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Robert at Bahrain Grand Prix

2 May 2009 3,293 views 6 Comments

tbl1Robert Plant appeared very briefly (waving to the camera) on the BBC’s F1 coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix during co-commentator Martin Brundle’s pre-race ‘gridwalk’ interviews.  Brundle seems to be a fan, mentioning Zep and “Stairway to Heaven”, and looked disappointed as he informed us Robert had decided he would rather not talk on-camera.  Brundle moved on to a quick chat with Eric Clapton who said he’d tried his best to get Robert to agree to an interview.

Reported by Nick Kho

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  • Alan McGiveron said:

    Some interesting comments here, however, I feel I need to clarify my own comments.

    Whilst quoting or mis-quoting that Robert has no wish to re-visit the past and tour etc I was not talking about the actual music element. Robert knows the music itself will stand the test of time, which it has, in my opinion he is talking about his own performances and whether or not he can sustain the level of expectation that would be demanded over a longer period of time rather than just one night.

    The poor performances in the past have been accepted and the legacy remains untarnished. If we are honest they got away it as one performances was for charity and the other a celebration. For the 02 gig they rehearsed properly and it showed they can still deliver. Would the press/media be so forgiving next time around? I think not and that, in my humble opinion anyway, is what Robert is wary of.

    He uses the Zep catalogue for his own needs. He now understands that the fans expect to hear some Zep numbers when he plays with the Strange Sensations and duly obliges.

  • Deepinder Cheema said:

    I saw the BBC gridwalk too. I’m glad Robert decided to eschew the opportunity, as a fan Brundle might be, he may be too gushing about the obvious. If however the baggies had been beat by Wolves the day before, then that would have been an ideal entreé if Brundle was quick enough (which he is). I say this because I encountered Mr Plant on the monday after Baggies lost 3-1 the day before September 1996 in an infamous bookshop in London. “I wasn’t there!” he cried. A man of the people. Both he and I enjoyed the 10 min encounter, then he declared he had to be on his way.

  • Steve Thomson said:

    While I respect any decision the guys make, had they decided to tour, I really can’t understand this argument that they’d be tarnishing their legacy in any way. If they went out on tour (actually I would have preferred the new album Jimmy talked about, not a tour) and played terribly, it wouldn’t in any way diminish the magic of Achilles, Kashmir, Stairway, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed. Millions around the world would still listen to these masterpieces and enjoy them the same way they always have. Did the “shambolic” appearance at Live Aid ruin their legacy. Nope. Atlantic 40th? No way. Percy said in a 1979 interview that “heroes are in books, old books.” Sames goes for legacies.

  • Chris said:

    If Robert just wants to let Zep remain a statement of ‘how it was’, that its legacy is too omportant to risk messing up now, why does he continue to raid the Zep back-catalogue in his live performances?

    Is it because he knows, in his heart, that these were the best of him as well? Or that they are guaranteed to get the punters to buy tickets in the first place?

    I have seen the Strange Sensations, when the audience only took to life durinf the Zep numbers, and when it took TWO guitarists to come anywhere near what a solitary Page can produce.

    I agree that Jimmy should do more with John Paul & Jason. After all, if Jimmy hadn’t discovered Robert, he would probably still be singing in obscure bands in West Midlands pubs!

  • Alan McGiveron said:

    I agree with Chris on why Robert declined the interview. As much as we would like it there is not going to be a tour.

    Robert must be totally fed up with it by now. Hasn’t he recently said that one of the reasons he is not interested is that he doesn’t want to make a mess of it and ruin all the history of Zep? He’s absolutely right, leave the legacy intact, mess with it and the press/non believers will destroy them. I am looking forward to his next album with AK but would really like him to get back to his roots and get back to rockin’!!!!!

    I think Jimmy needs to do something soon. it is criminal that we do not hear more of his fantastic guitar playing – he is simply the best there is! I only recently bought the Coverdale/Page CD and his guitar playing on it is awesome.

    Personally, I would be more than happy if JP, JPJ and JB did something with a quality singer (no Zep of course!) just so we can have new licks from the master himself.

    Great work on TBL23 by the way, excellent quality as always

  • Chris Wright said:

    While I completely respect Robert’s right to privacy, I watched Martin’s unsuccessful and earnest efforts to secure a Percy grid interview with some irritation.

    I think any celebrity should be aware of his/her mortality and should make themselves at least slightly available to their public when in public, as it were.

    This was only ever going to be a few seconds’ soundbite and I can’t see what harm it would have done.

    That said, I suspect Percy was aware of Martin’s very upfront interview style and desperately wanted to avoid the multi-million dollar “why didn’t you want to tour with Jimmy, John Paul and Jason” question.

    What a nice guy Eric Clapton is, btw.

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