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TBL Archive: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: 1995 UK Tour:

Leading on from last week’s Page & Plant retro focus – here is Part Two of  the piece that originally ran in TBL 11: It focuses on an imaginary 4 CD compilation of the tour: CD 2 rounds up the 1995 Europe and UK leg. 


It was a glorious period as long time fans and those too young to have seen Zep in their prime revelled in what was all in name the Zeppelin reunion we had all hoped for. By the tour’s end it was evident that Jimmy Page was playing better than at any time during the previous fifteen years. Indeed for a project that began as a request to strum a few Zep tunes unledded style for MTV’s acoustic showcase, when played live night after night this reappraisal of the Zeppelin catalogue developed into a fully ledded experience. A trend that would continue when they returned to the live action in 1998.

With so many tapes at our disposal, there is ample scope to take a retrospective view of the tour. Having listened to hours of material drawn from the many tapes of the tour, I have compiled an imaginary four-CD compilation that takes in all the major developments along the way. It includes the one-off gems slotted in, the stand-out performances, the offbeat sequences and all the historic moments building into a true overview of the entire tour. It features 53 extracts drawn from 26 different locations spread over 28 shows; nearly five hours of musical Page and Plant highlights that capture the often barely believable events that thousands of fans were privileged to enjoy during those 370 days. So this is Page and Plant on tour together at last in 1995 and 1996. Proving conclusively that the evolution of Led Zeppelin continues…

CD2 – Europe/UK

‘Dancing Days’/’Down By The Seaside’ sequence

(Omnisports, Bercy, Paris, June 6 1995)

Page was on blistering form on the opening night of the European trek, in turn inspiring Robert to lift his performance to new heights. Two selections form the Bercy date: ‘Dancing Days’ had been included in the set in an all electric arrangement early on the US tour and then in an alternate arrangement with the Egyptians from mid May. It’s the latter version that Plant introduced in both French and English on this opening night in Europe. A wonderfully relaxed affair with the shrill Egyptian violins merging with Jimmy’s powerful riffing.

‘Down By The Seaside’ was a regular insert into the ‘Calling To You’ medley. It was presented in the new slower arrangement Plant had used to record the version with Tori Amos that appeared on the then just released Encomium tribute album. Plant’s vocal delivery in Paris was sheer perfection, adding all the original nuances (“Yes she will, yes she will”) to a song that was enjoying renewed recognition during this period.

‘In The Evening’

(Glastonbury Festival, June 25 1995)

Into the open air for a memorable performance at the Glastonbury Festival. Their appearance in the veterans slot earned them a healthy respect from the vast crowd present and the thousands watching the live Channel 4 coverage. This latter day Zep standard had already established itself as one of the tours favourites. In the early evening sun it shone as brightly as ever, capturing that dramatic intro with Plant’s vocals echoing across the fields, Page manically stringbending over the Stratocaster and the Pharaohs dancing with delight behind them.

‘The Crunge’ sequence

(SECC Arena, Glasgow, July 12 1995)

It was evident on the Europe tour how much more relaxed the pair had become since the tensions during the early part of the US tour. This lighter mood spilled over into moments such as this occasion in Glasgow. When the double neck guitar needed tuning before ‘The Song Remains The Same’, Jimmy was left with no instrument. This inspired Plant to fill the void by leading Michael and Charlie through a spontaneous version of ‘The Crunge’. The ad-libbed lyrics found Plant humourously sniping at Jimmy’s guitar tech Lionel: “I can see Lionel wages going out of the window… it’s not like working for The Searchers and it’s not like working for The Shadows…”.

‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’

(Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, July 13 1995)

Ten years on from Live Aid another special night. Sheffield was an outstanding show, made all the more impressive by a remarkable delivery of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’. On the spur of the moment Plant began inserting verses from the then unplayed Presence Zep track ‘Tea For One’. It created a unique hybrid delivery of two of their most notable custom blues compositions.

‘Whole Lotta Love’

(St Austell Coliseum, Carylon Bay St Austell, July 15 1995)

A rare medley-less delivery of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was a surprise set opener for this date at, as it was billed “The entertainment centre of the west”. A throwback to the version Zeppelin first employed back in 1970, this new 1995 version really packed a punch with Page exhorting the classic riff from his new sparkle red Transperformer Gibson guitar.

‘Blue Jean Bop’/’Black Dog’

(St. Austell Coliseum, July 15 1995)

The intimate confines of the St Austell Coliseum found them in playful mood on a hot Saturday night. From the early US dates it became a nightly ritual for Page to warm up ‘Black Dog’ with a random run of teasing riffs including moments from the likes of ‘In My Time of Dying’ and ‘Out On The Tiles’. On this occasion it went one step further as Plant kicked them into an ad-hoc delivery of Gene Vincent’s ‘Blue Jean Bop’ that collapsed playfully under Michael Lee’s attempt to bring in the proper ‘Black Dog’ riff. This prompted a smiling Page to apologise for the breakdown on mike. A fully fledged ‘Black Dog’ followed – another tour highlight as Plant tossed away his inibitions, ripped the mike off the stand and rocked out in a manner reminiscent of the golden age.

‘Egyptian Intro’/’Celebration Day’

(The Point, Dublin, July 20 1995)

Robin Williamson’s Tales Of Bron poem had by now been replaced by an Egyptian music intro tape that began serenely and then built up the drama, usually accompanied by the arrival of a silhouetted Page dancing along to the tempo. As an opener for this Dublin date they pulled out a fast and furious rendition of the Zep III rocker ‘Celebration Day’ (rarely played on the early US tour) indicating this might be a night of surprises.

‘Custard Pie’

(The Point, Dublin, July 20 1995)

… And surprises there were. ‘Custard Pie’ – never performed live by Zeppelin – was wheeled out in an arrangement similar to the one Jimmy played on the Outrider tour. Page lashed out wah wah runs in between the muscular drive of Michael Lee’s drumming, and Plant threw in a spirited harmonica solo and at the close while Page inserted a riff from ‘The Ocean’. It’s revival prompted Plant to inform the crowd afterwards “We’re gonna try some different things tonight. That was the first different thing. I don’t think we’ve played that for 17… 18… 20… 27,000 years!”

‘Battle Of Evermore’

(NEC, Birmingham, July 23 1995)

This esoteric version of ‘Battle Of Evermore’ was a highlight of the MTV Unledded filming and finally made its presence felt live again during the night of surprises in Dublin. It was retained for the Birmingham and London gigs. This gave Plant the opportunity to duet with Najma Achtar who added a suitably exotic edge to the familiar Zep IV song. The pair’s closing “Ah ah ha” refrain smouldered above Page’s triple-neck mandolin.

‘Thank You’/’Going To California’

(Wembley Arena, London, July 26 1995)

From its introduction at the beginning of the MTV filming and its frequent inclusion on the tour ‘Thank You’ had developed into something of a signature tune for the whole Page Plant reunion. There were many great deliveries of the song along the way (Meadowlands, San Jose and Paris to name but three), but there was something almost spiritual on the final night of the UK tour. Perhaps it was the presence of Peter Grant, or the knowing that they would not be performing it again for some time. Whatever it was, the commitment of both Page and Plant on this outing was more than evident. Page lurched magnificently into the solo as Plant passionateley ad-libbed the final lines finally echoing out the final “I wanna thank you…” A mesmerising performance.

‘Going To California’ was another new addition to the final part of the UK leg. A delicate rendering made all the more so with the aid of a subtle orchestral string backing.

‘Candy Store Rock’ sequence

(Wembley Arena, London, July 26 1995)

A final UK soundbite incorporating Plant’s acknowledgement of Peter Grant’s presence (“And a special thank you Bill Curbishley and Mr Peter Grant who is with us tonight”), leading into the pairs playful skit around ‘Candy Store Rock’ preceding the encore of ‘Black Dog’. It signalled the end of the 1995 UK tour.

Dave Lewis – first published in TBL 12 

Part 3 to follow next week.


LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:

In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their email update news summary. This goes out periodically. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page

Robert Plant

Upcoming events:

July 18 – “Rockfield: The Studio On The Farm,” a documentary featuring Robert Plant, will be shown on BBC Four at 9pm UK time.
September 4 – “Scarlet,” a track featuring Jimmy Page, will be included in the remastered release of “Goats Head Soup” by The Rolling Stones.
September 9 – A “one-of-a-kind” item donated by Robert Plant will be sold at Julien’s Auctions
September 25-26 – The next John Bonham celebration event will be held in Redditch.
October – The limited edition, signed prints of Jimmy Page’s guitars will be dispatched by Genesis Publications.
October 8 – The affordable version of Jimmy Page’s Anthology book will be released.
June 18-20, 2021 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace at the Black Deer festival in Kent.
September 25, 2021 – The 2021 John Bonham celebration event will be held in Redditch.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out periodically. To receive it sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


BBC 4 Saturday night schedules:

Two excellent programmes on Saturday night July 18  on BBC 4;

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm

BBC 4 22.15 – a new documentary…

Black Sabbath, Queen, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Coldplay, Simple Minds, Robert Plant and Manic Street Preachers are some of the greatest bands and musicians of our time, but what is the one thing these titans of music have in common?

This film tells the unlikely tale of how two Welsh farming brothers turned their dairy farm into one of the most successful recording studios of all time, producing four decades of legendary rock music. It’s where Queen recorded their seminal Bohemian Rhapsody, featured in the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. But Rockfield’s own story has never been told until now.

Robert Plant By Myself:

BBC 4 22.45 – this has aired before and well worth seeing again…

Documentary in which Robert Plant discusses his musical journey from Stourbridge, the British blues boom, superstardom with Led Zeppelin in the 70s to 2010’s Band of Joy album. He also looks at his work with the Honeydrippers and North African musicians, his reunion with Jimmy Page and his pairing with Alison Krauss.


Led Zeppelin Detroit July 12 1973 footage surfaces:

Very nice to see this  footage of Led Zeppelin  on stage in Detroit July 12 1973 surfacing via LedZep Film on You Tube..

Check it out at:


Erik RIP:

Gary Bauer has been in touch to pass on the sad news that his friend Erik has passed away. Both of them attended the legendary Led Zeppelin performance at the LA Forum on June 21 1977. This was moralised in the Mike Millard audience recording that became the bootleg Listen To This Eddie. Gary also taped the show and his recording became known as Listen To This Erik in acknowledgment of his friend. The fulls tory of this as reported in TBL 44.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the opportunity to say as few words about my lifelong friend Erik (the namesake of the Listen to This Erik). Erik passed away peacefully on June 18 surrounded by his family after a battle with cancer. Erik and I had been friends since we met in second grade in 1965. We shared many great times together with a tight group of friends. An amazing thing is that in all our years of friendship we never had an argument.  Erik and his wife Mary had recently moved close to me and I was really looking forward to spending more time hanging out and maybe taking in some shows. But sadly that won’t happen now. Erik is my second friend that attended that epic show that we lost to cancer. As you know, my article in TBL was dedicated to my friend Steve. Cancers Sucks! 

That June night seeing Led Zeppelin at the Forum will be his legacy to the Led Zeppelin universe but one of my favorite moments with Erik actually occurred many years later. When tickets went on sale for the Page/Plant 1995 tour, I snapped up seats and immediately called Erik and my brother Dave. Our seats were about 10 rows off the stage with a perfect side view on a Page’s side. Before the show we went down to the railing and right in front of us less that 10 feet away were Jimmy’s guitars lined up for the show. It was awesome! I remembering looking at the huge grin on Eriks’ face. It was exactly the saw huge grin that I remember on our way to the June 21, 1977 show. Those are great memories for which I will forever be grateful. Lifelong friends like Erik rarely come along and I miss him greatly. RIP Erik RIP Steve  Gone but never forgotten!

Take care and stay safe in these crazy times. Peace 


P.S.- Here’s a photo of a really great night that Erik, Steve, and I shared the last time that we were together. 

Many thanks to Gary for that touching tribute – the full story of the LA Forum taping is in TBL 44 – I still have copies of this issue – order link below:


Jack Charlton RIP:

On that day of days July 30 1966…I watched it that Saturday afternoon on TV in wonder an awe aged 9.
When an England World Cup winner passes away I feel a part of my childhood goes with them…RIP Jack Charlton…

I briefly spoke to Jack Charlton once. It was the morning after England’s semi final exit in the Euros in June 1996 when they lost on penalties to Germany.

I was in London for a meeting at the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street. All the tubes were on strike so I walked there from St Pancras Station. Crossing Euston Road I recognised the great Jack coming towards me – he had been a TV pundit the night before.

‘’Bad luck last night Jack’’ I said to him ‘’Terrible result, we should have beaten them before extra time!’’ was his amiable and animated reply in that lovely accent.

What a character. What a player…RIP



A very brief preview of the previously unreleased track Scarlet with Jimmy Page on this teaser from The Rolling Stones for the forthcoming Goats Head Soup reissue…


FAS magazine:

Always a welcome sound the Free Appreciation Society magazine dropping through the door – now up to issue 151 and this one celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Fire And water album… I am looking forward to soaking up that

For details of the mag visit:


1970 Snapshots: Affinity with John Paul Jones involvement..


As I have often mentioned the year 1970 is one of my musical favorites – as a 13 year old going on 14 it was a year of massive musical discovery. I have made a point of collecting many of the singles and albums I recall from the time and I’ve also often searched out recordings made that year that I didn’t catch up with at the time.

So here’s the first in a series of what I’ll call 1970 Snapshots:

Affinity by Affinity:

I’ve been looking for a vinyl copy of the excellent album by Affinity recorded in 1970 for a good while

Flashback magazine main man Richard Morton Jack first alerted me to this album a few years ago – and I had a CDR of it

Original pressings on the Vertigo label are hard to come by however the excellent reissue label Repertoire had produced an excellent reissue – complete with the fold out sleeve with its mysterious front cover image. It also has a swirl type label based on the classic vertigo label design.

On this album the band featured vocalist Linda Hoyle –Linda was the voice behind the much aired Shredded Wheat TV advert ‘’There are two men in my life’’ which us of a certain vintage will well remember. Linda made an appearance on the Michael Parkinson show performing it in 1971.

Back to the album –there’s also a Led Zep connection to report here as John Paul Jones is involved in the arrangements of two track –brass arrangement on the track I am And So Are You and string arrangement on I wonder if ill care as much.

The album itself is an exotic mix of jazzy rock. Linda Hoyle has the sort of expansive soul rock voice that served both Julie Driscoll and Curved Air’s Sonja Kristina so well. I Am And So Are You written by Lindisfarne’s Alan Hul,isl s a busy opener with the aforementioned bold vibrant brass accompaniment.

Night Flight (no relation to the Zep track of the same name10 alternates between drifting melody and a keyboard workout by Lynton Naiff that brings to mind Brian Auger’s work with The Trinity.

A version of the Everly Brother’s I Wonder If I’ll Care As Much has the plucked string effect that JPJ brought to The Rolling Stones She’s a Rainbow. The atmospheric Mr Joy is another highlight with dreamy floaty vocals.

Mo Foster’s bass and Mike Jupp’s guitar head off on a typical early 70s tangent on Side Two’s opener Three Sisters. Next up their delivery of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Cocaunut Grove is a meandering affair with Linda’s vocals playing off Lynton’s organ.

Finally another cover a version of Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower made famous of course by Jimi Hendrix.

Affinity stamp their own identity on it playing it speedily and somewhat free form as to make it unrecognizable.

It’s a performance that typifies the musical freedom this era allowed for. It was 1970 and anything went and this album by Affinity is very much of its time. All feather cut hair, wah wah guitar and plaintive organ. It could have lined up as the soundtrack to those early 70s films such as Permissive that are staples of the British Film Institute catalogue.

Linda Hoyle left the band and recorded in 1971 a solo album Pieces Of Me again released on the vertigo label –now much sought after. Affinity made some further recordings that released as archive recordings. Linda released another solo album The Fetch in 2015.

Dave Lewis – July 7,2020


On The Player:

July 12:

Saturday is platter day – on the player the 1983 David Bowie Let’s Dance album – I’d forgotten how good this and what a co -production with Nile Rodgers…

Saturday is platterday – the arrival of the new issue of the Free Appreciation Society magazine dropping through the door has inspired me to pull out this one – so on the player the brilliant double album compilation The Free Story – this one is a US pressing on Island Records….what a band they were..





More Page & was 25 years ago:

From my Facebook posts:

July 12:

It was 25 years ago today…

25 years ago today on Wednesday July 12 1995 I took the train up to Glasgow with Gary Foy for the opening night of the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant UK tour. A fair few of you reading this were there I know and we had a fantastic pre gig TBL meet in the Solid Rock Café .
Hi to all that were there that amazing day – what excitement there was in the air as a night in the company of our musical heroes beckoned….as the adverts put it at the time ‘The evolution of Led Zeppelin continues’

It kick started one of the most amazing sequence of gigs I ever attended – a total of eight Page & Plant gigs over a 15 day period.

As for the gig at the SECC Arena awesome opening night.

One of the moments that stand out was when the double neck guitar needed tuning before The Song Remains The Same, Jimmy was left with no instrument. This inspired Plant to fill the void by leading Michael Lee and Charlie Jones through a spontaneous version of The Crunge. One of many great off the cuff moments during these gigs.

I’ll be reliving all this today via the expansive CD set Get Rid Of The Smoke which captures all the UK gigs and more.

It was back on the train the next day to head to Sheffield for gig number two. More on that tomorrow…

My what times they were all of 25 years ago…
…as all those lucky enough to be on the ride will know…we were all having one of the times of our lives

Dave Lewis – July 12,2020

July 13:

It was 25 years ago today…

25 years ago today on Thursday July 13 1995 , I travelled down by train to Sheffield from Glasgow via Manchester for the second night of the Jimmy Page & Robert Plant UK tour.

Beforehand there was another great TBL meet up at the Enfield Arms pub in Sheffield (now sadly demolished).

The outstanding performance of this gig at the Sheffield Arena was a remarkable delivery of Since I’ve Been Loving You.

On the spur of the moment Robert Plant began inserting verses from the then previously unplayed live Presence Zep track Tea For One. It created a unique hybrid delivery of two of their most notable custom blues compositions.

I’ll be reliving all this today via the expansive CD set Get Rid Of The Smoke which captures all the UK gigs and more.

Hi to everyone who was at this gig – we were truly having one of the times of our lives…

Dave Lewis – July 13, 2020

July 15:

It was 25 years ago today:

25 years ago today on Saturday July 15 1995 I travelled down to St Austell with Gary Foy for the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant concert at the St Austell Coliseum at Carylon Bay billed as ‘The entertainment centre of the West’.

This along with the Poole date were added gigs to the tour. Again it was incredible to see so many familiar faces outside the venue including Andy Adams, Dave Fox the late Bob Langley etc.

It was sweltering in the venue Big country was the excellent support act – I was right in the front for this one and watch Jimmy and Robert stroll on and lick into a rare medleyless version of Whole Lotta Love was just invigorating. A throwback to the version Led Zep first employed back in 1970, this new 1995 version really packed a punch with Page exhorting the classic riff from his new sparkle red Transperformer Gibson guitar.

An utterly fantastic gig…next stop the pool Arts Centre…

I’ll be reliving all this today via the expansive CD set Get Rid Of The Smoke which captures all the UK gigs and more.

Hi to everyone who was at this memorable July Saturday night when we were having one of the times of our lives.

Dave Lewis July 15,2020

July 16:

25 years ago today on Sunday July 16 1995 I travelled from to St Austell to Poole with Gary Foy for the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant concert at the Poole Arts Centre.

This was before the days of all day pub opening hours and we found ourselves en-sconced in a local Wimpy bar in the afternoon.

Later we met up with Dave Linwood at the hotel. Dave had established the TBL website earlier in the year and this was our first meeting. It was the first of many a TBL crew outing that Dave and I would enjoy together. At the gig it was great to see Billy and Alison Fletcher, Andy Adams,Steve Way and many other fans who were following the tour.

The gig was another memorable one – I do recall it felt like the flooring was moving underneath us such was the intensity of the crowd. It was evident the building was not used to this type of enthusiasm. For the encores Robert wore a Page and Plant t shirt.

I’ll be reliving all this today via the expansive CD set Get Rid Of The Smoke which captures all the UK gigs and more.

Hi to everyone who was at this memorable July Sunday night in Poole when we were having one of the times of our lives.

Dave Lewis July 16,2020



Judy Dyble: RIP:

Judy Dyble RIP…

I’ve been struggling a bit mentally over the weekend couldn’t really process Sunday’s news of the passing of Judy Dyble – yet more sad news to contend with….

I absolutely love the first Fairport Convention album Judy sang on. A few years back I also picked up on the reissue of the 1970 cult album Morning Way by Trader Horne, the duo Judy formed with ex Them member Jackie McAuley – that will be on the player here this week for sure.

Meanwhile this is a fabulous clip from a 1968 French TV performance by Fairport Convention with Judy performing Richard Farina’s Reno Nevada …RIP Judy…

Dave Lewis Diary Blog Update:

With TBL designer Mick Lowe currently working from home, it was great to head over to his last Friday for a TBL/Studiomix social distance meeting in his garden.

Here we are looking over the work in progress designs for the forthcoming Feather In The Wind Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 40th Anniversary TBL book repackage.
More on all this as it unfolds…

Wednesday treats at the Vinyl Barn…and much inspiration…

At the always excellent Vinyl Barn on Wednesday  morning I was well pleased to find a copies of a couple of excellent sampler albums from two of my favourite record labels namely Island and Immediate.

The Island sampler Island Life Media Sampler is a 1986 promo with tracks from a steller line up of artists including Nick Drake, John Martyn, Free, Traffic, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Grace Jones etc.

The immediate Story is a 1980 Virgin pressing gatefold sleeve ,great sleeve notes and tracks from the 1960s era by Rod Stewart, Humble Pie, Nico, The Nice, PP Arnold, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (the brilliant I’m Your Witchdoctor produced by Jimmy Page) and more. Top stuff indeed…thanks Darren!

Update here:

A bit tough last few days, a lot going on and a lot to contend with which swung my mood into a bit of a low. The good lady Janet has once again been amazing in her understanding. I am trying to keep focused as there is a lot to get on with here – as ever there has been some great support and feedback and I take much inspiration from all that.

Some particular inspirations this week:

Discussing the Scarlet track on the phone with Richard Cole…

A welcomed catch up on the phone from Gary Foy…

A similar catch up with Mark Harrison who I am pleased to say is now back home…

A lovely package from my very good friend and long time TBL supporter Russ Rees…

The new issues of Record Collector and Uncut dropping through the door…

A very productive visit to the Vinyl Barn…

Thanks for listening – stay safe and well you very lovely people…

Dave Lewis –  July 16, 2020

Until next time, stay safe and stay well…

Website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

Follow TBL/DL on Facebook:

The TBL/DL Facebook page has regular updates and photos – be sure to check it out


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    Dave – Fabulous clip of Judy and the early Fairports, thanks for sharing. Judy was a top lady, got to see her live once at a Joe Boyd tribute show, where she acquitted herself with aplomb. Always enjoyed her posts on Fairport chatter pages. Keep safe all of you.

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