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15 October 2011 6,144 views 24 Comments

Robert Plant and Patty Griffin perform with The Band Of Joy at the Americana Music Association Honors & Awards show at the Ryman. Photo by John Partipilo/The Tennessean

Robert Plant and Buddy Miller both truimphed at the 10th annual Americana Music Association Honors & Awards staged at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Thursday October 13th.
Robert Plant’s album Band of Joy, recorded with an all-star Americana crew featuring Buddy Miller, Darrell Scott, Byron House, Marco Giovino and Patty Griffin, was named Album Of Year, Plant’s second win in the category and third overall. His band mate Buddy Miller continued his reign as the Association’s most awarded artist, picking up his second accolade for Artist Of The Year and fourth win for Instrumentalist Of  The Year.
“This is not right …,” Miller said after winning artist of the year, “I feel like I get away with murder, what I do. I’m really, really not that good,” Miller told the audience, who responded with much laughter. “Seriously. But I get to play with some wonderfully incredibly talented people.”
Miller did so all night, as he also served as the show’s bandleader, backing up all but of a few of the night’s performers. That list included Plant and The Band Of Joy, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Lucinda Williams, Gregg Allman, Amos Lee, Elizabeth Cook, Justin Townes Earle, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Hayes Carll, The Secret Sisters, The Civil Wars, the Avett Brothers, Candi Staton and Jim Lauderdale.
Toward the end of the Ryman Auditorium show, Emmylou Harris joked “I love this awards show, but I think we should change the name to The Buddys”.
The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach presented the Album Of The Year award to Plant, who brought out The Band Of Joy band mates to share the moment.
Robert noted that he had been “dreaming about American music and coming over here” since he was 12.
“I stole a great deal with my old companions, and I was very fortunate in the last few years to be welcomed by some spectacular people, especially in this town.”
Plant first encountered Miller during a Emmylou Harris concert in Dublin, Ireland.
“I saw the consummate player of all the licks and the beauty and soliloquy of great American music that I’d ever heard in my life, all put together in one guy with a hat on, and I was flabbergasted,” Plant told the crowd.
The two met again when Miller joined the Raising Sand touring band. Plant enlisted his aid with The Band Of Joy album when a planned second album with Krauss fell through.
“When we toured the Raising Sand tour, I said to the forces that be, ‘We can’t go anywhere without Buddy Miller,” Plant said, “and I don’t ever want to go anywhere without Buddy Miller.”
Plant thanked not only Miller in his acceptance speech but also Krauss and his more recent female collaborator, singer Patty Griffin. Robert Plant said, “When we were making the Band of Joy album, it got to Christmas a year or so ago, and I said to Buddy, ‘There’s something missing, and it’s getting a bit too pastoral.’ And so, I have to thank Patty Griffin for really turning the record round.”
The Band of Joy, with Greg Leisz filling in for the absent Darrell Scott, performed the song “Monkey” — but not before Allman Brothers Band leader Greg Allman got in a quick comment: “Did you ever think you’d be sittin’ here in the Ryman [Auditorium] watching Robert Plant and The Band Of Joy?!”
The show’s finale began with Greg Allman, who played acoustic guitar and sang “Melissa,” a track from the Allman Brothers Band’s classic album, Eat a Peach. Allman then moved to the Hammond B-3 organ and led Plant, Griffin, Miller, Amos Lee and others on an extended version of the gospel standard, “Glory, Glory Hallelujah.”
Also justly awarded was the legendary UK  TV and Radio presenter,Bob Harris – Bob received the Trailblazer Award for the continuing promotion of all things country on his influential radio show.

Americana Music Awards 2011 Round Up:
Album Of The Year: Band Of Joy by Robert Plant
Artist Of The Year: Buddy Miller
Instrumentalist Of The Year: Buddy Miller
Duo/Group Of The Year: The Avett Brothers
Song Of The Year: Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle
New Artist Of The Year: Mumford & Sons
Lifetime Achievement Award For Songwriting: Lucinda Williams
Outstanding Instrumentalist: Jerry Douglas
Trailblazer Award: Bob Harris
Jack Emerson Lifetime Achievement for Executive: Rick Hall

Americana Music Awards report for TBL collated by Gary Foy with thanks to The Washington Post and Dave Paulson at The Tennessean. Below -view Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy’s awesome performance of Monkey at the Americana Music Awards:

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  • John C said:

    As far as I’m aware they did demo’s with Trixie Whitley (Chris Whitley’s daughter) in 2009.

  • Rich said:

    I wonder if we will ever get that chronologiccal live album? I thought it was a shame the HTWWW was so close in era to the Song Reamins the same….hope the chance hasn’t passed.

    I would also love to see the 02 dvd as it was all professionally filmed from loads of angles (the only official clip I have seen is the Black Dog clip that was aired on news programmes).

    Does anyone know if Plant has actually recorded stuff with Daniel Lanois?

  • bigledzepfan1963 said:

    i would love to see jimmy put together a chronological live album like he promised from the early days of zep until the last show in 1980. i’d buy it!jimmy could write one hell of a biography that would sell millions of copies and spread the world of led zep into future generations.i don’t want to see the remaining guys put out a new album with jason or anybody else drumming,that would not be led zep! they handled their exit with grace while bands like the who and even the stones really have’nt! i hope they keep it that way!regardless of what happens,led zeppelin will always be the band closest to my heart,and a band i’ll never stop loving!

  • BillyR said:

    If you look back over Robert Plant’s solo career he started introducing Zeppelin tracks/bits of tracks as far back as Now and Zen and he’s always stuck to the “rock” theme. It’s only recently that bluegrass versions of Black Dog have appeared in the setlist. I personally think Black Dog should be sung like Black Dog but I’m biased as I don’t like country/bluegrass/americano music !!!!

  • John C said:

    I think people are more frustrated Kathy.
    Jimmy has promised lots and never delivered over the years, I for one would be very happy if he came out and said the things you mentioned. I think the fans would be disappointed initially, but in time get over it. Lets not forget he’s hardly been idle – “Remasters”, “Mothership”, DVD, and that amazing book (which I’m proud to own). Consider the money he has made for the three of them, and John’s family – I applaud him. Jimmy personally is on a plateau of rock royalty only a handful of people ever get on – he will never lose that. As for people commenting solely on Jimmy and Robert, in the beginning both chose to hog the limelight, and I’m afraid they have to deal with fans having opinions. As for JPJ, he simply “helps out” when asked. Lets not forget, he wasn’t even informed about the Page/Plant reunion and the “No Quarter” Lp (A bit tough don’t you think, since he wrote the music for the title track!)

  • Kathy Urich said:

    The tone here is Jimmy vs. Robert, Zeppelin vs. The Band Of Joy, Fans who cry out for Zeppelin vs. those who are okay with the new stuff….yikes. Because Robert is the vocalist he has a very obvious advantage he can do Zeppelin tunes where ever and when ever he wants. Not as easy for the remaining two. I do wish folks would lay off Jimmy, the press, the fans we all expect new music in part because he has said he was working on something’ what if Jimmy said, I’m happy, I enjoy my life, I can get up and play with whomever I want and have fun; the press, fans, etc. would all be in a fluster, Oh Jimmy’s retired etc. Jimmy can’t do anything without it being over hyped, and it goes the same way for Robert. The fact of the matter is Robert & Jimmy will always be in the shadow of the mighty Zeppelin. I loved the Band Of Joy disc, I have not been found of robert’s re-do of MMH or BD; I think they’re perfect they way they are but thats just my opinion. What I also find interesting is JPJ is out their playing music of all types and is having a ball and no one is critizing him one way or another perhaps because the press seems to not focus on him as much. Just my observations.

  • John C said:

    Mark H
    It was “infamous” in the sense it was never aired. Why it was never aired?, not 100% on this, but I was told Robert wasn’t happy with his voice. I know a few Queen fans who claim Robert & Rodger had a mini fall out over it. I actually have the bootlegg Lp from the gig.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    Absolutely !! Agree about Plant keeping the Zepp flame burning..and definately disappointed that Jimmy has not done much lately. One can only hope he finally does release that “new” music we have been waiting for…Peace…

  • Mark Harrison said:

    JOHN C – Well Well I too was at the Tube! ( So was Dave!) Just wondering though – why was it “infamous?”

  • MarkZoso said:

    Congrat’s to Robert and all of his Post Zepp success in recent years. That is not the problem. Who want’s Zepp without John Bonham and with them being in their latter years. My problem is With Jimmy Page. The man has really not put out anything in well over a decade. We love you Jimmy but Time waits for knowone. At least Robert is going out swinging.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    I have to disagree with Rich and his comment about Jimmy playing Zepp songs as “fluently” as he did back in the day. Jimmy was never the “fastest” or most “smooth” guitar player, he simply played with more emotion than most of his peers and I really do not think he has lost any of that in his playing to this day. I believe Jimmy can play those Zepp tunes just as fluently now as when he wrote them years ago. I do agree that it is high time he made some new music and even if it is somewhat “Zeppelinesque” I will be glad to hear that guitar again, NO one can make it sound as good and as distintive as Jimmy can…Peace…

  • John C said:

    I respect Den, Mark and Rich’s comments – one thing is clear, we all love the music and admire the man in charge of the vocals.
    My initial comment was fuelled on the lack of respect I think the guy has been shown over the years. Solo I first saw him at the infamous TUBE gig with R Taylor from Queen – people screamed for Zep tunes, I last saw him 20th Oct 2010, and guess what, people were still shouting the same line (and I’ve seen him live 48 times).We have the albums, the bootleggs, youtube if you feel the need to indulge (and I do loads of times), but for God,s sake let the guy do his own thing – if you want to hear Zep tunes then go and see Jimmy Page – if you can get him to play that is.

  • Jonathan S said:

    Couldn’t agree more with John C.Plant is rapidly becoming the sole keeper of the Zep flame by by maintaining a roaring fire under it.So what if Tangerine gets re-jigged or Rock’n’Roll gets a new twist?I’m sure the great bequeath of Zeppelin’s back catalogue was never designed to be curated but taken out and given a damn’ good shake down occasionally and thats waht Robert is doing.Jimmy’s standard line of “there’ll be some great new stuff out next year I’ve been working on” etc etc ad neauseum is frankly becoming cliched and,I hate to say it,actually dectracts from his relevance as a modern daymusician.The body of his post-Zep output when considered in lght of Robert’s recent releases is paltry.Furthermore,kicking about with ex-members of Deep Purple,Donovan,Nirvana and recent “authentic” blues phenomenon Seasick Steve only emphasises my feelings I’m afraid albeit I did have a soft spot for the Black Crowes adventure.

  • Rich said:

    I am much more in agreement with John C. I am not sure why approaching music differently makes Plant a ‘musical snob’. I reckon Plant is the most ambitious and creative musican of his generation and that is only fitting for someone who was part of the most ambitious and creative band of the seventies. I don’t think he can relive being 21 for our benefit, nor can Jimmy play those songs with the fluency he could have anyway. What i really want to is to see Jimmy emerge from what has been a relatively empty decade or two and produce the new material that he keeps hinting at…..and when he does, i hope it is not a bland retread of Zeppelin.

  • Mark Harrison said:

    Ok If I may have my”two pence worth” on this interesting debate. I bought the Band of Joy album. Played it once. The music is all great. Beautifully produced. Robert’s vocals are brilliant and sound magnificent.However the music does NOTHING for me. Led Zeppelin died in 1980. There was NO “re-form” concert. There can be NO tour. Robert has no wish to “rock-out” but that’s his choice and I will defend his right to do so until I’m blue in the face! I might not like it or his current music but hey that’s only my opinion. I can respect him for what he does but I have to say that it DOES puzzle me somewhat that he doesn’t wish to sing Zeppelin with JP and JPJ! BUT if he doesn’t, he doesn’t!

  • Denzepp58 said:

    OH, he can still belt those tunes out as well.. he sounded great when I saw him last year, his voice has gotten better with the years and he uses it better.. you do not have to shreiek like a banshee ALL the time ( although he certainly could). Rock on ..

  • Denzepp58 said:

    Responding to John C ( agree with you about not being able to share a pint and discussing this ) there is a big difference in instrumental versions of Zeppelin songs done by JPJ and Pagey recording all new material with Coverdale ( which I LOVED, that LP flat out cooked and has some of Jimmy’s best guitar work ). I did not really see that as a slap in Robert’s face. And one of the biggest forces in Zeppelin was them remembering thier fans as well as keeping the music fresh. That is why thier music still sounds as good today as it did when they were recording and does not come off as sounding dated like most of the Beatles music does. I applaud Robert on doing different music but wish he would kinda get the LED out once in awhile…after all, the fans who loved Zeppelin are the one’s buying his cd’s and going to his shows….Peace from the U.S.A. and keep on rockin !!

  • John C said:

    Responding to Denzepp58 (pity we couldn’t have a pint and talk about this!). I honestly think Robert can’t sing those Zep tunes the way he used to, or indeed is expected to – he’s been realistic. Musicians can usually play very similar for years, the vocalist has to adapt. From the death of Karac, the only person to keep Robert in the band was Bonzo. On your comment of “playing the tunes the way they were meant” – the only way Robert can pay homage is to sing them a different way.
    In 1999 I watched John P Jones play instrumental versions of Zep tunes, nobody complains about that – or Jimmy choosing Coverdale to record and tour with – now that was a slap in the face! Lets not forget, the biggest force in Zeppelin was their ability to out think fans and peers by constantly changing keeping the music fresh, I think John Henry would admire Robert’s direction… Just my opinion.

  • Denzepp58 said:

    Responding to John C and his comment about ” Lord ” Plant and Allman, much as I love Robert and most of his new music, he seems to have gone the way of Clapton and has become a music snob, ie, not wanting to Rock out any more. I personally was glad that Page,Plant,Jonesy and Bonham JR did not tour because it would not have been the same, however Robert, if you are going to do Zeppelin tunes when you perform live, play them the way they were meant to be heard as ROCK songs and not bluegrass or “Americana” or whatever. To me it is a slap in the face of Page, Jones and Bonham to not pay homage to the music that the three MUSICIANS in the band wrote…just my opinion…

  • Ed said:

    The “gospel standard” is not Glory, Glory Hallelujah”. It’s the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”

  • Jim Sloane said:

    Congrats Robert and everybody – well deserved.

  • John C said:

    Having just got over the fact that Lord Plant was on the stage with Lord Allman.. I hope this is another slap in the face to those who continue to shout for the Zep reformation – respect Robert, and continue to respect the memory of your mate John by always looking forward.

  • Kathy Urich said:

    Congratualtions Robert, Buddy Miller & The Band Of Joy; I love this disc. Thanks for the clip of Monkey. It’s one of my favorite cuts.


    Awww, gee, I wish Jimmy was’nt going anywhere without Mr.Coverdale more importantly !

    Looks like Bland of Joy will continue as a musical ‘force’ then….

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