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26 October 2017 2,131 views One Comment

TBL issue 43 on Magzter:

Essential Led Zep reading for your iPad, tablet and phone – TBL issue 43 now available to download via the Magzter newsstand…

I am pleased to announce that the recent TBL issue 43 is now available as a digital download for iPad and Android formats via the Magzter Digital Newsstand .

The Magzter Digital Newsstand is one of the leading multi platform digital newsstand, with 6,000 magazines from 2,500 publishers globally available for sale.

The Tight But Loose magazine has long been established as the key regular Zep written source. The publiation of the magazine in digital format via the Magzster Newsstand offers online readers  access to this essential Zep read at the mere touch of a screen. Each issue adds a fresh perspective to thee appreciation of all things Led Zeppelin.

TBL 43 contains the following…

’Hey Ahmet, we did it ‘’. The Led Zeppelin 02 reunion for Ahmet Ertugen ten years gone

Dave Lewis looks back to that night of nights of Monday December 10, 2007 -plus what the papers said and what they said

The Bombay Sessions – 45 Years Gone:

Paul Sheppard focuses on the recordings Jimmy Page and Robert Plant made in Bombay in 1972

The 1977 US Tour – The Tape Analysis  

Andy Crofts has an intensive listen to the 1977 tour tapes to offer a clear perspective on one of the most controversial periods of Led Zeppelin’s live legacy

Dave Lewis, I Was there in 1977:

Heathrow Airport May 17,1977

Jon Meacham, I Was There in 1977:

Jefferson County Civic Center, Birmingham Alabama, Wednesday May 18, 1977.

Celebration Days Led Zeppelin UK Convention – 25 years gone:

The story of the first ever UK Led Zeppelin Convention organised by Dave Lewis and Andy Adams in May 1992

Robert Plant: Carry Fire

Dave Lewis reflects on the 35 year solo career of Robert Plant and assesses the merits of his new album Carry Fire…

First Hand Report 1: Kashmir and Kennedy makes for a heady mix at Albert’s place…

Robert Plant, guest appearance with Nigel Kennedy Gala Celebration concert at the Royal Albert Hall: March 14 2017

First Hand Report 2: ’What fun we are having’’

Paul Rodgers Free Spirit tour with guests Deborah Bonham & Doug Boyle (and two unexpected ones)

Oxford New Theatre, Sunday May 14, 2017

First Hand Report 3: No safety new required…

John Paul Jones with Tres Coyotes , Savoy Theater Helsinki Finland, April 5, 2017

Icons of The Hall Event:

Royal Albert Hall footage screened, Led Zeppelin at Bath 1970 film discussed and Julie Felix captivates…

The TBL Interview with Chris Farlowe:

‘’We are like brothers really, we totally respect each other. He thinks I’m a great singer and I think he’s a great guitarist.’’

Chris Farlowe on the beginnings of the London rhythm and blues scene and working with Jimmy Page and more

Deborah Bonham: Forever a Free Spirit:

Deborah talks about the re-release of her early catalogue, the Paul Rodgers tour, Robert Plant and maintaining the Led Zep & John Bonham association with dignity…

The Return of Black Country Communion:

‘’There’s a lot of commitment from everybody – we have never had so much fun working on a BCC record ‘’

As Black Country Communion re- group for a fourth chapter, Dave Lewis catches up with Glenn Hughes

TBL Collector Focus – Nick Anderson’s Collectors Column:

Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies – An Illustrated Discography

Led Zeppelin eBay o meter:

Nick’s regular report on the highest value recent eBay results for Led Zeppelin

From the Underground Reviewed and Rated:

Scott Heck reviews the Ally Pally Hard Rock Daze box set.

Deus Ex Machina – The Seattle March 21 1975 soundboard release:

You need it in your life…

Berkeley Daze the 2nd Night: Yet Another Stoney 1971 evening:

Dave Lewis welcomes a vinyl reissue of an old bootleg favourite

Record Store Day Product Review:

Jimmy Page The Black Crowes – Live At Jones Beach – RSD Exclusive ten inch on marbled black and white vinyl reviewed.

Plus Cliff Hilliard Collection Latest/Led Zeppelin and John Bonham honoured with Blue Plaques/Yardbirds ’68 release due/A vintage clipping of a Jimmy Page news story from 1965 surfaces, latest news and more.

50,000 word of text TBL issue 43 is no such much a magazine ..more a mini book

TBL on Magzter Feedback:

Here’s the views of long time TBL subscriber Michael Rae from Melbourne Australia:
As a longtime subscriber to the print edition of TBL, I was delighted when Dave Lewis announced that TBL was adding a digital version. The digital TBL obviously offers the convenience of access on your device of choice. It also allows the reader to enlarge the great pictures and other graphics. 
TBL in print offers the delights of the printed page and permanence, while the digital version of TBL enhances the reading experience. Together, the two versions provide the perfect pairing for any Led Zeppelin fan!


The ordering link is below.

Previous issues TBL 39, 40, 41 and 42 are also available to download.

The TBL world of Led Zeppelin has just got a whole more accessible…get on board for the essential download Zep/TBL written experience…


Dave Lewis and Julian Walker Present…

”Ahmet We Did it”:

Led Zeppelin 02 Reunion Ten Years Gone TBL Anniversary Celebration Day Event

Sunday, December 10,2017

We now have a venue for the previously mentioned above TBL meet/event.

it will be at The Atlas Pub,

Upstairs Rooms

16 Seagrave Road,




Nearest tube: West Brompton (District Line, London Overground, and Southern train services)

This from Julian who knows a thing or two about pubs!

The pub is about four minutes walk from West Brompton, which has London Overground and Underground services.

There are two rooms we can use. They also have a full food menu with a Sunday roast on offer.

Their regular real ale is Timothy Taylor Landlord, and there will be several other beers there on the day. Also they have lagers, cider, wines, etc as you would expect from a pub.


02 Reunion Pic above by Dave Linwood.


Jimmy Page speaking at Oxford Union:

LZ news has a report and pictures at this link

Pic via Oxford Union/Twitter/LZ news.


Led Zeppelin News Update:
In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Led Zeppelin

  • Previously unseen photos of Led Zeppelin performing in Helsinki, Finland on February 23, 1970 have been published online. View the photos here.
  • Three boxes of “Bonham by Bonham,” written by Mick Bonham about his brother John, have been found and are being sold on eBay.

Jimmy Page

  • Jimmy Page was photographed on October 20 with the Outside Edge Theatre Company in London. See the full photo here.

Robert Plant

Robert Plant on “The Howard Stern Show” on October 17 in New York (Instagram/sternshow)

March 26 — Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
March 27 — Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
April 1 — Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
April 2 — Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
April 8 — Riverside Theatre, Perth, Australia

Upcoming events:

October 23 – Jimmy Page will speak at the Oxford Union.
November 5 – “Yardbirds ’68” by The Yardbirds will be released.
November 16 – Robert Plant will perform in Plymouth.
November 17 – Robert Plant will perform in Bristol.
November 20 – Robert Plant will perform in Wolverhampton.
November 22 – Robert Plant will perform in Llandudno.
November 24 – Robert Plant will perform in Newcastle.
November 25 – Robert Plant will perform in Liverpool.
November 27 – Robert Plant will perform in Glasgow.
November 28 – Robert Plant will perform in Perth.
November 30 – Robert Plant will perform in Manchester.
December 2 – Robert Plant will perform in Belfast.
December 3 – Robert Plant will perform in Dublin.
December 6 – Robert Plant will perform in Sheffield.
December 8 – Robert Plant will perform in London.
December 11 – Robert Plant will perform in Portsmouth.
December 12 – Robert Plant will perform in Birmingham.
February 9 – Robert Plant will perform in Raleigh, North Carolina.
February 11 – Robert Plant will perform in Charlotte, North Carolina.
February 12 – Robert Plant will perform in Norfolk, Virginia.
February 14 – Robert Plant will perform in New York.
February 16 – Robert Plant will perform in Boston, Massachusetts.
February 17 – Robert Plant will perform in Toronto, Ontario.
February 20 – Robert Plant will perform in Chicago, Illinois.
February 22 – Robert Plant will perform in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
February 24 – Robert Plant will perform in Denver, Colorado.
February 26 – Robert Plant will perform in Phoenix, Arizona.
February 28 – Robert Plant will perform in Oakland, California.
March 2 – Robert Plant will perform in Los Angeles, California.
March 26 – Robert Plant will perform in Sydney, Australia.
March 27 – Robert Plant will perform in Sydney, Australia.
March 30 – Robert Plant will perform at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia.
April 1 – Robert Plant will perform in Melbourne, Australia.
April 2 – Robert Plant will perform in Melbourne, Australia.
April 8 – Robert Plant will perform in Perth, Australia.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


Fats Domino 1928 – 2017 – RIP:

I was very sad to hear the passing of Fats Domino aged 89 – a cornerstone of Rock’n’Roll and amongst so many musical achievements, responsible for the title of one of the all time great live bootlegs -Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill – see YouTube clip below of their vibrant cover of one of Fat’s greatest. Robert Plant contributed two tracks to the Goin’ Home Fats Domino tribute album in 2007 – see YouTube clips below. RIP Fats…



TBL 43…

If you have yet to indulge – if you are reading this, well you really should and don’t just take my word for it…

Dave Lewis has done it again! Another fabulous issue of Tight But Loose, especially enjoyed the Chris Farlowe interview, the overview of Robert Plant’s solo career and the story of the Bombay sessions.. not just a magazine more a way of life! Zeppelin lives on through TBL that’s for sure! Kevin Hewick

Order links here:

To order the single issue TBL 43:

To order the three issue 2016/17 subscription issues 41,42 and 43:


The Celebration Day film…it was five years ago…

TBL Archive Special: The Worldwide Screenings

With the 02 Reunion tenth anniversary not too far away, it’s a timely moment to think back just five years to the time of the unveiling of the Celebration Day film.

For back in 2012 we were all revelled in what really was one of the finest periods to be a Led Zeppelin fan. The initial screenings of the film were incredibly exciting. around the globe on October 17.

Celebration Days they most certainly were…here’s the TBL report of the worldwide screenings of the film on October 17 and 18, 2012…


Well…where to start again…

The Celebration Day was exactly that – here’s just a sample of the many feedback reports –there are more on the TBL Facebook page

Waking up and reading all the many feedback reports from the Celebration Day screenings has been awe-inspiring –and once again the reaction has brought tears to my eyes…you just feel so proud of it all . How can one group of musicians create such worldwide joy – they are just phenomenal and so are their fans…..

 Nina McLean:  Just got home from a Melbourne, Australia screening. Sound was initally crap (I’m thinking the fault of the cinema, it sounded like they discovered surround sound after the third song). ‘For Your Life’ and ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ were really punchy, ‘Kashmir’ and ‘Stairway’ brilliant and ‘Dazed and Confused’ a little bit toned down from what I’m used to but this served to emphasize a lot. So pleased to see that the four really looked like they were having a good time, and also great to see that they obviously took it seriously and were trying hard to make it great. I’m never going to be able to sleep now.

Mick Judd: Saw Celebration Day at Carousel Cinemas in Perth last night with my wife Susan and another couple. Wow, oh wow, oh wow. Absolutely &&^^%$ amazing, and to think you were actually there on the night. People were applauding not just at the end of the numbers, but during them, which I had not ever experienced before. Our friends, who weren’t Zeppelin fans and basically came along for the ride because I bought extra tickets, were just stunned by the experience. Whilst the sound system struggled to handle the sonic onslaught, it still had a bit of punch behind it so we got a feel for how it must have been on the evening.

I thought Jason really stood out, as they all did. I thought Robert’s vocals were even better than say Knebworth 79 as the passing of years had matured him so that he knew even more the importance of phrasing and not ‘over vocalising’ if you know what I mean. He knew when to hit the straps and when to refrain.I am stoked. I can not wait for the official DVD release mate

Paul Aspey: Just got back from watching again this time at Bolton 200 in attendence guy next to us in full view at the end of Nobody’s fault..
He finally made it on the silver screen, To use one of Dave’s quotes “this really is a way of life”.  Feels like I just jumped the train that never stops –

Geoff Bridges: Milton Keynes  was 2/3 full. Sound was fine. Made sure we were seated right in the middle. Film was absolutely brilliant with the guys on top form. It was a lot better than I expected reducing me to tears of joy at times. Great music has that affect on me.

Michaela Firth: Agree Dave I saw and heard bits I’d not heard before … Best bits was hearing my son Charlie singing along to the songs! Priceless! X

Di Wardman: I watched it in Glasgow, Cineworld, and it was full, and a great atmosphere, folk clapping and cheering and whooping after every track and a few head banging to the heavier tracks…stand outs for me were Kashmir, Dazed and Confused, Trampled Underfoot, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Whole Lotta Love…..oh, all of it tbh…..Zep has it all…: )

Tim Summners: Loud and clear in Leeds – blew my head off (in a good way). Took my Gaga-lovng teenage daughter – just heard her singing ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ ewilst brushing her teeth (no mean feat!).

Matt Beidger: Just got back from Swindon showing. Fantastic Concert!! However we missed Nobody’s Fault But Mine as the whole of West Swindon had a power outage!! We all reeled back into the Cinema in time for No Quarter. Cinema fairly empty & many tut tuts to the weed smoker who stank the whole place out with his stash of Skunk! Then again it was Led Zeppelin! 😉
As we left I bumped into the Singer & Bass player of Whole Lotta Led who amazingly recognized me after 10 years or so!

Ian Nicholson: : Matt, like you I was in the Swindon, Cineworld when it was suddenly “Darkness, Darkness”. What a downer, been waiting 5 years to finally see the show, only to miss Nobody’s Fault but mine, but I’m sure we also missed Trampled Underfoot too. On the positive side, what a great film of a great concert. Many “goosebumps” moments, and so nearly a touch of weepy eye during “Stairway”.

Tony Butler: Just back …wow ” Celebration Day” was certainly worth the wait for those that were unlucky enough not to see the “live” show! I went with my 19 year old son, the screening @ 6 was 90% full with all ages attending but predominantly “maturer” fans, bang straight into good times bad times… You couldn’t draw breath into the next then the next , Christ those guys have got stamina for their age,all looking fit and well!! Jason Bonham what a powerhouse !!he certainly did his dad & the band proud. I was unsure of how Percy’s voice would be but no need to panic he found it and singing like a canary….! Stand out songs for me were” in my time of dying” “for your life” “nobody’s fault” “Kashmir” I don’t care how long it’s taken to get the concert out it has been worth it… Ironically I ordered and recieved through the post today the bootleg of the very last concert “the last stand” I think it’s fitting that this is the last time we will see them perform together as Led Zeppelin ….ever! and for those who think that they may reform permanently …wake up…anyway roll on November for the release.

Aris Roskam: Just got back from Amsterdam: great, great, great film. Best part? the joy and smiling faces by all four… runner up: Kashmir! Other great moments: Jonesy in TUF, TSRTS, D&C and No Quarter. Some negative remarks also: Pathé Cinemas in Holland did a bad job: No film-posters, no tickets (only the .pdf e-ticket) and I think my surround-set at home produces a better sound so I’m waiting for november 16th…

 Mark Winslade: No posters in Croydon….and it wasn’t loud enough….and there was very nearly a fight behind us due to someone talking….but on the plus side, there was a bit of clapping and ‘whooping’ and we even had up to three ladies ‘dancing’ at the front during Kashmir,WLL and R n R.And the pre and post beers were good….(Thornbridge ‘Jaipur’ and Oakham ‘Citra’).Overall though….soooo glad I went to ‘The Odeon’ !

John Barnet Dennison: Not loud enough in Glasgow, Mr Lewis!
Very polite crowd, only one guy clapping and cheering, NO POSTERS ANYWHERE! Therefore, no pictures of me.
Apart from the poor sound, it was still thrilling to see it all on the big screen, In My Time Of Dying was spot on – very tight, For Your Life – amazing, Dazed & Confused was the highlight for me – de-tuned and even darker & moodier as a result. Brilliant.

Andrew Ricci Cardiff: Entered the local showcase cinema,first smile of the evening on the programme board Led Zeppelin performance 7.00pm.Next, looking around the usherette says” you going to Led Zeppelin”,answer in the affirmative- “the queue is over there” just like a real gig ha! In the auditorium the next 2 hrs pass like lightning.Some thoughts

Has Jimmy’s guitar tone /effects ever been this good lately, he still seemed to be experimenting with the sonics.

Did you notice the orange amps customised to OR GE!

Robert sang his heart out.

JPJ is the consumate musiciam and modest player,explains why Page and Plant never quite got” There”

Jason really got it, twin bass pedal or not.

Stand outs for me Black Dog (as it should be played) Dazed And Confused (including the muddle at the end)

Kashmir which was just Mighty!

The atmosphere amongst the watchers was electric you could here a pin drop,people were really transported!

Lastly who ever decided to show it everywhere on the same night deserves a round of applause,I dont know if it made a profit but it really made it special!

PS: Dave, must thank you again for all your tireless work these last weeks and for the new mag  which is a wonderful companion to the film, and you give so much back to the Zeppelin community. Well done mate!

Mark Halliwell: Just left the cinema in Edinburgh and I am dazed and confused. Simply stunning. Still the greatest rock n roll band in the world.

Alessandro Borri Italy: Yesterday me and my wife Francesca were among the over thousand rock fan that see the movie Celebration Day in Bologna alone (well 4 different cinemas shows the movie and each cinema with 2 screenings during afternoon and evening too – with around 150 person for each show so over 1000 people in all in Bologna alone)

We attend the screening at Bologna – The Space (start of the movie at 21.45) Many people purchase the movie poster (2 Euro each) as a souvenir !

The hall was full and we were lucky to be with The Tangerines crew (Led Zeppelin Italian Tribute band based in Bologna) with their friends and girlfriends too among others ! Tangerines has the chance to give to almost everybody in the hall the flyer for the next gig here in Bologna in November !

Well about the movie it’s an incredible emotion to see on stage all them for 2 hours after so many many years ! Musically I find them brilliant and sparkly many times but I didn’t find in all the performance of Jimmy and Robert outstanding ! In my opinion Jason and John Paul Jones were simply monumental !!!

Pete Gozzard:  Just back. A brilliant film. Yes it is full of JOY. I had a great night & so did Neil. The downside? Well Star City Birmingham had less than a hundred people in there & it was not LOUD. If they used the cinema surround then someone turned off the sub woofer! As Jason crashed down I was expecting the place to boom! It was a gentle thud.The Bond trailer was louder. Between songs you could almost hear a pin drop & a small amount of chat.

The surround sound system in my house will be really cranked up around the. Neighbour get your ear plugs ready! It did not ruin the night. No way but it deserves better. I spoke to one guy after & he said another cinema was sold out. I know Bedford would be noisy even if it is only you & the TBL crew. I hope you had a great night. I did. Led Zeppelin have created their legacy.

Colin Sheil in Dublin: So proud of them all, they were sensational – Dick Carruthers take a bow too ! What a job , what a band – Jason- you were magnificent. Jimmy was so well rehearsed and on fire, aggressive,passionate, innovative – JPJ finally got the mix to show how important his contribution was /is – his playing was unbelievable at times – this movie is MONUMENTAL !!

Amy Maloney: Hello from DC! I’m astonished. And as in love with the band as I was, when it began for me, in 1975. Very happy at opening 3-4 numbers, but by Trampled, NQ, NFBM, and SIBLY, I had swallowed my gum, broke my bracelet clapping, and shed many tears of joy.

Chris Wright –Utah:

It seems strangely fitting that the release of Celebration Day should roughly coincide with Felix Baumgartner’s space jump.

Both endeavours may be poles apart, but they have the common ground of demonstrating the successful deployment of a risk and reward strategy.

Let’s be clear here. Led Zeppelin put everything on the line on that night in late 2007. The result is a movie that changes one’s perception of what is possible from music.

It’s pointless singling out any particular moment, because there are no low points, only the scaling of new heights in the making of what is, without question, the finest music film ever made and one of the all time greats in cinema history. Hyperbole? Well if you’re thinking that, you clearly haven’t seen it yet.

The genius of Celebration Day is that it keeps everything very, very simple. Dick Carruthers went for very tight close up shots and this pays off in spades, as one is transported to the 02 stage itself. The end result is the overwhelming feeling that you’re playing every note with the four maestros.

And maestros they most certainly are.

Robert tackles much of the material with very different vocal treatments than any previous Zep outings. Partly it’s the passage of time, but mainly it’s the Plant DNA of not wishing to make too faithful a visit to old stomping ground.

JPJ reconfirms his status as a multi-instrumentalist of dazzling proportions. That driving bass that is such a characteristic of Zeppelin music is in abundance, underpinning the whole sound with what sounds to me like unprecedented gravitas. The keyboard playing is just sublime.

Jimmy has never sounded better and more consistently brilliant. The anti-climaxes of post-75 Page give way to the reinstatement of his position as the ultimate sonic architect and the true genius of the band. Some of the tonal aspects of his guitar playing are almost beyond belief. There’s a crispness to his playing that may, just may, indicates that this is the best he has ever been!

And so to Jason.

How on earth can you fill your Dad’s shoes, when he was not only the best drummer of all time, but arguably the most gifted single musician that rock has ever produced! Jason clearly has Dad’s genes alive and well in him, as he deploys the time-honoured Bonham tactic of avoiding anything that’s predictable.

With John, it was all about tiny accents and subtle, yet incredibly powerful, drumming that filled the soundstage in a manner even Phil Spector, in his pomp, could have dreamed of.

Jason adopts a simpler playing philosophy, yet it still turns out to be equally as devastating as Dad was. No-one else could have played like that.

In the end, you just want to stay in the theater for the next performance. But that is the wrong approach here. Led Zeppelin clearly treated o2 as the completion of the circle. It seems only appropriate, therefore, to go home and take stock of what has been, without question or doubt, the best evening in nearly 40 years of gig going.

As Dave said, this is a gig. Surely there can be no finer tribute to the masterpiece that is Celebration Day.

We truly are not worthy.

And this was how it was for me and the TBL crew in Bedford…

Great night at Bedford Cineworld. 15 of us in our gang.

The cinema was fairly full considering it was a very wet night and it had not had much local publicity. The sound was a bit quiet for the first three numbers but then it improved and was ok. It was really good seeing it in a relaxed setting after the excitement of London and there were little things that I had not noticed before.

Tonight Trampled Underfoot, No Quarter, Stairway To Heaven and Misty Mountain Hop and of course Kashmir stood out. It was also a joy to share this experience with so many good friends alongside me – most of all the two Lewis ladies Sam and Janet  -they’ve always known it’s something special but tonight they saw it unfold magnificently…what a night…again.

DL – October 18th, 2012.

With the Lewis ladies Sam and Janet

With Tom and Cliff the ticket man  

The TBL Bedford Celebration Day line up… 


There were quite a few complaints about the cinema sound and poor old Swindon in the UK had a brief power cut. Overall though the film has touched fans across the world and created a totally unique global Led Zeppelin juke box.. .. and will continue to do so as there are more showings tonight.

Many thanks for all your feedback and keep the feedback and comments coming in…

DL – October 19, 2012.

Five years gone…phew…looking back on all this, well what a period it was…more feedback on the worldwide screenings to follow – DL 


DL Diary Blog Update:


Saturday was a full on day with the TBL stall in attendance at the Bedford VIP Record Fair and then in the evening the Coda tribute band appearance at the nearby Haynes Village Hall.

Amongst a fair few friends and fans, It was great to see long time TBL supporter Adam Tidd at the Fair – he brought in his copy of my first book Led Zeppelin The Final Acclaim. Most copies I see have a few pages loose. Incredibly for a book now some 35 years old, Adam’s copy was all intact – a point I made when signing the book for him!

It was a great night at Haynes Village Hall watching Coda – it’s always a warm atmosphere in the venue – they do monthly presentations of tribute bands and always get a good crowd.


My stall spread the TBL word – big thanks to Phil Harris and Cliff Hilliard for helping out.
As for Coda ,well what was not to like – 24 Zep performances spread over the two sets. Nothing too indulgent or pretentious, the hits just kept on coming. Immigrant Song, Custard Pie, The Wanton Song and Ramble On were early highlights, the acoustic set was a delight – and they even did Thank You as a first wedding anniversary present to our very good friends Michaela Tait and Bob (see pic). On the home straight, Over The Hills And Far Away, The Ocean and Since I’ve Been Loving You were further highlights. The final big hitters of Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love and Communication Breakdown rounded off a top performance by Simon Wicker and the Coda boys. Catch them when you can for a night of ultimate classic rock…


With the Coda boys – Rob, Adam, Simon Wicker and Pete after their excellent Haynes Village Hall appearance last night – highly recommended –check out their gig schedule at

Busy here with the focus back on the Evenings With book plus planning the December 10 event and various other things.  On the playlist, the following:

Robert Plant – Carry Fire LP – a warm Autumnal pleasure.

Elton John – Madman Across The Water LP – love his 1969 – 1971 period.

Led Zeppelin – Deus Ex Machina CD set  – blimey they were good that 1975 March night in Seattle.

Leo Sayer – Just A Boy Complete Records – I recently picked up this CD box set at Darren’s – he did some amazing stuff on those early albums.

Cat Stevens – Catch Bull At Four LP- another Autumnal fave.

I am actually listening in mono at the moment as my left ear is well blocked – I am going to the Docs Monday to hopefully have it sorted.

On the football front, Spurs have been turning it on with Harry Kane on fire – the 4-1 defeat of Liverpool was pretty emphatic (the West Ham defeat last night was not so good!) I will be popping down the local to view the Man Utd v Spurs lunchtime encounter on Saturday. With both teams on the same number of points, this is going to be a crucial one. Here’s hoping that man Kane can keep up his current phenomenal scoring rate – though with United right back on form (aside from last week’s surprise defeat at Huddersfield) it won’t be easy…

Until next time, have a great weekend

Dave Lewis  – October 26, 2017  

TBL Website updates compiled by Dave Lewis

with thanks to Gary Foy and James Cook

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Led Zeppelin – Blueberry Hill:

Robert Plant – Fats Domino tribute:

Robert Plant – Fat’s Domino tribute:

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