

    Turned up at Vue Cinema in Harrow for the 2.30pm screening yesterday, resplendent in my replica white Knebworth t-shirt (the original one purchased in a field in Hertfordshire on 4th August ’79 sadly long gone). I expected a real crowd but there were no more than about fifty people there. Looks like I went to the wrong Vue Cinema, DL!!

    Truly blown away by the whole experience, I soon forgot the place was half empty and did my little bit to get the ‘crowd’ going. Highlights for me, song-wise, were Nobody’s Fault and No Quarter, plus my own favourite Kashmir which was awesome and “The Pride of Led Zeppelin” as Percy once said.

    Second highlight was Jason Bonham who worked so hard for the boys and I loved the little glances and smiles he got from them. He didn’t need any encouragement but maybe it was more reassurance that his old man would have been very very proud indeed.

    Final highlight was the musical and visual chemistry between the four of them. In all the footage I have seen both live (just the once) and on film, I have never seen them so connected, smiling, laughing, encouraging, supporting and plainly enjoying what was a musical triumph of the highest order. I guess if that really is it, then you can safely say they bowed out at the very top of their game.

  • Brian Hardie said:

    Totally agree with DL that the comments from around the world made him laugh and a few tears too . Me too sat with a glass of red sharing fellow fans thoughts . The power of Zep still amazes . No band comes close to this kind of feeling .

    Sorry to say Cyprus had no viewings in the Cinema sooo I have shelved the bootleg dvd and will just sit out the wait for the DVD .My wife is buying it for me for Xmas …. she thinks . I don’t think so ….
    Women can be cruel !!

    At least in one way I can play it at MY volume . The cinema managers need shooting for spoiling peoples fun .

    You do a great job Dave sharing all this . My copies of TBL 32 and 33 are in the post and always look forward to them .

    Now we all just need another book with O2 Arena stories …..

    I know it’s sad but I got out my copy of the Knebworth book last night and still laugh at the stories in there .

  • Nigel Shoesmith said:


    Bit belated – but saw Celebration Day in Ipswich on Wednesday. About 2/3rds full. I was lucky enough to attend the gig itself and although I have bootleg dvd and cd it was great to see it properly edited and enhanced. Great to re-live it again – only disappointment was the exclusion of Jason’s “I can’t quit you babe” rendition!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Steve said:

    Can I just echoe what Greg said about the Barney Hoskyns interview it really is a top class piece.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Greg – one more blast -it has to be done!

  • Greg Purling said:

    Dave you’ve done it again with your Barney Hoskyns interview in TBL33 ! There I was saying to myself ‘do I really need another Zep book’ to add to my 30 odd, but the book’s content, revealed in your interview as I took in a glass of red, makes it a ‘must have’ !

    Saw the film in Norwich on Weds night (2/3 full). The sound initially was very much at the front end, but over time you adapted to it. Just loved it when you got to see an acknowledging smile from Jonesy to one of the other three. At times they were really motoring, and it’s at those points when it’s just a totally chilling experience. Going again to Norwich Vue on Sunday to re-live it all again !

  • RichardG said:


    Nothing to add about Celebration Day that hasn’t already been said by so many others better than I could, but a MASSIVE thanks to you & Gary for these daily postings…they’ve kept the adrenaline at fever pitch for over a month…incredible effort for which we’re all truly grateful!

    One last hurrah on Sunday then take your foot off the gas and concentrate on yourself for a bit!

    And everyone – PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! This is Dave’s livelihood and we need hime around doing all this – let’s help him continue!!!!

  • Stuart Dawson said:

    Celebration Day was screened in Dubai, which amazed me.
    I took my two boys, aged 12 & 14, to keep me company.
    What a night, awesome.
    Highlights for me; the first live performance of For Your Life, Nobody’s Fault but mine (if your not on top form and in sync then this track will show the world, and they nailed it!) and my eldest boy air drumming all through Kashmir.
    Still can’t get the grin off my face.


    Stuart – Rockin in Dubai

  • 椿 said:

    How do you do, Dave.
    I am a Japanese. *祭典の日、非常に感動的で涙しました!*

    Since only awkward English can be spoken, it depends and writes to translation software.

    The premier show and a press conference wereheld in Roppongi in
    Japan, and 300 fans werealso able to participate by the invitation
    from Mr. Jimmy on the 16th.
    A little more than 650 persons could meet Mr. Jimmy by the journalist
    and the fan, and it replied also to the fan’s question.
    By the very happy situation, the Japanese book etc. were read from ancient times and it was said that he was interested also in this country.

    Tenderness and dignity were felt from how to carry out talk or expression.
    Although this show was seen at the hall in the Roppongi same as 18 days as long as 17 days, many high fans in an age group thronged.
    Since it was the show of the weekday, there were many people of the way home from work, and many those[ figure / suit ] were.
    Although it has seemed to put up with liking for you to take a rhythm, probably, it will be very well to express that it was stunned out of impression.

    Probably, four of them offered O2 to huge art called Zeppelin.

    The Great East Japan Earthquake happened and it also induced the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan last year.
    All these 200,000 disaster victims are said and require at least the number of mobilization of the live in their Knebworth in 1979.
    In the disaster victim, and Zeppelin’s fan also worked to near the retirement age, and lost a family, a friend, and all at the time of resting the body at last.
    Although it passes one year and more than a half, withdrawal of rubble does not often become yet, either.

    Even now, the Japanese fan does not forget the charity concert to Hiroshima at the time of the first visit to Japan in 1971.
    At the fan site, it certainly admires and respects.
    An earthquake disaster victim is encouraged and this work of Zeppelin will surely be the light of hope.

    And it nestles up to Zeppelin for years, and I thank you also
    for Dave who had coverage continued.

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