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23 July 2015 3,157 views 2 Comments
Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sittingroom with a fireplace. A fan offers lead guitarist Jimmy Page a bottle of Four Roses bourbon while performing before the Detroit audience.

Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sittingroom with a fireplace. A fan offers lead guitarist Jimmy Page a bottle of Four Roses bourbon while performing before the Detroit audience.

Led Zeppelin – From The Beginning 1963 – 1975 Photo Exhibition at Proud Chelsea Gallery:

A photo exhibition ‘Led Zeppelin from the Beginning 1963 – 1975’ is launching this August at the Proud Chelsea Gallery in London.  The exhibition is an exploration of Led Zeppelin’s progression from the musical experimentations of their ancestors,The Yardbirds, to the rock band fronted by Jimmy Page which quickly gained international acclaim. The exhibition will feature photography by former Yardbird Chris Dreja, as well as renowned music photographers Michael Brennan and Lynn Goldsmith.

‘Led Zeppelin from the Beginning 1963 – 1975’ will run from August 21 to October 4, 2015.

An invitation only launch night will take place at the Proud Chelsea Gallery in London on Thursday August 20 from 6.30pm.


Photo copyright Michael Brennan.

Led Zeppelin From The Beginning Launch Night TBL Competition: 

We have a pair of invitation only tickets to give away in an easy to enter competition.

All you have to do is answer the following question correctly.

Which photographer took the back cover group photo that appears on the sleeve of Led Zeppelin I?

Email your answer to

Closing date is August 4, 2015.

The first all correct answer drawn out will win the pair of tickets.

The Winning entry will be notified by email on August 5.

Note the prize is for two tickets only, winners must make their own travel arrangements.

Here is the full photo exhibition info :

Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sitting room with a fireplace. L/R: Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page.

Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sitting room with a fireplace. L/R: Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page.

Proud Chelsea is thrilled to present Led Zeppelin from the Beginning, an exhibition which traces a truly experimental and innovative moment in rock ‘n’ roll history; from the initial formation of The Yardbirds, through their various reincarnations and music experimentations, to the musical venture lead by Jimmy Page which rose out of their ashes. Initially predicted ‘to go down like a lead balloon’, led Zeppelin, the most enduring and prolific rock band of all time, was born.

Often considered the training ground of three of rocks greatest guitarists; Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, The Yardbirds were pioneering in their fusion of R&B, blues, pop, rock and experimental psychedelic music. Chris Dreja, a former Yardbird, turned down the position of bassist in Led Zeppelin to pursue his passion for photography and went on to capture his former band mates as they gained international critical and commercial success. Dreja’s portraits of Jimmy Page and Peter Grant during the final leg of the Yardbirds’ tour viewed alongside led Zeppelin’s early promo shoots provide a stunning visual history between the bands and trace burgeoning rock ‘n’ roll movement of the late 60s and early 70s.

The previously unseen evolution of led Zeppelin, from their first ever performance as the New Yardbirds at Gladsaxe Teen Club photographed by Jorgen Angel, to the raw, carnal stage presence captured by Lynn Goldsmith, to the histrionic, thunderous performances and the bacchanals offstage photographed by Michael Brennan, is laid bare in this truly retrospective exhibition.

Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sitting room with a fireplace. Drummer John Bonham relaxes backstage during the interval.

Detroit, Michigan. 01-31.1975.British rock band Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. They travelled from New York City to Detroit aboard their chartered Boeing jet nicknamed Starship. The aircraft is custom fitted and includes a sitting room with a fireplace. Drummer John Bonham relaxes backstage during the interval.

Sitting on a speaker on stage in Denver Coliseum in March, 1970, Dan Fong, a photographer and production co-ordinator, witnessed the dynamism of a Led Zeppelin performance the first time. Blown away, Fong photographed the band, capturing something of their raw, animal, yet almost mystical musical experimentations. This sense of spiritualism is evident in Terence Spencer’s atmospheric images of Robert Plant wandering the woods of Wales, a place he described as ‘an undistorted mirror’ where he found inspiration for song writing. Finally, Michael Putland’s images of the foursome on their final tour of the US in Madison Square Garden provide a close up look at rock ·n· roll icons at the pinnacle of their success with an immediacy which conveys the visceral nature of the band’s performance.

Showcasing an eclectic and diverse range of works from an era when rock music was changing the rest of the world, Led Zeppelin from the Beginning, is not one to be missed.


Both photos above – copyright Michael Brennan.


Led Zeppelin Five Glorious Nights – Led Zeppelin at Earls Court May 1975:  Latest Update…

handing over to jimmy

Last week at Olympic Studios, It was an absolute pleasure to hand over to Jimmy Page his copy of  the limited edition leather bound full metal jacket edition of the Five Glorious Nights Earls Court book. Copy number 0001 naturally. I’m pleased to say Jimmy was most impressed – ”It looks amazing” he said. I signed a book for him and he signed my copy that I brought along.

Looking through the book, Jimmy commented on various photos notably the group shot on pages 238/239 – this is a side on shot during Trampled Underfoot. ”That is all four of us really going for it” he told me.

Jimmy was at Olympic Studios to conduct a round of further interviews for the final three reissues.  ”I’m really pleased with the reaction to Coda – I knew all along what I had lined up for that – it’s great to let everyone hear things like It Keeps on Raining. Talking about Sugar Mama he said ”I was unsure about that at the time as it was a bit short and we didn’t want  it to be like a single. Again it’s great to present it now”.

Jimmy was also enthusing about BBC4’s current series Rock’n’Roll America ”The footage of Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry is amazing’. As ever his enthusiasm for music is quite infectious – and it was a wonderful thrill to hand over the book to him in person.

And on the subject of the Earls Court book – here is some recent feedback:

Book #068 just turned up down here in New Zealand Dave…..thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of work, simply brilliant with class written all over it….you deserve every accolade that will be coming your way. Jason Noble

Wow! Your book is magnificent! Beautifully crafted in every way. Nicky Horne

I am stunned by the quality of the leather bound package. It’s absolutely awesome. Genius idea with the pressed metal cover, powder coated too. Pictures and layout just great. I can’t say enough good things about it – very well done. Chris Maley

The metal leather tome has arrived. Truly a meisterwork for the ages. Your greatest legacy. Paul MacFarlane‎

It has arrived! The book is gigantic. It is very factual, interesting and beautiful. Full of rare beautiful photos by many photographers.. The books are numbered, hand signed, and a serious must for collectors of all things Zep. Kimberly Grant Deleon

I just received the Five Glorious Nights book and wanted to tell you that it is fantastic!! Thank you for your hard work and the super job! Matt Walsh

Dave – I’m in LA, and just received Five Glorious Nights yesterday. Phenomenal – absolutely phenomenal. I look forward to playing my boots of the gigs while turning the pages. Great stuff, and much gratitude. Roy Dunn

Oh my, oh my…. Am I in 7th heaven? Not just a great Zep chronicle but a glorious book for any aficionados of great gig photos. Amazing work Dave Lewis and I hope it gets the credit you deserve. Simon Croom

The masterpiece book arrived last Thursday and I`m tasting it like a good and old wine. Very slowly, enjoying, and hoping that the end never comes… Every page has a taste! What a job! What a band! The Zeppelin pinnacle and Dave and Mick as well at the top of their game. Priceless! Thank you both very much. Andre Cruz


Many thanks for all those that have taken time to send in comments.

If you have yet to indulge don’t miss out. The book is available via Rufus Stone at this link:


TBL 39:


This issue has been fantastically received  – some comments received this week  from iIkka Persu from Helsinki, Finland:

The Jimmy Page interview – just great to hear these details of Bonzo´s bass drum recording tricks? Right from the horse´s mouth! Good one.

Richard Grubb. Deep article, really deep. Rikky Rooksby and Andy Crofts -mind blowing analysis on the May concerts. Fantastic and sincere.

Those two Bucks Burnett stories are wonderful. How you just happen to find by chance two boxes of LZ photos! Great to hear about your new project, Evenings With LZ.


Jimmy Page Final three Led Zeppelin reissues media watch:

Jimmy Page interviewed by CTV News

Jimmy Page interviewed by NME

Many thanks James Cook at LedZep News

Radio Appearances: Planet Rock Radio 7pm Sunday July 26, Stuart Maconie’s show on BBC6 Friday July31.

Jimmy in Toronto this week:

Toronto 3

This report via Jane Stevenson /Toronto Sun -July 21:

In The Red Room with lots of medieval-looking mahogany wood, thrones, crosses, chandeliers AND Jimmy Page.

And so it went at Toronto’s Masonic Temple on Tuesday night as the 71-year-old Led Zeppelin guitarist held court inside the venue’s fabled Red Room on the fifth floor of the century-old hall for 65 lucky contest winners and some invitees, myself included.

It was four-and-a-half decades after the British rockers made their Toronto debut at the venue when it was known as The Rock Pile.

This time the event was an exclusive listening session of ten Zep songs followed by a half-hour Q&A with Toronto radio personality Jeff Woods for a special airing Aug 2.

The tunes in question were curated selections from the companion discs to the reissues of Led Zeppelin’s final three albums — 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through The Out Door and 1982’s Coda — which Page oversaw and are due for release July 31.

“You’re going on a musical journey,” said the black leather jacket-clad Page with his trademark long hair (now grey) tied back in a pony tail at the front of room where a red velvet curtain covered a tiny screen onto which photos, posters, tickets, and magazine covers of Zep in their heyday were displayed as the music played.

“All things bright and beautiful really,” he summed up.

Earlier in the day, Page signed (actually stamped) copies of his reissued 2010 photo biography, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, at Indigo Books at Bay and Bloor for 300 fans who lined up for wristbands to get inside.

But it was always the music that drew Zep fans to the music of the rock gods.

In the interview with Woods, Page said it was the chemistry of the four men — singer Robert Plant, bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham — who made the band so special and there was never any question they would continue when Bonzo — as the drummer was known — died in 1980.

“We had this musical communion and this synchronicity and synergy even and it was almost like ESP at times, most of the time,” said Page. “So there’s this whole period from 1968, 10 years of these concerts, of all these improvisations, that when you lost one of the key members of it, you wouldn’t be able to continue.”

Bonham was represented in the music played Tuesday night by the mighty instrumental Bonzo’s Montreux, which got big applause from the strangely still audience, along with the cuts Fool in the Rain, Two Ones Are Won (the working title for Achilles Last Stand) and If It Keeps on Raining (the working title for When The Levee Breaks).

“By the way there’s marimbas on (Fool in the Rain) and that’s John Bonham playing those, which I’ve never told anyone before, but now you know and it will be on the Internet,” joked Page.

Next up for the legendary guitarist — “a holiday I think” — and then a return to playing the guitar again and working on some new music he’s written.

“Just focus all my energies on that, the same way I’ve been doing with all this Led Zeppelin stuff, and we’ll see what happens,” he said.

See link at:


june 16 gary two

Led Zeppelin final three reissues – your feedback required:

With the release of the final three Led Zeppelin reissues – namely Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda, just a matter of days away – once again we would love your feedback. The TBL website comments and Facebook platforms will be open for you to report back on your findings of this final reissue frenzy. Pics of where you purchased them, unboxing, retail displays and your thoughts on the Companion Disc content etc are all very welcome.

Send them along to the usual TBL destinations – ie TBL Facebook, website or direct to Dave Lewis on email at


If It Keeps On Raining preview:

DL thoughts on If It Keeps On Raining (When The Levee Breaks – Rough Mix) 4.14
Levee breaks but not as we know it…this is an initial run through from November 1970 with a totally alternate laid back swampy feel, slightly faster in tempo to the Led Zep IV version. Robert’s vocals have a sparse low register echoed scat singing element to them. It certainly has a total groove of its own with pummelling bass line from JPJ, Bonzo’s drumming funky as hell with a distinctive snare drum sound – fades slightly and then reappears with Robert moaning a muted ‘’Going home’’ refrain. In fact, this fades far too early – you really want it to go on and on, such is the delightful jam like quality of it all. Phew!
Summary: One of the key finds of the entire reissue programme

Listen to the preview US link

Listen to the preview UK link


Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters two set lists for Lockn’ Festival:

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters will perform at Lockn’ festival for an exclusive two-night engagement that will feature two completely different sets on September 12 & 13, 2015. Robert has never done anything like this in his career, and it will undoubtedly make for some unique and historical moments.

Currently touring in support of what many critics are calling his greatest solo album, lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar, and the performances have been receiving raves across the globe.

Rolling Stone said the band’s Bonnaroo set was “one of the festival’s must-watch gigs,” and the Los Angeles Times hailed: “Reaffirming that the ever-adventurous Plant has used his legacy as a launching pad rather than a resting place, the singer and his band the Sensational Space Shifters fuse new and old material with bluegrass melodies, Celtic percussion, African fiddle, spooky electronica and mike-stand-twirling rock…they succeed in fusing an untouchable legacy with a passion for experimentation.”

The 2015 Lockn’ Festival is September 10-13th at the Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, VA, and will also feature Phil Lesh & Friends with Carlos Santana, an exclusive performance of Mad Dogs & Englishmen featuring Tedeschi Trucks Band, Leon Russell and other special guests, Jorma & Jack celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Jefferson Airplane, Widespread Panic with special guest Jimmy Cliff,  Gov’t Mule, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Doobie Incident featuring The Doobie Brothers with The String Cheese Incident, Little Feat, St. Paul & The Broken Bones and many more.

For more complete line-up and details on Lockn’ Festival


Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 – 35 years Gone:

This summer marks the 35th anniversary of the final Led Zeppelin tour – a low key 14 date trek taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. To begin a month long celebration of that final tour, I have reduced the price of the Feather In the Wind book for a limited period to just £8 including postage and packing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in the definitive account of the tour at a bargain price – yet more Led Zep summer 2015 reading.

For those who have yet to indulge, to give you a flavour of the contents – this is an extract from chapter three of the book. Rejuvenation Over Europe: Up Close and Personal.

Over E 7

This is my overview of the gigs that I caught – this extract picks the tour up in Munich for what would be their penultimate show with John Bonham…

Next day, the whole entourage gets themselves together and head for Munich, minus Jimmy who is travelling on Saturday. Munich is a beautiful city. Home of Musicland Studios, a place dear to the hearts of all the band. Home too, of the Olympic complex where Zeppelin will perform on Saturday night.

The group are booked in at the plush, (make that very plush), Munich Hilton, where the very mention of the words Led Zeppelin has every porter, receptionist and hotel staffer running around eager to please. There’s that kind of respect for the group here. There’s no doubting the fact that when Zep I whit the road they travel and stay in complete comfort. There’s someone available to cater for their every whim. The lifestyle here is a different world. Room service, TV set, ice box with just about any drink you could want, you name it. It’s a lifestyle you can easily get used to. After this, Bedford is never gonna be the same!

Robert Plant emerges around six in the evening – “When the day is done… ” He had arrived in Munich during the early hours of the morning. Around the time Simon Kirke was tinkling the ivories in the Mannheim Hof. A tiring journey has left him sleeping most of today. Jimmy isn’t coming until tomorrow and when I tell Robert about the message he wrote for Tight But Loose he says, “Yeah, Jimmy has been great.”

Word of where Zeppelin are hanging out has spread like wildfire. There’s a constant vigil kept up by a group of fans in the lobby. Some of the fringe element, too. One guy, dressed in a macho leather ‘Kiss-without-the-make-up’ outfit, and another guy who keeps telling me he met Robert in Bombay years ago and wants to exchange his idealistic plans with him. “I have this plan,” he keeps repeating. Ho-hum. Of course, when Robert appears in the bar with John Paul Jones, this Woodstock left-over approaches. “Robert, remember me from Bombay?” he exclaims shaking his hand. “No” replies Mr. Plant ever so politely, “Can’t say I do.” “You know I had this plan to hold a festival on the island,” says Woodstock left-over – “Did you do it?” asks Robert, doing his best to sound interested. “No but you can help!” blah blah etc.

After hearing this for a few minutes Robert asks the Woodstock fallout to excuse him but his persistence continues. In the end he has to be told by one of the aides to cool it a bit. “You English, you talk through your nose” he shouts angrily. Umm, the fringe element strikes again.

Bonzo and Rex and a few of the others are off to the Olympic Hall to see the Roxy Music concert tonight. Later in the evening I get talking to John Paul Jones’ personal technician, Andy Ledbitter. I ask why only All My Love has been added from the last album. “Well, Fool in the Rain had Jonesy overdubbed a few times in that middle section, and Carouselambra has a very complex riff which without the aid of the Yamaha GXI is impossible to reproduce.” As the GXI has proved too big to transport around this time they haven’t been able to do these numbers. Alan has only been working for John since the Clearwell rehearsals, taking over from Brian Condliffe. Brian, in fact, came back to assist Alan with the Knebworth set up, so this is the first time he’s been on tour. “It’s been a lot of fun, though and Jonesy’s been very easy to work with.” Already they seem to have created a good rapport together. Often I’d witness knowing smiles between them when a particular piece had come off well and hear witty comments and one-liners during the lighter moments, altogether displaying another human side to the operation.

Saturday July 5th, 1980: Munich, München, say it as you will, it’s a beautiful city.   Today the sun shines hot on the city centre. There’s an air of expectancy all around. You know it’s going to be one of those special days, you can feel it. The people here have waited seven years for the live return of Led Zeppelin and over at the Olympic Village it’s soon going to happen.

Back at the Hilton it’s fairly quiet. Ones in the know are still hanging around the lobby and are rewarded around 4pm when Jimmy Page and bodyguard arrive in a Mercedes. Jimmy in white again, signs some autographs and ambles in to the reception area and is gone. Minutes later, Robert comes down to the restaurant area looking very relaxed, checks the scene, speaks to the ever present WEA promotion man on the tour, and then retires to his room. I guess most of the entourage are holed up watching the Wimbledon men’s finals that is about to proclaim Borg a fifth time winner. Or maybe they were tuned into German radio which, on this particular afternoon, plays a number of classic Hendrix tracks. Jimmy Page would have liked that.

Freeze frame on jubilant Borg holding aloft the Wimbledon trophy. Fade and cut to the Olympic complex. Early evening and outside the hall I spot the familiar Edwin Shirley trucks. Inside the vast Olympic hall, where Zeppelin in a few hours time will play to 14,000 fans, it’s deserted, except for a handful of officials and personnel staff hovering around. One person though, is doing just a bit more than hovering. In fact, he’s skateboarding across the vast unseated area in front of the stage. I should have realised sooner that it would turn out to be Benji Lefevre, sound technician and nerve centre of the Zep P.A. operation set up.

OK then. Let’s have another big round of applause for another vital behind the scenes character – Benji, part of the Zeppelin legacy. “He’s the man responsible for making me sound brilliant on stage,” Robert Plant said about him. At any gig, he’s the first one in and the last one out. Responsible for making absolutely sure that the sound they provide is as crystal clear as can be. He’s a fantastic larger than life character – I mean, who else would spend the entire hour heading up to the concert skateboarding around the backstage area making himself heard with Robert’s “Eye thank Yew” phrase to all and sundry, I mean, who else but Benji. A legend in his own lunchtime. Zeppelin couldn’t’ do a gig without him – simple as that.

Wandering around the vast Olympic complex is a breathtaking experience. With all its terraced covering it’s the product, as one of the Showco team remarked, of an architect’s orgasm. Tonight there may be no Olympic athletes around but when the doors open, plenty of kids look set to run a four minute mile in an attempt to secure a vantage point down by the front of the stage. Munich is probably the most prestigious gig of the tour. Fritz Rau is even wearing a suit for the occasion and introducing his children to the delights of the four man combo due on soon. All the important German press are here and even England is represented with Melody Maker’s Steve Gett. There’s going to be a lot of important guests too, including a few of the Roxy Music team, returning last night’s compliment. To the side of the stage, out of view, an extra drum kit is stationed alongside an extra set of microphones – a black-finished kit owned by one Simon Kirke, he of Bad Co., which means tonight is jamming night.

By the projected kick off time of 9 o’clock, there is a massive surging and swaying down by the unseated arena area which prompts Harvey Goldmith to do his usual, “you guys down in the front, just take it easy” routine adding that “The show is gonna start very soon.”

When the house lights dim some 15 minutes later, I get the most incredible buzz from hearing the Wembley-like roar that echoes around the Olympic Hall. And there they are, walking the 30 yard stretch from the dressing room area up on to the stairs that lead to the stage. Ushered by torchlight and led as ever by manager Peter Grant. Bonzo is flanked by the ever present Rex. He’s shaved his beard (“I always do for the summer” he tells me later) and looks very much like he does in the concert part of the movie. He also looks nervous, and at this moment I can’t blame him.

Jimmy is stumbling his way through, once again wearing that baggy suit I first saw in Cologne. Robert strides forward head aloft, a bottle of orange juice in his hand, smiling. John Paul Jones does an Ali-like shuffle up to the stairs.

Seconds later Munich sees Led Zeppelin and the roar is frightening….

Over Europe for tbl

To be continued…

Extract from the book Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 by Dave Lewis.


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Over Europe tour this summer – for a limited period the price of the Feather In The Wind book has been massively reduced – the book price is now just £8 plus postage and packing – a massive saving of £17 on the cover price.

Book ordering Details:


DL Diary Update:

Alongside handing over Jimmy’s Five Glorious Nights book last week, it was great to do the same for Ross Halfin – Ross was involved in the book as photo editorial consultant and was very helpful. I met with him last Friday morning at the Old Spitalfields Record Fair to hand over his copy. Again it was an absolute pleasure to do so.

ross one

Of course while in the vicinity, vinyl was purchased – there were some great bargains to be had – the crop lined up as follows:

Peter Frampton –Premonition 1985 album

Bob Dylan – Desire original UK pressing

Rock Machine Turns You On -great 1968 CBS sampler

Thin Lizzy –the Adventures Of compilation

Little Feat – Feets Don’t Fail Me Now

Frank Sinatra –In The Wee Small Hours Pt 2  – lovely looking ten inch pressing

Thunderclap Newman – Hollywood Dream – US MCA 1973 pressing – a top find!

Led Zeppelin – Presence – Swan Song German pressing with excellent title and full track listing label

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – So Far 1974 compilation on Atlantic

Beck, Bogart & Apiece – Live    Japanese with Obi strip

…and in the continuing series of the singles I would have purchased circa 1969 – 1972, I added The Move’s great 1969 top 20 hit Curly.

angel july 17

In the evening I zipped over to Islington to meet with the visiting Billy and Alison Fletcher along with TBL website founder Dave Linwood plus Dave Fox and Rudi O’Keefe . Here’s a team line up on a hot and sweaty summer night outside The Castle Pub. Pic by Alison.

On Sunday night there was an unexpected stint behind the drum kit…

Now I haven’t played drums for over two decades, – however on Sunday night completely spontaneously, the opportunity arose to fill the Charlie Watts role at local musician Mat Roberts excellent Rolling Stones tribute jam night at Esquires club in Bedford, And what fun was to be had once I was up there – the set list included Jumping Jack Flash, Start Me Up, Dead Flowers, Ruby Tuesday, Sweet Virginia, Honky Tonk Women, You Can’t Always Get What You Want and Under My Thumb. I of course threw in a few Moby Dick, Rock And Roll and Immigrant Song drum fills in between numbers…just another TBL service! Pic via the good lady Janet – boy did my arms ache the next morning!

esquires one

I was in London again on Monday for a TBL meet on a future project and I coupled this with another hook up with Billy and Alison at the excellent Spice Of Life. Conversations with the Scottish twosome over many years, have normally been grabbed moments before and after Robert Plant gigs so it was great to sit down and chew the cud on matters  Zep/Plant/Page/Jones/Bonham and more. A wonderful afternoon indeed.

Alongside those days and nights out, there’s been the continuing distribution of TBL 39 -thanks again for all the great feedback – I am already planning TBL 40 to be a special landmark issue – more on that as it all unfolds. On Wednesday I recorded an interview for Vic Morgan’s BBC Radio Devon show.

There’s also been work on the Evenings With project. It’s been great to have Sam with us for a couple of days on her way back from a few days in New York. Looking ahead, next month the good lady Janet and I are lining up a much needed hol as I have to say I have been feeling well fatigued lately.

Before all that, there’s the imminent release of the final three Led Zeppelin reissues with 8 days to go and counting…

Right, there’s vinyl to be listened to and as a prelude to what is in store, that recently acquired Presence pressing with the lovely title and track listing label will fit the bill very nicely….

Dave Lewis – July 23, 2105.


YouTube clips:

Jimmy Page – Book Signing in Toronto: 

Jimmy Page Interview:

 Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters – I Just Want To Make Love To You/Whole Lotta Love/Mona at Grona Lund July 14 2015:


Until next time…

Have a great weekend

Keep listening, keep reading…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –July 23, 2015 

If you are reading this and have yet to link with the Tight But Loose Facebook page be sure to request/add us. The TBL Facebook is another key part of the TBL set up with updated stories/additional pics etc to keep you on top of the world of TBL.

To view additional photos and TBL info be sure to hook up with the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783

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  • Mark Williams said:

    Dave,that picture of you & Jimmy is superb , you must be so proud !

    My ‘bro & I booked to see Robert & SSS at the Hammerstein ballroom in NYC on Sept 18th – really hoping to get a solo-heavy set-list rather than the LZ one on most of the 2015 dates so far. Come on Robert,you know that makes sense !

  • appiantiqua said:

    The vocal line on If It Keeps On Raining (When the Levee Breaks) is almost the same as Black Country Woman in a different key!!!!

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