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9 May 2014 5,902 views 5 Comments



TBL 37 coming your way soon:

TBL 37 is in the house….copies arrived today and it’s looking good. The task ahead is to begin stuffing said magazine into envelopes for the TBL 37 distribution. This is already underway here and will be ongoing into next week. I am hoping to have all UK copies out by the middle of the week to arrive hopefully by next weekend. Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and all other overseas destinations will also be despatched over the next week – the objective being to get them to you as quickly as possible.

All copies will include a flyer to prompt you to re subscribe as this issue ends the 2013/4 subscription and it will be time to subscribe for the 2014/15 magazines –issues 38, 39 and 40.

May I offer sincere thanks to Mike Tremaglio, Andy Crofts, Nick Anderson and Gary Foy for all their input and assistance in making this issue what it is.

As mentioned previously this issue is an exceptional one coming at a prime time of Zep activity. Here’s what is in store:

Led Zeppelin Summer 2014:  The Led Zeppelin Reissues – looking through the portal. Exclusive insight into the forthcoming Led Zeppelin reissues.

Led Zeppelin In the Beginning Early 1969: Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the tumultuous first Led Zeppelin tour of the US with extensive and accurate detail guaranteed to take you back to the psychedelic ballrooms and venues where the legend first came alive…

Led Zeppelin Early 1975: Andy Crofts continues his tape analysis of the early months of 1975 –stopping off in February where Led Zeppelin were in the throes of a significant physical recovery…

Jimmy Page at 70: On the occasion of his 70th birthday – the TBL Poll Results –the all-time favorite Jimmy Page performances as voted by you – plus James Patrick Page Session Man box set reviewed.

Joe Jammer: The TBL Interview: ‘’Watching Led Zeppelin was like seeing a freight train on steroids’’ –  A roadies tale and more – exclusive interview with the Zep ’69 guitar tech and roadie and performer in his own right…

Deborah Bonham Interview: Thoughts on her new album Spirit and her brother John’s legacy – ‘’It’s about the soul and the passion and you’ve got to be able to bring that to the stage and the instrument you are playing and that is what John did’’

Glenn Hughes on California Breeding: ‘’Jason Bonham can now really put his hat next to his father’s – this is the greatest drumming he’s ever done on record by far.’’

Nick Anderson Collectors Column:  News of Led Zep 1 and Houses of The Holy acetates, The Object, eBay latest and more

Collector Focus –a museum of Led Zep magazines: Roger Berlin’s museum of Led Zeppelin magazine museum

Robert Plant: A new slant: Latest Sensational Space Shifters news plus John Paul Jones: Cloud to ground: Minibus Pimps album and latest JPJ news activity.

For a limited period only, this new issue of the Tight But Loose magazine issue 37 will be available at a special bargain price of just £3.00 plus postage –that’s nearly half the cost of the standard cover price!

With the expectancy of the Led Zeppelin reissues reaching fever pitch across the globe, there has never been a better time to come aboard the world of Tight But Loose.

The forthcoming TBL magazine is the perfect companion to get you right in the zone as the first three Led Zeppelin reissues are released…

And this issue is an exceptional one… order here now!

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant interview in Rolling Stone:

In the first of what will be a series of media print interviews Jimmy and Robert have spoken to Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene about the Led Zeppelin reissues and more – here’s an extract from the preview story via Rolling

Jimmy Page spent much of the past few years tucked away in a London studio, listening to every take of every Zeppelin LP and carefully picking the best rarities, alternate versions, live cuts and more – from an outtake of “Immigrant Song” to a previously unknown cover of the blues classic “Keys to the Highway” from 1970. “I left no stone unturned,” says the 70-year-old Page, sitting by a fireplace in the lobby of a posh hotel near the Royal Albert Hall. “I can’t have anyone else do it because I want it done properly. I dread to think how it could have been thrown together if I wasn’t around.”

Page has turned into a walking Zeppelin encyclopedia in recent years, rattling off obscure details of old studio sessions and the minute differences between takes of “Black Dog.” When he came across a bootleg of a 1969 Paris show that was broadcast live on radio at a Japanese record store, he scoured the planet for the original tapes. It’s now a bonus disc on the new edition of Led Zeppelin I, though the bulk of bonus material from the other deluxe editions of Zeppelin albums consists of studio material. “I see them as companion discs,” says Page. “They comprise work done around the exact time of each album. They are fascinating to hear and they hold up alongside the original albums.”

While assembling the bonus material, Page was careful to not unearth too many takes that have surfaced on bootlegs. “I was pretty diligent with my detection work,” he says. “I didn’t want to put together a compilation where ninety percent of it had been bootlegged. I asked a guy that runs one of the fanzines if he’s heard any of this material before. He told me he hadn’t. That was a really good feeling.”

See more at:

Re the above comment:

That is a reference to a conversation I had with Jimmy – the context of which is revealed and explained in the new TBL magazine – more on this to follow.


More Rolling Stone:

More comments here from Robert Plant on the reunion subject etc via Rolling Stone:

Guitar World:

guitar world

The forthcoming issue of Guitar World has a great new Jimmy Page portrait shot in London recently by Ross Halfin -and features an extensive interview about the reissues conducted by Brad Tolinksi.


Led Zeppelin Reissue media round up:

Last Friday a second trailer previewing the Led Zeppelin II deluxe edition with a clip of the rough mix of Whole Lotta Love was released via Rhino/Warners. This was followed on Monday by the airing of a radio edit of Whole Lotta Love rough mix. This was aired on BBC radio 2 and as an exclusive on The Guardian website. The full version is also on You tube.

Here’s The Guardian link:

The official Led Zeppelin site also offered an opportunity for fans to enter a sweepstake to attend the forthcoming press conference hosted by Jimmy Page which is being held in Paris on May 21st. The event will be streamed live on at 8:30 PM CET 21 May.

More info at:


Jimmy Page in America:

Jimmy is currently in America to receive his honorary doctoratee at the Berklee College of Music in Boston On May 10th. He was also listed as a guest on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday though this is not confirmed.


Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page book due out in a second edition from Genesis Publications:

This news just in from Genesis Publications…

Originally conceived as a limited edition of only 2,500 copies worldwide, the first printing of JIMMY PAGE BY JIMMY PAGE sold out within weeks of release. In the spring of 2010, it became the fastest-selling book in Genesis Publications’ 40-year history. Now Jimmy Page and Genesis Publications announce a more accessible and affordable printing of the book, to be released this October 2014.

See more at:


John  Paul Jones  for Bonnaroo with Seasick Steve:


John Paul Jones will be performing at the  Bonnaroo Festival with Seasick Steve – June 12th-15th


Many thanks to


Robert Plant – Whole Lotta Penalties…

This story via Planet Rock:

In a Bank Holiday Monday charity football match, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant stepped up to the spot to take a series of penalties during half-time.

Plant (wearing full kit with “Whole Lotta Love” on the back) took the spot-kicks against Wolves’ chief executive Jez Moxey, who denied him two goals.

The game saw an all-star Wolverhampton Wanderers XI defeat a Sunderland XI 4-1 and raised money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Toby Craddock, the youngest son of former Wolves centre-back Jody Craddock, is receiving treatment for leukaemia.

A You tube clip of the event can be viewed below:



BT Sport – Robert Plant interview with Danny Baker and Danny Kelly.

Here’s a link to an interview Robert conducted with Danny Baker and Danny Kelly last weekend:


Led Zeppelin Knebworth August 11th, 1979 and Westfalenhalle Dortmund June 17th, 1980 cine film:

Some excellent  newly discovered silent cine film of the above shows has surfaced – see you tube  clip below.


DL Diary Update:

It’s been an intensive few days here preparing the imminent mail out of TBL 37. This has been some task as very pleasingly, this issue is proving to be the best selling of recent times. Envelopes have been labelled (thank you GF for the labels!), stamps are being applied and now the task will be to stuff the magazines and get them to the post.

house 2

They say a week is a long time in politics, well a week in the Led Zeppelin Reissue zone is certainly that – with so much happening it really is hard to keep up – the past seven days we’ve had the Paris press conference sweepstake, the launching of the Led Zeppelin II trailer, the airing of the Whole Lotta Love rough mix (how good is that!) and the first media interviews – this is a full on period for sure and it’s making sleep at a premium here to keep up…but who needs sleep when the Zep circuit is this exciting although I have to say I am a little tired today…but it’s ever onward.

Playlist – some Led Zeppelin 1973 US tour inspired by the May 5th Tampa anniversary including LZ Rhoder, Three Days After  and Live In Seattle, plus Humble Pie Smokin’ LP, King Curtis Instant Groove CD, Miles Davis Bitches Brew CD, David Crosby Croz LP, Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds Of Fire LP, Janis Joplin In Concert LP..

I had to laugh when the visiting Dec and I wandered over to the music festival being held at one of our Locals The White Horse on Bank Holiday Monday. A blues duo were on stage and no sooner had we got there they went into a version of Key To the Highway. There’s no getting away from this Led Zep reissue caper!

Ahead here this weekend is more packing of magazines and I will check out the Bedford Pop Up Record shop event which is happening here on Saturday.

bedpoprs_flyer (1)

For one day only there will be a record shop in the town – something we took for granted back in the day and something I knew all about when I worked in them in Bedford from 1974  to 2003 – hey I might even purchase a vinyl LP or two – a weekend Bedford ritual circa the early 70s and a tradition I very much enjoy upholding.


And finally some visual delights:

Led Zeppelin II official Trailer:

Led Zeppelin Knebworth August 11th 1979 and Dortmund June 17th 1980 cine film:

Whole Lotta penalties:

Until next time…Keep listening, keep reading… Dave Lewis/Gary Foy – May 9th 2014.

Have a great weekend

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  • VHP said:

    Brian & Stephen,

    Spot on with your comments re Jimmy. No all new studio release in 16 years is somewhat dissapointing, as is his lack of ‘complete’ live shows. The O2 being his only full live show in now over a decade. I fully accept that he has been busy during that time with the Led Zep DVD, O2 DVD and now the remasters, but he has been saying since 2004 about his radical new CD & how he was keen to be out there playing.

    I was lucky enough to be at the O2 gig and did hope that it may have re ignited his desire for some solo shows – but 6 1/2 years on nothing. I hope his promise of a new CD of demo’s (mentioned on his web site in January) happens this year.

    I am off to see Jimmy’s old band mate Jeff Beck at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham in a few days time. I am really looking forward to it. I would love to see Jimmy do a tour of similar sized venues rather than trying to fill the NEC or the O2 sized venues as a solo artist.

    Maybe Jimmy should take up Jeff’s recent offer & do someting together. Now that would be very interisting.

  • brian said:

    Stephen’s comments hit the nail on the head. Couldn’t have said it any better. We all love and revere Page as the greatest, but are desperate for new material and so disappointed at the lack of it for over a decade. I would bet that he and JPJ could throw something together instrumentally that would blow our collective minds. Take a cue from the great Glenn Hughes and quickly pick up the pieces when the band you believe in falls apart.

  • Stephen said:

    Regarding Page in Rolling Stone: “I don’t want to start proposing another [reissue] project because it will take me another six months or a year. I’d rather spend time practicing my guitar and going out to play.”

    Jimbo, we’ve been hearing this since the demise of Page/Plant in 1998! This is a big call, but I doubt we’ll hear a new studio album from Page again, Zep or otherwise. Having read most of the reissue interviews he’s done, it seem he has taken stock of his age, 70, and has come to the conclusion that his best way forward is to preserve his legacy with Zep. That’s what he’ll be remembered for. I still expect him to do the odd live appearance and guest spot here and there though. It’s a shame, because from 1999-2014 he had time, outwith the Zep reunion, to put together a few albums before age caught up with him. But he chose to release expensive art books, launch a website, imitate Zep with the Black Crowes, etc. It’s been frustrating for fans who have had their hopes raised by his yearly comments about putting a new band together in the fall, in the new year, etc. You can never repeat the magic of Zep. After 1998, Jimmy needed a new muse.


    Ref. Andrew’s comment – yep indeed, time has now passed for any lingering hope of a reformation (let alone re-union). Sad indeed, particulary for JPP.

    Let’s just hope JPP in particular can move on and bring us more musical bliss….

  • andrew R said:

    Ref the rolling stone comments.As John Lennon once said “the dream is (finally)over”

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