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10 October 2012 4,839 views 10 Comments

To mark the impending momentous worldwide screening of the Led Zeppelin Ahmet Ertegun 02 reunion concert on October 17th, we are counting down to the day with a daily Celebration Day Newsletter post. This will feature relevant news and updates and archive features

Countdown to the Celebration Day…7 days to go.


Main photo via 1888 Media 

This report via Mark Graham VH1

Memo to rock journalists looking to score a big scoop by getting the surviving members of Led Zeppelinon whether or not the band will reunite for an extended concert tour: A direct line of questioning is most certainly NOT your best bet to get them to address the issue that is on everyone’s mind. No less than three journalists were met with glares of steely silence by Led Zeppelin in a press conference held at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art earlier this afternoon, but an indirect question about the band’s onstage vibe during the December 2007 performance at London’s O2 Arena that is the basis for their upcoming concert film Celebration Day  resulted in the closest thing to an answer that the band would give on whether we’ll ever see any more Zeppelin shows.

“That night, back then, we were just hangin’ on for dear life,” Robert Plant told the crowd of 150 journalists or so. “We were just watching each other, we were so happy we were getting it right. There were moments in it where we just took off, pushed off into some place. The responsibility of doing that four nights of week for the rest of time is a different thing. We’re pretty good at what we do, but the tail should never wag the dog. If we’re capable of doing something in our own time, that will be what will happen. So any inane questions from people from syndicated outlets, you should just really think about what it takes to answer a question like that in one second. We know what we’ve got.”


More coverage at:
This is Mark Bowman’s review of the film for Ultimate Classic Rock:

New York City played host to the surviving members of Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones) today, Oct. 9. The group was joined by drummer Jason Bonham at the New York Museum of Modern Art for a press conference and screening of their new film ‘Celebration Day.’

The enthusiastic press corps seemed to be very impressed with the film during the screening, applauding wildly after every song and thus giving the room the feel of an actual concert. This is the only worldwide screening that will feature all four members of Led Zeppelin that performed at the O2 Arena in December 2007. There are additional premieres in Berlin, Tokyo and London scheduled for later this month.

The movie was screened for the media prior to the press conference to give reporters a chance to ask questions relative to the film. The unique way the film was conceived and presented in “movie format” is one of the more stunning aspects of ‘Celebration Day.’ There are no supplemental interviews, no fantasy sequences or other filler. This is two hours of essential, fervent rock and roll, quite simply. The film is presented much in the same manner as the actual Zeppelin O2 concert back in London in 2007. In retrospect, this appears to be a very good call.

Twenty million people applied for tickets, but only 18,000 lucky lottery winners were actually able to attend this historic show. Combined with the fact that the band members have declined to re-form and tour, this movie gives viewers a chance to see the brilliant performance,  and it gives a very honest account of the actual concert. In a time when creative editing can provide a range of viewing experiences, Led Zeppelin correctly made the call not to dramatically alter or tamper with the film, sound mix or the actual concert feel of the set list. As one who attended this historic concert, this film is truly an accurate document of what could be Led Zeppelin’s final performance ever.

The film provides an intro credit lead-in that minimizes the use of graphics, excessive credits and the usual fare of a feature film. Once the introductory credits roll, the viewer is quickly transported back to Dec. 10, 2007. The vintage newsreel footage from Tampa 1973 is shown first, like at the actual concert, and then it’s on to the count-off to ‘Good Times, Bad Times.’ From that point, the visual and aural onslaught begins.

For two solid hours, the viewer is witness to full-on Led Zep sonic fury. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones’ performances, combined with Jason Bonham’s powerhouse drumming, just leap from the screen. Stellar 14-camera cinematography takes you onstage with the band, so every glance, wink and nod gives witness to their chemistry as the set unfolds. Robert Plant sings his heart out, pushing himself at all times. Jimmy Page’s guitar work is something to be marveled at, and John Paul Jones is his usual top notch self, both on bass and keyboards.

The biggest revelation of the film might have been Jason Bonham, who studied numerous bootlegs and band recordings to really maximize the opportunity to play with his dad’s pals for the first two-hour Zeppelin set in 27 years. Bonham truly challenged himself to raise the bar and do his father proud, and he succeeds in every way. He even brings some interesting, unique drum fills that he makes his own and adds to the sonic steam train that was cooking the entire two hours of the movie screening.

This is a film that needs to be seriously watched, digested and enjoyed over and over again. Younger fans that weren’t alive when the group was in its prime can see and experience what a magnificent band Led Zeppelin actually was.

‘Celebration Day’ makes a huge statement befitting the career of Led Zeppelin, and this film exceeds in the most triumphant ways. This movie will definitely add to their legend and should become a “must have” for all lovers of great rock and roll music.
Here’s some  You tube clips from the Press Conference:


Above photo via Mark Bowman

At last night’s New York Premiere

More photos and coverage on the Tight But Loose Facebook


While the excitement mounted in New York, your TBL editor was busy back in Bedford packing the latest issue of the TBL magazine.

The TBL 33 boxes of stock landed here yesterday. The distribution is well underway and I am hoping that all UK copies will be on the way by the weekend with Europe and America and the rest of the world also in transit.

Producing this issue has been something of a slog due to varying health issues amongst us here but looking over it, well I think we have achieved considerable grace under pressure…

Let know what you think of it…


That night, back then, we were just hangin’ on for dear life. We were just watching each other, we were so happy we were getting it right. There were moments in it where we just took off, pushed off into some place. Robert Plant – NYC Press Conference October 9 2012

Until tomorrow…keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

October 10th , 2012

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  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Thank you Greg!

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Graeme the cheek – I would not know how to use photoshop honest!

  • Greg Purling said:

    These NY press conference clips seem to pull the heart strings and get the juices flowing more than anything in the build up so far. And to think TBL33 is about to hit the doormat too – Dave your timing on this occasion is on a par with Bonzo’s great drum fills !!

  • Graeme said:

    More great stuff Dave. Great photo of you packing up TBL 33…my you do look trim these days..or have you been photo-shopping you pix :). Can’t wait for Friday!

  • Steve A. Jones said:

    Very nice to see Mark Bowman attended the New York Press Conference. Can’t wait to read all about this in TBL 33.

  • Rob said:

    I wouldn’t particularly want to be on the receiving end of that glare!

  • Michael in Melbourne said:

    Dave, as Simon said, thanks so much for keeping us all so well and entertainingly informed. You and Gary are doing a sterling job.

    Regrettably, I’ll be in Mumbai for work next week, where there are no screenings – or none that I can find online anyway. I will also miss the film’s cinema screenings here in Melbourne,so I’ll have to wait for the cd/blu-ray set’s release in November to see the film.

    You can bet that next week, as ever, I will be glued to the TBL web updates!

    Thnaks again, good sirs.

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Simon and Richard -thanks for great feedback which makes it all worthwhile…

  • RichardG said:

    Great stuff…well done Dave on getting TBL33 sorted whilst battling being under the weather and in the midst of probably the most intense period of Zep related activity in 5 years! Can’t wait to get stuck into it…

    Originally intended for the Albert Hall??? There would be even more disappointed people if that had happened!

    See you in the pub Friday!

  • Simon Cadman said:

    Thanks, as ever, for pulling so much great material together so quickly. LOVE the ‘schmuck’ moment. The pulse just quickened ahead of Friday…

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