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26 April 2013 7,847 views 12 Comments

patty ohio

 The new single from Patty Griffin Ohio is out now with guest vocals from Robert Plant this via Rolling Stone:

Patty Griffin’s dreamy, nostalgic video for “Ohio” artfully combines intriguing design with earnest folk music. Directed and designed by Roy Taylor, the video’s backdrop is made entirely from cut paper and pulled from the history books.

“I wanted to portray the overwhelming desire to reunite with family and loved ones and the spirit of those who helped,” Griffin tells Rolling Stone. “Visuals were inspired by historical images such as the false bottom wagon, the stairway from the banks of the Ohio River leading to a safe house of [the abolitionist] John Rankin and a lantern hoisted up a flagpole to signal that bounty hunters and their dogs were not in the area.”

‘Ohio’ will appear on Patty Griffin’s seventh album, American Kid, set for release on May 7th. Griffin and her band will tour throughout 2013; check out a list of tour dates at her website.

Patty’s new album American Kid is due out May 7th – pre ordering more details

Here’s the Ohio video clip:  Thus is absolute class and the way Robert’s vocal harmony blends in with Patty is a lesson in pure vocal subtlety…


Peter Mensch Interview – this via Billboard:

Reddit users found out Thursday that Led Zeppelin is unlikely to reunite and tour, Jimmy Page is selecting never-before-heard material for the upcoming Led Zeppelin box set and Led Zeppelin’s music “is up for discussion” to be added to on-demand streaming services. These insights were shared in a Q&A on tech-heavy social news website Reddit while Q Prime co-founder Peter Mensch drove a small Q Prime contingent to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to see the Q Prime-managed rock band Dawes.

Q Prime alerted Reddit Thursday afternoon that it was accepting questions on an AMA, or “Ask Me Anything.” A variety of people answer questions at Reddit’s AMA.. “We are a music management company that represents such acts as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Groban, Dawes and others,” the headline reads. “Ask us anything.” Reddit users obliged Q Prime’s request to “Ask us anything” by enquiring about everything from Metallica, another Q Prime-managed band, to add hypothetical scenarios (“Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?”).

Among the revelations in the AMA:

— A Led Zeppelin reunion is unlikely. ” Does your gut tell you if Zeppelin will ever reunite and tour or play another show ever again?” one person asked. “Honestly, my gut tells me they won’t,” Q Prime replied.

— Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is busy finding never-before-heard recordings for an upcoming Led Zeppelin box sets and has made “no progress” on his forthcoming solo album. Each album’s cover art will be the original cover art. Artist Shepard Fairy, who created the artwork for Led Zeppelin’s recent Celebration Day release, “is not involved.” Some of the box sets “will come out later this year” but “time is a fungible thing” with Led Zeppelin.

— The addition of Led Zeppelin’s catalog to on-demand subscription services is “up for discussion.” Earlier this year Q Prime were reported to be shopping for exclusive rights to Led Zeppelin’s catalog to various on-demand services. Sources told Billboard they expect the band’s music to available for streaming early this year but apparently no deal has been reached months later.

— Radio still matters. ” In the age of radio becoming less relevant, what is the best approach as an artist to garner more fans in place of radio?” one person asked. Q Prime’s brief answer: “Radio”

— The “dumbest request” ever received from an artist came from AC/DC. “I was in London. They were in Paris. (Drummer) Phil Rudd wanted hot water because his kettle was broken. He called at midnight to ask me to bring over hot water… Wish I had told him I would charter a flight to bring him a kettle and billed it back. Needless to say, I didn’t go.”

— Q Prime named Arcade Fire as the one band it wishes was on its roster that it doesn’t currently manage.


Top 40 selling albums in UK Indie record stores of 2012:

With the Record Store Day celebration of independent music retailers taking place this past week, the U.K.’s Official Charts Company paused to look at the 40 top-selling albums in that country’s indie stores over the past year.  And it was a good year for classic rockers.

Records by David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse all made the list.

Bowie’s first new album in 10 years, The Next Day, made was the highest charter at #5.  Dylan’s Tempest came in at #15 followed by Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day at #16.  Diamond’s 2011 retrospective, The Very Best of Neil Diamond, made it to #20.  Stewart’s holiday record, Merry Christmas, Baby, came in at #29 followed at #30 by Young’s latest collaboration with Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill.


store 3

DL Diary Update:

Record Store Day was another memorable day out.  We got to Rough Trade Portobello Road for 7am taking a 5.30 am train out of Bedford. Dec was about 12th in line ,Tom ,Phil and myself not too far behind. The shop staff led by the very affable Nigel, were fantastic even bothering to get us tea and coffee while we waited. It did take a fair while to finally get in the shop and get served. Some things had sold out notably the Bowie pic discs but we all did pretty well. Tom invested in a very nice looking box set of Emerson Lake & Palmer first five albums on picture disc. I got the Jethro Tull EP, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller, Pink Floyd, singles and the very lovely Nick Drake LP – a compilation pressing of his first two albums.

Have to say the pricing was pretty hefty. With single at £8 or £9 and albums at £30 and some box sets way high (the Cream Albert Hall set was £70) it’s not a cheap hobby for sure. On the other hand we are talking limited editions here and they were all over e- bay within minutes. Back in Bedford, we pitched up at a very busy Corn Exchange for the From The Jam gig followed by an aftergig Northern soul disco at which your TBL editor and the good lady Janet got out on the floor to throw some shapes. I worked out I was up 23 hours over Saturday into Sunday – hey not bad for nearly 57!  Spurs 3-1 win over Man City on Sunday was the icing on the cake of a long and memorable weekend.

store 2

store 5

RSD Bedford 4 -Phil, Dec, DL, Tom plus The Hermit…Portobello Road – April 20 2013.

Bit of an up and down week here since then. Have felt well groggy last couple of days as the old hay fever has kicked in. I get it early for some reason. Sad to hear the news of the Woodstock legend Richie Haven’s death and closer to home, the news that my good friend Jerry Bloom’s brother has died age 55. I’ll be attending the funeral next week.

On the plus side Janet’s’ Mum Betty is now out of hospital and back home and we are hoping she can get some strength up.

It’s been back to TBL 35 this week with some great stuff to assess –I’ll be announcing the contents of this forthcoming issue next week.

Yesterday I met up and interviewed the photographer Dick Barnatt in London.  Dick took the iconic shot of Jimmy Page at Earls Court that was selected as one of Jimmy’s limited edition prints on his website.  He was great company and had many a fascinating story to tell. We were in the actual vicinity of one of the photo sessions he conducted with Zep. More on all this shortly – the  full interview is another highlight of the forthcoming TBL 35.

I did the interview with Zep photographer Dick Barnatt in a central London pub called The Newman Arms – Dick knew the pub and showed me a framed a poster on the wall of the 1960 film Peeping Tom which was filmed around the pub and nearby Newman Passage. I you tubed it and you can clearly see the area as it was then that we walked around yesterday. Spooky!   Here are the pics of the film poster…

peep 1

peep 2

dick lond 1

With Dick Barnatt  – London April 25, 2013

On the playlist here, the aforementioned brilliant Patty Griffin/Robert Plant collaboration, Shuggie Otis Inspiration Information – a classy mid 70s soul showcase (thank you John P) Miles Davis Round About Midnight, various Record Store day purchasers (the Jethro Tull EP with a line up of Living In The Past, Witches Promise, Teacher and Life is a Long Song is perfection) and Led Zeppelin Live In Seattle 1973…a great period that is well in evidence in the work in progress TBL. I’ll be putting my heart and soul into this issue in the coming weeks…the way it’s been since 1978. Your support to invest and read it, will make all that effort worthwhile…

Here’s the ordering link to subscribe for the 2013 TBL magazines:

Until next time…

Have a great weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

April 26th, 2013.

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  • Dianna said:

    Wow, this post is nice, my younger sister is analyzing such
    things, thus I am going to inform her.

  • Music Evolved Collection said:

    I loved the track by Patty Griffin and Robert Plant is excellent. I loved reading and sharing music. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Kam said:

    The track by Patti Griffin is fantastic, very ‘Going to California’. It would be great to hear Robert doing more of this than reworking zeppelin numbers.

  • Kim said:

    I miss Jimmy’s music – but its cool 🙁

  • VHP said:

    RJC, I agree if Jimmy wants to retire and sell fine art prints & model clothes then thats fine, but then why say on so many occasions he still has a desire to record & play live again & how the O2 made him realise he enjoyed being on stage?

    He said last Nov / Dec (I believe) that the O2 DVD put his plans for a solo record back by 12 months til the end of this year / early, 2014 but now Peter Mensch says no progress has been made yet on that front! So it looks as if Zep projects keep pushing his solo plans back. Lets not forget, Jimmy is 70 next January and you do have to question his desire to tour again when he has spent the last 10 years away from touring.

    On the plus side the Stones / Deep Purple & the Who are still touring and they are of a similar age to Jimmy, so all may not be lost yet!

    Anyway, what ever he decides to do I wish him well and that he is happy.

  • Zoso 1 said:

    Jimmy doesn’t have to “retire” – just lower the goal posts a bit. Hank Marvin,71, is keeping busy playing gypsy jazz in small clubs. Zep is over – but Page can’t accept that. For him, it’s a full earth-shattering Zep reunion or nothing.

    Some of his best playing was on Coverdale/Page – okay some of the songs were cringe-worthy c*ck-rock – but his chops were great. Forget about Plant and if he’s looking for a muse, get together with the Black Keys or somebody like that. Look what they did for Dr John. His new album is retro but sounds fresh.

    I think Page’s fans are tiring of enigmatic comments about putting together something amazing, blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t owe us anything, but owes himself the opportunity to make another musical statement. He still has lots to say.

  • RJC said:

    I think it’s time we just let Jimmy “retire.”

    Let’s face it, he hasn’t had anything interesting to say, musically, in years (decades?). Artists aren’t prolific forever, and he gave us an amazing gift – as both a guitarist and an engineer – during the Zeppelin years. But clearly he’s lost the drive – and that’s OK. He’s old! And c’mon… How many Zeppelin box sets do we need?! Are these types of “projects” really for us fans (see: Lucifer Rising), or are they for Jimmy?

    My two cents, anyway. By the way, thanks to the Powers-That-Be for maintaining this site. It’s the best – and most reliable – source for all things relating to Zep. I’ve enjoyed it a great deal over the years!

  • STEVE WAY said:

    wouldnt call rehashed americana, and flippant reworkings of classic zepp tunes into a mish mash of sounds, Plant looking forward….guess their creative jucies have just run dry….

  • Zoso 1 said:

    I agree with Bob Flux on the frustration at the lack of promised solo material from Jimmy. I posted here last year, after he hinted that new material was due in the new year, that nothing would happen. It seems old Jimbo is now content to be the custodian of Led Zeppelin.

    Why doesn’t he do an instrumental album a la Jeff Beck? A large percentage of his Zep compositions were built-up guitar tracks presented to the band. He has the composition skills and guitar army, and the new acoustic song on the additional footage of It might get loud sounded really promising. Hmm, yet again fans are left paying top dollar for vinyl re-issues and photos. I really don’t understand how he can be artistically satisfied re-mastering old Zep tracks. Take a leaf out of Plant’s book – look forward, not back, or maybe some delicate combination of both!

  • VHP said:

    Bob, I totally agree with your comments re Jimmy’s solo album. I can remember Jimmy saying in 2006 about his desire to release new music & repeated his desire to do so on other occasions between 2006 & now. So it is very dissapointing that one of the worlds greatest living guitarists has spent so long (15 years) without releasing some new music and if my memory is correct its over 10 years since he last toured.

    On other web sites people like to knock Robert for Zeppelin not doing anything after the O2 gig, but hey, he has toured and recorded since the O2 gig. JPJ has been busy too with Seasick Steve, T.C.Vultures and his recent guest apearances with Supersilent to name a few, and Jason has been busy with BCC & JBLZE.

    Its a shame that what ever Jimmy does seems to do is in secret, and what he does say publically he will do regarding recording & playing live has not happened!

    Ah, well, I hope the Zep reissue box sets are well worth the wait.

  • Bob Flux said:

    ” “no progress” on his forthcoming solo album”.

    T’was ever thus.

    Have officially now given up hope and clinging onto continual teases that new material is on its way. Of course, its totally up to JP when and how he wants to record and release – that’s not in dispute – but I have grown ever more weary of hearing that material will be released this year/last year/the year before that/ten years before that. Not fair on your audience.

  • Graham Rodger said:

    The early 80s radio series “Guitar Greats” presented by Alexis Korner is repeated on BBC6 Music early on Saturday morning, and the subject of the show is Jimmy Page. Features some great interview clips and a wide range of his recorded music. I think it begins at 3.00am…! Other shows feature Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend. I think they were originally broadcast in 1983. You can “listen again” to these shows on the BBC iPlayer.

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