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26 March 2015 4,554 views 6 Comments

jack white pic

Robert Plant on stage with Jack White:

Robert Plant made a guest appearance with Jack White last Saturday at the Lollapalooza event in Argentina. Robert and the Sensational Space Shifters were also on the bill.  The pair performed a scintillating version of Lemon Song/Killing Floor – as can be seen in the clip below, Robert was in full on rock god mode stalking the stage playing off Jack’s guitar licks. A superb performance.  The Lemon Song/Killing Floor was duly added to the Space Shifters set for their Citibank Hall Rio appearance in Brazil on March 24. The South American part of the tour closes with dates at Chevrolet Hall Belo Horizonte, Brazil on March 26 and Lollapalooza in São Paulo, Brazil on March 28.

Above photo – / David James Swanson


TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot:  

The final few dates of the 1975 US tour..




Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. Woodstock)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – The Crunge – Black Dog)/Heartbreaker.

snapshot 19

“Good Evening! My name is J. J. Jackson of KWLOS. We’re all here to welcome back to the LA area… Led Zeppelin!” A mass of firecrackers heralds the band’s arrival on stage.

The Forum has long been one of Zeppelin’s favourite venues and once again they revelled in the surroundings. Plant: “This is the place, this is the one. These are the last three gigs on our American tour and so we intend them to be something of a high point for us. Obviously, we don’t achieve that without a little bit of a vibe, that I can already feel, and a few smiles.”

After ‘Over The Hills’, Robert states: “A gram is a gram is a gram!” Ambiguous and humorous remarks are rife tonight. Plant continues: “Since we saw you last time there have been a few developments in the camp and a few camps in the development – Bonzo decided not to have the sex change after all!” ‘The Song Remains The Same’ is about “places where the red light still shines for two rupees, places where there’s a magical feeling in the air… rather like Paul Rodgers’ bedroom when he takes his shoes off”

Plant describes the Mellotron as “A rather cheap, nasty, improvised version of an orchestra, but unfortunately with the tax and overheads, we can’t afford to take an orchestra with us anymore.”

Plant introduces Billy Miller – “Elvis Presley’s right hand man” – and sings a few lines from ‘Love Me’. After ‘Moby Dick’, Plant comments: “What a wonderful drum solo and a wonderful head job in the dressing room… thank you Ahmet Ertegun!”

‘Dazed And Confused’ is described as “The first thing we had a go at, apart from the secretary” but is rather uninspired in places tonight. ‘Stairway To Heaven’ is dedicated to “All our English friends that have arrived at the Continental Riot House. This is for the foundations of the Continental Riot House and for you people who have made this a good gig.” The whole band performed impeccably on ‘Stairway’ turning in one of the most impressive single performances of the tour.

Plant: “Children of the sun. Good night!”

As far as the press are concerned, the new additions to the set are now beginning to steal the show. Disc reports: “All the newer material was well received, although it seems that ‘Kashmir’ is set to become the star track and another classic. It was also while the group performed this number that I think the lights and effects were used to their best advantage.”




snapshot 20

Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. Spanish Harlem – Woodstock)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Lickin’ Stick –  The Crunge – Black Dog.

Yet another excellent performance – even better than the previous night.

Plant: “Last night we had a really good time. We had a great concert. It was one of the finest we’ve had in California for a long time!”

‘Kashmir’ is outstanding tonight and Plant describes it as being about ‘the wasted, wasted lands… and it’s not the lobby of the Continental Hyatt either!” ‘No Quarter’ is extended to truly epic proportions, lasting nearly 27 minutes with Jones and Bonham again favouring the jazz improvisation they adopted in Seattle four days ago.

‘Trampled Underfoot’ is dedicated to… “All the good ladies of America who’ve helped us get rid of the blues from time to time on the road… that boils down to about two!” Page’s solo is masterful and commanding. Plant ad-libs “drive on – feels pretty good” and again extends the number with lyrics from ‘Gallows Pole’, even throwing in a few cries of ‘Hangman’.

Bonham is introduced tonight as… “The man who broke every window in room 1019… the man who smashed wardrobes… the man who set fire to his own bed… the amazing man with only two cavities… Mr. Quaalude!”

‘Dazed And Confused’ was another stand out extended to 39 minutes. Page inserts a gentle Spanish sounding passage which leads into Ben E King’s ‘Spanish Harlem’ before running into ‘Woodstock’. ‘Stairway To Heaven’ shines once more. Page’s playing is sharp and decisive as the tension builds with each note. John Paul Jones is superlative.

‘Whole Lotta Love’ once again includes a snatch of James Brown’s ‘Lickin’ Stick’ and Plant ad-libs “Like a sex machine!” Page even includes a few riffs from the never performed ‘Nightflight’ prior to the Theremin section.

Plant: “People of the Forum. We’ve had a good time… It is the summer of our smiles…”

Indeed it was…




Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/Since I’ve Been Loving You/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. Loving You) /Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – The Crunge – Black Dog.

Deep Throat porn star, Linda Lovelace introduces the band for the final show of the US tour. Plant returns the compliment: “I’d like to thank Linda Lovelace for coming on and making an appropriate speech about our presence, and we’d like to apologise for being late, but one of the cars didn’t crash!”

Bonham and Page are outstanding during ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’, and although the band seem a little tired in places, overall the concert is a triumph. Plant comments that he’s glad the final show is in LA, because last time the tour ended in New York which is… “not the most pleasant place to be. There’s some nice ladies on 83rd Street. But the rest of it… no!”

During ‘In My Time Of Dying’, Plant ad-libs “please Lord, don’t leave me dazed and confused!” and then adds some of ‘You Shook Me’ before the number falls apart. He speculates that they may end up in the Fall doing a gig in the Sahara desert, due to their love of the East, and ‘Kashmir’ once again is spectacular.

‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ is a late addition to the set and is warmly appreciate by the crowd.  ‘Trampled Underfoot’ is now referred to as ‘Trampled Under Gallows’ due to Plant’s persistent injection of lyrics from ‘Gallows Pole’. ‘Dazed And Confused’ is one of the longest of the tour tonight, with a very spacey middle section as Plant repeatedly ad-libs ‘Loving You’.

This show clocked in at  nearly three and a half hours long and completed a  run of some  of the finest in the history of the band.

“Led Zeppelin At Its Peak In L.A. Forum” reports Billboard. Bob Kirsch writes: “‘Zeppelin has two major strong points. It has mastered the technique of combining musical excellence with mind-boggling volume. And it is able to operate either as a unit or each can move into a subordinate role for whoever happens to be soloing at the time.

“Zeppelin has long been the target of critical barbs for crashing volume and the seeming sameness of its material. Yet in an age when headline acts are often boring, sloppy and create no excitement at all, this British quartet stands out as a masterful example of what rock and roll was meant to be.”

Snapshot Listen – how it sounded today:

The final riot night of the US tour was a mass celebratory affair with the band fully aware that with this tour they had turned adversity into triumph. From the moment Linda Lovelace cutely introduced them onstage to Plant’s ”We’re coming back baby” this was a true prelude to what the UK was about to be served.

They even gave a hint of Earls Court fashion by introducing his Miss Selfridge cut off shirt and Page wearing the Dragon suit trousers that would become such a visual imprint of May 1975.

Their confidence was subsequently overflowing as they attacked In My Time Of Dying, Plant throwing in a few lines of You Shook Me.

”Anybody remember?” he asks at the end as he would a month later in SW5.

The version of Since I’ve Been Loving You was a real bonus and something sadly that Earls Court did not receive.

”A change in the programme- we were gonna do…..but this is a blues and I think this is where we first came in”. An impromptu set revision that delighted the LA audience.

A rare latter day stand alone delivery (in ’72/3 it had been segued with Misty Mountain)) recalling the majesty of Blueberry Hill at this very venue five years back. Rarely played in ’75 they ached their way through the old Led Zepp III standard -Page’s solo as precise and inventive as that night back in September ’70.

On the home straight it was nothing less than a victory stomp. Stairway played as was the case as Earls Court as though Plant believed every word, and the final incendiary Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog medley with the added visual spectacle of that neon lit sign. Images and sounds that London would soon delight in.

Acknowledging their enthusiasm,  Plant told the final LA audience ”It’s really nice to know that we’re giving you what you are giving us because after tonight I think we’ve got three gigs in England. I don’t believe well work again for quite a long time, so this has got to be good”.

That last night in  LA  was indeed good…very good ….and Earls Court awaited…

DL – March 2015


Deborah Bonham tour dates:

Deborah Bonham is back on tour next month and then into the summer  – details as follows


Fri 10th – UK CHICHESTER, Chichester Inn, West Street  PO19 1RP

Tickets £15 from Chichester Inn, or 01243 783185  SUPPORT: JO BURT

Sat 11th – UK DEVIZES, Long Street Blues Club, 30 Long Street, Wiltshire SN10 1NW

Tickets £14 (adv) 01380 725614  SUPPORT: JO BURT

Thu 16th – UK DERBY The Flowerpot, 25 King Street DE1 3DZ

Tickets £12 from the venue and  SUPPORT: JO BURT

Fri 17th – UK DARLINGTON, The Forum, Borough Road, DL1 1SG Doors 7pm

Tickets £12 from venue or on door 8pm. 01325 363135  SUPPORT: JO BURT

Sat 18th – UK BLAKENEY Harbour Rooms, 139-141 High Street, Holt Norfolk NR25 7NU

Tickets £12 01263 741666  SUPPORT: JO BURT


Thu 28th – UK HAVANT Spring Arts Centre, 56 East Street, Hampshire PO9 1BS

£12.50/ £11.25 (concs) 023 9247 2700  SUPPORT: JASMINE RODGERS

Fri 30th – COBSTOCK


Thu 4th – FRANCE Blois (41) TBC

Fri 5th – FRANCE St Etienne TV Show

Sat 6th – FRANCE Louhans (71) Rassemblenent HD Bress’ Poulos

Thu 18th – SWITZERLAND Caslano Blues Nights

Fri 19th – SWITZERLAND Caslano Blues Nights


Thu 2nd – FRANCE Vallée du Grésivaudan (38) Festival Gresiblues

Fri 3rd – FRANCE Narbonne (11) La Tempora

Sat 4th – FRANCE Avoine (37) Avoine Zone Groove

Sat 18th – FRANCE Ambrault (36) Blues Berry Festival

Sun 19th – UK CHIDDFEST Jazz & Blues Festival Chiddingly, E. Sussex

Sat 25th – UK SOL PARTY Hawkhurst, Kent


Classic Rock new issue:

classic rock vinyl

The new issue of Classic Rock is a special vinyl edition with plenty of Zep references – all right up my street and well recommended…check it out at:


There’s been a couple of days and nights out this past week – here’s the TBL on the road round up:

HiFi Lounge/TBL Classic Rock Saturday – Dunton, Bedfordshire – March 21, 2015:

hi five

It was great to be back at the farm buildings in Dunton last Saturday – the home of  HiFi Lounge,the highly reputable hi- fi dealership run by Paul Clark. We teamed up with Paul for a Zep day last year and we were back this time extending the theme to classic rock artusts and it worked a treat. Phil, Tom and myself are pictured here with Paul and Wendy.

It was good to TBL crew members Gary Foy and Ian Avey –also Richard Grubb and his mate Bill over from Wales (Richard wrote that superb Led Zep Remastered feature in TBL 38) plus Martyn Vail and wife Jean. There were also plenty of Paul’s HiFi  enthusiasts  in attendance. I’m no hi fi buff but I am fascinated at the knowledge and passion these guys have and boy is there some money to be spent.

There was also the added bonus of a record stall present run by Barry from Grade 1 Records Stevenage. Barry also offered a record cleaning service and those that took up that option were amazed at the results – Richard Grubb had new life breathed  into an old copy of Led Zep II he brought along -Tom had a similar result with his Wild Turkey album. The stall did some brisk business and of course I succumbed to a couple of little treats namely The Yes Album on original UK plum and orange Atlantic and Canned Heat Cook Book Best Of on Liberty label.

After lunch (a superb spread – thank you Wendy!)  I also ran a fun quiz of 50 questions surrounding classic rock artists – the lyric round foxed a few (that’s you Phil H!). The winners were Gary and Ian.

The main attraction was of course the playing of vinyl on amazing kit.

hi two

For that treat we were listening in the main room on a hi-fi set up with the following specs and the price it retails at:

PMC MB2 Se’s speakers (£16,100)

Bryston 28B SST x2 amps (£10,000 each)

Bryston SP3 pre amp £10,000)

Well tempered Vestax Turntable (£6,000)


hi fi lounge again 3

The was an excellent cross section of albums and choice cuts on the playlist throughout the day – here’s some highlights:

The Who – Who’s Next Baba O’ Riley/Bargain – amazingly clear.

Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon – as expected, pretty awesome.

Deep Purple Speed King/Black Sabbath Paranoid  -Tom’s faves.

Bruce Springsteen -Born To Run – what a production – I’d forgotten how good this is.

Frank Zappa Hot Rats (Richard and Bill were at a Frank Zappa Convention the previous night and got this one in!)

David Bowie – the recent Best Of set.

Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti – absolutely stunning!

hifi lounge again two

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven from the 02 Celebration Day album this sounded so clear and it was a real thrill to hear Robert’ ‘’Hey Ahmet’’ comment loud and proud.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours – winding down at the close of the day this sounded magnificent – particularly The Chain and You Make Loving Fun.

I sold a few bits and spread the TBL word throughout the day – overall another splendid HIFi Lounge/TBL event  and many thanks to Paul and Wendy for opening the doors to the HiFi Lounge – if you are need of quality h-fi –be sure to check in with Paul.

Here’s the HIFI Lounge link:

DL  – March 22, 2015


Accept no substitute. The Who still reign o’er us..

The Who  02 Arena – Monday March 23rd, 2015.

Set list: I Can’t Explain / Substitute / The Seeker / Who Are You / The Kids Are Alright  / I Can See for Miles / Pictures of Lily /My Generation/Magic Bus/Behind Blue Eyes/Join Together/You Better You Bet/I’m One/Love, Reign O’er Me/Eminence Front/So Sad About Us /  A Quick One (While He’s Away) /. Amazing Journey / Sparks/ Pinball Wizard/ See Me, Feel Me/ Listening to You / Baba O’Riley/ Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Now that is what I call a set list…

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen The Who a fair few times over the past few decades – stretching back to the Wembley Empire Pool show in October 1975 some 40 years back – and up to the last occasion which was the Quadrophenia show at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010. In between there have been some very memorable shows. The rain soaked thrilling set at Charlton 1976, Watford Town Hall in 2002 and of course the Shepperton appearance in 1978 that inspired my impromptu stage dive and mock fight with Roger Daltrey.

For me, outside of Led Zeppelin, The Who have constantly provided the highest of on stage highs.

Now with what we might term The Who Two celebrating 50 years of hits and hitting 50 years in existence, the opportunity that arose at quite short notice, to attend their 02 Arena show on Monday was too good to miss – the TBL projects and other scenarios having to go on hold for a few hours. Boy am I glad I was lucky enough to attend.

Given all the circumstances –ie the passing of the years and physical well being of those involved, well there’s always the temptation that one’s golden memories might be tarnished by a less than 100% performance.

Noting that the combined age of the main players is a quite ridiculous 140, well the risk was there last night for sure. Indeed the two shows they played on Sunday and Monday had been postponed from just before Christmas when Roger succumbed to a throat infection.

I am more than happy to report that the advancing years have done nothing whatsoever to dent any past reputations. Put simply they delivered. And to use one of Pete’s much used on the night expletives – fucking hell, did they ever…

The venue: This was actually the first time I’ve been back to the 02 Arena since that night of nights in 2007. It’s certainly moved on since then. The overall facilities are excellent and the arena sound was loud and clear.

Audience: A typical Who gathering – mainly male – a few mod elements on show. I always sense a slight aggressiveness amongst a Who crowd which matches the tension on stage. During the show the whole of the audience on the flat area was standing up. At the sides there were spasmodic leaps to get up and boogie (that’ll be me then!) and generally an atmosphere of united celebration.  The merchandise areas were doing swift business and for once a programme justified the fee – £15 buying a lavish and informative The Who Hits 50 overview.

The performance:

who eleven

Accept no substitute: They were right on it from the start – Roger was in amazingly good voice and Pete looking good in Harrington and trainers defied the advancing years (as they both did) with a staggering energy that never let up. Pete was grumpily happy and was not short on expletives throughout his humorous banter with the crowd.

‘’What the fuck are we doing here!’’ he laughed at one point while his wry comment ‘’I’ve just gobbed over my iPad’’ (which was on a stand in front of him) would not have been something he could have uttered at Woodstock.

I Can’t Explain and Substitute was the familiar initial two song pronged attack –from there the hits just kept on coming in a veritable Who jukebox onslaught.  The Seeker was an early standout – it was so great to hear this 1970 stand alone single, The Kids Are Alright was accompanied by some stunning visuals from the Quadrophenia flim. In fact the backdrop screen was a revelation – it made great use of pop art collages, suitable mod images and pics from the glory days with poignant images of John Entwistle and Keith Moon very prevalent.

Back on stage a trio of 1960s hits – I Can See For Miles, Pictures Of Lily and an early anthemic My Generation hit the mark. As did a joyous Magic Bus and a dramatic Behind Blues Eyes.  Join Together and You Better You Bet were yet more stand outs. There were also excerpts from various Who rock operas – the often underplayed A Quck One While He’s Away (before which Pete talked affectionately of its appearance in The Rolling Stones Rock’n’Roll Circus film)  – Quadrophenia’s I’m One and Love Reign O’er me (Roger just outstanding on the latter – ‘’an extraordinary part of our career’’ –Pete ‘ ‘’you don’t know what that takes bit it’s spiritual’’ -Roger) and a Tommy segment that featured the brilliant Sparks and the rousing (can it be anything else?) Listening To You.  Another surprise was a run through of So Sad About Us, written in 1966 for The Merseys and described by Pete as Paul Weller’s favourite song. It should be noted that behind them, Zak Starkey’s brand of percussive brilliance was entirely in keeping with the template Keith Moon laid down all those years ago.

Round off the evening with two of the greatest rock songs ever written –  Baba O’ Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again, and well – this is as good as it gets…

Refreshingly there was none of the pretention of an encore, they and the audience had more than had their fill. A lengthy two hour set that went by in a flash – never dragging or going off the boil.

‘’Thanks for the music Pete’’ said Roger to Pete before they departed the stage to rapturous applause. ‘’’Be healthy, be happy and be lucky’’ were Pete’s final words.

It was a mantra Tom and I took into the night as we walked with a definite spring in our step towards the station home.

Summary: On paper they have no right to be this good given the advancing years – but as I’ve discovered in the past, logic often goes out of the window when one is faced with the phenomenon that is The Who.

who one

There has been talk from within that this may be their last tour and indeed they have to slow down somewhere. On the other hand, you really cannot fathom a time when the lead players will not want to occasionally bring out the juggernaut for another spin. Walking away from it all seems an unwise option now, having survived this far.

Evidently on this showing, their catalogue of era defining music is still a crystal clear definition of what rock is all about – in short, this 02 Arena show was a testament to the lasting durability of The Who.

Long may they continue to reign o’er us …

Dave Lewis  – March 24th, 2015.


DL Diary Update:

As can be seen above, It was a real thrill to be in the presence of The Who on Monday night – the opportunity to attend their 02 Arena show came at short notice and it provided some much needed inspiration. Last Saturday’s Hi Fi Lounge/TBL event also went well and it was great to see some familiar and new faces in spreading the TBL word.  Aside from that, there’s been on going work on the Earls Court photo book – a full update on all that to follow soon.

Back here, Janet’s mum Bet has still been poorly this past week and we hoping she can gain some strength in the coming days. Adam is back from University this weekend – in fact I cannot believe Easter has swung around so quick.

On the player, unsurprisingly The Who with Who Next and Who Are You sounding very good – the new Bad Company reissues have also been on  – there’s so much to enjoy across those first two albums.  The Who activity provided an opportunity to search out that Shepperton DL stage diving clip which went down a storm on the TBL Facebook page. As did the TBL retro archive review of the Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Shepherds Bush appearance on March 25 1998 all of 17 years ago. While we are on the subject, Raff from Boot Led Zeppelin has been in touch to relay details of the tribute band’s appearance at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Saturday May 9 – this will be a special Earls Court 40th anniversary set and I am aiming to be a that one.

Great to see Robert up there with Jack White – he and the Sensational Space Shifters have been on top form on this current tour. The countdown is now on to secure the More Roar Record Store day release with 23 days to go and counting…

Talking of vinyl (of which I do a lot!) be sure to check out the excellent Classic Rock special vinyl issue.

swan song one

In fact looking over the Classic Rock issue I have to say it’s a perfect reaffirmation of the sheer joy to be had in the collecting of vinyl. It made me stop and assess my own obsession with it.

The fact is, records are the music carrying format of my choice and they instantly re connect me with the music that I grew up with – the music that continues to define who I am.

I also spent 35 years selling albums in my retail job (1974 – 2009) and my interest in collecting records began in 1969 -so it’s been a long standing affinity.

On the player the sound is warm and open and pure – and as we all know, there’s no finer example of that recently than the Jimmy Page/John Davis mastered Led Zep reissues.

Yes, CD’s are more convenient and don’t get me wrong, they too are great to have -indeed I’ve got flippin’ lots of the buggers – however aside from Universal’s Deluxe Editions and Sony’s Legacy series and well packaged bootlegs (of which I also have a fair few!), they are somewhat unlovable. Practical for sure but I cannot generally empathise with the CD format as I do the good old fashioned long playing record.

As has been chronicled here, in recent years my vinyl collecting has reached new highs and I am certainly not alone – Mr Jimmy Page himself explained his record collecting bug to me in the interview I conducted with him for TBL 38 last October.

This has been considerably aided in recent years by the Olympia Record Fairs, Record Store Day and the likes of Reckless Records, Sister Ray, Empire Records – great record shops bucking the trend of the demise of such destination stores. The addition of our own local stall the excellent Vinyl Barn which operates in Bedford’s town centre on Fridays, has made for a much welcomed weekly vinyl rendezvous.  Charity shops can also come up with the goods – I found a mono copy of Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde for £3 last year and just last week in the local Oxfam shop a one off 1968 single by Heavy Jelly produced by Guy Stevens (Mott producer etc) on the original island label for £3.50.

So what do I collect?

Well, unsurprisingly, anything interesting Led Zep related – the most recent items I’ve added being a Physical Graffiti pressing from Canada and a Japanese pressing of Coda with the all important obi strip.  I also search out any interesting late 60s/ early 70s UK bands and artists ie Cream, The Who, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Family, Yes. Groundhogs, Jethro Tull, The Faces, Mott The Hoople, ELP,Free  etc etc. From the same era, American rock pressings ie Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers,Steppenwolf, Grand Funk, Crosby Stills & Nash etc. Any interesting Miles Davis releases on the original Columbia label. I also love vintage vocal crooners like Rod Mckuen, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra etc. The cover art and sleeve notes on the likes of the Capitol label really capture the era – I have over 100 Frank Sinatra LP pressings.

Other delights and curios I search out: Female singers such as Lulu, Sandie Shaw, Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, etc. Soundtracks and spoken word albums – recent acquisition here e here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush soundtrack with Traffic and Spencer Davis Group, the Collected Speeches of Winston Churchill.

By the way, if anyone knows of a UK copy going of the Dave Clark Five soundtrack to their film Catch Us If You Can – let me know – it’s on my wants list!

Album label wise anything on the UK Atlantic Records distributed by Polydor plum and orange label from the late 60s early 70s in keeping with the Led Zep early issues.

Generally by searching around, it’s relatively easy to pick up good conditioned albums of the above ilk for well under £10. before I go any further you might be asking ”where does he put all this lot?… we have a very modest size house so that can be tricky – late last year I did invest in a proper vinyl rack though it is quickly filling up as the good lady keeps reminding me…there are a fair few albums in the loft too. there’s always a bit of room somewhere!

I’ve also recently got right back into buying singles – again late 60s/early 70s as above – anything on original pink Island, the Immediate label, Apple and Vertigo. In that department, I recently picked up Jethro Tull’s Living In The Past on the original Island label and a couple of Juicy Lucy singles on Vertigo. I’ve also picked up singles recently by Ten Years After (Love Like A Man with one version at 45 rpm and the B side a lengthy live version at 33 rpm), Family, Jimi Hendrix, Stone The Crows and the superb Rare Bird single Sympathy on Charisma.

swan song two

Another of my vinyl addictions is  the worldwide releases on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records. I collect anything on that label and have done since 1974. I have around 50 album pressings on Swan Song and over 70 singles across Led Zep, Bad Co, Pretty Things, Dave Edmunds, Detective etc.

Recent additions to this line up – Bad Company’s Can’t Get Enough Canadian single and a German issue of the Pretty Things single Tonight -on album the Sad Café album issued on the label in the US and a US promo copy of Death Wish II. As can be seen by the pics here – lovely stuff!

Vinyl and record collecting  …it makes my world go around at 45 and 33 rpm…rather splendidly

As April approaches, work on TBL 39 will kick in alongside all the other projects – more on all that soon and next Tuesday (despite the vinyl accumulation around here!) the good lady Janet and will be elebrating our 31st wedding anniversary.

DL – March 26, 2015.


YouTube clips

Robert Plant with Jack White…

Whole Lotta Love in Paraguay…

The Lemon Song in Brazil:


Until next time…

 Have a great weekend –
Keep listening, keep reading…
Dave Lewis/Gary Foy –  March 26, 2015 
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  • Kurt said:

    Ahhh, Bobby Plant, solo ARTISTE! Great to see the old man with Jack White! Have really enjoyed seeing Jack hang with Page, and now we get to see him with the Man. I know Robert dosen’t play music like this anymore, and he can damn well do as he pleases, that is for sure, but….is it just me? Or is it just too special to see him sing a song like this again?! Cheers!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    John some great singles there!

  • Mark Williams said:

    ‘ ‘Twas brilliant to see Jack invite Robert on stage for this most excellent version from ‘ Zeppelin II ‘.

    Just wish it could be ‘ tri-angulated’ live with the inclusion of a certain JP…..

  • Lisa H said:

    Thank you for your review of The Who and articulating so well just how damn good they are. We were fortunate to see them at the beginning of this tour in December in Nottingham. The arena here has never been a good venue, but it hardly mattered with The Who on stage belting out one tremendous song after another. Pete and Roger, Zak Starkey and Pino Palladino; everyone in the band gave it their most. Thanks again, Dave, for reminding readers of the genius of The Who.

  • John Webster said:

    Hi again Dave, Just checked and it was “Last night in Soho” not Xanadu by Dave Dee etc. I see from Facebook it was TYA on Deram.

  • John Webster said:

    Another good read Dave. I have that Ten Years After single on Deram I seem to remember? It was an early single purchase for me after The legend of Xanadu by Dave Dee Dozy Mick and Titch, In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry and Hey Jude by The Beatles. All good as far as I am concerned in different ways.

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