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19 August 2010 7,191 views 10 Comments

Robert Plant reaches the age of 62 today.

With a new album on the way and the Band Of Joy tour ahead, his unquenchable thirst for musical invention is as high as ever.

So here are 62 vivid examples of his vocal supremacy accompanied by memorable key lyrics and relevant comments:

From 48 to 2010 – he remains the definitive rock vocalist – make sure you play some of these and your own Plant faves this weekend in celebration:

Our Song,  (‘’It made us fall in looooove’’)

Laughing Crying Laughing  (‘’Jack loves Jill she don’t care’’)

For What it’s Worth  (Something’s happening here..’’)

Good Times Bad Times  (‘’I know what it means to be alooone’’)

Babe Im Gonna Leave You (‘’I ain’t jokin’ woman you gotta ramble’’)

Whole Lotta Love  (‘’Shake for me girl!’’)

What Is And What Should Never Be   (‘’And if I say to you tomorrow’’ – that gorgeous  opening line…)

Thank You  (‘’And so today my world it smiles’’)

Ramble On  (‘’Gotta find the queen of all my dreams’’)

Immigrant Song (-‘’Ahhhhhh…Ahhh!!)

Since I’ve Been Loving You  (‘’Said I been crying..’’)

That’s The Way  (‘’And so I say to you that nothing really matters…’’)

Black Dog  (‘’I gotta roll can’t stand still’’)

Battle of Evermore  (‘’Bring it back..’’)

The Song Remains The Same  (‘’I had a dream’’)

The Rain Song  (‘’Upon us all..’’)

Over the Hills And Far Away (Live anytime in 1975 –  ‘’Acapulco gold!’’)

In My Time of Dying (‘’Doncha make it my dying…dying…’’)

Kashmir   (’ Trying to find, trying to find where I’ve beeeeeeen’’.)

In The Light   (‘’Eveybody needs the light’’)

Down By The Seaside (‘’ Do you still do the twist’’)

Ten Years Gone (‘’Holding on…’’ pure emotion)

Night Flight  (‘’ I received a message  – that opening line is vocal bliss)

Tangerine ( Earl’s Court May 24 1975 – ”To think of us again….”)

Going To California (Earls Court official DVD version ‘’Oh she sings’’)

Dazed And Confused (Earls Court May 24 1975 ‘’We’ve got to get ourselves…back to the garden’’)

Stairway To Heaven (Earls Court May 24 1975 ‘’That’s all we got’’)

Achilles Last Stand  (‘’the devils in his ho-o- o-o -le’’)

For Your Life  (‘’When you blow it, babe, you got to blow it right’’)

In The Evening  (Knebworth August 4 1979 – ‘’It’s gotta stop it’s gotta stop!’’)

All My Love (Outtake with full ending –  ‘’Sometimes…sometimes…sometimes oh oh ’’)

I’m Gonna Crawl  (‘’She give me good lovin’’ and that final scream…)

Moonlight In Samosa (‘’Time and again I see you walking down the street’’)

Slow Dancer (‘’To the heights… to the heights’’ – the point he knew he could do it all again)

Far Post   (‘’Sure as winter follows fall, sure as maybe I will call’’)

Pledge Pin  (Live in Dallas 83  ‘’As the cavalcade begins to thin, do you stop and look around’’)

Big Log (Live Dallas 1983 ‘’Oh my love oh my love oh my love…is in league with the freeway’’)

Sea of Love  (‘’Come with me’’)

Sixes And Sevens  (‘’Am I at six ,am I at six, am Ieeeee!’’)

Ship of Fools  (‘’Crazy crazy fool’’ – absolutely stunning vocal)

Tie Dye On The Highway  (‘‘With the messengers of peace and the company of love’’)

Anniversary (‘’What is this land that I have found’’)

Calling To You (‘’Oh  Jiimmmy!’’)

Come Into My Life  (‘’ Oh when you get there, well you know ‘’-  another of his very best…)

The Greatest Gift (‘’ Everything I do, yes I do for my love’’  Peerless delivery)

In The Mood (Live at Paradiso club Amsterdam 93 –stunning medley)

Wonderful One  (MTV Unledded – ‘’The queen of love has flown again’’)

That’s The Way  (MTV Unledded ’’I can’t believe what people saying’’)

Blue Train  (I been waiting on a corner’’-  the best recorded moment of the Page and Plant  re-alliance)

Little Hands  (‘’Come let us meet them’’ – birth of a new style)

Life Begins Again  (‘’This is the day and the hour’’ – at his most exotic)

Flames  (Brilliant Priory Of Brion psych fest )

If I Ever Get Lucky  (‘’Win my train fare home’’ Live in the desert)

Skips Song   (‘’If you’d seen the naked dream I had of you… would you care’’-  another vocal masterclass)

Dirt In The Hole  (‘’Pretty flowers in sweet array, picked to die and fade away’’  Brilliant)

Seven And Seven Is  ( ’When I was a boy I thought about the times I’d be a man’’  Live anywhere – a magnificent SS tribute to Love and the late Arthur)

Tin Pan Valley  (‘’Like this!’’)

Freedom Fries (‘’They were moving fast –they were raising sand’’)

Stick With Me Baby (‘’Everybody’s been talkin’ ‘’ – in perfect harmony with Alison)

Kashmir ( Live at the 02 Arena – the whole event  could never have worked so well without such total vocal commitment )

Angel Dance (‘’Yeah yeah yeah – Dance!’’ –Ushering in another new dawn)

Monkey ( ‘’Tonight you will be mine…’’ Masterful Band Of Joy performance)

…Happy Birthday Robert

Dave Lewis – August 20th 2010

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  • lisa young said:

    im in the usa..and im a single mom with no money to travel…but i absolutely love robert plant and led zepplin…,i have so many happy the an all time fan and i wish u all the best robert plant…happy birthday…

  • ledhed58 said:

    I looked over this list of songs again and only saw one omission of Robert’s vocal prowess from the first album – “You shook me” his vocal interplay with Pagey’s guitar is truly awesome…the chemistry between the two is amazing, too bad it can no longer be there…Peace…

  • Lorraine robertson said:

    Wow what a list of gems….I’m so proud to be a Robert Plant fan….may his voice reign supreme forever…well it will of course!! xx

  • ledhed58 said:

    Happy B- Day Robert!! Loved your show in Houston, you are still the Man with THE VOICE…See if you can get Pagey to release that DVD for us old Zepp fans who could not make it to see you all still swinging the HAMMER OF THE GODS in 2007….Peace…..

  • Robert Baker said:

    Happy Birthday Mr Robert Plant, A guy who has thrilled me since 1966. I have been lucky to witness many, many evenings in the company of Robert and I can say that every night was different but the most enthralling adventres to the music. I don’t know of anyone with the musical knowledge that Robert possesses and to share the music his way has been one trill ride after another. Thankyou

  • shelfsidemark said:

    A different Percy shirt for each night at the pub this weekend in
    celebration I think !
    The ‘white dove’ U.S. shot tonight….then probably Fate of Nations,
    followed by the long sleeved Dreamland.
    And at some point I’m keen to get stuck into the Classic Rock
    Physical Graffiti special….surely their best ever cover.

  • Gerry M. said:

    Long may you run Mr P. – roll on the London Forum.

  • Bartek said:

    ‘hooooo yeaahhhh !!!!’ Happy Birthday, Robert. There’s still a lot left in the tank, right? 🙂

  • Jim Sloane said:

    Happy birthday Robert – see ya in Liverpool !

  • Kathy Urich said:

    Robert Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to you and yours. Namaste

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