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20 August 2014 5,230 views 10 Comments


Robert Plant on the occasion of his 66th birthday:

From his initial forays in the Midlands scene in the mid 60’s leading to his first record being released in 1966, through to his vital contribution to Led Zeppelin and on to an always compelling solo career, Robert Plant has occupied a unique position at the forefront for over five decades…

In the past 12 months touring and recording working with the Sensational Space Shifters line up, Robert Plant has continued to expand his quench for musical thirst. The prowess of this unit has been more than evident for the many fans who have encountered the band during their US and European travels leading up to the Glastonbury Extravaganza earlier this month.

The fruits of his Sensational Space Shifters recordings are about to be unleashed early next month with the album lullaby ..and The Ceaseless Roar due out September 8th

Having heard a preview, this is a work of vast depth and range – combining a confessional honesty reflected in the dramatic Embrace The Fall and the downbeat piano ballad A Stolen Kiss – the latter with a vocal of stark beauty recalling the broodiness of Elvis at his best -balanced with an air of positivity shining through on the uplifting tone of Pocket Full of Golden and the plangent Somebody There.

Looking back to look forward, this is a substantial statement from the singer ….long may his ceaseless roar continue.. .

Below is a further preview via our US correspondent of the new album lullaby ..and The Ceaseless Roar which is due out September 8th…..

Ever wondered how to fight the process of aging? No need to become a vampire, seek the fountain of youth, or sell your soul like Dorian Gray. Instead, simply follow the example of Robert Plant. On the occasion of his 66th birthday, Robert Plant remains the most youthful artist of his generation.

How does he do it? The singer hasn’t lost his childlike sense of curiosity and adventure. And he hasn’t succumbed to the deadly lull of habit, repetition and familiar comfort. Its those qualities that make his upcoming album lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar one of the singer’s finest releases. It’s up right up there with Fate of Nations and Mighty Rearranger.

Robert has yet again remained true to his progressive tradition of changing up his sound with each album. Indeed, even though there are echoes of Strange Sensation’s sound on lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar, it isn’t Mighty Rearranger Vol. 2. No wonder Robert changed the band’s name to The Sensational Space Shifters—it reflects the evolution of the group’s sound. Indeed, the addition of Juldeh Camara and Dave Smith to this unit has altered its alchemy. The other big change? Robert has returned home to his British stomping grounds with Americana influences and an appreciation for the harmonic interplay of different voices.

lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar is the most diverse Robert Plant album since Fate of Nations and boasts a wide array of musical colours and moods. Just don’t expect a rock album like Manic Nirvana or Mighty Rearranger. It’s more lullaby than roar. Apart from “Turn It Up,” there’s nary a guitar riff to be heard. That doesn’t mean that Plant has pulled the plug on the guitars of Liam “Skin” Tyson and Justin Adams—both musicians get opportunities to play several memorable guitar solos and use their instruments in dynamic ways to help create a layered, atmospheric and ethereal sound that is lush yet organic.

The musical style is fitting for what is, at its core, a breakup album. For all the moments of joy on the record, the lyrics are often melancholy. The singer is in reflective mood as he recounts the end of his relationship with American singer Patty Griffin and his subsequent return to the United Kingdom. As such, lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar is Plant’s most personally revealing and intimate album since Pictures at Eleven, The Principle of Moments, and Shaken ‘n’ Stirred. But Plant’s approach to expressing his emotions is remarkably different from emotionally wrecked songs such as “Watching You,” “Anniversary,” “The Way I Feel,” “Sixes and Sevens,” “Thru with the Two Step,” “Stranger Here…than Over There” and “Like I’ve Never Been Gone.” Those powerful vocal performances of yesteryear were a torrent of unguarded emotions, gusting and forceful. By contrast, Plant’s approach on lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar is quieter and more spare. A less is more approach. Songs such as “Embrace Another Fall” and “A Stolen Kiss” sound all the more wounded and emotionally bare as a result.

lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar is a deeply satisfying album. One that draws you in time and time again. These sonic travels draw inspiration from Mali, Gambia, Wales, America, and Britain. It’s a tantalizing promise of Robert Plant’s future: At 66 he can still go to Timbuktu and beyond.


“I will sing my song for you, and I will carry on.”……..

From 66 to 66…

Happy birthday Robert from all of us to you…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy  August 20th, 2014

Below is a round up of you tube clips to illustrate that journey from 66 to 66….
Worse Than Detriot 1982

Heaven Knows 1988

Hurting Kind 1990

You Shook Me 1993

Season Of The Witch 1999

Song To The Siren 2001

You Can’t Buy My Love 2010

Rainbow 2014


“I will sing my song for you, and I will carry on.”……..

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  • Lubos MAJER said:

    I have seen Jimmy Cliff show (he`s 66 yrs old too) performing almost for 2 hours at his full this weekend at Uprising Festival in Bratislava (Slovakia). What an amazing delivery.

    I must say that music and real love for it really gives you vital energy to go on an on. I guess people these days won`t have it in the future.

    Happy Birthday Robert. You are trully inspiration for us.

    Lubos MAJER

  • Vic Morgan. said:

    I think Planty is in fantastic form at the moment. The band is tremendous and always a joy to watch live. An artist forever changing to paraphrase Love. Long may he roar.

  • Stephen said:

    “Oh, Jimmy!”.
    Happy birthday, Percy. I hope the old fella is still in full working order. From the Mojave Desert to Phil Collin’s baldy head, you have kept us entertained over the years. I always wondered if Big Log was about constipation, or if the song had a more enigmatic meaning from the deserts of Morocco. Keep up the good work!

  • Chris Serratella said:

    Our man Plant, he keeps choppin’ and changin’ and choppin’ and changin’…..and by virtue of that fact stays more true to the Zeppelin ethos than a reunion could ever accomplish. Long may he reign, and long may we continue to follow his journey.

  • Michael Sherlock said:

    Dave and Gary,

    Well done as usual. Always the source to create even more excitement and anticipation for our quest for new ‘Plantations’.

  • Patrice JUSTIN said:

    Great review, thank you.


    Happy birthday Robert PLANT.

  • Tim Fox said:

    Happy Birthday to the Great,Great Robert Plant.

    I know this is not a popular opinion around these parts but I really respect and admire Robert’s refusal to take the “easy way out” by reforming Zep and stealing away with millions of pounds. We have to respect that those days have gone, it is 34 years since Led Zep split-up and the band were only together for a little over a third of that length of time in the first place.

    So onwards and upwards for Robert and his latest venture.

  • John Webster said:

    I see Jimmy has wished Robert a happy birthday on Jimmys website.

  • Mark Willliams said:

    Just love Jimmy’s birthday good wishes message to Robert today (on Jimmy’s website). So fitting & heartfelt !

  • Lorraine Robertson said:

    Thank You Gary and Dave for this great review of the new album and tribute to Robert on his birthday.

    “I will sing my song for you, and I will carry on.”…. Well these words make me very happy and thankful indeed and long may the lion roar. Happy Birthday Robert !! xx

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