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13 February 2020 2,330 views 5 Comments

Catalyst: Poet Scarlett Sabet in conversation with Jimmy Page

Libreria Bookshop

65 Hanbury Street


Background details:

Having been hailed by Hunger Magazine as “one of the brightest new stars on the international poetry scene”, poet Scarlett Sabet has teamed up with legendary musician Jimmy Page to produce Catalyst, a radical sonic re-interpretation of work drawn from Sabet’s previous four collections, released digitally and on special edition vinyl last year (Oct 2019). Join Scarlett and Jimmy at Libreria where they’ll be discussing collaboration, the challenge of working across art forms, and the creative dynamic between artist and producer.

“What strikes me about Scarlett’s work is that it’s very cutting edge and it’s making poetry interesting again. I love both the intensity and the spiritual aspect she conveys” Van Morrison

Scarlett Sabet is a poet and performer from London. The author of four poetry collections, Scarlett has performed internationally, and has been featured in the likes of BBC, GQ, and Dazed and Confused. Her most recent release is the spoken word album Catalyst.

Jimmy Page first rose to fame as a studio musician in the 1960’s. He then joined the Yardbirds before forming and producing the seminal rock group Led Zeppelin in 1968, with whom he released nine studio albums to great international success. Page has since played on and produced multiple records and film scores, and his latest project as a producer is Scarlett Sabet’s Catalyst (2019).


This via my Facebook page:

So to London for the Catalyst Poet Scarlett Sabet in conversation with Jimmy Page event…and not quite the TBL on the spot report I was hoping for…

I have been trying to get out more recently and with Adam looking after the good lady Janet, at short notice yesterday I decided to go to the Catalyst -Scarlett Sabet/ Jimmy Page event at the Libreria Bookshop near Brick Lane in London.

Both Janet and I felt it might be a good move in another quest to do the normal things. I was incredibly anxious in the morning and did have a bit of a meltdown in worrying whether to go or not. I decided I would go and Steve Livesley and I ventured into London in the late afternoon

Alas it proved to be a bridge too far.

The book shop itself was very narrow and unsurprisingly very packed – too packed to make it very comfortable. We were standing in quite a cramped area not far from the door. The actual event was very interesting – Jimmy looked great. Scarlett read some of her poems and her delivery was most impressive. Her poem Rocking Underground resonated with me the most with its sharp observations of an underground tube journey: ”Trying to block out the pain, the thoughts that make you go insane”.

Both Scarlett and Jimmy spoke eloquently about their Catalyst collaboration –often with touching reverence. Scarlett explained the influence the beat poets such as Jack Kerouac, had on her work. Jimmy picked that theme up remembering the International Poetry Incarnation gig he attended at the Royal Albert Hall in 1965 featuring the likes of Allen Ginsberg. He also spoke of his interview and meeting in 1975 with William S. Burroughs.

The question and answer segment was under way when I began feeling ill. I had not felt good from the moment I got in the place and the heat, dehydration and the anxiety I am suffering from overwhelmed me. I was feeling very dizzy and had to go outside immediately. Once outside I briefly passed out. I came too and after a few minutes felt better. The staff there were very supportive. I knew though that my evening was over and I needed to be back home to Janet as soon as possible. Steve was fantastic in getting me back to St Pancras and on a fast train home and I was in by 10pm.

So another disappointing episode. Having made all the effort to get there it was such a shame I could not enjoy and report back for TBL as I intended to – on what was a captivating appearance by Scarlett and Jimmy.

Apologies to Krys Jantzen (who took the lead pic) , Alastair Chorlton, Mick ( who took the above pic) and Berni Bulow and James Cook at LZ News for not being that sociable –unfortunately it all got a bit too much for me. Thanks again to Steve for looking after me.

Today I feel drained but had to get on with stuff –I also had a counselling session which went well.

Maybe I need to take smaller steps ahead and thinking I could do this London trip was over ambitious given recent circumstance here. Once trips like these I took for granted…that seems an age away now.

The good lady Janet as ever, has been incredibly supportive and I know how much support she needs herself so for the next few days we are mainly resting up – and hoping and praying our respective healing takes a positive course….

Thanks for listening.
Thanks for all your support.
Much love from Dave and Janet xx

February 12,2020

These comments on the event via Krys Jantzen:

The claustrophobic room and mirrors everywhere certainly added to the feel of a very surreal evening. The poetry didn’t do much for me however once Jimmy got going, it strangely become clear to me that this was classic Page, talking about sonic landscapes, creating pallets that bring out the colours and textures of the sounds and my favourite quote around being asked why he didn’t put music to the poetry he said

“As a producer, why do what’s expected of you? As a produced you want to do something that has never been done before”. Classic Page.

His mention of Zep was a surprise as well as his plug for his forthcoming book. A strange surreal evening but in my view what we saw and hear him talk about with authority was classic Jimmy Page.


Olympic feb 7

TBL Archive – Led Zep 1975 Snapshot:

With the 45th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s activities in 1975 upon us -I will be celebrating this era with a series of TBL Led Zep 1975    Snapshots – these will take the form of postings covering specific gigs and events from the era, with particular spotlight on the period January to May 1975.

This is designed to track the progress of the year as it unfolded. I will also be listening to the relevant bootleg of the chosen gig on the day to add a perspective of how it sounds 40 years on.

This is where things really get going…

TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot: Number 5




Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Heartbreaker (inc. That’s Alright Mama).

Background Details:

Whilst in New York, for recreation, Jimmy went to see Linda Ronstadt in New Jersey with ex-James Gang member Joe Walsh.

Writer and future film director Cameron Crowe is travelling with the band with a view to arranging a cover story for Rolling Stone magazine. Crowe builds up a good rapport with the group (he later contributes the sleeve notes to The Song Remains The Same soundtrack album) and interviews all four members, finally capturing Page at the Plaza Hotel during their Madison Square stint. Page, though none too happy with the paper’s previous coverage of the group, reluctantly agrees to a group photo session after much persuasion.

Cameron Crowe remembers: “Time was running out but I got Ben Fong Torres at the magazine’s office to hold the cover. Photographer Neal Preston reserved a room at the Plaza and set up a backdrop. It was the band’s day off (February 11). The members were informed of the afternoon shoot but mysteriously that morning Page disappeared from the hotel. Plant was first to arrive at 4PM, his shirt ‘accidentally’ open, his hair ‘accidentally’ perfect, then Jones and Bonham. Joe Walsh was there with his then manager Irving Azoff to help their friend Jimmy through this most tender ordeal. Page was still nowhere to be seen.

“Finally, Page arrived. In his arms were two bouquets of dead roses – his defiant statement for the cover of Rolling Stone. He explained his delay: ‘I was looking for black roses. They exist you know!’ He looked around the room. ‘Let’s do this quickly!’

“The session began. Three of the four members of Led Zeppelin struck a conciliatory pose, but the fourth Jimmy Page – held roses and stared through the camera. It was his chilling look that made the photo. The film was rushed to the lab and I flew home to San Francisco to write up the story. I had decided it would be a question and answer feature – that’s how good the interviews were.

“The call came early next day. There had been an equipment malfunction. The film was unusable; barely exposed was a dark silhouette of what might have been a Rolling Stone cover to rival the best. The cover was hastily switched to a tinted live Preston shot. That turned out nicely – and the issue with Zeppelin on the cover was a huge seller. It’s just a shame Page’s defiant stance was never seen.”

Snapshot Listen:- How it sounded today:

I’ve had this show for some years on the audience recording Can’t Take Your Evil Ways (Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin). In 2001 it then surfaced on the Empress Valley label as Flying Circus as a very well balanced soundboard recording. This was a revelation at the time and I recall a very excited Mark Harrison ringing me to tell me how good it was. And it is good -very good indeed and playing it today the whole thing sounded great. This is the point where the US tour really began to take off.

Robert is quick to comment on the snow that was surrounding the city at the time: “We came four blocks in the snow to get here… you realise that? People were calling me on the telephone today and saying ‘Is it gonna be on?’ For a minute I was wondering about my anatomy, then I realised there was some discrepancy about the weather. Isn’t it good though that it snows? Doesn’t it change the vibe of the city? I think it’s great!”

No Quarter expands with a lovely electric piano sequence and a wah wah fest from Page that has the feel of the electric fusion Miles Davis pioneered on the likes of Bitches Brew. Trampled Underfoot has a particularly expressive solo from Page.  Dazed And Confused continues to extend with the San Francisco sequence sounding very spaced out and brief section from Walter’s Walk which would eventually surface on Coda. The outro features those West Side Story licks.

Thee final encore of Heartbreaker is preceded by some lines from You Shook Me- during the solo they move into an impromptu version of That’s Alright Mama’ A perfect end to a perfect party. Plant: “Ladies and gentlemen of New York… you’re too much… and we ain’t so bad ourselves!”

Indeed they were not….

TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot: Number 6:


nass 1



Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Roll Over Beethoven/Communication Breakdown.

Snapshot Listen:- How it sounded today:

I have this on the Throwing The Wild Sees box set. Another fine performance. Dazed And Confused contains much improvisation. Page’s injured finger is causing less problems now. Whole Lotta Love tonight includes the theremin for the first time on the tour during a funky interlude prior to leading into ‘Black Dog’.

Ronnie Wood then on tour with The Faces, comes on for the final encore of ‘Communication Breakdown’. Robert sings a few lines of Chuck Berry’s Roll Over Beethoven while the guitars are being sorted out. Communication Breakdown itself is greatly extended and clocks in at over nine minutes with both guitarists taking solos. One of the all time great Zep jams.

 TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot: Number 6:




Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/Since I’ve Been Loving You/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Heartbreaker.

Background Info: Mike Tremaglio recalled: One of my friends saw this show from the 14th row.Unfortunately he could not score tickets for my brother and I – not that I held it against him as I got him tickets for the June 7 1977 New York show. We asked him to log down all the details of the Nassau show  and we  did get a blow by blow account of the new songs from Physical Graffiti a full two weeks before it was released in the U.S. His recall was tremendous and I can remember him describing  In My Time of Dying and Kashmir in real detail.


Snapshot Listen:- How it sounded today:

I have this on the Nassau 1975 (TheDiagrams Of Led Zeppelin) audience version. I’ve been listening to this show today via the soundboard recording that surfaced a few years back as released on the Scorpio label and as part of the Godfather Throwing The Wild Seeds box set .

It’s one of my favourite performances of the 1975 US tour.

Plant is just about regaining his vocals strength after the problems of the past weeks. He is also on his spieling best form developing one of those band to audience rapports he was so good at.

Witness his opening statements:

“Today is one of the last of the pagan traditions that is carried on into the 20th Century. It’s the day for throwing the wild seeds. In fact, now they call it St. Valentine’s Day… so, happy St. Valentine’s Day! I think we should dedicate this whole show to St. Valentine.”

nas 2“Tonight, we intend to take a knife and cut right through the glorious ice cream of Led Zeppelin. You get a little bit of vanilla, a little bit of chocolate, a little bit of colour and a little bit of everything”

And more..

“We came here in a state of ah, Jimmy managed to get to sleep at three o’clock this afternoon, and he was up again at four thirty. So we didn’t really know whether we had the strength to walk on the stage, but we have, and it’s feeling good. We were, we spent a few hours with St. Valentine last night, you see?”

The playing throughout is wonderfully loose and informal and there’s another great moment as Plant is introducing No Quarter” Page plays the opening notes to Train Kept A-Rollin.  “We’re going through our whole live history here, just flashing on different numbers” Plant adds.

The set list is notable for the inclusion of Since I’ve Been Loving played live for the first time since the 1973 US tour. Plant: “Who knows what it’s gonna sound like, but it’s something we really used to dig playing”. There’s a masterful ad-lib during the song where he sings the ‘I’m about to lose my worried mind” refrian and adds ”I seem to remember I used to say for five minutes”

”This is one that regulars that come here know quite well…but you’ve still yet to hear the recorded version…this is a track about another of life’s journeys that never end..this time in Kashmir”

Kashmir was a number that they were obviously itching to play live and with Plant’s voice suitably recovered they turned in a majestic Valentines’ Day performance in Nassau. Page strumming down relentlessly on the Gibson behind Bonham’s castinet like drumming.

Plant showing renewed confidence to throw in the echoed vocal nuances that became such an Earls Court trademark. Listening to this delivery re emphasis my opinion that the best live versions of Kashmir  were all played in the year it was released on record.

No Quarter features John Paul Jones at his best tonight and his improvisation takes the number to 20 minutes in duration.

Dazed And Confused is a marathon 30 minute plus excursion and the encore delivery of Heartbreaker leads into an impromptu version of Elvis’Mess Of Blues

Tangerine was of course a surprise inclusion at the Earls Court shows performed as a four part harmony. However perhaps they were already toying with the idea of bringing it back during the American tour. For on this night prior to Stairway To Heaven Plant let out a few lines from the long deleted Zep 3 stage fave. ”Measuring a summers day”…adding ”I’ve forgotten the words”. It was a brief teaser for a song that would again light up those memorable May days to come.

The prelude to Earls Court was on – and the course was a very favourable one …

DL – February 10, 2020

To be continued…

Led Zeppelin News Update:

In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Many thanks to James Cook.

Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page

  • Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet will be interviewed at the Groucho Club in London on March 9. Buy tickets here.

Robert Plant

  • Robert Plant will publish remastered music videos for songs featured in his “Digging Deep” box set. The series of remastered releases began with “Big Log” on Friday.
  • Live From The Artists Den posted a behind the scenes account of Robert Plant’s 2011 concert. Listen to it here.

Upcoming events:

February-March – Jimmy Page’s new book, “Jimmy Page: The Anthology,” will be released.
February 11 – Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet will be interviewed in London.
February 28 – Robert Plant’s vinyl singles box set “Digging Deep” will be released and he will be interviewed in London to celebrate its release.
March – The standard edition of Jimmy Page’s Sundragon amps will be released.
March 6 – Danny Barnes’ new album “Man On Fire,” which features John Paul Jones, will be released.
March 9 – Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet will be interviewed at the Groucho Club in London.
March 26-29 – John Paul Jones will perform a solo set as well as a second set as part of Sons Of Chipotle at the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.
June 19-21 – Robert Plant will perform as part of Saving Grace at the Black Deer festival in Kent.
September 25-26 – The next John Bonham celebration event will be held in Redditch, UK.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


Valentine’s Day:

February 14th has been the date of a fair few Zep related happenings over the years, not least for it being the second night of the aforementioned and rightly acclaimed Nassau Coliseum gigs in 1975. This show has been released as a soundboard recording, notably on Godfatherecords recent box set Throwing The Wild Seeds. The 6 CD box set also has the previous night’s recording when they were joined on stage by Ronnie Wood for an encore performance of Communication Breakdown

Exactly a year previously in 1974 Jimmy took to the stage to join Roy Harper. I did consider going to this but was slow on the tickets and had to make do with the consolation of Roy’s very fine album Valentine which I purchased the day it came out ( I need to sort that one out and play it today) – Here’s the gen from this one:


Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Bonham are all in attendance for Roy Harper’s St. Valentine’s Day concert. Jimmy, resplendent in a Chinese jacket decorated with hummingbirds, joins Roy’s all star band comprising Keith Moon (drums), Ronnie Lane (bass) and Max Middleton (keyboards) for numbers including ‘Same Old Rock’ (playing a Martin acoustic), ‘Male Chauvinist Pig Blues’ and ‘Home’ (playing the Gibson Les Paul) and ‘Too Many Movies’. ‘Home’ includes a cameo appearance from John Bonham who comes on strumming an acoustic guitar, dressed in a red jacket and black tights and sporting a pork pie hat. Finally, Robert Plant strolls on at the end to act as MC to declare to the crowd: “Ladies and Gentlemen – Roy Harper!!”

Some of this set was later issued on Roy’s ‘Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion’ double album. Harper dubbed this one-off line-up as The Intergalactic Elephant Band.

Jimmy Page: “We maybe played a few wrong notes here and there, but what the hell -the spirit of the thing was great.”


Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2007. On that day Robert Plant regrouped The Honeydrippers for a special charity and birthday performance for long time soundman Roy Williams. Staged at the JB’s club in Dudley, it was a memorable night which I was lucky enough to attend. Here’s some feedback…


Set List:

Mess Of Blues, Little Sister, She Little Sheila, Gonna Work Out Fine, Black Magic Woman, I’ve Been Loving You, Put A Spell On You, Big Log, Down In The Bottom,Can’t Be Satisfied, Rattlesnake Shake, Crossroads, Big Hunk Of Love, Daddy Rolling Stone, Encores: Stormy Monday/ I Can’t Quit You Babe, I’m Comin’ Home, What I’d Say.

Here’s the DL diary entry from the day after:

Honeydrippers Rockola and surprise Beckola in the Midlands:

Just back from a whirlwind stop over in Dudley to catch The Return Of The Honeydrippers charity show at JB’s Club. And quite a night it was. Mike Sanchez and The Big Town Playboys got the evening off to a suitably rocking start with an hour long set of pure roughshod rock’n’roll aided by Ricky Cool and Andy Silvester. Before the main event there was a real surprise. Jeff Beck strolled on the stage, white Statocaster in hand to perform three instrumental jams supported by a two man rhythm section with the Playboys Ian Jennings on bass. Looking for all the world like he’d stepped off the set of that famous Yardbirds club appearance in the Blow Up film, he proceeded to deliver those familiar guitar histrionics that has carved his legend. The total surprise element in viewing one of the pioneering guitarists of all time, right there just a few feet away was absolutely startling. Scrubbing the axe for all it’s worth, finger picking up the fret – this was a masterclass of electric guitar playing. This man still has it … In droves.

Then followed the return of The Honeydrippers. Witnessing the singer back among friends, effortlessly guiding the enthusiastic audience through the backwaters of his record collection was a total joy. Highlights: The back to back Elvis Mess of Blues/Little Sister opening, Robert taking a backing vocal role to Mo Birch’s lead on Gonna Work Out Fine, a beautifully laid back Black Magic Woman, a nostalgic Big Log with Robbie Blunt recreating the spirit of ’83, Muddy’s Just Can’t Be Satisfied with Robert on harp and a vibrant Daddy Rolling Stone with great back up vocals from Mo and Nadia Pearson. In the encores they even did a version of Delaney And Bonnie’s Comin’ Home, one of my all time faves and a single I brought when it first came out back in 1970.

Forget The Police and anyone else rumoured to be reforming … 26 years to the day of their first gig, The Honeydrippers made this the only reunion worth talking about around these parts … and provided a memorable 60th birthday for sound engineer Roy Williams.

DL – February 15th 2007.

The latter statement was a bit of a long shot because at the time there were no rumours of what was to follow come December. Little did I realise the extraordinary events that would unfold in the coming months – with all roads eventually leading to the 02 Arena and that night of nights..…and before we leave this story…..Happy Birthday Mr Roy Williams for tomorrow.

More feedback of the gig via these original TBL website tour watch posts:

This review by Colin Martin Rumors were flying all day as who would be performing alongside Robert on the 26th anniversary of the first Honeydrippers concert. Jimmy Page? Jeff Beck? Inside JB’s watching people mingling around. I soon spotted Bernie Mardsen and then Bev Bevan. After asking Bev was he performing he said no and Bernie said maybe. Soon The Big Town Playboys and MIke Sanchez (featuring Clive Deamer on drums) were blazing away through their own brand of rock and roll songs when Jeff Beck was spotted walking up the stairs alongside the stage. After agreat set by the Playboys the MC announces a special guest slot. On walks Jeff Beck along with bassist and drummer and precedes to play some storming guitar work. Its amazing to see the speed of his fingers over the strings.

In no time at all his short set was over and finished. And then the headliner strolls on to stage. Looking relaxed and slimmer that at Kidderminster. Soon talking to the crowd about the various songs and the association Robert has to them. Same musicians as at Kidderminster, however, it was featuring more front line vocals from Mo Birch. Robert and Mo had to switch microphones at one stage as she still had Robert’s mic after her lead. Again highlight of the evening was the interaction between Robert and Robbie Blunt on Big Log. Before the band kicked off again with the encores Robert wished soundman Roy Williams a happy birthday. The only question left was who would play on the encores and the answer was only a guest drummer, an unannounced youngster. And then it was all over until next time. See for photos and film of the show. In the report it states Clive Deamer played with Jeff Beck. This is incorrect. Drummer was unannounced.

This review by Trevor Wilkinson Good to see you at JB’s and what a great show! Mike Sanchez at his usual greatness rocking the house and then a fantastic surprise as Jeff Beck appeared and blew the audience away. RP was very relaxed and obviously enjoying himself performing music from his roots, he also looked fitter and somewhat leaner than he’s been for a while so maybe he’s been taking advantage of the mild spells over the last couple of months and playing a bit of tennis in Stourbridge. Big Log and a few musical Zep references were well received by the capacity audience. After show party was nice and laid back with some tasty crisps and munchies as well as plenty of Midlands musos and the Strange Sensation lads in attendance. Hope there’s gonna be some more real soon.


More Valentine’s Day:

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… 

I  have a playlist that that randomly sequences the more wistful and romantic  side of Zep, Page & Plant moments –it includes  Tangerine, Moonlight In Samosa, Wonderful One, The Greatest Gift, That’s The Way, When I Was A Child, Like I’ve Never Been Gone, Ten Years Gone, Come Into My Life, Down By The Seaside, Stick With Me Baby, Blue Train, I’m Gonna Crawl, Heart In Your Hand, Thank You, The Rain Song, Song To The Siren, Going To California, In The Light, I Believe, Ship of Fools, Sea Of Love, Please Read The Letter, Our Song, All My Love, Thank You etc – you get the idea.

Aside from Zep, I’d list Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours, Burt Bacharach’s Hitmaker, Otis Redding Oits Blue,Dusty Springfield In Memphis and David Bowie’s Young Americans as definitive Valentine’s Day play.

In the light of all that here’s the DL Valentines playlist –  some of the most romantic and deeply touching love songs ever written in the view of your TBL editor:

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

True Love Ways -Buddy Holly

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

Full Moon –Sandy Denny

Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan

Northern Sky –Nick Drake

Oh My Love –John Lennon

Come In To My Life – Robert Plant

Our House – Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Tangerine –Led Zeppelin

I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

If I Can’t Have You -Yvonne Elliman

You Make Loving Fun – Fleetwood Mac

And I Love Her – The Beatles

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Rod Stewart

God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

Do What You Gotta Do – The Four Tops

Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever -Bryan Ferry

Nobody Loves You Like I Do – Greg Lake

Ship Of Fools – Robert Plant

The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin

Here, There And Everywhere – The Beatles

Angie – The Rolling Stones

I’m Gonna Crawl – Led Zeppelin

Word On A Wing – David Bowie

The Greatest Gift – Robert Plant

Something – The Beatles

Wonderful One – Page & Plant

I’d Have  You Anytime – George Harrison

Maybe I’m Amazed -Paul McCartney

No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney

Headstart To Happiness – The Style Council

Tiny Dancer – Elton John

Thank You – Led Zeppelin

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Winter -The Rolling Stones

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Otis Redding

Let’s Get It On -Marvin Gaye

Still In Love With You – Thin Lizzy

Help Me – Joni Mitchell

One For My Baby –Frank Sinatra

The Look of Love – Dusty Springfield

The Faces  – Love Lived Here

Your Song – Elton John

Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin

Can You Hear Me? – David Bowie

I’ll Be There – Bobby Darin

You Do Something To Me -Paul Weller

All My Love – Led Zeppelin


DL Diary Blog Update:

Before the above mentioned trip to London for the Scarlett Sabet/Jimmy Page event I was feeling a bit more positive.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the heart to get back into buying records given the recent difficult weeks we have had here with Janet’s broken leg and my mental health issues ..but last Friday morning in the cold bright February sunlight it felt time to step back in…

So at the always excellent Vinyl Barn I was well pleased to find a copy of the rare Mick Jagger Ned Kelly soundtrack an original 1970 UK pressing on United Artists. Thanks Darren Harte as ever.

I want to personally thank Darren for being such a support to us here in the past few weeks–he has always been on hand to listen and offer a kind word – sometimes when I was at my lowest. I won’t ever forget that kindness and support…thanks mate..

On Saturday I popped into the Bedford Record Fair for an hour earlier today where it was great to see Phil Harris, Eileen Harris Tom Locke, Steve Livesley, Nick Carruthers, Jerry Bloom, Adam Tidd and the guys from VIP Fairs.

Having not been out much recently, I was feeling a bit nervy and apprehensive but everybody made me feel so welcome and it was another step to doing the normal things again – and the good lady Janet was fine for a bit back home.

I also came across an absolute bargain: Before During After – The Story Of 10cc.

4 CD box set covering all aspects of their career with the hits, the post 10cc years, the Strawberry Studios hit factory and the early years. The latter has some of the tracks from the excellent 1968 Graham Gouldman album produced by John Paul Jones. Superb 40 page booklet too. All for a mere £10.

What a result and a prime example of why although I love vinyl records, I also still love CDs


So another week of ups and downs – it was so disappointing not to gain the full inspiration of my visit to London on Tuesday to be in the company of Scarlett and Jimmy – like I said, maybe I am trying too much too soon…

As mentioned above, the good lady Janet as ever has been incredibly supportive and I know how much support she needs herself so for the next few days we are mainly resting up – and hoping and praying our respective healing takes a positive course.

Tomorrow, as she has been for the past 37 years, this lady will be my one and only true Valentine…


Dave Lewis – February 13, 2020

Until next time, have a great weekend

Website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

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The TBL/DL Facebook page has regular updates and photos – be sure to check it out

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  • Horace Austin said:

    Hello, Dave.

    Sorry I missed you at Libreria. Yes, that place was tiny. I don’t know how they fit 50 people in there. Scarlett was on the money when she described the setting as “like being back in the womb.” My friend Lloyd and I got there a few hours early and were able to sit in chairs near the front. Immediately after it ended, Lloyd and I stood up and shook hands with Jimmy. Then he and Scarlett hightailed it out of there.

    Hope you’re feeling better.


  • Chris said:

    Hi Dave

    This is a bit random but I thought you might possibly enjoy a nice overview of Mr Plants’s post Zep ouvre on French radio which originally went out on Jan 2nd this year.

    Living in Grenoble, France, I listen to this show quite a lot, it goes out normally on weekday evenings and the DJ is always a pleasure to listen to musically whatever / whoever the chosen subject happens to be. I get to improve my French listening skills at the same time.

    (I hope this link works outside of France)

    voila, bonne soirée 🙂

  • Alessandro Borri said:

    Nice to see you Dave and Janet feeling better ! I am happy for you both !
    All The Best,

  • gerald clothier said:

    dave,please remember don”t run before you can walk (no pun intended)…gerald

  • Rick Key said:

    Long time follower of yours Dave. When I was in the Air Force in Germany from 82-86 I subscribed to TBL. They were a super respite from the tense times and eye thank you so much for that! I feel for you and Janet and only wish the best for both of you! One day at a time.

    All the best,
    Rick Key

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