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12 October 2012 4,944 views 16 Comments

To mark the impending momentous worldwide screening of the Led Zeppelin Ahmet Ertegun 02 reunion concert on October 17th, we are counting down to the day with a daily Celebration Day Newsletter post. This will feature relevant news and updates and archive features.

Countdown to the Celebration Day…5 days to go.


Let’s be under no illusion, along with Tuesday’s New York events and the impending Berlin and Japan premieres, the events tonight in London and next Wednesday across the globe, will be among the most important days in Led Zeppelin’s history.

The unveiling of the Led Zeppelin film Celebration Day at the Hammersmith Apollo this evening is going to be a very special occasion. This astonishing visual record of most celebrated one act performance of all time, will unfold in front of not only the members of Led Zeppelin themselves but a host of their families, friends and of course dedicated fans.

As with the 02 reunion concert, Led Zeppelin fans will be making a pilgrimage  into London tonight from all parts of the UK, Europe and the USA (hi Front Row Dave!).

It will be another demonstration of the lasting affinity so many people have this this band of musicians who continue to light up our lives. In fact this is not so much a band …more a way of life.

If you are lucky enough to be going – and the TBL crew are priming themselves for the action ahead, we look forward to seeing you all and sharing in this unique event.  If you are not so lucky… well hold on your turn will come because there is only five days to go before it reaches out to the whole world…

As I made clear in my review of the press screening, this is no mere film – this is a gig by any other name . We are not going to see a film, we are going to see Led Zeppelin in concert from the ultimate vantage point and it really is the closest you could ever get to seeing them live. That for a band that seemingly disbanded  32 years ago is simply astonishing….but then again as we have seen so many times before, astonishing is the norm when it comes to describing  the world of Led Zeppelin.

There were ten thousand three hundred and forty eight days between them walking off stage at Knebworth in 1979 and reuniting for that one night only at the 02 Arena on December 10th 2007. A mere one thousand seven hundred and sixty nine days have passed since Led Zeppelin walked off the stage of the 02 Arena that esteemed night and to them attending the premiere of the 02 reunion concert tonight.

But it’s like the man once said from the Earls Court stage…it’s been a lifetime but a second…

In reality its been five years….and a lot has happened to Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham and indeed all of us since that night of nights on that cold December Monday.

We have all experienced our own set of life experiences  between 2007 and for me personally well there’s been the upheaval of redundancy from the job I loved, the re invention of being self-employed, the re-establishing of the TBL magazine and the books that have been produced under the TBL Publishing arm –alongside all the ups and downs of family stuff and the sadness of the passing of loved ones and friends.

Tonight (and I am sure I won’t be the only one), I’ll be thinking about some of those sadly departed who cannot witness this incredibly exciting period – none more so of course than dear Howard Mylett…he would have loved all this…

Over the years, aside from all the great music – this sharing of our passion has led me to meet many like minded fans across the world.

Tonight it will be a priviledge and a pleasure to see many of them in attendance  – people I have connected with since the mid 70s  right through to now – Carolyn Longstaff, Billy & Alison,Paul Harper, Dawn Atherton ,Dave Fox, Julian Walker ,Phil Tattershall, Mark Harrison ,the MK gang (Michaela and Dan Fith and Cliff the ticket man Hilliard, Anne Marsden ,Dave Rigg, Nigel Paling ,Chris Guise, Carol Foy, Geoff Adamson , Warren Grant , Karen Carr, Kevin and the Hats Off boys, Paul Aspey, Steve Way, Graeme Hutchinson , Pam Matthews ,Paul Humbley, John Lodge, Christophe Le Pabic,  etc etc too many to name – oh and  my good Bedford friends Tom and Phil who were at Earls Court and Knebworth with me way back – and Tom shared the Over Europe 80 memories. So many people who have helped the TBL cause along the way such as Dave Linwood who created the TBL web site and of course Gary who has also supported everything I’ve done -plus recent TBL contributors Nick Anderson and Simon Cadman and of course all those who have invested in the TBL magazine and  books over the years (TBL 33 out now!)

If I see you, I’ll be saying thanks for sharing it all and making this thing such a joy….

I’ll also be having a collective toast to the absent friends around the world who can’t make it who I am sure will be there in spirit– again so many people who have supported and shared the TBL passion such as Mike Tremaglio, Gary Davies, my good Bedford friends Dec Hiickey,Terry Boud and Marian Boud Kam Assi  plus Andrew Ricci,  Jose Manuel Parada,  Stephen Humphries,  Larry M. Bergmann Jnr, Brian Knapp, Alan Stutz, Jerry Bloom  Barry Farnsworth, Neil Daniels, Frank Reddon, Lou Anne Reddon, JR Warner,Ian Avey, Steve Sauer, Brian Gardner, Terry Stephenson, Alan Cousins, Gerard Sparaco, Chris Wright (his great input on Facebook), Lorraine and Michael Robertson, Mick Bulow (thinking of you mate), John Parkin, Larry Ratner, Bill McCue, Phil Bushe, Eddie Edwards, Sam Rapallo, Jeff Strawman, Mike Warry (Mike designed the TBL logo), Simon Pallett, Andy Adams, Russell Ritchin, Jez Firth,  Krys Jantzen, Geoff Hunt,Billy Kluke,Raff Achour, Geoff and Linda Bridges, Ian Dixon, Matt Krol, Hiramatsu Takemi, Allessandro Borri, Argenteum Aegenteum, , Pete Gozzard, Alessandro Borri , Tiina Puska, Jan And Pete Mulder, Michael Kirschner, Rikky Rooksby,  Kathy Urich, Facebook supporters such as Dawn Godfree,Chris M. Zangara, Steve Jennings , Amy Maloney,etc and many others …

Last but no means least, the good lady Janet who won’t be there tonight but will be at the Bedford showing next week. Janet of all people, knows what this thing has meant over the years.

In summary:

To paraphrase what I wrote back on the eve of the 02 reunion concert in 2007:  it’s been a mighty long road that has led us to the Hammersmith Apollo…

Tonight when the curtain draws back and that beautiful, beautiful catalogue of music comes alive again before my eyes, a thousand plus memories and recollections will match the thousand plus days that have elapsed since they gave that immortal performance at the 02 Arena in memory of Ahmet.

And then the magic of Led Zeppelin will take over….lending their power to their audience as only they can.

That prospect once again….. is just awesome….

And the last word has to come from Ahmet because he was so right when he stated so matter of fact… ‘’It is a great life, this life of music’’

Dave Lewis –  October 12, 2012.

Here’s another little teaser of what is in store…

Celebration Day Talk: 

Sky Arts 1 are showing two Led Zep related programmes on Monday October 15ht commencing at 8.00 pm.

Here’s a link to an interview with Celebration Day director Dick Carruthers which appeared in The Sun earlier this week:

This is a superb feature from The Guardian with new interviews – very perceptive overview and some great quotes from the three of them

Ross Halfin has shot an excellent new photo session in New York with Jimmy, Robert and John –  you can see a couple of shots on Ross’ diary at


On this day in 1969 Led Zeppelin performed a one off date at London’s Lyceum Ballroom. Mike Trmaglio gathers the facts… 

October 12, 1969 – Lyceum Ballroom, London, England

Support Acts: Audience & Frosty Noses

 Setlist (from 60 minute audience recording):

Good Times Bad Times Intro/ Communication Breakdown, I Can’t Quit You Baby, Heartbreaker, You Shook Me, What is and What Should Never Be, Dazed and Confused, How Many More Times Medley (incl. Boogie Chillun’)

According to New Musical Express , promoter Tony Stratton-Smith was lining up a year-long series of concerts for Sunday evenings at the Lyceum.  The intention for the series was to have two star attractions plus an up-and-coming act.  Stratton-Smith mentioned that he wanted “to create the British equivalent of New York’s Fillmore East, with a free and easy atmosphere and a sense of community.”  The “Crab Nebula” light show accompanied the concert performers (in the spirit of the Fillmore East’s “Joshua” light show. There was also talk of the Lyceum gigs being deployed to showcase in full an acts’ current album, although this idea never came to fruition.

Nick Logan reviewed the show for the October 18th1969 edition of New Musical Express.  Logan mentioned that over 2,000 fans were in attendance, and that the band had received the highest amount ever paid for a British group in the U.K.

Freddie Mercury, Queen’s legendary front man and Lyceum concert attendee, was in attendance at this show.. In a letter mailed to his friend Celine Daly, Freddie wrote: “Just heard Zeppelin II LP and it’s a knockout.  Saw them at the Lyceum and they were really great.”  At the time, Mercury was still in his original band called “Ibex,” who included a cover version of Communication Breakdown in their setlist (as evidenced by a 9/9/69 bootleg recording).

Text by Mike Tremaglio – first published in TBL 25.


I’ve had a long association with the local Bedford press for coverage of my Zep chronicling, going back to the time in early 1981 when they did a big spread on the TBL Over Europe tour issue which as you can see they dubbed on the billboards ‘’Bedford man’s life with the stars!’’ You gotta love it!

Here’s the young DL as featured in the Bedford Record in January 1981.

31 years on, this week I am back in The Beds Times &  Citizen as they cover the Celebration Day film showing here in Bedford next week. It’s quite a spread…

Here’s the link to the piece in the Bedford Times and Citizen :


Here’s the full length You Tube Pulse news report clip of the record breaking Led Zeppelin appearance at Tampa on May 5th 1973. An edited version of this was of course used as an intro to the 02 reunion appearance and can be seen at the opening of the Celebration Day film.

So when watching the film, once you have heard the following words from the news reader:

‘’If you were at Tampa Stadium tonight or anywhere nearby, that’s the sort of thing you saw and heard’’

….well that will be the cue for you to get right inside the world of Led Zeppelin for the next 124 minutes…

What a prospect…what a band… let us know what you think of it all…  

Until tomorrow…keep reading – keep listening…

Dave Lewis/Gary Foy

October 12 , 2012

Don’t forget that you can follow Dave Lewis/TBL on Twitter – LedzeppelinTBL

and view additional photos etc at the Tight But Loose Facebook page (add us as a friend) at!/profile.php?id=1611296783


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  • Steve harrison said:

    sorry dave my speeling there was atrocious!!! my eyesight needs adjusting to. LOL

  • Steve harrison said:

    Just come out of hospitak after 13 days ,spent most of this morning readig/catching up .im jealous as hell ,im now hosebound so will have to wait for the DVD /Cd release to get my fill but reading all this make the wait all the worthwhile. Keep up wit ht ereports dave ,your making my days seem better.

  • Steve A. Jones said:

    Dave Lewis greeting JPJ at the Hammersmith premiere (see 3:35-3:40):

  • Jim Long said:

    Dave, I figured its about time. I ordered TBL #33 today after having been a LZ fan since the 7th grade and having followed this site for a good 10 years roughly. Even more than a way of life, I would say that this music is my friend, one of my very best friends. It’s there when I need it and it always brings me joy. I have such tremendous respect for the music and its creators. Going to Cincinnati next week to see the premiere. Wish I could be there tonight with all the TBL folks and the band! Re-watching How the West Was Won now for good measure. Thanks for all you do bringing this to us.

  • darren said:

    looking forward to the 17th daily updates form dave lewis are fantastic truly will be a celebration day rock on the great LED ZEPPELIN.

  • Andreas said:

    nice one Dave, see you at the pub in a few hours. can’t wait…

  • Colin Barnett said:

    Beautifully written Dave. Can’t be there tonight but Harrow Vue Cinema on Sunday week will provide my fix and remind me I am sure of 4th August ’79 – no grey hair back then and one less chin, but seems like only yesterday. Enjoy!! Colin

  • Ken Pritchard said:

    Got 2 x tickets for tonight in the stalls. Mate who was coming has poorly wife. I’m going so can hand them over. Offered at face value £25. If you want them text me 07866 721387

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Folks great comments and many thanks -as I said….not so much band….more a way of life…

  • RichardG said:

    I spent most of yesterday saying “…but this is tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow…” I don’t have to do that any more!!!!

    As someone who wasn’t lucky enough to be there 5 years ago, I reckon this has got to be the next best thing, my one and only time in the company of Led Zeppelin. After 24 years of Zep related gigs, witnessing the four of them separately for nearly 50 performances, this is the one where it all comes home…

    I think it’s gonna be emotional… 🙂

  • Jez said:

    Brilliantly put Mr Lewis. Just reading the piece sends the emotions all over the place!

  • colin hunter said:


    Thanks for all the daily updates. I’ll be going on Wednesday here in Melbourne and each day has been fantastic logging into TBL to get the latest news. I never saw Zeppelin and now living here last saw Pant and Page in 1996. I’m treating it like a gig –and the best kind– Led Zeppelin!
    Thanks again for adding to this fantastic time.


  • Julian Walker said:

    Outstanding work Dave, you have summed things up perfectly! See you later on today, and will be great to see everyone else too. A real gathering of the clans!

  • Graham Glover said:

    See you there (back row upstairs for me)

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Kris have a fantastic time Wednesday…and many thanks to you for all your support over the years

  • Kristine said:

    Great news pieces and loved the footage from Tampa…and I really enjoyed the Brian Johnson interview with Robert Plant a few days back too.
    As for “Celebration Day” on Wednesday,I was hoping to leave work early but it’s better than that..I have a rostered day off so plenty of time to make ready. I may not be much help on Thursday though!!
    Hope you all enjoy tonight’s premiere. I’ll just have to wait for Wednesday night in Byron Bay.
    Thanks Dave for keeping us up to date with all things Zep. Looking forward to the new TBL.


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