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25 July 2018 2,805 views 5 Comments


Following on from last December’s hugely enjoyable ‘Ahmet We Did It’ 02 Ten Years Gone event at this venue, we are going back to the pub for a day of Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Celebrations…

Dave Lewis and Julian Walker Present..

Led Zeppelin at 50 – It’s Been A Long Time 1968 -2018

Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary TBL Celebration Day Event

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Atlas Pub

16 Seagrave Road,Fulham, London, SW6 1RX

From 12.00 Midday to 8.30PM

Nearest tube: West Brompton (District Line, London Overground, and Southern train services)

A Day of Led Zep Celebration – Guest Speakers, Video Playbacks, Zep Quiz and more

Guest Speakers already confirmed:

Mark Blake – author of the forthcoming Peter Grant biography Bring it On Home

Chris Charlesworth – former Melody Maker journalist who covered Zep extensively in the early 70s

Patrick Humphries  journalist, author  and broadcaster discusses the Led Zeppelin The Fairport Convention Connections and more..

Luis Rey and Andy Adams – talking about the forthcoming 50th Anniversary updated edition of Luis’s Tape Documentary book which Andy helped edit

Phil Tattershall – well known UK Zep collector/authority presenting ‘Confessions of a Led Zeppelin Taper’


Advance tickets for this event are now on sale – price £10.00

Please note, there is a ceiling limited on how many we can accommodate – so order your ticket as soon as possible to ensure entry.

Order via Pay Pal pal at the link here:

We look forward to seeing all that can make it along

Dave Lewis and Julian Walker


Led Zeppelin News Update:

In conjunction with the Led Zep news site, each week I will be re- producing highlights from their weekly email update news summary. This goes out every Sunday. Sign up details are below. Many thanks to James Cook.

Led Zeppelin

  • The “Evenings With Led Zeppelin” book is now scheduled to be released on September 7. See the Amazon listing here. It was previously scheduled to be released on September 20.

Jimmy Page

Robert Plant

  • Robert Plant played three shows this week: July 17 at the Istanbul Jazz Festival in Turkey, July 19 at the Black Sea Jazz Festival in Georgia, and July 22 at the Vielles Charrues Festival in France. See the setlists below:

July 17: Istanbul Jazz Festival, Turkey
The Lemon Song
Turn It Up
The May Queen
Going to California
Please Read the Letter
Gallows Pole
Carry Fire
Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You
Little Maggie
Fixin’ to Die
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down / In My Time of Dying
Bring It On Home / Whole Lotta Love

July 19: Black Sea Jazz Festival, Georgia
The Lemon Song
Turn It Up
The May Queen
Going to California
Please Read the Letter
Gallows Pole
Carry Fire
Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You
Little Maggie
Fixin’ to Die
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down / In My Time of Dying
Bring It On Home / Whole Lotta Love

  • Robert Plant announced a string of new US dates for September. See the new tour dates below:

September 10 – Kansas City, Missouri

September 13 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 19 – Tuczon, Arizona

September 21 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

September 25 – Irving, Texas

September 27 – Lubbock, Texas

September 29 – Austin City Limits Live in Austin, Texas

September 30 –  Austin City Limits Live in Austin, Texas

Plant also announced a show in Cardiff, Wales on October 25.

Upcoming events:

July 23 – Robert Plant will perform in Paris, France.
July 25 – “Led Zeppelin Live,” a photo book edited by Dave Lewis, will be released and Robert Plant will perform at the Festival de Carcassonne in France.
July 27 – Robert Plant will perform at the Milano Summer Festival 2018 in Milan, Italy.
July 29 – Robert Plant will perform at the Stimmen Festival in Lörrach, Germany.
July 31 – Robert Plant will perform in Pardubice, Czech Republic.
August 1 – Robert Plant will perform in Dresden, Germany.
August 11 – John Paul Jones will perform as part of Snoweye at the Varangerfestivalen in Norway.
September 7 – Led Zeppelin will released the remastered edition of “The Song Remains The Same” and new merchandise and the “Evenings With Led Zeppelin” book will be published.
September 10 – Robert Plant will perform in Kansas City, Missouri.
September 13 – Robert Plant will perform in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
September 15 – Robert Plant will perform at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival in Colorado.
September 16 – Robert Plant will perform at the KAABOO festival in California.
September 18 – “Scream For Help,” which features a soundtrack by John Paul Jones, will be released on Blu-ray.
September 19 – Robert Plant will perform in Tucson, Arizona.
September 21 – Robert Plant will perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
September 23 – Robert Plant will perform at the Bourbon & Beyond festival in Louisville, Kentucky.
September 25 – Robert Plant will perform in Irving, Texas.
September 27 – Robert Plant will perform in Lubbock, Texas.
September 29 – Robert Plant will perform in Austin, Texas.
September 30 – Robert Plant will perform in Austin, Texas.
October – The official Led Zeppelin photo book will be released.
October 16 – “Bring it on Home,” a new biography of Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, will be released.
October 25 – Robert Plant will perform in Cardiff, Wales.
October 26 – Robert Plant will perform in London, UK.
October 28 – Robert Plant will perform in Dublin, Ireland.

Many thanks to James Cook.

The complete Led Zeppelin News email goes out every weekend. To receive it each week sign up here:

Led Zeppelin News Website: Check out the Led Zeppelin news website at


Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters in Paris:

Here’s a pic from Tuesday’s Sale Pleyel gig in Paris via Krys Jantzen = plus the set list pic via Andre Cruz. Both of them reported what a great performance it was.








Luis Rey Tape Documentary book revised:

This one from Luis…

It’s here! The 50th Anniversary edition of the Led Zeppelin Tape Documentary includes a lot of new information, lots of corrections, some new additions and above all between myself and Andy Adams we have managed to keep it as pristine as possible. Please contact me directly for early copies on




Record Collector Led Zeppelin Feature Call Out:

I am currently working on a feature with Mike Tremaglio for the next issue of Record Collector due out next month.

To tie in with this, Paul Lester the editor of Record Collector is looking for fans to contribute their personal memories of seeing Led Zeppelin live. The best ones will be printed in the mag. You can send these in direct to Paul at





TBL Archive Special: Copenhagen warm ups for Knebworth : 39 years gone

To mark the 39th anniversary of the two warm up gigs Led Zeppelin performed at the Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen on July 23rd and 24th 1979 – here’s an extract from the Then As It Was Led Zeppelin At Knebworth 1979 book

This is from Chapter Five –  I Was There and focuses on Christer Fahlstrom’s memories of attending the July 24th Copenhagen gig…

My Copenhagen … Christer Fahlström

He looked pretty unexceptional, but he was the first person I’d met with a genuine interest in music and who knew which artists were good and which bands you should definitely see. His name was Ove Stridh and he became my best friend during our military service.

The year was 1978 and in our spare time we argued over the relative merits of tracks like “Midnight Rambler” and “Kashmir” emanating from the cheap little speakers that we had put up in our barracks.

We were both engaged as telegraphists and we were young and reckless. We would often broadcast Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones via shortwave radio even though radio silence was enforced on major military exercises. Ove and I were convinced that we had been placed in our particular military unit because we wouldn’t have fitted in an ordinary Swedish regiment. Ove was a music poet. I was a crazy drummer.

One evening Ove told me a remarkable story. Aged seventeen in 1975, he had travelled alone to England to fulfil his life’s ambition: to visit Knebworth to see, hear and experience Pink Floyd. At that time there were neither mobiles, YouTube, Ryan Air nor internet. It required a lot more work back then to get hold of tickets, collect information and get where you wanted to be. Now, 34 years later, I realise that this particular evening was the origin of the amazing Zeppelin expedition that would follow.

It was spring 1979. Ove and I had left the military and our paths had separated. We were reunited again by a common contact, Anders Lindman, who I had met at my new job at GDC (The Gramophone Company’s distribution centre) where we were usually packing mountains of Abba records for shipment to record stores. Anders was a close friend of Ove and they both came from the same small town in Jämtland. Through Anders I kept in contact with Ove who forwarded tips on places where you could order bootlegs. Ove built Stones and Floyd collections and I was trying to build my first Zeppelin collection.

Zeppelin had recently been in Stockholm to record “In Through the Out Door” in ABBA’s Polar Studios. I had tried to meet them at the Sheraton where they were staying. I brought their album “Presence” with me and wanted to get it signed, but their road manager informed me through the reception that they had left the hotel just an hour earlier.

Soon after, a colleague at work told me about a rumour he’d heard that Zeppelin would return to Stockholm for a one-off concert. The rumor turned out to be wrong and instead, two gigs at the Falkoner Theatre in Copenhagen were announced as a warm-up for the band’s scheduled comeback concerts in Knebworth two weeks later.

I was not slow to act. Just a few days later I had tickets in my hand. I hadn’t managed to get tickets to the first show but I found tickets for the second one (which turned out to be the best of the two). Meanwhile, Ove and I had also gotten tickets for Knebworth and we had started planning our trip there: I to see Zeppelin and Ove to see Keith Richards perform with Ronnie Wood in their side project, The New Barbarians.

But first I was completely focused on Copenhagen to see Led Zeppelin, the Gods, for the first time.

Ten days before my first trip to England, I was in Copenhagen. I had spent my childhood in Malmö, Sweden and I knew Copenhagen pretty well, but this would be my first visit to the Falkoner Theatre. I spent the day at a seedy hotel behind the Grand Central Station together with Lars Norén, a friend of Ove who had tagged along.

We sat in our room and read the negative Danish press reviews of Zeppelin’s first concert the previous night, which had been seriously held up by a power cut. Many irate journalists – and press photographers who weren’t allowed to take photographs – had missed flights and trains back home thanks to the delayed start to the concert.

I just wanted to be able to take somesecret pictures. I had to get me a pretty neat camera that wouldn’t take up too much space. Just a single lens, selection of light-sensitive slide film and choice of clothing so that the equipment could be hidden and smuggled. Throughout that spring I had been listening to their repertoire on the complete bootleg box from their US tour in Cleveland 1977 (“The Destroyer” Smilin’ Ears Records, Inc.) to get an insight into how their performances would be.

Finally we were there – Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Tuesday July 24th, 1979, about 15 metres from the stage. A third of the seats were empty but we were still around a thousand fans gathered. The concert was late in starting and the mood was pensive after the bad reviews.

Suddenly the silence was broken, “The Song Remains the Same” opened with a bang! Everything unleashed. Bonham sat flush with the audience and you could feel the pressure wave created by his right foot pounding the skin on his mighty Ludwig 24″ bass drum. I couldn’t have been more alive! Just to see Jimmy with his twin-necked 1971 Gibson EDS-1275 got the blood boiling in my veins. What pressure, what power! Now they are on stage with a vengeance!

At one point in the concert the lights were extinguished. It was pitch black so you could not discern whether the band had left the stage. Three red spotlights suddenly lit to show Jimmy Page sitting alone with his 1960 Danelectro. He started to play “White Summer/Black Mountain Side.”

It sounded wonderful and brought to mind the bootleg I had played throughout the spring. I had been completely blown away by the contrast when Jimmy’s controlled guitar playing on “Black Mountain Side” was followed by an explosive version of their brutal juggernaut track, “Kashmir.” Would it happen again? I gambled. When Jimmy was approaching the end of “Black Mountain Side,” I stood up on my seat seat, stretched out my arms to the sky and shouted as loud as I could: Kashmiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr!

I had not finished my roar when we were dazzled by a dozen spotlights mounted on Bonham’s drum riser. It brought the rest of the band on stage again to the overwhelmingly heavy sound of Kashmir. Everyone else in the audience had now risen and was roaring with me. In the shockwave of the sheer volume coming from the stage it felt like we would be bent like trees in a hurricane. That transition, the incredible power – I will never forget that moment…

Extract from Chapter Five of the book Led Zeppelin Then As It Was -At Knebworth 1979  – written and compiled by Dave Lewis

For a limited period the book is on offer at £8 – don’t miss out – order at this link: 



Robert Plant Princes Trust Rock Gala  London Dominion Theatre – 36 years gone:

”One publishes a splendid Led Zeppelin magazine doesn’t one” – The TBL 2 meet HRH, July 21st 1982.

This was the night Robert Plant performed on a London stage for the first time since the demise of Led Zep. Tom and I were there on the evening of July 21st 1982 to witness him romp through a spirited delivery of Worse Than Detroit from the still very fine Pictures At Eleven album with Robbie Blunt on guitar and all star line up that included Midge Ure and Phil Collins.

The night was made very memorable by the attendance of his Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales. As the photo shows, at the aftershow reception the TBL two of myself and Tom were duly introduced to Prince Charles himself. Shame I didn’t have any TBL magazines on me as I could have passed one for the Prince to read in between the feeds of the then month old Prince William. All in all it was a very memorable occasion.



Graham Nash Review 1:  Over The Years (Rhino 2CD set)

This a very welcome new anthology coinciding with Graham’s UK tour. I already have much of his work including the 2009 Reflections 3 CD box set but this 30 track set has much to commend it –not least a whole CD of mainly previously unreleased demos.

CD 1 is an intelligently compiled overview of his best work. It meanders seamlessly between his collaborations with Crosby, Stills and Nash and his own solo work.

Along the way there are various ‘heavy friends’ (as they used to be called) on hand to assist. Jerry Garcia adding that delightful pedal steel guitar to Teach Your Children and I Used To Be A King, Dave Mason adding a suitably 70s sounding wah wah to Military Madness and a sitar like effect on Immigration Man. James Taylor on acoustic guitar on Wild On The Water. Kaleidoscope’s david Lindley on violin on Simple Man

Stephen Stills fluid guitar lights up the wonderfully sublime Just A Song Before I Go. Elsewhere, the Nash classics keep on coming. The delicate two part harmony with Crosby on Lady of The Island, The always uplifting melody of that paean to domestic bliss with Joni that is Our House, and the driving pleading of Chicago /We Can Change The Word. The more recent plaintive Myself At Last from his 2016 album This Path Tonight bringing it all full circle

Through it all is Nash’s distinctive mid Atlantic drawl with still a hint of Manchester seeping through a constant reminder of his roots. ”I was born in England and I’ll be English ’till the day I die” he said in a recent interview.

Then there’s CD2…

‘’This one’s called Marakesh Express’’

That is the songwriter’s cue to relay to his new band mates a composition left over from his Hollies days. This simple acoustic demo brings out the pure beauty of the song and it’s a template for the following 14 selections all in stark demo form in ether acoustic guitar or piano arrangements. The set contains early versions of CSN classics like Our House, Wasted On The Way, Pre-Road Downs, and Teach Your Children. Other unreleased gems include: I Miss You and You’ll Never Be The Same — both from Nash’s 1974 solo album Wild Tales — and Horses Through A Rainstorm, originally intended for Déjà Vu.

And there lies a story…

The appearance of the latter song in a version recorded by Nash in his apartment in London in late 1968 is the highlight of the whole album for me.

I’ve been tracking this song for some years and it has a complicated history. It first appeared on record on Terry Reid’s album Bang Bang You’re Terry Reid in late 1968 titled Without Expression – a slower soulful arrangement and a showcase for Reid’s passionate vocal style.

In the sleeve notes for the Terry Reid Super Lungs Complete Studio Recordings 1966 – 1968 Reid noted that ‘’Without Expression was meant to be on Déjà vu. But it all got mixed up because Stephen Stills didn’t want to do it. David Crosby and Graham suggested it and so they cut it but Stephen was short of a song so they left it off’’

I first came across it on the 1990 CSN box set – Horses Through A Rainstorm being one of a number of previously unreleased tracks –the sleeve notes confirm it as being left off Déjà vu. It also has a spoken link intro part of which was retained on the album to open Almost Cut My Hair.

Nash revealed in the sleeve notes ’Terry Reid was an English bluesman.This was his song I rewrote and rearranged it a bit. It’s a full CSNY band version an outtake from the Déjà vu album. In the end it smacked a little too much of the pop prisons from which we had all just escaped’’

Pop prisons or not, in this arrangement it’s a superbly organ led uplifting song with soaring harmonies. It has also surfaced in an unsurprising poppier but superb recording by The Hollies as Man With No Expression (Horses Through A Rainstorm) on their 6 CD set The Hollies Clarke, Hicks and Nash years.’ That version was cut in August 1968 (and credited to Nash and Reid) and was unreleased at the time. This new previously unreleased demo recorded a few months later can be seen as a bridge between The Hollies and Graham’s new life in California

Finally a word on the package. It comes with a superbly detailed 12 page booklet. This has the sort of fascinating detail that makes these packages such a joy. From studio and mixing info to a lengthy informative sleeve note by Arthur Levy –it’s pure class and adds vital context and perspective to the story of these songs. Nash and compiler Joel Bernstein have applied this care and attention to previous CS N and Y archive releases and Graham Nash Over The Years is no exception. At under a tenner it’s also an absolute bargain.

Dave Lewis – July 21 ,2018.

Graham Nash Review 2:

An Evening With Graham Nash: Bridge Theatre London – July 22, 2018:

There was a gap of some 27 years between me seeing Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones on stage together again at the 02 in 2007. The recent Rolling Stones gig at Twickenham ended a 15 year hiatus of seeing Mick and co.

That’s nothing compared to the total of intervening years in my experience of seeing Graham Nash on stage.

It’s some 54 years since I saw the young Nash with The Hollies on stage at the Granada Cinema in Bedford when I was aged 7. So it was high time I was back in his company

The Bridge Theatre was the venue for this memorable Evening With Graham Nash – and a splendid venue it is – very modern and the gallery seats are all raised to ensure a clear sightline to the stage.

A shoeless Graham wandered on looking like some 60s troubadour who had thrown his sandals in the air during Country Joe’s Fish Cheer at Woodstock and never retrieved them.

Flanked by the excellent Shane Fontayne on guitar and Todd Caldwell on keyboards, early highlights included a delicate delivery of The Hollies Bus Stop, a majestic I Used To Be A King and a thrilling Military Madness.

His in between song banter was warm and engaging – lots of mentions of David Crosby – and some moving words about Joni Mitchell ‘’Joni will be back’’ he said emphatically to huge cheers before a glorious Our House. Elsewhere there were tributes to both The Beatles – a stirring A Day In The Life and Buddy Holly, a sweet close harmony delivery of Everyday. Throughout the night we were subject to a delightful meandering through Nash’s back pages. Marrakesh Express, Golden Days, Sleep Song, Just A Song Before I Go and a beautiful take on Stephen Stills’ 4 and 20 among them. The voice, with that soaring falsetto was remarkably strong as demonstrated by a vibrant Chicago/We Can Change The World. A reverent Teach Your Children was a suitably feelgood send off.

”Everyone knows I’ve sung each song a thousand times” he said in a recent interview ”But I want them to believe that this is the first time they’ve heard it. I want to show the same passion as when I wrote them”

In the intimate surroundings of the Bridge Theatre, Graham Nash certainly succeeded in that – for what were once songs for beginners are clearly now songs for the converted. Sharing this evening with one of the true singer/songwriting greats was an absolute pleasure.

Dave Lewis – July 23, 2018.


DL Diary Blog Update:

At the always excellent Vinyl Barn last Friday morning I was pleased to find a copy of the 1974 Tim Rose album produced by Gary Wright on the Dawn label -plus a bonus WH Smith Cassette Head Cleaner tape – I sold a fair few of those over the road in the WH Smith store when I worked there in the 1970s! Thanks Darren!

As can be seen above, the London Bridge Theatre Graham Nash was a great night out. It was good to catch up with Phil Harris and Krys Jantzen. We had a very pleasant journey to the venue across Tower Bridge as can be seen in the pic here. Plenty going on back here – on Tuesday was in a hot and sweaty London working on the forthcoming Led Zeppelin Record Collector feature and there’s been more prep on the next TBL issue 44.

The current heatwave has been quite unrelenting – I have not known such a run of hot and sunny days for years. The current playlist there has reflected some cool sounds for these warm days and nights – this has what has been going down:

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme -deluxe edition CD

Crosby Stills & Nash Demos CD

Buffalo Springfield Retrospective CD

Nick Drake – I Was Made To Love Magic LP

Wings – At The Speed Of Sound LP

Miles Davis – Milestones LP

The Byrds  – Sweetheart of The Rodeo LP

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III LP

Elton John – Tumbleweed Connection LP

Bob Dylan -Street Legal LP

Lovin’ Spoonful – Greatest Hits LP

Dave Lewis – July 25, 2018

Until next time, have a great weekend

Website updates written and compiled by Dave Lewis

with thanks to Gary Foy, Mike Tremaglio and James Cook

Follow TBL/DL on Facebook:

The TBL/DL Facebook page has regular updates and photos – be sure to check it out

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  • Hiroshi said:

    The Remastered 50th Anniversary Edition of Luis Rey’s Led Zeppelin Tape Documentary was delivered to me by a postman yesterday morning. I would be lying if I said I ordered it without hesitation. The previous edition was published only two years ago (revised and updated for the first time in 19 years), and I felt it was too soon to release another one, wondering how many new tape sources had surfaced and been released in some form or another, either downloading or bootleg CD’s, in this short span of time. However, as someone who has all of the four previous editions, completely absorbed in the wealth of information collected in those works and greatly enlightened by them, I couldn’t help but shell out £37.50, which is some price.

    Now, as soon as I opened the neatly bound package, taking out the book (I chose the red cover), I went straight to Osaka, September 28th, 1971. The unearthed new source with the complete 36 mins+ Whole Lotta Love/R&R Medley is one of the greatest and most important discoveries of the recent years. And what additional information did I find there? None. The description goes, the medley “cut short” — exactly the same as the previous editions. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The new source and the bootleg CD are around since the Fall of 2016, and there is no indication the author looked into it and team Luis checked the information. So gutted was I that I didn’t feel like moving on to another part, just turning pages here and there in a halfhearted state of mind.

    This neglect alone is enough for me to take the author’s word, “a lot of new information, lots of corrections, some new additions” etc, with a grain of salt. Seemingly there’s some unfinished business to be done.

  • Simon said:

    Yes, Hiroshi, 2nd Copenhagen night was an unbelievable performance, largely down to Page rediscovering the fluency and tone of 1973 for one last fleeting night.
    The audience recording sounds fantastic, but I do wonder if a soundboard exists, as you would expect the band would want to review their performance ahead of Knebworth.
    Hasn’t surfaced yet.
    Maybe Page will release it for the 50th anniversary.
    I’ll crack the jokes 😉

  • Dave Lewis (author) said:

    Re page book Chris – Not a lot of pre publicity for it -I’d been thinking of other books not least my own! I will be catching up with it

  • Chris L said:

    Hi Dave. Surprised that there has been absolutely no mention of Chris Salewicz’s new book (published today) ‘Jimmy Page – The Definitive Biography’.

  • Hiroshi said:

    I’m not an unconditional admirer of latter day Zep. However, the second night of Copenhagen “warm ups” is one of the few shows I really like from the period, and, as many of their diehards agree, heads and shoulders above Knebworth. Their last great concert IMHO albeit low key, a spirited performance that was witnessed by only a thousand or so. A one-off glory in their last days that came, and then gone forever…

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