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11 October 2012 3,415 views 9 Comments

To mark the impending momentous worldwide screening of the Led Zeppelin Ahmet Ertegun 02 reunion concert on October 17th, we are counting down to the day with a daily Celebration Day Newsletter post. This will feature relevant news and updates and archive features.

Countdown to the Celebration Day…6 days to go.

Above photo by Krys Jantzen


Here’s a compilation You tube clip of the New York Press Conference:

Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” Movie Press Conference in NYC


Here are three on the spot reports from the New York Premiere

This from Rob Pistella: 

Led Zeppelin Gets the Last Word

Above photos by Rob Pistella

At their press conference prior to the American premiere of their latest film Celebration Day, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin spoke lovingly of their affection for both American root music, and also the importance of signing with New York based Atlantic Records.

So it was with great anticipation along with an almost familial homecoming that New York fans welcomed home the band to witness the release of the first new Zeppelin product in a long, long time.

By the grace of God, and with a little help from a friend close to the band, I was able to procure a pass to the premiere. I was told to arrive by 6:30 PM, but not wanting to leave anything to go wrong and prevent me from participating, I got there 5:30PM. Nothing wrong with reminiscing with fellow Zep heads online, discussing which tour was best and bragging rights on who attended the O2 show five years ago!

(Very interestingly, whilst I was online to get my guest ticket, a fellow from Ireland came over to me, stunned, to say that they were giving out ’50 or so’ tickets around the corner to fans for free! I hightailed it around the corner, and there was a table set up, giving out tickets! I asked for one, and they said ‘lucky you, we have only one left!” I quickly called my NY Mate Terence Hanrahan, who had seen Zep previously in 1975 at Nassau Coliseum and two shows in 1977 at MSG (as I did), as well as numerous Plant/ Page shows. “Get your ass down here NOW, drop everything you’re going to see Zep tonight!” I told him. I didn’t have to tell him twice– 25 minutes later he showed up dazed and confused (sorry!) as I filled him in on the details of his great and serendipitous luck!)

We ended up walking with KISS guitarist Paul Stanley, and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was right ahead of us… the Zigfield is a wonderfully elegant theatre, and the crowd was respectfully quiets, but there was definitely an excitement in the air… free soft drinks and popcorn were given out.

All seat were assigned, and I had 16th row on the aisle.

At 7:29, an announcement was made that the show as about to begin, and we should take our seats. At 7:45 or so, as we all sat rather quietly, the band unassumingly walked in from a rear entrance and went straight away to their seats in the 18th and 19th rows. I thought that they felt that the sound was the most balanced from that vantage point. Everyone craned their necks and began to shoot photos with their phones, but it was near impossible to get a clear shot. It would have nice had the band gone up onstage for a few minutes to let everyone properly applaud them and take a group shot, but the band did not choose to do this.

After a brief introduction by a local radio personality, the lights dimmed, and the film began.

Celebration Day certainly raised the standard for concerts films going forward. Filmed with 14 cameras, the director clearly loved the band and their music, studied the band, and captured so many of the musical cues and non verbal communication that help us understand how Zeppelin created their magical sound that was, as we say, ‘tight but loose’.

Happily there were virtually no audience shots, interviews, extraneous material. This was strictly a record of that great concert, from up close, in digital picture and sound.

It was clearly a celebratory night, hence the title (of a song that wasn’t performed). I was impressed at how happy the band was, and the studied camerawork really, really allowed us great insight to the wonderful communion the band had that night. That magical and subtle communication was captured as no other concert film has ever done before.

Having not seen the O2 show myself, it was definitely a great consolation prize for me and I suspect many in the audience to attend this virtual concert, with the band in attendance. I know I loudly applauded after every song, as did many, as we we’re truly applauding the band!

Other reviewers will certainly speak at great length about each song, but I won’t here. It was a perfectly paced set, perfectly performed and perfectly filmed and recorded. Jason Bonham has enough of his father’s blood and body and spirit to ignite and complete the four part alchemic Zep magic–You want this.

One thought that occurred to me was how could Robert Plant not tour after witnessing the incredible musicianship that the film displays. The performance was first rate, like a fine wine that’s been opened to be savored. There was nothing rusty, or tired, nor dated– in fact it seemed to me that the film captured the band at a peak of sorts, certainly at the top of their game.

The band left the theatre right after the final song (“Kashmir”) before the encores…no doubt to avoid the crowds.

Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 after the tragic and ignominious death of John Bonham. They were robbed of the luxury of making a final statement, as the Beatles were able to do when they recorded their last album together, Abbey Road. For all its charms, weaknesses and strengths, In Through the Out Door was clearly a transitional record for the band. Coda was an inauspicious end, and they and we were robbed of a final, grand, deeply felt and purposeful statement. Death had robbed them of that.

Should the members of Led Zeppelin do nothing else together, I predict this film of their last performance is great enough in its reach and achievement to be added to their cannon of work as their last testament and statement. It deserves a place besides Presence and Physical Graffiti and all the rest. It’s so much more than a concert film of a great concert.

In 1980, Led Zeppelin died.

With the release of Celebration Day, Led Zeppelin has risen from the grave, born again, and reclaimed from death itself, the last word.

Long Live Led Zeppelin.

Rob Pistella – New York City- 10 October 2012

Above photo by Rob Pistella

This from Anthony Andolini:

I have to say it definately a once in a lifetime experience that was surreal to say the least.
Celebration Day, the documentary of Led Zeppelin’s O2 Arena performance in 2007 for Ehmet Ertegun, is finally the official release of the footage taken that night. This is something that
Zeppelin fans have been waiting for, for almost five years.While the 18,000 plus lucky fans who were actually at the show, others like myself had to settle for purchasing bootleg after bootleg trying to find the best quality video and sound to enjoy the experience for ourselves.

Tuesday October 9, 2012 here in New York City, with the help of Gerry Martire, disc jockey for Q104.3 here in New York City, I was given the opportunity to be at the World Premiere of Celebration Day at the Ziegfeld Theatre. Being there was one the best Led Zeppelin related experiences I have had in my life and lucky enough to share it with two people very close and dear to me.
The sound quality of the documentary was excellent and to see my childhood idols performing life size, as if I was sitting in the first ten rows. It was a terrific mix of various on stage video, and footage taken up close to the stage and from far away.
The night for me was surreal, my thought during the documentary is I am watching Led Zeppelin with Led Zeppelin. The setlist consisted of many of their popular hits and one song, For Your Life, which had never been played in public before. The set list is nothing new to Zeppelin fans, I feel more importantly to me was being able to see the band’s reaction to the film, watching it in public for the first time. I found it difficult to focus on the documentary, my attention drifted from the screen to the band, curious to watch their reactions of watching themselves on the screen. I got the impression they were quite proud of the documentary and seemed to enjoy watching it. The most memorable memory
I have of the evening, is watching Jimmy Page play the leads of the songs to the music in his seat. I am looking forward to watching it again, Wednesday October 17th and being able to focus on the show.I would recommend to everyone to see this documentary. It is a great performance by the band, and an opportunity for people who are not fans exposure to the greatest rock and roll band of all time.
Anthony Andolini

This from long time contributor Krys Jantzen: 

Brief update from NYC. Terrific night with Led Zeppelin mania decending on New York City for the first time since 1977 (OK, since 1988?). Crowds everywhere.  At the theatre around the corner from MoMA crowds lined up early.

Had seats about half way back and as house lights dimmed, the crowd went mental, as only New Yorkers seem to do. It was very press heavy, so reaction will be even bigger next week when regular punters can see the film. Biggest cheer of night was right after GTBT and then continued thereafter. Dazed popular, Ramble On intimate, Kashmir massive, Stairway still a touchstone for a legion of American fans. Lots of US celebs in crowd: Kiss, Metallica, etc. Weird feeling to be watching a film of the London concert, in New York. A massive cheer at the end and as the crowd streamed out on to the street New Yorkers had finally got to see what we saw in London five years ago.

Currently on a 2 hour train journey to Hampton on Long Island. Exausting night and bit hungover today. Will catch up more when I see you next week. Have a great Friday night in Hammersmith!  Krys Jantzen

Many thanks to Rob,Anthony and Krys for that feedback.

The Daily Mail link here has some excellent photos from the New York Premiere –


Above: TBL 33 -packed and ready and about to go global via Royal Mail…

As you can see TBL issue 33 is on the way and  spreading the latest Zep word to destinations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland…truly the global essential Led Zeppelin magazine…and coming your way soon…

Above: He writes them, he sticks stamps on them, he packs them and he posts them – your all encompassing TBL editor a the local post office with the first batch of TBL 33’s on the way.

I made some time yesterday to have a good look over the 32 pages that comprise this new issue. It’s an intensive outpouring of text that has dominated the past three months here and as mentioned yesterday, has come together during a somewhat difficult few weeks. One again this issue has been made possible by the tremendous input of designer Mick Lowe, TBL’s Gary Foy, the ever impressive work and support of Mike Tremaglio and contributors Nick Anderson , Stephen Humphries, Simon Cadman, Gerard Sparaco and Jeff Strawman. Sincere thanks to them all.

The first UK copies should be dropping on doormats over the next couple of days – Let me know what you think.

TBL 33 is another cause for celebration ……If you have yet to indulge…the ordering link is here..


They delivered a show of breathtaking power and spine tingling excitement: a four way musical tug of war in which they all won. This really is as good as popular music gets

John Aizlewood – Evening Standard 2007

Until tomorrow…keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

October 11th , 2012

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  • Ian Avey said:

    Hi Dave, just got the new TBL which I am looking forward to reading over the weekend. Was gutted I could not make it to the premiere last night in Hammersmith, but at least I will get to see it twice over the next eight days. Great to see all the fantastic reactions to the film!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thanks Greg

  • Greg Purling said:

    The entire NY press conference is on youtube, clocking in at 40mins, and is really great viewing.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Paul – yes forgot about old Rod within all the Zep mania – I’m pleased with that one
    Hope to see you tomorrow!

  • Paul Humbley said:

    Double whammy! On the way home from work I stopped off to pick up a copy Record Collector to see your Rod Stewart article has been published within. Then get home to find my copy of Tight But Loose has dropped through the letterbox.

    What more could you want…..oh! yes of course I’m off to the premier tomorrow night. Hope to see you there.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Michaela/ Andrew /Richard -thanks for the comments –

    Andrew your ”young man’ description is most flattering!

    It’s an absolute pleasure to relay all this ..though not good for sleep patterns but hey who needs sleep when the prospect of the next few days is so awesome…

  • RichardG said:

    It’s getting very real all of a sudden! The excitement is palpable. These accounts are great because they come from people who actually care – they’re not reviews, they’re experiences. The authors’ excitement is probably the best thing about them as it really shines through – thanks to those who submitted their accounts in such speedy fashion, it just ratchets the anticipation up another dozen notches for the rest of us!

    And a quick word of thanks to Dave & Gary, how you’ve managed to keep daily submissions at such a high quality over the last 30 days has been amazing, well done chaps!

    Onwards to London…the homecoming..!

  • Andrew R said:

    Dave just like to take this opportunity to thankyou on behalf of all us “Loosers” for the daily update during this exciting few weeks.Icant imagine the stress of this, plus prepping a new issue of Tight but loose.Well done young man!

  • Michaela said:

    O M G … This is so exciting. Looking forward to seeing the film but also meeting up before premiere tomorrow. Been linking up with people from round the world! It’s like O2 all over again. We know the band are on way back as one guy had JPJ on his plane to London.
    Does it get more exciting?

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