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20 April 2018 2,573 views 12 Comments

Led Zeppelin Record Store Day Release – Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix)/Friends (Olympic Studios Mix) TBL PREVIEW:

Since we’ve been loving them….again…

Just had a listen to this promo copy I’ve received – here’s how it sounds to these ears..

Rock And Roll the Sunset Sound Studios Mix – slightly punchier in the rhythm department and slightly more shrill in the vocal. The guitar solo is more prominent and up front. It’s Rock And Roll…and it’s brilliant…

Friends Olympic Studios Mix – this is an absolute gem. Basically a mix without the string arrangement which allows the stark beauty of Robert’s vocals to shine through – sometimes double tracked to great effect. Behind all that, there’s Jimmy’s relentless Harmony acoustic guitar swirl set against John Bonham’s precise bongo accompaniment. It all speeds up to a clean acoustic chord ending.

‘’It’s very easy’’ repeats the singer…and it is very easy …very easy to love Led Zeppelin in 2018 just as we did when these two cuts first surfaced in 1970 and 1971.

You need this record in your life….simple as that…and ’ll be in the queue early tomorrow hoping to obtain this momentous Record Store Day release …

Dave Lewis – April 20, 2018.

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  • andrew R said:

    Was played on the Johnnie walker sounds of the seventies show
    yesterday afternoon. teenage rampage faded into rock and roll
    Lots of positive comments about the new mix. I like it and the colour /packaging
    Very cool .Nice pick up of the promo Mr Lewis!

  • Edward said:

    To James Mason : you’re right …

  • Jarkko Laatikainen said:

    Purchased my copy from Levy-Eskot record store, Joensuu, Finland. Only two were available so I was fortunate to be second in the queue! The songs are obviously fantastic. It´s always incredible to hear familiar songs from a slightly different angle. Just can´t wait to hear what releases there will be later this year!

  • Aris Roskam said:

    Reading James Mason’s article I don’t think he listened to the new HTWWW that well and certainly didn’t compare the 2003 with the 2018 version. Just listening to it on a decent HiFi-set tells you the sound is improved a lot.
    That being said, the Led Zeppelin single isn’t as limited as they say. I went to the store yesterday with my son and we could have walked out with 5! copies easily. Later on we got to another record shop, 40 km away, and the owner asked the distributor for 10 copies and he got them all!!!

    In the end I got all items I wanted and that was my main goal:
    Led Zeppelin – Rock ‘ Roll / Friends – 2 copies (yellow vinyl, 7 inch)
    Jimi Hendrix – Mannish Boy (7 inch)
    Jimmy Page – Playin’ Up A Storm (orange vinyl, 12 inch)
    The Dream Syndicate – How We Found Ourselves…Everywhere (with John Paul Jones, 12 inch)
    Bert Jansch – Santa Barbara Honeymoon (purple vinyl)
    The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival (July 3rd & 5th 1970, 4* 12 inch)
    Jeff Buckley – Live at Sin-é (4* 12 inch)

  • Philip Tattershall said:

    Eighty five mile round trip early this morning to Replay Records in Kendal. They didn’t have it. Oh well, I’ll search online for a needledrop…

  • Colin Martin said:

    All sold out in my local shops.

    However, on ebay. Prices £25 to £50
    Even on ebay Thursday!

  • James Rimmer said:

    Amazing versions … Rock & Roll definitely brighter and a slightly different solo from Jimmy (or is it just me) … and Friends is a delight and as Dave says it’s minus the Orchestra and with a drier vocal from Robert and Bonzo’s Bongos definitely more to the fore. And very Groovey in Yellow.

  • James Mason said:

    Another con! These tracks should have been on the outtakes CDs, not on a teenybopperish coloured single. I wonder if Grant would have approved of this tacky marketing for Zeppelin. Record Store Day Release – big deal!

    Other recent questionable releases include the BBC sessions with the extra tracks added on one CD instead of the album being resequenced in recording order. Oh and of course if you want the book you have to pay out big bucks for the LPs, which not everybody wants.

    Likewise with How The West Was Won, which has less music on it than the original release. Talk about fans being conned. I wonder why no-one is admitting this was bad marketing. Once again, if you want the book you have to shell out for the vinyl.

    Instead of constantly lavishing all the new releases with superlatives, Dave and others need to be a bit more critical and admit that these new money-spinners for the LZ estate have their deficiencies. It needs to be said. Does anyone else agree? James

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    We will be in line…!

  • Paul aspey said:

    It will be interesting to see how many tbl crew get a copy

  • KeithB said:

    This really is intriguing. Are the Publicists behind this going to push for radio play? Has anybody found out how many have been produced?
    I know it won’t happen but even the vague thought of possibly having a British hit single nearly 50 years on from being the band who “didn’t release singles” would be a delicious irony!

  • Ken Winovich said:

    Now I want it all the more!!!!! Just 26 hours away!

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