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25 January 2017 2,296 views 10 Comments

TBL Archive Special:

Seven nights with Led Zeppelin 40 years ago this week in 1977:


Led Zeppelin (on film) at the Granada Bedford January 1977.

The young DL gazes adoringly at the poster outside the Granada Cinema Bedford January 1977 – no prizes for guessing where this poster ended up – you got it – on my bedroom wall!

40 years ago this week  I was enjoying a seven night stint in the company of Led Zeppelin….or to be more specific their film The Song Remains The Same.

The newly released celluloid masterpiece was on general release and doing the rounds nationally and cue fanfare…had rolled into my home town of Bedford.

Yes Led Zeppelin alive on film in the quaint market town of Bedford for seven nights only and I needed to be there every night. Simple as that.

Now this event in the life of a mad keen  20 year old Zep fanatic was big news. I’d already seen the film six times before Christmas, the first three nights in London including the premiere plus screenings in Cambridge.

Now I had the luxury of walking from my home in Dents Road to St. Peters Street in Bedford every night for seven days to view it at the local Granada cinema. This long since knocked down theatre was a grand old building that alongside its cinema presentations, was a stop off for the many pop group package shows of the 1960s. It played host to The Beatles twice and Jimi Hendrix. In April 1964 the seven year old DL witnessed his first ever gig there featuring The Dave Clark Five.

The whole week was a total blast as various friends and relations joined my then girlfriend and me in seeing just what all this Zeppelin film fuss was about. My good friends (and past Earls Court and future Knebworth companions) Tom Locke, and Dec came along on the opening Sunday where we stayed for the 4pm and 7pm shows. Luckily there was no Wallbangers football match that day to get in the way.

No Monday morning feeling that week either. Absolutely not. A day in the WH Smith shop selling the records and tapes of choice to the Bedford public and then the nightly prospect of 137 minutes of Zep up on the big screen. It was pure heaven. Bedford Earls Court/Knebworth crew member Phil Harris was with us on the Tuesday night and another Bedford Zep fan and Wallbanger player Nick Crawley came along as well. Dec was back on Wednesday and again on the Friday where we sat through the afternoon and evening screenings.

As can be seen on this line up of the Cinema screenings that week – it was a choice of ”4 Track Magnetic Sound!” or ”Double X Sex!’. I chose the former big time honest!

Dec was also with me a year later in January 1978 when we made two bus rides in driving snow to see the film at Western Favell in Northampton. Now that’s what I call comradeship!

On the Thursday my late Mum and late sister came along to find out just exactly what it was that so inspired the junior one of the family. A lovely touch. This week of weeks ended on the Saturday and not even a family marriage could get in the way. My cousin was getting married that day but we still managed to sneak out of the reception for two hours to attend the final showing (viewing number nine for the week!) By then the manager of the Granada had seen our many visits and gave us free tickets. We even made the local press putting the record straight about some errors in the local review.

I did take a couple of photos of the Granada cinema – this one shows their name on the side billboard.

An incredible week looking back and it set the year up a treat. I did actually go down with glandular fever not long afterwards which is another story for another day. What we all wanted was to see of course was Led Zeppelin back onstage –the nearest I got to them was the memorable hour I spent at Heathrow Airport on May 17 as they flew out for the second leg of the US tour.

It was to be another two years before the glory of Knebworth.

In between all that I went on to see The Song Remains film around 30 times in UK cinemas from 1976 to 1979. It was the next best thing during their enforced absence. These excursions to see the film included the aforementioned bus ride out with Dec to Western Favell shopping centre near  Northampton on a snowy January night in 1978 and a late night showing in Luton when it followed a porn film – I kid you not!  I also saw it a fair few times at a small cinema near Wardour Street in London called The Essential. This was an art house cinema that regularly aired rock films of the day.

The arrival of the video age of course would soon make it much easier to view. In 1981 I managed to get an early bootleg copy from the collectors shop in Hanway Court off Oxford Street. The official release followed in 1984.

However, it was never quite as rewarding or exciting as those seven trips I made into Bedford St Peters Street  during that week s0me 40 years ago back in 1977.

It was like having Led Zeppelin live down the road available at will for a nightly fix. Seven nights in 1977…what a week that was…

Dave Lewis, January 25, 2017.



LZ News:

Led Zeppelin News Update:
In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page was photographed on holiday at the Marari Beach Resort in India. See the full photo here.

  • Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen claimed in an interview with My Global Mind that Jimmy Page taught him a guitar part in Japan recently, presumably at the Classic Rock Awards. “I was just in Japan and got to play with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page,” he said. “Jimmy was giving me insight on how to play a part on guitar. It was so phenomenal, I was such a Fanboy! I was trying to keep it in check and playing it really cool on the outside but on the inside was like WOW!” Page, of course, didn’t perform on stage at the event, so presumably Collen means that Page attended a rehearsal and they jammed together.

Robert Plant

  • Robert Plant issued a statement on the death of fellow Wolverhampton Wanderers Vice President Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. “This is sad news indeed as Rachael was a unique and wonderful lady – straight talking and no messing with bundles of energy, sensitivity and great humour,” Plant said. “She loved the city, the people and, of course, the football. She was a great ambassador to all three. My condolences go out to her family at this sad time.”

John Paul Jones

Upcoming events:

March 10 – “Song To Song,” the Terrence Malik film featuring Robert Plant, will have its world premiere at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Also, the new Fairport Convention album 50:50@50, which features a performance by Robert Plant, is released.
March 17 – “Song To Song,” the Terrence Malik film featuring Robert Plant, is scheduled to be released in the US.
April 16 – John Paul Jones will perform at the PRÉSENCES électronique music festival in Paris as one half of the band Minibus Pimps.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:


JPJ Finland Appearance:

John Paul Jones is set to perform in Finland on April 5 with Magnus Lindberg and Anssi Karttunen.


TBL Archive Retro: 1969…

It was 48 years ago today – one of the first documented print reviews of the Led Zeppelin debut album in Go magazine from January 24 1969… and yes Led Zeppelin was something you shouldn’t miss! Thanks Mike Tremaglio for that one.


More TBL Archive Retro – The 1975 US tour:

Here’s some more TBL archive retro – this time from early 1975 – one of my favourite Zep touring periods.

Reading this will have me searching for the US tour LPs and CDs – yes they were eratic over this period but the fragility of the band back then for me, added an extra dimension. So let’s go back 42 years…



TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot:

Snapshot Notes:

Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/When The Levee Breaks/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/The Wanton Song/No Quarter/In My Time Of Dying/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/How Many More Times/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Communication Breakdown.

Robert ‘s flue is now in full effect and Jimmy is struggling with an injured finger. How Many More Times’ was recalled to the set to allow space for guitar improvisation. As Page told Chris Charlesworth of Melody Maker: “We’ve had to cut ‘Dazed And Confused’ from the set and substitute ‘How Many More Times’ which we haven’t played for four years. I’m still doing the violin bow routine but we’ve had to alter even that and I can’t do it as well as I’d like to. I can tell it’s not as good as it usually is but the audience don’t seem to notice.

In addition to these problems, the sound system was a little defective, ensuring that press reviews were not all entirely favourable.
“Led Zeppelin: malfunctions reduce power,” reported Al Rudis: “Led Zeppelin is alive, but not well. Robert Plant’s ‘flu-ridden voice hurt the British band in its concert Monday. Jimmy Page was nursing a broken finger too. What was worst of all was the old bugaboo of rock and roll: defective sound equipment. In Zeppelin’s case, it’s understandable that the group wouldn’t want to be burdened with maintaining its own sound system if it only tours every year and a half; but they’re the ones who rented the system used Monday night, so they must be held responsible.”

“Kinky Led Zeppelin still king of the funky,” wrote Jack Hafferkamp: “For its part, the band played a new variation on its standard heavy-heavy, super-loud, bare-chested, Victorian decadent, fingernail polish and lipstick, kiss-me-because-I’m-really-funky, cartoon performance. Two hours worth.
“Still there were a few surprises. My companion, for example, noted she owns a blouse just like the one Robert Plant was wearing. John Bonham played what must have been the longest drum solo in the history of mankind. And Plant revealed over, and over, and over again that he has the flu. He said that almost as many times as he mentioned the title of the band’s new record. In fact, I think the final score was New Record 8, Flu 5.”

chicago tick

Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/When The Levee Breaks/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/The Wanton Song/No Quarter/In My Time Of Dying/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/How Many More Times/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Communication Breakdown.

The second night in Chicago was a marked improvement, as Lisa Robinson famously reported: “Fifteen seconds onstage and everyone knows it’s going to be HOT. They’ve been truly depressed and confused all day about the first Chicago show. No matter, tonight they’re playing with that old black Zeppelin magic again, and the audience go wild. It sounds as if The Beatles battled the Stones in a parking lot – and Zeppelin won!”

Snapshot Listen – how it sounds now:

Led Zeppelin Live On The Levee (Silver Rarities)

The January 21st Chicago show is available on various CD releases – It’s actually made up of mainly the 20th night with fourteen minutes from the 21st. I have it on the Silver Rarities purchased from the Victoria record fair in the early 90s. The tape is a fairly clear if noisy audience recording but suffers at times with tape drop out and fluctuations.
”I’ve got a touch of flue” admits Robert early on and his vocals are certainly suffering. For his part, Jimmy battles on regardless of the finger problem. Over The Hills is already extending in length with that wonderfully lyrical solo. Jimmy is also well animated for When the Levee Breaks and In My Time of Dying played back to back – instrumentally both are pretty awesome deliveries – what a thrill it must have been to witness this rare double dose of bottleneck bravado live on stage. Levee is particularly menacing.

Kashmir (”Jonesy on mellotron – saves all the bread for the orchestra people”) works well despite Robert struggling at times. The Wanton Song (”from the long awaited album even by us”) is a definite highlight, Page attacking the riff with strong intent. It’s a real shame they did not preserve with this and keep in the set. No Quarter is still in a state of transition before it became something of a marathon, Trampled Underfoot is a fairly standard delivery while Moby Dick is back with usual Bonham aplomb (”One man’s got the flu one man’s fit as a fiddle!”) and then to How Many More Times.

A compact eleven minute delivery that features the bow episode and then switches into the Oh Rosie segment and on to the home straight. Stairway To Heaven is an epic performance and from this point, Robert rallies well vocally. In fact, on any given night in 1975, Stairway was performed with immense dedication. Encores – something of a unique arrangement for Whole Lotta Love with Plant going straight into the ”keep a coolin’ baby, I wanna be your backdoor man” usual closing refrain and then they hit Black Dog head on and boy – after all the physical drawbacks, the power of Led Zeppelin in 1975 is clearly in evidence.

It would be awhile before they were back to 100% fitness on this tour but already there was indication of the onstage embellishments to come.



Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains the Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/How Many More Times/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog/Communication Breakdown.

Something of lacklustre performance. The strain was showing with Jimmy, John Paul and Bonzo having risen very early and flown coast to coast (against the time changes) from Los Angeles to reach Greensboro in time. Robert, who flew in from Chicago, would probably have benefited from another day in bed. The show is now condensed even further by the removal of ‘The Wanton Song’ from the set list. Levee has also been dropped.

Chris Charlesworth remembers the aftermath:  “About five hundred fans attempted to storm the rear of the building, throwing broken bottles, stones and pieces of scaffolding. Three of the group’s five limousines were severely damaged, and the drivers of the other two – which were parked inside the building – wanted to take their cars away. Peter Grant wasn’t having that… oh no! He actually offered to buy them on the spot for cash, but after a ‘discussion’ the drivers had no alternative but to let him have them.

“The group and entourage had to make a very quick getaway within seconds of the final encore. Grant took the wheel of the first limo with the band and Richard Cole inside, and everybody else piled into the second. With a Police escort, sirens blazing, at speeds of up to 70 mph in a heavily built-up area, Grant led the way, driving through red lights and on the wrong side of the road.

“It was incredible to be involved in scenes like that… Peter was just unflappable. When we got to the plane he got out and kicked the car really hard. ‘Fucking useless pile of junk!’ he shouted. ‘Way off tune… my old Bently goes twice as fast!’ We all just stood there laughing… totally exhilerated by it all. Then we flew back to New York and the band checked in the Plaza. It was a very tiring day. Unforgettable!”

Snapshot Listen – how it sounds now: 

I have this recording on the Footstomping Graffiti double CD (No label). Noisy but fairly clear audience tape.

Lacklustre at times but still some inspired moments. Robert is clearly struggling which is evident in his between song patter -his voice is straining even when talking.  Jimmy takes a while to get in the swing but is well on it by No Quarter which now running at 16 minutes and heading for greatness (Jimmy’s finger is cool” says Plant defiantly at one point). The new material goes down well with Trampled particularly vibrant. At 18 minutes, Moby Dick provides a rest for Page and Plant (”John Bonham Moby Dick – Mr Physical Graffiti!” How Many More Times has a few elements of Dazed creeping in. Stairway again proves it’s worth and is something of a saving grace. Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog and Communication Breakdown ( the latter with Jimmy thrashing the hell out of the wah wah pedal) provide a valiant encore finale…and valiant is a good description overall for another challenging performance, given the physical drawbacks they were experiencing.

TBL Led Zep 1975 Snapshot Four:




Set: Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir/No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick/How Many More Times (inc. The Hunter – The Lemon Song)/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love – Black Dog.

“Good evening! It’s our great pleasure to be just about back!” Plant’s opening comment sums up the gig quite accurately. The band were slowly returning to form.

”Tonight we intend to cover the spectrum of a lot of the varying music that we’ve been doing for the last seven years. As we go though this spectrum we want to include some of the new stuff from Physical Graffiti, the LP that comes out soon” (love Robert’s use of the word LP – so quaint).

Plant explains the problem with Jimmy’s finger and joked that… “The bone on his wedding ring finger is bust and that’s a real drag because if he was to get married now, he couldn’t get a ring on”. Bonzo was introduced tonight, as he would be many times on the tour, as “Mr Ultraviolence!”, a reference to the Clockwork Orange style suits that both he and his assistant Mick Hinton wore throughout the tour. This is preceded by Plant’s claim that John is ”The man who made Led Zeppelin a legend.”

Snapshot Listen – how it sounds now: 

From the double CD Just About Back – a slightly muffled audience tape but good for the time. The title deriving from Plant’s opening comments ”It’s our great pleasure to be just about back”. Just about back they are with the similar problems from Greensboro in evidence. This though is an altogether livelier showing – Page is particularly inventive on Over The Hills and despite the vocal range shortcomings, Plant attacks In My Time Of Dying and Kashmir with much verve. How Many More Times has it’s final delivery and it’s a solid free flowing performance. All roads would now lead back to the Garden as New York was the next stop off – and when it came to New York, well they were all no doubt aware that they had a reputation to maintain…


Summary: I’m with TBL contributor Andy Crofts view that the January 1975  Zep shows, though far from perfect, offer some quirky unusual set lists and performances. Here’s what Andy said in his piece on the tour in TBL 36- plus his ten notable moments listing from this period:

In my opinion Led Zeppelin’s  January 1975 performances have had a lot if unfair bad press. Musically the band  are fine, and they show us the kind of gig the band had in mind before the reality of touring the US in 1975 got the better of them. If they are rusty, they are also working hard, to put on a professional show each night. To my ear, these shows ‘cut the crap’ in the same way that they band would do – and stick to – in 1980. It makes for a refreshing listen and a fine contrast to the grandstanding that begins to take over once they reach Madison Square Garden in February….of which more next time.

Meanwhile, my advice is that you search out some of these January 1975 performances and prepare to be surprised that far from being overly sick again…Led Zeppelin were often on a very favourable night flight

Ten Notable Moments from January 1975:

Here are ten notable performances from January 1975 that demonstrate the band striving to give it their all after a lengthy period away from the stage……and despite some physical restrictions.

greens one

January 12thh (Brussels): When The Levee Breaks.

Ok, it doesn’t quite work, but this is by far the best chance to hear this song live.

January 12th (Brussels): The Song Remains The Same

The drums are off at the beginning, but it soon settles down into a fast-paced and well-controlled version.

January 12th (Brussels): The Wanton Song

Another rare one. It’s a shame they dropped it. This version is strongly played and sung, and the solo – while varying from the album version – gets better the more I listen.

January 22nd (Chicago): How Many More Times

Probably the best version of this for 1975, and certainly the best sounding. Jimmy and Robert work together well here, just like the old days, a fact acknowledged by Robert at the end.

January 22nd (Chicago): Stairway To Heaven

The recording has a few glitches, but this is a fine version, with Plant making a big effort and a scorching guitar solo.

January 22nd (Chicago): Communication Breakdown

They didn’t play this much after January, replacing it with the more complex Heartbreaker. This is a strong, fun version with a funky Crunge-like middle section.

January 24th (Cleveland): No Quarter

I’ve picked this one because I really like the guitar solo; inventive and in places quite Floyd-like. The shorter versions of this song always pack more punch for me.

January 29th (Greesnboro): Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog

I couldn’t resist one from Greensboro. Whole Lotta Love is still a mere intro, but Black Dog is well sung, and Jimmy’s guitar is spot on.

January 31st (Detroit): Over The Hills And Far Away

Any version of this from 1975 is on the money, to be honest. I like this one for the solo; Jimmy isn’t flawless but he is energetic and inventive.

January 31st (Detroit): The Rain Song

A beautifully clear version, well played and sung.

Sources: these are the underground titles used as sources – note there are a fair few variations and differing versions of these dates on CD.

January 12th (Brussels) :  Belgian Triple

January 22nd (Chicago): Windy City Tapes Vol.3

January 24th (Cleveland): Ultravilence

January 29th (Greesnboro):. A Quick Getaway

January 31st (Detroit): Tune Up

Compiled by Andy Crofts.

TBL Led Zep ’75 Snapshot – To be continued…


Pete Overend Watts 1947 – 2016:

It was very sad to hear the passing of Mott the Hoople founding member Pete Overend Watts aged 69. Always such a colourful and integral part of the band…and he is well prominent on the wonderful Top of The Pops clip of Roll Away the Stone – see below…RIP.

Rick Wakeman covers  Stairway To Heaven:

Rick Wakeman has recorded his version of Stairway To Heaven on his new album Piano Portraits. The album s includes a host of classic songs  including Morning Has Broken, Space Oddity and I’m Not In Love all given Rick’s the sensitive piano treatment – no more so than his solo rendering of Life On Mars – as initially performed as a tribute to David Bowie on Radio Two last year. That one can still reduce me to tears…………………

Aboout TBL and Dave Lewis – TBL Website Link Updated:

I have recently substancially updated the About TBL and Dave Lewis link on the TBL website – it now encompasses a host of information about the world of TBL and myself – it’s something of a DL greatest hits and more – be sure check it out at the link below:


DL Diary Blog Update:

It was great to catch up with an old friend and colleague Chris Eden last Thursday  for the first time in some 28 years. Chris and I worked together in Sound FX and Our Price back in the mid 80s. there was much nostalgic chat about the glory days of record retailing back then. In the pic Chris has his new acquisition of a Led Zep TBL Knebworth book – I am holding up a sticker that was used to promote the Brit Awards back in 1986. It says ‘’Life Sounds Better To Music’’. Much has changed since we last met but that statement remains absolutely true…

On Friday there was only a quick early morning visit to the Vinyl Barn where a nice copy of PP Arnold’s Greatest Hits was purchased.

There was a much more important matter on the day as we attended Tom’s Dad’s funeral – a day of high emotion to say the least.

It took a couple of days to get over that -an early morning bike ride on Saturday to clear my head found me by the Embankment. The freezing fog made for some beuatiful wintery images – I was pleased to capture this one below…

It was then back on another week of TBL 42 promo work and prep for TBL projects ahead.

On the player – a combination of old faves and more recent DL vinyl acquisitions –  including the following:

Led Zeppelin – One More Night – Live in Southampton ’73

The Yardbirds – Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds

David Crosby Lighthouse – got this last week -superb new album.

The Hollies – Confessions Of The Mind

Jethro Tull – So Much Trouble – BBC Sessions July 1968 – June 1969

David Bowie – Bowie At The Beeb

Cat Stevens – Numbers

Miles Davis – Jack Johnson

Thunderclap Newman – Hollywood Dream

Richard Thompson – Live

It’s a busy social couple of days ahead as Dec is due over from Ireland tomorrow night. On Friday, we are having our annual Wallbanger reunion day out in London – something we have been doing every year since 1993.  In the confines of more than one or two pubs in the Islington area, we will recall our former footballing glories on the not so green and pleasant pitches of Bedford – and no doubt much retro records and music talk (or ”old bollocks” as our female counterparts might deem it!). Here’s a pic of the young DL in 1981 playing for the Wallbangers on the local Jubilee Park pitch Adam played on a few weeks back. He was far better than I ever was!

There will be more nostalgic talk when the next day we line up for my very good friend Phil Harris’s re scheduled 60th birthday party. (I won’t be able to make the Victoria Fair due to this important date). This was postponed from late November last year when Phil was ill. Pleasingly, it’s all back on for Saturday night  – and rather conveniently for the good lady Janet and I, it’s being held at the local Fox And Hounds just down the road – so we can walk back.

Mind you, if I am out on the floor throwing some shapes, the old knees might be playing up a bit. As Phil now rightly knows, at 60 we have to be a little careful out there….!

Dave Lewis – January 25, 2017

Until next time – have a great weekend…

TBL Website updates compiled by Dave Lewis

with thanks to Gary Foy and James Cook

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The TBL/DL Facebook page has regular updates and photos – be sure to check it out.

And follow TBL/DL on Twitter.


And finally…YouTube clips:

Rick Wakeman performs Stairway To Heaven:

Mott The Hoople – Roll Away The Stone…for Pete Overend Watts RIP…

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Awesome cinema -should never have been knocked down!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Presence is the real heart and soul of his playing in my view…

  • Dave Whyte said:


    I have long thought that Page’s playing, from a purely physical/technical perspective, was at it’s very best during the 72/73 tour.

    From an inventive/creative point of view I feel Presence really takes the top prize. It’s a dazzling accomplishment with a futuristic feel and brillant production.

    Any thoughts about this?


    Dave W.

  • Pete Leigh said:

    Remember those huge curtains in Grenada one?-such a great place

  • Robert Monti said:

    Hello from Montreal Canada.

    Let me make clear from the start that I am a huge Zeppelin fan. I was fortunate enough to catch them live.Front row Feb 6 1975 at the old Mtl Forum.It was a huge thrill. A night I will never forget. But to be honest the quality of the show left a lot to be desired. Plant’s vocals were disappointing to say the least.

    If you look back at the entire tour of 1975 as a whole most of the performances were sub par. Whether is was Page’s finger or Plant’s vocals. Even the vastly improved Earl’s Court shows were lacking. Which is why they were never released as a complete concert film. Plant’s vocals just never seemed to get of the ground the entire tour.

    Other that the excuse that he was suffering from the flu no one wants to discuss the fact the from the 73 tour onward he was never the same. He had his moments on the 77 tour(L.A shows) but other than that he struggled to get his voice back.

    Still a huge fan of the band

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Larry Great stuff there – Dylan I need to check out!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Dave I saw Zep at Ally Pally London in December 72
    No Zep in 77 wish I had!

  • Dave W said:


    Did you see Zeppelin during the 1973 and 1977 tours?


  • Larry said:

    Thanks for the great entry Dave. The Song Remains The Same…saw that one in the theatre a few times myself…first time, I went with my buddies and I took my kid sister with us, who was begging to go…halfway thru Dazed And Confused she started telling me that she wanted to leave! That wasn’t happening!

    Agreed, the early 75 shows have a lot to offer. They should have stuck with Levee and Wanton, those could have been terrific onstage vehicles. The Chicago video is one of the essential pieces of Zep celluloid, the band is into it and on fire, and the fans were entertained to say the least. The Detroit show has one of my favorite versions of No Quarter, concise and with a great solo by Page.

    Nice photo of the Embankment…I seem to remember that place! On my player this week has been Real Live by Dylan, mid-80s…not known as one of his great ones, but it’s a rocking concert with the great Mick Taylor on guitar, well worth a listen (or re-listen).

  • Mark Williams said:

    Dave, beautiful version of Stairway there by Rick. Can’t wait to see ARW in Apollo on March 18th.

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